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Open The Community discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. In the world there is a small population of people that are gifted with powers beyond imagination. The government was afraid of them becoming too powerful for them to handle this lead to them being exiled into the mountainous woods of Wyoming. In the beginning there was eleven of them that were exiled. Over time they either died off, Left to try and blend in with humanity. The rest joined together and made a thriving village. Over the years more people joined the community. It became over crowded and the other meta's left to create their own community throughout Wyoming. Do to the over population of Meta's the Government quarantined Wyoming. If any Meta left the state they would be shot on site. Around five years later there is tension brewing between the communities soon war will break out and only one faction will come out on top.

    The Outcasts: a name coined by a member of the original eleven. They are in control of seven of the thirty communities . They try their best to be civilized and help people. Their leadership include those who are most trusted amongst them. They give equal liberties to all people who stay in one of their towns

    The Runaways: A more younger group of Meta's. They control ten of the thirty communities. Wanting to back away from all the rules that other factions have They created their own gang their influence swept across Wyoming as more and more towns joined them. While they have no querels with the other factions they will attack if provocted

    The Syler Coven: Lead by a former ally of the Outcast. Syler controls thirteen of the thirty cities. While he originally took over the comunties to try and real them in after in fighting he soon became corrupted by power turning away from everything he treasured. Soon he became a dictator ruling the his thirteen communities with an iron fist.

    The Na-oh: A group of nomadic metas that roam Wyoming. They take after the Native Americans that once roamed the land.

    1. fallow the rules as stated on the site
    2. Be respectful
    3. You can have multiple characters as long as your able to remember things about them.
    4. Romance is allowed just don't go over board
    5. Unless you can give good reason for it don't make your character's too OP.
    6. your character can have up to two abilities

    Character Bio

    Name: Josh Moreland
    age: 24
    sex Male
    appearance: A light blue T shirt and jeans
    faction: Outcast
    power: Telekinetic and Able to heal people by touching them.
    History: He's one of the Elven. Throughout his time he's gone threw ups and downs resulting in him leaving and coming back when he was needed. He's struggled threw depression and suicide. Now with the help of his new family he's become more stable and acts as the chief doctor for the village. Over the five years he's been there he has been able to hone in on his powers being able to squeeze a human heart telekinetically. And harm a person by touching them.

    @Cloudswift Since this a squeal to one of your Rps it only seems right to ask if you want in.
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  2. Sounds Cool I'll post later
  3. Don't mean to be that guy, but you kinda spelled "Community" wrong. Uh, anyways...

    Name: Ronin Karos
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Ronin has short and bright silver hair and a medium build, standing at 6'2. He wears a black long sleeved shirt with white trousers, and black sneakers. He keeps a sheath across his back carrying a lightweight, double-edged Jin sword with a polished oak wood hilt.
    Faction: Villain
    Power: Life energy manipulation, superior to that of all the other OCs I've made so far with that ability.
    Backstory: Ronin is not one to talk of his past.
  4. Fixed and accepted.
  5. Im game. Give me tomorrow to set up the form.
  6. ---Outcasts Series---
    Outcasts (Extremely Successful)
    Outcasts 2 (Mildly Successful)
    Outcasts Take 3 (Poor)
    Outcasts: Reborn (Mildly Successful)
    Outcasts: Reinvented (In Progress)

    ---Off Series---
    The Unwanted (Poor)
    The Community (In Progress)

