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Private/Closed The Conversion Crisis: A Pokemon RP (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EeviumZ, Jun 25, 2019.


Should the Converted have human speech, Pokemon speech, or both?

  1. Human speech

    0 vote(s)
  2. Pokespeech

    5 vote(s)
  3. Both

    5 vote(s)
  1. Well, one main villain with a way to get plenty of minions.
  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Yes, though I made his motives. *Evil grin appears once more*
  3. Ooh, now I wanna hear those... anyway, ‘night all! And Rory actually likes Allie, and would probably like the others if he could communicate with them. He has a good heart... ish.

  4. I do enjoy seeing antagonists that aren't completely heartless.
  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Don't we all? I mean, everyone has some sort of motive, some sort of morals, something that holds them back. Even the most villainous of villains have some sort of emotional bonds to this earth. It is in our nature to be both good and evil at the same time. If the best of us are not rid of evil, the same could be said about bad guys. The worst of us are not rid of good. This is a truth that I stand by, even if it seems foolhardy for me to place these sort of rules on me. Although, I do enjoy a heartless villain every once in a while if they are fun.
    Oh wow! I didn't mean to write a whole paragraph to respond to this! Umm, I think I need help.
  6. So... a Fire trainer walks into the forest looking to train. Watch out, Perigrine! You’re a Steel Type and easy pickings!
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  7. I'm going to wait to have Harper be like "let'sdothisagainhaha". One of the Pokehuman Encounters members potentially wants to join so I'm gonna wait a bit.
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  8. Don't wait on me, I'll wait for you guys. I'll make my fabulous entrance when the time is right. Plus, I don't really have a protagonist in mind as the fourth rule for characters is glaring at me menacingly. Instead, I'll probably focus on an antagonist character if I end up doing stuff here.

    Actually, even then he still falls a bit outside of the age group of 11-15, so that's still a problem without rule 4.
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  9. So am I clear to post my bio here? I have my antagonist all planned out and I have a feeling I'll quite enjoy playing him. Like I said some time ago, it's basically a scientist that's hellbent on progress and technological advancements of any kind. I may also do some stuff where he just awkwardly stalks the group and takes notes.

    What would be more awkward, however, is me just posting here and it turns out that I don't get to use any of it. Which is why I just want to make sure you're approving me to post the bio here.
  10. Sure. Go ahead and post it. :)
  11. Full Name: Antoine Laurent
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Ranking: Scientist
    Appearance: Caucasian with slightly ruffled, medium-length blonde hair. Black glasses and blue eyes. The most noticeable feature is his tendency to wear a dark red, buttoned suit with a white undershirt and black pants. He also wears a red tie and a small, black earpiece can be seen on his right ear if one looks close enough.
    Appearance (Casual/Undercover): He lacks the tie.
    Personality: Antoine, at first, acts friendly and enthusiastic, hoping that others will agree with him and can work with him. As the story goes on, however, he shows himself to be stubborn, but also grows more and more impatient with others to the point of going into a fit of rage when none of the converted will understand his reasoning or he simply doesn't get his way.
    Pokemon: Netsky (Magnezone), Sasser (Fan Rotom), Melissa (Porygon-Z)
    Other Info: All of his Pokemon are named after infamous computer worms. When combined with one of his main motives being to gather funding to create a self-replicating Porygon in hopes that the world will recognize him and the potential Porygon have, you'll know where I'm going with this in some future roleplay.

