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Ask to Join The Community

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Josh turned his attention from Lyric to Akron. " What?" He asked as he looked at the man. " What intel do you have?"
  2. Farn climbed out of his bed in his workshop. Opening up the back door, a few wolves ran inside. They dropped some food for Farn. The metal animals ran off back into the woods to hunt for food.
    A group of 6 wolves explored farther off than others. They exited the thick brush to find some people gathering before the woods. The wolves, thinking they were easy picking, ran over and picked up a bag from one of the people. The pack turned and ran into the woods again.
  3. " Freaking wolves." Josh said as he looked at them run away. Josh let out a breath as the bag the wolf was carrying started to lift up and move back towards him. " Drop it." He said he showed the same dominance he shows to Skye to make her behave. He turned his attention back to Akron and Lyric. " So what information do you have for us Akron?" He asked.
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  4. The wolf that was lifted made a startled scraping sound. The mouth clamped shut and refused to open. The other wolves, noticing their friend was in danger, ran back to help out. Two lept forward onto Josh, trying to make him drop the wolf, and the other wolves watched the others in case they attacked.
  5. Josh put his other hand out as he stopped the two wolves that were attacking him. ' Metal.' He thought. ' Whoever did this has a good sense of design. " Hey." He said to the wolves that weren't attacking. " Tell your master if he want's supplies to come here and buy them. Not steal them." He said.
  6. "Nice craftsmanship," lyric strode over and uncrossed her arms. She reached out to try and tap on the stomach of the beast while keeping a safe distance. She looked towards where it had came and made a face, "huh. Na-oh you think? Or maybe the gov is trying something again"?
  7. "Maybe a Na-oh." Josh said. " I'm pretty sure the goverment's plan is for us to kill each other." He said before examining the wolves again. "These metal wolves seem to be connected together somehow. They show loyalty." He said. He let go of his hold on the one with the bag. " Go." He said as he gently petted it's cold forehead. "Tell your master they can come here whenever they need supplies. we're fare
  8. The wolves, seeing physical contact, took them as a direct threat. They emitted a loud, metallic howl that echoed through their hollow bodies. The Wolves turned their heads to Josh in perfect sync. They all opened their mouths and showed razor-sharp teeth. The metal animals all ran to him with red eyes now. Other Wolves nearby started to come and assist.
  9. Josh put his hand up and stopped the wolves. "Pitty." He said as he closed his hand as he started to crush them.
  10. As the Wolves started to be crushed, more came from the woods. Soon, there were 25 Wolves watching them with bright red eyes. They started to advance forward to them. Some had claws that cut through the ground, others had flames leaking from his mouth. There was one larger one, the pack leader, who looked forward at the people.
  11. Josh the scrap pieces at the wolves. A little bit of blood trickled down his nose. " if either of you have suggestions now might be the time to speak up." He said to Akron and Lyric. He looked to his left and saw a pair of yellow eyes looking at him. He simply patted his leg twice then put his hand into a fist and hit his leg in the same position.
  12. Lyric rolled her eyes and summoned a crystalline sheild to herself. She moved into a much more defenaive position. Her other hand moved to pull out her knife to defend herself with, "maybe he wants us dead. Metal wolves that turn hostile don't seem like a very nice way to try and sneak away supplies".
  13. Farn heard the call from his shop across the woods. Taking a whistle from his pocket, Farn blew into it causing a sound that vibrates the wolves.
    The Wolves around them turned their heads entirely around to the direction of the call. They started to walk off in the direction, the red eyes deactivating. Soon, they all disappeared into the woods, except the ones being held.
  14. He let go of those wolves before sitting down. "What just happened. "He said before looking at the yellow eyes. He shook his head before Skye backed off
  15. Akron massaged his temple as the events transpired and turned to face Josh. "Anyway, based on the undercover work I did, Syler's planning to strengthen his hold on the villages he has under his thumb and expand his control. Not only that, he has a friend working with him. I don't know who he is-- I couldn't catch his appearance--but he's strong. Stronger than any of us."
  16. Josh rubbed his neck as he looked at the man. " That's good to know." He said. " So we have a copy cat that can learn anything and another strong person." He said. " More importantly I was right about Syler's plan." He said as he looked at the man. He then looked at Lyric. " If it's alright with Lyric I want you to go back undercover and try and get any intel you can." He said.
  17. "It's fine with me but I want you to be safe," lyric shrugged and smiled worriedly. The mother raising her hands to grip both straps of her backpack. The fabric creasing at the tightened hold, "it's a dangerous job and anyone we can get to do this can be dangerous. But it's your choice. I can't stop you".
  18. Josh looked at Akron then at Lyric and started to walk away. " I should probably give you guys some time to talk." He said as he started to walk. " Lyric I'll be at the cliff when your ready to go." He said as he started to walk away.
  19. Lyric raised one of her hands to wave and show that she acknowledged his words. She leaned back on the crystal pillar she summoned and took a deep breath, "so. Should we skip this talk and just go or we can talk".
  20. Akron shoved his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket and shrugged. "Whatever you want. If not, I understand. Big day ahead of you."

