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Ask to Join The Community

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. For OOC, Character Bios and plot ideas go here. https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-community-discussion.18073/
    Josh whistled as he walked around the forest. the sound of leaves being crushed under his foot never get's old. He let out a shiver as the cold autumn air wrapped around him. ' It's going to be winter soon enough.' He thought. ' Hopefully the hunter's will be able to gather enough food.' He continued to walk threw the woods as he passed some member's of the village. He raised his hand at them and smiled. They smiled back.

    When they turned their back he frowned. While they and the other communities lived at piece he knew that war was going to be coming. He just hoped that everyone would be ready for it. He stopped walking when he reached a log cabin. He took off his jacket and light blue shirt before putting on grey sweater and his green jacket. He opened the door and walked out towards the village.

    The village as they called it was a mile walk from Josh's log cabin. Five years ago it was just a wide opening with tree's lining up it's sides. Now rock houses lined it's sides. To the left of the houses was a hot springs while there where ones specifically made for men and women there were a couple that were private. On the other side of the houses was a school building. In front of him was the meat house where they put and distributed the meat. To it's left was their Vegetable and fruit storage. A little further outwards was their garden where some of the people worked, To the right of the Meat house was the City hall where all official business happened. It was there that Josh was headed.

    Josh walked into City hall and sat in one of the front seats. He tapped his foot as he waited patiently for the other inhabitants to show up.
  2. A man with silver hair sat perched on a nearby tree as Joshua Moreland took a walk through the forest and the village. A rather quaint place, in the man's opinion. He spectated Joshua until the man walked into the City Hall and smirked as he flared up his aura, turning around and jumping through the trees, deeper into the forest.
  3. Josh felt a shiver run down his spine. ' The hell was that.' He thought as he looked around. He let out a sigh. Everyone appeared to be coming here late. He let out a breath as he kicked a chair in front of his leg as he tried to relax.
  4. Ozzy was sprinkling the sunflower seeds in front of him, using them as a path. He was about 30 feet in the air above a park, and was enjoying the scenery from above. A pidgeon started flying towards a seed he put in front of him so he stopped it mid flight. He grabbed a small rock from his pocket and tossed it into the air, and began setting up his attack for a few seconds. He released the rock from his power, which he called KraftWork. The rock hurled toward the bird at about 40 MPH, and it stuck the bird. The rock bore through the bird, and was sent hurling toward the ground. He released the bird as well, and continued walking without a second glance. The two objects fell from the sky at high speeds, and landed near a boy that was walking below him.
  5. Josh heard the ceiling above him crack he looked up and saw a rock and bird hurling down towards him. Josh jumped out of the way as both hit the ground near him. " What the fuck." He said. He looked around and walked out of the room. He looked around the villiage. " Where did that come from." He said out loud. He shook his head as he walked back towards city hall. He shook his head as he sat back down near the rock and dead bird.
  6. Farn walked out of his workshop, only to see a dead bird. "Is this a joke!" He called out to the people around him. Kicking the bird away, he picked up some tools and materials from a box outside the door.
    Back inside the shop, he got back to work. Farn animated non-living creatures, and it could get quite disturbing. Waving his arm, a tug from his body was felt. The excess life was ready. Farn threw salt around the room, the room being laced with iron. Placing down the metal wolf, completely made of bone steel, onto the table. Lights were turned off, and Farn placed his hands onto the cold metal. The tug then went from his body, down to the cold creature. The metaloid activated, and lifted its head up. Success.
  7. Poppy crouched down on the branch of the tree she was in. She groped the trunk with one arm while the other steadied itself on her knee. The scout's hood was pulled up and goggles were slid on to block the sunlight from her eyes. She leapt onto another sturdy branch before sitting back in a comfortable position.
  8. Josh let out a breath as he noticed that no one was going to be coming to this meeting. He just shook his head as he walked towards the podium and opened a door. He walked in as he looked at a current map of wyomming showing all the communities on it. He had to figure out a way to protect their seven ones before they went extinct