    Huh. Not saying I'll join, but let's see where this goes.
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  7. Name Farn Ware
    age 22
    sex Male
    appearance Farn wears a light chainmail shirt, cloaked with a black leather. His pants are black as well, and he wears a toolbelt. His left arm is made of metal.
    Faction: The Runaways.
    power: (This is kinda odd, but roll with it) Farn can make creatures out of different materials and can create life out of them using strange powers. He can forge things into living creatures.
    history: Long and boring. His father was a forger and made tools for normal use. Farn learned to do this, and found that he could create life from this. Their job was able to grow to immense heights. He trained his power up, and can now place life in almost any object.
  8. Not really a spin off Dave this is an actual sequel to the first one. Not some Alternate timeline like the other ones.
  9. Outcasts: Reborn was a sequel.
  10. Okay this is a direct sequel since it is fallowing the events of the original.
  11. Am I accepted?
  12. Don't make it living creatures. Creating life and bringing people back from the dead are too far in my opinion.
    Maybe have the creatures not really be alive and able to disassemble when need be.
    but other than that your good.
  13. I was meaning that they can be killed. It's like he places his own life into them, causing them to gain their own 'life' while being inanimate objects. It doesn't work on pre-living things. It creates life from nothing in a way. But it only works a certain way, like I couldn't make a boot into a living creature, it has to be made a way to bring it life.
  14. Alright. Accepted.
  15. Name Ozwald “Ozzy” Blackmore
    age 26
    sex Male
    appearance: he has long, curly black hair which falls at his shoulders. His eyes are a light violet and he wears a black trench coat with matching black pants. On his right arm there is an emblem of a rainbow, and on his left a raindrop.
    Faction: Villain.
    power: he can stop an object in midair, but the object keeps all of its momentum. He can then further move said object to change its direction, and hit it to make it gain momentum. He can make the object resume its path whenever he chooses, and this works on things such as rain or snow. Using this on weather allows him to walk on snowflakes or raindrops, but does not work on anything heavier than 5 pounds. After walking on a raindrop, it will become more like a blade, which will travel in whatever straight direction he pleases.
    History: Ozzy was always a quiet kid, and his dad was often away on missions. He helped his mother keep the house clean and cook, and loved to look at art. In his sophomore year he was bullied by one kid specifically, and decided to kill him. Since then, he has decided to kill all that oppose him.
  16. The rock and the bird are falling toward Ronin, or Josh?
  17. Character Bio
    Name: Willow
    age: 20
    sex: female
    appearance: long blond hair that she usually keeps in a braid. Green eyes. Wears a deep green t- shirt, brown fingerless gloves that reach her upper arm, black shorts, brown hiking boots and brown knee high socks
    Faction: runaways
    power: plant manipulation but she needs to watch her use as her finger tips will break open and start to bleed.
    history: broke away from the main group after a year, having ran with her family to the safety that the outcast offered to powered people.

    Character Bio
    Name: Poppy Grain
    age: 25
    sex: female
    appearance: short black hair, brown eyes, wears black and grey hooded poncho that is frayed at the edges, black combat boots, blue turtleneck, grey camo combat pants, black gloves and brown goggles
    Faction: na-oh
    power: shape shifting and pull. She can pull items to her but the bigger the item the more the circulation is cut off
    history: joined the Na-oh after escaping to them. Before this she was living on the street after having left her family to protect them from prosecution. She now acts as a hunter and scout.
  18. Bringing back my favorite character from this series
    Name: lyric Mays
    age: 24
    sex: female
    appearance: long black hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, a black tribal tatto that wraps around her right arm. Wears a leather jacket usually, t-shirts and shorts or pants depending on the temperature, worn red running shoes. Always has a sharp hunting knife on her. Has a red bandana around her neck
    Faction: outcasts
    power: crystalize and glyphs. The more she uses these abilities the more crystals sprout from her tattooed arm and the more they spread of not gone checked
    history: one of the Eleven. She works as farm and food manager. Was caught by the government after crystalizing a good chunk of her old home. Was released in with the other mutants and started to help build the community.
  19. Name: Roy Harrison
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Roy has long black hair tied into a ponytail and has deep amber eyes. He usually wears a black tee and navy jeans, with black athletic shoes.
    Faction: Outcast
    Power: Hydro and Cryokinesis(Ice powers)
    History: Roy was good friends with Akron Hunter until the latter was captured and taken away. A few months later, Roy discovered his ability to conjure and manipulate ice and water, and his parents immediately turned on him and cast him out.
  20. So Onion what officially happened to Akron
  21. I’d like to join, i’ll Start making my bio.

    BTW I live in Wyoming so if you need any info on the state, I know a ton:p
  22. @Jagson, erm, for plot purposes he'll have disappeared since a few weeks after the original Outcasts and bring him into the story later
  23. Can someone post
  24. I’ll just use my Outcasts: Reinvented character for this.
    Name: James Michaels
    age: 22
    sex: Male
    appearance: James has blonde hair and blue eyes. He his skinny and is about 6’2”. James wears black gym shorts and a blue t-shirt, despite Wyoming’s cold climate.
    power: He’s a speedster, but he can’t run faster then 120 MPH at first, also he has trouble turning and coming to a stop.
    history: James had a good life. He had nice family, a home, and did well in school and other sports. Until he started getting fast, like really fast. His parents tried to keep for as long as possible, but do to his family living in Wyoming, he was discovered by other outcasts and left his family.
  25. well, I can see someone's watched The Flash one or a hundred times..?
  26. Yep... I watch it WAY to much.

    I was looking for stuff to watch on Netflix the other day, and I was like, “Maybe i’ll watch Stranger things,” then was like ,”Nah let’s watch the Flash for the 18th time.”
  27. yeah, I thought as much
  28. Could you guys meet my guy while on the mission? Like to get supplies?
  29. yeah that was the plan.

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