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The Coop

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Sem, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    In the basement of the museum is a quaint little bar coffee shop.  This place is run by Baristo, the Tranquil.  Coffee costs 200 bells, the atmosphere is calm and artistic, and there are occasionally friendly faces.

    On Saturday nights ZZ Rocker will preform.  ZZ Rocker is a Houndoom who loves preforming for people, and will give you pirated copies of his own tracks.

    There is no song list for ZZ Rocker, so pretty much feel free to make up your own titles.  Songs can be references to actual KK Slider songs if you so wish.
  2. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    9:15 am

    'That bird just can't figure out when to shut the hell up...gonna have to reconsider waking him up next time...' RMA thought to himself in annoyance as he walked further into this dimly lit room that he had really only gone into as a refuge from the Hoothoot's incessant chatter. From the glimpse he got of the sign that was standing next to the entrance, he was able to deduce this place, known as The Coop, was apparently a coffee shop of some kind. It was a simple setting, nothing flashy or gaudy, very much like the coffee shops RMA was already quite accustomed to in his old town. Even the Tranquill at the bar, though obviously not similar in appearance, was giving off the same sort of tired, quiet aura that many other café owners gave. Familiar environment aside, what mattered was that the place sold coffee, something the weary human definitely could use. Sitting on the closest stool facing the bar, he quickly got the attention of the Tranquill, though that was rather hard to notice from how the Pokemon had seemingly kept his focus on the coffee cup he was cleaning.

    "...Don't see your type come around here very often..." The bird murmured, to which RMA just nodded in response to the same general form of a greeting that, Dwayna aside, he had been getting from everyone else in town.

    "Right, so I've been told...So anyways, what's your price for a cup?" He asked, hoping to change the subject matter quickly.

    "200 bells..."

    RMA handed over the appropriate amount, which the Tranquill calmly took, then proceeded to prepare the coffee, pouring it in a small cup and placing it on a white saucer, pushing it up closer to his customer.

    "...Best you drink that now before it cools." He muttered. RMA gave a light shrug before doing so. It was a basic blend, nothing too fancy, much like the café itself, though it was all he really needed at the moment.

    "Thank you." RMA said as he pushed the cup back to the Tranquill and moved out of his seat. As he started to leave, he stopped and looked back at the server who had gone back to his cleaning.

    "I never got to asking, what's your name?" RMA asked.

    "...Baristo." The bird answered, still focused on the cup.

    "Nice to meet you then, Baristo. I'm Mr.RMA. Thanks again for the coffee." RMA responded politely before going making his way out, seeing that Blabbers was back to sleeping again.

    'Good. Now I may still get out of here with my ears intact'
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