    Syler took a sip of his coffe as he walked around the hotel that doubled as his outpost. He looked at a man with no eyes. " Send for my comrads." He said. " We "negotiate" with Tumwater at first light." he said as he looked at the runaway community. ' Soon all of Wyoming will be under my control.
  9. Lyric pushed open the door to the community hall. Her left cheek as smudged dirt across its surface and her hands were also coated in some earth. The crystal maker strode forward until she was behind Josh, by the door, "sorry I'm late? Did I miss the meeting already"?
  10. Josh looked around and saw his old friend. He smiled a little bit at her. " Nah can't say that you are, Everyone else is late." He said. He walked around the map. " So how have you been?" He asked. " How are the kids?"
  11. "They are doing fantastic. You should come over sometime. I'm sure Sabrina would love to show you how well she's gotten with the bow and arrow," lyric moved to meet him. She pulled Josh into a hug before pulling away to point at the map. Her eyes skating across it as she took in the information, "so. Any new ideas on our predicament"?
  12. " None." He said as he looked at the map. " I'm thinking about heading to Southernville." He said gently pointing to their southern town. " We need to get an idea about what Syler is doing. not to mention try and make alliances with the runaways." He said. " Would you like to accompany me?"
  13. "Sure. I wouldn't mind doing some enforcing of the protective walls while I'm down there. Last time that stuff I had put up was looking shaky". Lyric shrugged. She gripped her tattooed arm to check it over for any budding crystals from her use of the abilities earlier but found none. There was a quick flash of a metallic glean as her sleeve moved out of the way to show one of her knife holsters. This one being strapped to her forearm.
  14. Farn quickly turned on a fan, causing all the salt to blow away. The metal wolf slowly climbed to his feet, and looked around. Farn held the animal down, and walked it to the workshop. Sending some commands mentally, the wolf ran off into the woods to go hunting. He has many creatures doing tasks for him. Wolves were the best at hunting, he found out. Farn walked into the main part of his shop, and started to clean off his display case.
  15. He nodded as he looked at her. "Alright we'll leave at dawn tomorrow." He said as he smiled at her. " Bring anyone you think can keep up." He said.
  16. "Alright. Now I got to go set up someone to take over my duties. I'll see you tomorrow," lyric turned on her heel and strode from the town hall. She waved over her shoulder before crossing her arms. She let her feet carry her to her home.
  17. From behind Josh, Roy sighed and laughed. "Syler! Now, that's a name I haven't heard in a while. Akron would mention him one or two times when writing to me. Is he here, too? This'll get interesting."
  18. Josh jumped a little. " Jesus Roy where did you come from." He said as he looked at the man. He then chuckled as he remembered Akron he always wondered what happened to the man. " No afraid not. He's just in control of most of the settlements and are planning on attacking us." He said.
  19. Roy smiled and rubbed his hands together, fog swirling around them and the air got slightly more chilly. "Well, sounds fun! Fights are always more entertaining when the odds are against you, eh?"
  20. He looked at Roy and shook his head. " Alright." He said. " Both of you pack a couple day's rations and we'll leave at dawn." He said as he stood up and started to walk away.
  21. Roy nodded. "Got it, boss." He headed to his own personal hut and started packing things into a compact duffel bag, like rations and extra clothes. He looked at his hand and focused as glistening ice started to frost over, growing until it finally encased his entire body, like a suit of armor. One thing that came as a responsibility of Roy's power was building his tolerance to way-below-freezing temperatures, so the frost that covered him didn't concern him as much as it would normal people. The ice then dissipated in wisps of icy mist as Roy stepped out of his hut with his duffel bag, surrounded in light fog.
  22. James took a lap around the village. Eavesdropping on conversations, helping people, that kind of stuff, when he walked by city hall, he heard something about fighting. James liked fighting. He phased through he wall of city hall and interrupted, saying,”I WANNA COME!!”
  23. Poppy rolled off the branch she was sitting on. The shape shifter's bones cracking and burning away along with her skin. Feathers sprouted midway through her transformation and before she hit the ground, the new Raven spread its wings and caught herself. Poppy lifted herself further into the air before looking at the world below herself.
  24. Ronin jumped through the trees, feeling for an aura he knew others knew all too well. A few minutes later, he found his target. Sharply changing course, Ronin turned to the left and jumped off a tree, launching forward and propelling himself through the undergrowth until he emerged from the forest and into an urban area. He landed on the ground and materialized casual clothing, a black trench coat, a white undershirt, black trousers, and shined black loafers from his aura and slipped some black shades over his eyes. Ronin crossed the street and headed inside his targeted building: Syler's hotel. He felt for Syler's malicious intent and traced it, boarding the elevator and walking down hallways. Ronin turned to face a door to a hotel room and flared up his aura into his fist. He punched through the door effortlessly and took off his shades. "Hello, Syler."