    Ronin sighed as he stood up on the branch on which he had slept through the night and flared up his aura.
  21. "I just think we should start traveling," lyric twirled around her knife and blew some hair from her face, "but we will need to talk about this. I don't have any problems with you going undercover but you'll need to be careful. I just want everyone to be safe".
  22. Josh walked to the cliff and sat down as he looked at the view. It really was the best view he's ever seen. It not only showed the entirety of village but also the space beyond. He turned his head when he heard noises and saw Skye walk towards him. " Hey girl." He said as he walked a little bit back. He started to pet her head as he looked at the village.
  23. Lyric sheathed her knife and tightined the harness. She turned her body to start toward the cliff; the crystal she had been leaning on disolving. Starting to walk toward the rally point she heaved a backpack over her shoulder, "I have to go. I'll see you later if you are leaving now".
  24. Josh saw Lyric coming his way and walked down to meet her. " Say everything you needed to say?" He asked as he offered her his hand.
  25. "Hopefully yes," the crystal bender shrugged and took his hand. She smiled and stretched her free arm behind her head. Her eyes scanning the horizon, "we've already burnt to much time. We have to get goinglz
  26. Alright." He said as he gently touched her shoulder. " Ready?" He asked as he let out a breath preparing himself for the speed crystal.
  27. "Do we have everyone? Or everything," lyric took a deep breath before she summoned two glyphs. She frowned at the feeling of already materialize crystal along her tattoos, "does your dog also have someone to take care of it"?
  28. " Sky can take care of herself. trust me on that." He said. " Roy should be coming. Hopefully." He said " So how long have you known about her?" He asked.
  29. "Your dog? She I've seen while I've been out," Lyric shrugged and crossed her arms. She looked back towards the village, eyes trying to pick apart where Roy might have been. Her foot started to tap.
  30. "Roy knows where southernvile is at.' Josh said as he leaned against a tree. Plus with his powers he can make it there quick."
  31. Suddenly, frost began to cover the grass next to Josh and Lyric as Roy slid on the ice path before jumping and doing a flip to land next to the two. "I heard my name," He said cheerily. "We getting ready to leave?"

    Akron nodded and headed back to his hut, laying down on his cot.

    Ronin got up from the branch on which he was sleeping and jumped through the forest. Stopping after a few minutes, he looked up to see a cliff with three people standing on it. Found you.
  32. "Just waiting for you. We can leave now," Lyric clapped at his entrance and smiled brightly. She shouldered her bag and made sure it was closed before she turned in the direction they were going, "we are burning day light! Let's go"!
  33. "Alright." Josh said as he gently held on to Lyric as he mentally prepared himself for what was about to happen.
  34. "Let's go," Lyric practically bounced on her feet as she pulled towards their journey. She started to summon her speed glyph and got ready to shoot forward.

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