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Ask to Join The Community

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. "Alright. Let's go," she waved for him to follow her. Lyric's feet carried her to her house where a small body tackled her. Lyric laughed as her daughter welcomed her home, wrapping her arms around the child, "come on Sabrina. Let's go get some pie".
  2. Josh stood up and walked out of the Village's peremter. He felt the grass and leaves under his feet as he laid down on the grass with the bag he packed acting as his pillow. He let out a breath as he looked at the stars.
  3. Roy laughed as Sabrina tackled Lyric and smiled warmly. He caught up with Lyric and waved at her daughter. "Hiya, Sabrina! It's good to see you! I was a great friend of your dad's."
  4. "Yep he was," lyric nodded when Sabrina looked to her mother for seconding. She set her daughter down and messed up Sabrina's hair before nudging her towards the house, "go get your brother and ask if he wants any. Make sure he's done with his chores though"!
  5. Josh stood up it felt like he was sleeping for hours only to realize it was a couple of minutes. ' Well shit.' He thought as he cracked his neck. He looked at a tree in front of him. He put his hand in front of the tree and thought. The tree's bark started to tear off creating the words " Josh was here." He smirked at his creation. ' Nice.' He thought before making his way back to the village.
  6. Lyric strode once more towards the house after picking herself up. She set her hands on her hips and tapped her foot as she listened to her children. After she spotted them the mother got the plates and forks for them all.
  7. Josh thought over what he would do next before walking towards Lyric's mud house. He knocked on the door. " Lyric, Sabrina, Zack anyone home?" He asked.
  8. "Come in," lyric called as she set the table. She patted Sabrina's head and accepted the pie when Zack handed it to her. She set it down at the center of the table before sitting down herself.
  9. "Hey." Josh said as he opened the door. He saw Roy just standing there. He turned his attention to the children. " How have you guys been?" He asked as he leaned against the wall.
  10. "Good," Sabrina chirped as she plopped down into her chair. She crossed her legs on the chair and immediately dug into the slice of pie when it was served.

    "Hey josh. I've been fine. How about you," Zack looked up and shot the other man a grin before he thanked his mother for the treat.
  11. "I've been alright." He said as he looked at the boy. He looked at Roy and snapped his finger's. " Hey buddy you okay?" he asked. " You seem to be zoning out." He said. He then turned his attention to Lyric. "Room for one more?"
  12. "Of course," lyric hummed and set a peice infront of an empty seat at the table. She sliced her own before sitting down to eat. The glyph user poured a glasses of milk for her children. She crossed her legs and took a bite.
  13. Josh took a bite of his food and let out a little hum. " Taste good." He said before drinking a sip of milk. "So kids what did you do today?" He asked.
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  14. "Well I can't take all the praise. Zack helped me out to,"lyric hummed over the rim of her glass. She sipped her milk before taking a bite from her pie. She made a happy noise at its taste and leaned forward, "so should I speed glyph us tomorrow or should we just travel at a normal pace.".
  15. He thought it over as he savored the pie. " Yeah I think it might be a good idea to speed glyph over there." He said. " Are you able to hold four people?" He asked as he took another bite of the pie.
  16. "It'll be a stretch but I think I can try. Someone is gone have to piggy back ride or be okey with being dragged? If you could make yourself float then I can't tie a rope to you and drag you," lyric shrugged as she leaned back against her chair, "I mean I can try and summon two glyphs so another person can carry".
  17. " Alright good." He said before finishing the delicious slice of pie. "What do you think Roy?" He asked the still zoned out person.
  18. Roy shrugged. "I can summon a trail of ice and slide on that. It should propel me as fast as Lyric's speed glyphs."

    A man dressed in custodian apparel cleaned the walls as Syler and Ronin conversed. Once Ronin had left, the "custodian" left the hotel, telling the manager that his shift was over. He tore off the custodian clothes and took off his hat to reveal a man with messy brown hair, a light facial hair, and dressed in a tattered black leather jacket, black trousers, and black sneakers. He slipped some shades on his head and sighed. Hopefully the one he was looking for would know... after such a long time. He stomped his foot, and a small seismic wave emerged from his foot, emanating in all directions like a river in the water. Akron looked up into the sky. "Lyric..."
  19. Josh nodded. " Good to see you aren't zoned out again." He said jokingly. " Yeah and that speedster can probably go just as fast." He said as he looked at the group. " Alright I think it's settled." He said as he looked at them. He raised his half glass of milk. " Too good travels." He said.
  20. "To good travels," lyric lifted her cup and smiled before she set it down again. She looked to her children and reached over to scruffle up Zacks hair, "you two will be staying with aunt Grace. I plan to ask her after we are done here".
  21. Farn waited at the shop door as his wolves ran inside. Some brought in logs for the fire, others a variety of meat. Farn picked the best of the meat, and let the metal wolves run outside with the other meat. Taking the meat, he placed it onto a fire to cook. Farn sat down at his table, waiting for the meat to finish.
  22. Silence. Akron sighed and reached down to the floor, focusing. Transparent energy emanated around his body like heat as his eyes started to glow a bright white. All of a sudden, seismic energy pulsated from his hand into the ground, coming off as waves far enough to reach the house in which Roy, Sabrina, Zach, Josh, and Lyric were staying.