    Walking out of his hut, Roy noticed Lyric and headed toward her. "Lyric!" He put on a friendly smile. "How are you and the kids doing?"
  25. " Hello." Syler said to the life sucker. " How did your mission go?" He asked. He stood up and walked closer to the man.

    Josh nodded at the speedster before walking back to his log cabin in the outskirts of the village. He packed his rations and a couple changes of clothes into a duffle bag. He let out a breath. " Soon." He thought as he laid in his bed.
  26. Ronin shrugged and sat down in a comfy looking seat. "Joshua Moreland--I'm sure you remember him-- is planning to do some recon on your efforts, so he's setting up a team of about two or three to do so."
  27. " Josh." He said as a sinister smile came from his lips. " Do you know where he's planning on heading." He asked as he looked at the map. "If we get rid of Joshua and the rest of the outcasts leadership their seven cities will fall." He said. " Then all that's left will be those runaways and they've been easy pickings." He said.
  28. "I heard him mention Southernville," Ronin stated casually, as if it were no big deal. "He and some chick named Lyric are getting ready to head out. Some guy named Roy, as well." He flared up his aura, which took on a purplish red hue of calm malice.
  29. " So two officals." He said casually. " Send word to are three clossest towns. Tell them to meet up three miles east of Southernville." He said as he looked at the man. " When we're all together we will attack and leave no survivors." He said as he stood up.
  30. Ronin nodded and seemed to teleport out of the hotel when it was actually him running out. He gathered the leaders of the three villages Syler mentioned and gave them the information. "There will be a meeting between three of the villages, 3 miles east of Southernville." Ronin announced no more and sped off back towards Syler's hotel after an hour. "It's done."
  31. "Hey Roy. Me and the kids are doing great," the glyph user waved and stopped her strolling. She crossed her arms over her chest and steadied her stance, "how have you been? I hope everything has been going well for you"?
  32. Roy smiled and nodded. "I'm doing well, thank you. Sadly, I've still had no word from Akron. I don't have any leads, and I haven't gotten any contact from him." He hugged her briefly. "I'm sorry. I assure you, I'm doing everything I can to find him."
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  33. "Thank you. He's probably fine. Tough skinned," lyric hummed before patting his shoulder. She started to walk towards her house again and crossed her arms behind her head, "if you'd like you can come over and have some pie. Zack helped me make it and it's Apple"?
  34. Josh walked around his city He saw Lyric and Roy talking. He looked at them and let out a breath. ' oh well.' He thought as he started to jog around the town.
  35. Poppy flew over an outcast village. She looked down and watched the people below her. She turned back into an air current, wings carrying her away from the village and back toward her tribe. She landed in a tree once more with her body shifting back to its normal form. She climbed down and waved to the next scout.
  36. Kira was walking around the forest checking the traps he had set to catch some prey to. He to eat. He then noticed something fly by over him. "probably a bird or something." He thought to himself as he found his trap and a dead rabbit in it. "Good." He said as he collected his catch.
  37. Josh finished two laps around the villiage before heading back to his cabin. He opened it's door before laying down on the bed. He had to be up early the next day.
  38. Ronin dissipated his formal attire as his regular clothes stayed on his person, a tattered, black hooded tunic, black trousers, and black boots with sheath containing a katana with a smooth wooden hilt diagonally attached to his back. "Not that I'm saying your plan isn't good," He stated. "I think you could also do with having an inside man in that ragtag team of Outcasts. I could infiltrate their village and gather intel as they go along."
  39. Syler thought about that. " It could work but they would be suspicious to let in someone they didn't know." He said as he tapped his foot. " Go to southernville. When we're ready to attack you'll take arms against us. That will give you trust with any of the survivors of the attack. Then you get in with them." He said as he stood up and offered his hand to Ronin.
  40. Ronin shook it and exited the hotel, this time walking normally. He cracked his knuckles and neck casually as he walked until he reached his camp. He didn't bother to light a fire as the cold didn't really have an effect on him. He jumped up a tall tree and sat on it with crossed legs, meditating as his aura slowly came into view, coming off of him like wisps of smoke.

    Roy smiled. "I'd like that. Thanks."

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