    I've had ideas of a protagonist character in constant denial and trying his best to remain and act as human as possible, but that's just an idea that also might never happen.
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  12. @Peroxide01 I love it! You're accepted!
    I wouldn't have him run into the main group just yet. Maybe wait until they've actually moved from the forest, which should be soon. If you'd like, you can have him initiate conversation with some of the villainous characters. Harper is in her office at HQ and I have no idea where everyone else is.
  13. Yeah, I may do that once I get ahold of everything currently going on and set up a few ideas I have for him.
  14. 'Kay. Take your time.
  15. @Eliiiscool you are a Sylveon, right? They are not weak to Fire...
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  16. Sorry, just not very effective against, I guess not weak
  17. Mhm. Fire resists Fairy, but Fairy is not weak to. If Razor is already a Leafeon then they would be weak to fire.
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  18. Yeah Razor is a Leafeon
  19. Hey @Lunar the Mew, I suggest you have Chris run into the group before the wave is broadcast. (if you want.)
  20. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    I will start working on my post now, but it will probably take some time.
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  21. Don’t rush. Take your time. :)
  22. It's worth noting that I've also had an idea of Antoine working on a miniaturized and handheld, yet more 'focused' version of the technology used to convert, to the point where it even affects those who don't have the gene. Including trees. Think of it like a ray gun.

    It's also worth noting that Antoine's other, Porygon-related project was his own thing that he's been working on for a while and that he joined Imperia in order to help fund it while he worked on other stuff, but he still took a few things so that he could continue to work on it from his office. I'll probably post Antoine's full backstory here sometime in the future, as I believe I have it all thought out by now.
  23. Is it okay if it's just a prototype version of the weapon that only works on those with the gene? Just because something like that would advance the plot too quickly at this stage. It can advance to transforming those without said gene later though.
  24. I originally thought of a way of nerfing it through the prototype very inefficient, as it required loads of energy to convert just one entity. I even had a mental image of Antoine accidentally hitting a tree with it, yet he couldn't move his hands off of it until the conversion process ended and resulted in his hands getting slightly burned from the weapon overheating As time went on it would become more and more of a viable option.
  25. That works. Go ahead and base the interaction on that.
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  26. Actually, why not post it now?

    Antoine was raised in Coumarine City, yet despite the beaches and the climate didn't go outside very often and instead stayed cooped up at home trying to follow in his parents' footsteps. He also moved houses several times, and for a period of time lived in Kanto when his parents worked on synthesizing a Pokemon with Silph Co. As a result of how frequently they worked on the project, he became disconnected from the both of them and never got to spend much time with them, yet his parents acknowledged this and tried to raise his hopes through an excuse that would later become his main philosophy -- Progress requires sacrifice. In addition, he later got his own Porygon once the project was mostly finished, the only difference being that the Porygon was gifted before the species as a whole was coded to be copy-protected. He never thought much of this at the time, and continued to focus on learning science, engineering, and coding.

    Years passed, and the project that was once considered to be revolutionary got nothing more than a neural network, a blunder that rendered some models unstable, and then it was set aside to collect dust. Antoine became infuriated by the world's apathy to such potential, and soon became determined to get the world to recognize its power -- by any means necessary.
  27. *Silently looks at my previously written backstories and cries*
    Seriously though, great backstory. I personally love when characters have motives beyond "i want to rule the world lol".
  28. Thanks. Ironically my main fear with playing Antoine is that I might end up making the protagonists the bad guys with the way he can flip things.
  29. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Sorry i haven't posted yet, i am still trying to figure out what to write with Bloom.
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  30. You should probably have them react to Allie in some way. Take your time though, there’s no pressure. :)
  31. Do you have an overview on just how the device they're using works and appears? It would be best for me to have some context, even if Antoine isn't the one to activate it.

    Also, what time of day is it in the roleplay? I've considered having Antoine 'figure it out' once all of the protagonists are basically asleep, yet depending on what time of day it actually is that may change (I also feel like I've been revealing a lot of what I plan on doing with Antoine in the near future, whoops.)
  32. Well... I would say late morning to early afternoon, if I had to guess...
  33. 1) It’s basically a form of radiation that reacts to the gene and causes them to transform. I suck at science so I don’t have a better explanation.

    2) Let’s say around 3pm.
  34. I know that much, yet I was wondering judt what the device was, how its activated, etc.
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  35. I have a mental image of it but I don’t have time to type it all right now. I can tell you that it’s activated remotely using a program on the main computer, which is also located in the laboratory. Only high-ranking members of the team can access and use it.
  36. Not much. Allie ran off and is now with Lunar’s character.
  37. Notification turned off for me, what has been happening?
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