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The Creative War

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Staroid, Jul 16, 2017.


When should I do this?

Poll closed Jul 26, 2017.
  1. Every year!

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  2. Please don't do this again. (Choose this one)

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  1. Just imagine the scene: artists dueling with authors - paintbrushes versus pencils.

    Welcome. It is 2017, and the authors are demanding respect to written works. They want war.

    This was idea I had for a while. You will be assigned a team at random and there will be two rounds: description and story/comic. I'll be accepting two more judges and eight contestants. Tag the judges in your works.
    Art Team:

    1) @Starry Phantump (Leader)
    2) @PeridotPikipek
    3) @SS-I Never
    4) @Yoshi_Dere
    Writing Team
    6) @Ry_Burst (Leader)
    6) @Mr Fishykarp
    9) @AstralDarkrai37
    10) @Mockingchu
    1) @StarBlitz
    2) @Shimmering
    3) @Seal Pup
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  2. I guess I'll join. Might as well. (Secretly hoping to fight for the writing team. Fingers are crossed)
  3. @Ry_Burst you're in luck! My randomizer chose you as the leader for the writing team!
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  4. Yas!!!!
    I'm so pumped. As leader, what do I do though?
  5. You decide on the subject, for example, you choose who the description is about. Dragons, werewolves or even people. You control your side and each action, maybe create a convo where you edit each story and make 'em look good.
  6. I shall too join to fight for the writers! (I hope)
  7. Mind if I be a judge?
  8. Hey, you mind if I'm a judge or not?
  9. Yes,I'm on the drawing team
  10. But did you forget to add me to the contestent board?

    (Sorry about the caps lock. I got exited.)
  12. I don't know, I want to join, but I don't know if I'll be able to post anything, though.
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  14. @Staroid, so when will stuff get started? Like is there any warm up challenges or something like that?
  15. @Ry_Burst the first warm-up challenge will start now, as we wait for more contestants.

    Your warm-up challenge is:
    Write a short story/ draw a comic/drawing with a Pokemon and its trainer forming a bond together, eg. Trainer feeding its Pokemon a Pokepuff or any other sort of edible item.
    You have no less than 5 days.
  16. Another quick question. Would we have a team entry, or does every member of the team post something?
  17. I think team entries since he mentioned working together and editing stories. May I enter? (Hopefully for the writing team. I can't draw at all.)
  18. @Dapper_Cat, I knew that at some point you were gonna join. I guess I predicted it? :?
    @Ry_Burst I'm not sure, at all. Maybe?
  19. He also mentioned helping edit each story earlier on, after I help dwcide the category, so it could go either way on that alone.

    Pretty much, I'm kinda hoping for a lylittle extra elaboration involving the whole process and setup.
  20. I wanna join -( ° ʖ°)-
    I hope I get drawing lol. I cant write.
  21. Besides, the reason I chose to be a Judge was because I'm good at both art and writing.(kinda. And I prefer art over writing a little. )
  22. @YammyBunnies I'm predicting it now, you're going to be on writing and I'm gonna be on drawing, lol.

    @Shimmering *le gasp* Are you a witch?
  23. @Dapper_Cat Lol if I do get on writing I cant even spell right. I failed my state test on writing ;^;
  24. GG. According to a test I took in my eighth-grade year, I have a 12.4 grade level in reading. Mind you I'm only in my Sophmore year when my school starts up, too. I'm kind of proud of my English ability. Oh god I hope the way I worded that didn't make me sound l arrogant.

    Also, R.I.P. Yammy ????-2017.
  25. Don't worry. I took a college entrance exam thing on sentence structure and got 100%. I'm proud of that. I have an extremely high reading level and can read at a very high rate. However, I suck at everything else. Math, Science, Common Sense. The rest of the shablam. That's kinda bragging.

    Anyways, I'll set up a convo for Team Writing! (We also need a Team name because Wynaut)
  26. I'd like to join the writing team, if that's okay.
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  27. I'm... uh... I was told i was good at writing once?
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  28. @AstralDarkrai37 I choose the teams at random. But you were chosen for the writing team.
    Congratulations, y'all who got what ya want~

    Also, @Ry_Burst, want team suggestions?
    (Team Literature, Team Im-A-Professional-At-This, Team Shakespeare [I love Shakespeare~])
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  29. Just two more people, and then we're good. I can make a team logo, too!
  30. @Shimmering, to be honest, you can do as ya wish. It is not necessary though~
  31. Team Literally Shakespeare. Get it? Huh, huh?
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  32. If it's not too late, I'd like to join as well. I can write or draw, but am a stronger writer. That said, I'd be perfectly happy on the drawing team, seeing as it would give me experience.
  33. @Mockingchu Writing~
    I guess my picker really likes writing. //shrug//

    THE WRITING SIDE IS NOW CLOSED. All new members will join the drawing competition~

    Also, for those on the drawing side, sprite work does count, but I'd rather you draw because scratch spriting may be too difficult.
  34. Okay, so as a quick recap, do we need to only submit one or submit all of our options? We have our stories done, but deciding is the more difficult part. We have our choose made, but do we need to only post that one, or all of them?
  35. @Ry_Burst the choice is up to the team leaders.
    Also, everyone, you have only two days left.

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