    Roy smiled and raised his glass as well. "Hear, hear."
  23. Lyric tapped her foot under the table when she felt the vibrations and her lips turned upward as she smiled. She drank from her glass and set it down before standing up and starting to clean the table.
  24. Josh felt a vibration. ' Good to know your still alive mate.' he thought. He stood up and picked up some of the dishes to clean them off. He gazed at Lyric longingly before shaking his head and going back to work. ' You screwed up five years ago. Besides She's happy that's all that matters.' He thought as he continued to clean.
  25. That was when Akron felt it. They were faint, but they were definitely there. Small taps of the foot. Akron smiled and took off the shades, crushing them in his hand and dropping them on the ground. He constructed a small stone slab and stepped onto it, stomping once as the slab hurtled forward into the forest. After a half hour of speeding on the rock, Akron saw a small house with the lights on. He stopped the slab and jumped off of it, slowly walking toward a window. Akron saw Lyric cleaning the table with a smile on her face and smiled himself. He headed around the house and knocked on the door twice, shoving his hands in his pocket. It had been two years. Would Sabrina even remember him?
  26. "Can someone get the door? I'm going to start washing dishes," lyric looked over her shoulder at the table before she motioned the sink that she was filling with warm water. She slid the dirtied dishes into the water after the sink was filled and grabbed a bar of soup.
  27. Josh nodded as he walked to the door. He opened the door and looked at Akron. " It's been a while." He said before moving out of the way so Akron could come in.
  28. Akron smiled and clapped a hand on Josh's shoulder, mouthing the words: good to see you, too. He saw Lyric washing the dishes and motioned to Josh to be quiet. He slowly walked up to her and constructed a stone heart in his palm, smoothly polished as he set it next to the sink in which Lyric was washing to dishes, waiting for a response.
  29. "If you are trying to suprise me then you've done a poor job," lyric teases before spinning on her heel. She kissed Akron's cheeks before opening an arm to pull him into a hug. She let Sabrina join in and hugged them both, "next time don't send a warning if your gonna show up".
  30. Josh looked at them and smiled. " Well I should let you guys say hello." He said before waving his hands. " See you tomorrow Lyric." He said before walking out.
  31. "See you Josh," lyric waved back before leaning against her counter. She crossed her arms over her chest as she looked at Akron. Her smile shifted into w slight frown and she blew some hair from her face, "so. Are you going to tell me why you haven't visited or atleast sent sismic waves to tell me you've be okey".
  32. Akron sighed and put his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket. "I don't know. Everything all happened at once, Josiah, Middie, that tournament thing, I just got overwhelmed. I'm sorry that I left without so much as a warning."
  33. Josh walked to the meat stocks and secretly grabbed a small bit of food. He let out a breath before walking back to his cabin. He opened the back door to his cabin and whistled. A Rottweiler walked out of his cabin. It was a female with a bit of a stomach. He found her three years ago as a puppy.

    " Hey Skye. Sorry I've been busy today." He said as he petted her forehead. He gave her the meat. He watched as she did her business before calling her back in. Since he discovered he has done what he could to make sure other's didn't find out about her incase something bad might happen.
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  34. "Well how about you tell me what you've been doing while you help me pack. I do hope you don't mind that I'm leaving tomorrow so I got the get ready," lyric hummed and patted akrons cheek before she turned to finish up the dishes. She set the clean ones off to the side and let Zack take over after a bit.
  35. The next morning Josh woke up to the sound of birds chirping. He petted sky and gave her some food before opening the door for her. " I'll be gone for a few days." He said as he rubbed her face. " You be a good girl." Sky yipped before running into the woods. " Don't go too far." He shouted before heading towards the east where the others might would join him.
  36. Lyric strode towards Josh with a bag over her shoulder. She waved with her free hand before getting back to trying to pull her hair back. She finally succeeded a few steps away from him where she dropped her cargo, "hey. Good to see I'm the first one after you at our meet ups again. Are people just always tardy"?
  37. " It always seems like it." He said letting out a little chuckle. He dropped his luggage. " So what did you and Akron talk about?" He asked as he sat down on his luggage and stared at her. " Or was there any talking?"
  38. "The mission and just the mission," lyric shrugged. She crossed her arms over her chest as she summoned a post of crystal to lean on. The mother sighed and let her shoulders drop from their usual place, "I don't understand why I put up with men. I'm actually kinda pissed at him right now".
  39. " Because for some reason you like us too much." He said chuckling. He looked at her and sighed. " I'm truly sorry for how I acted when we were together." He said. " Anyways I'm sure you'll forgive him it's just in your nature." He said.
  40. Akron woke up in his "bed", which was actually a branch in a tall tree. His actions yesterday were, zoned out, to say the least. Lyric deserved better; he was finally seeing her after years. He jumped down from his branch and headed back towards the village, where he saw Lyric and Josh conversing, bags slung over their shoulders. He walked over to them and greeted them. "Hey, I have something you guys might want to hear."

    Roy woke up in his hut with a yawn and got up, stretching briefly before picking up his duffel bag. He headed out, ready for the reconnaissance mission with his bag in his hand.

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