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The Class Saga

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Rolly, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. OOC: This is an idea I have worked on in my head for a while. The other day I started writing and I'm progressing pretty fast. This is the first chapter, and I'm halfway through the second.

    The idea is that Allan, the main character, is about to enter a Trainer School. I have the story line and the characters pretty much figured out.


    The Class Saga

    Chapter 1 - Opening Ceremony! A smoky battle!

    ”Welcome everybody, to this years selective tournament!” the voice of a man, powered up by a microphone, sounded. ”Today we see champions being born, battles to remember, lifelong bonds of friendship blossom and of course,” he paused, ”dreams getting crushed”. The last words were said with clarity, as the man hoped that most people entering the selections were aware of the fact that not everyone would pass and be allowed to enter the Trainer Academy.

    ”And now, let the competition begin!”

    With these words he ended his short speech, and looked down on the crowd that had gathered underneath the balcony. There was a lot of people this year, both boys and girls. Of course, all of them were different except for one thing. They were all Pokémon Trainers and their only goal right now was to pass the selection. The determinaton in their eyes were inspiring even for him, and he could as every year recall the first time he had taken part in the upcoming event.

    Behind him sat four people, three men and one woman. They were all dressed in dark blue jackets. The men had black jeans and the woman wore a black, short skirt instead. Just as the man standing by the microphone, the principal of the school, they were very excited. The tournament would never cease to amaze them.

    The principal headed back to his seat, and down below, a bunch of older students all wearing white jackets with red details entered the hall. They informed the students that the battling fields would come up in a minute, and as for now the competitors were to enter a room at the back. In there they were to make their Pokémon ready.

    And, as soon as the hall was cleared of people the floor split in half and about a dosen of battling fields rose from below. Each field were separated from one another by a wall made out of a material similar to plexiglass. Inside the glass squares there were white lines that joined together and formed a plain resembling soccer fields. The preparations were set.

    ”Call in the first students,” the principal said quietly. Once again he smiled.


    A red haired boy stood by himself in a corner of a room filled with other people. It was warm, stuffy and noisy, but he didn't seem to mind it all. His mind were only set on one thing this morning, and that was winning against every opponent he faced. An Espeon sat by his feet, licking its right paw. The boy kneeled down and scratched it behind it's ear. The Espeon purred, pleased with the gentle treatment.

    ”Are you ready for this Espeon?” the boy asked, quite sure of what the answer would be.

    The Espeon looked at her trainer, and responded with a confident ”Eee”.

    ”I thought so, ” he said, grinning. As he rose from his sitting postition he continued. ”But for now I think you have to get into your ball”.

    He took a Pokéball from his belt and pointed it at the Espeon.

    ”Return” he said as a red beam emerged from the ball and hit the feline-like Pokémon. It disappeared into a flash of red light and the beam then flew right back to the ball.

    The boy didn't think that Espeon would be needed for the battling. He would save her for a formidable opponent, or something she was strong against, like a Fighting-type or a Poison-type. But until that moment, Espeon could have a good rest. From his pocket, the boy retrieved a pair of headphones, and as he was just about to tuck them into his ears a voice anounced that the battling was just about to start. The boy smiled when he heard his name. How nifty, he thought. A group of people, including the boy, followed some of the older students out of the room. Upon entering the other room, much smaller, the boy heard his name once again.

    ”Allan Galvani, Viridian City, and Louis Santos, Fallabror Town, are you here?” a girl with short, blonde hair shouted.

    Allan and the other boy took a step in her direction, and raised their hands.

    ”Good,” she continued. ”Your battle will be staged on field 5, so would you please follow me”.

    The boys nodded, and the three exited the room. But they were not yet on the field, as they entered yet another room. It had the shape of a square. The walls were, just like they had been in the other rooms, white and boring. In the end of the room there were twelve elevators. Well, they resembled elevators at least. Allan was a bit worried, because the lack of any visible doors on them. He had a fright of hights. The girl hurried over to the elevators just as another couple entered the room. Allan and Louis followed her, and they all stepped on to the circular elevator pad. With a hum, they started their journey upwards. It wasn't long before they stepped out of it and on to the battling fields. They went out to the center of the field.

    ”Shake hands,” the girl informed them. ”This is a three on three match and I don't want to witness any shady tricks, okay? That will result in immediate disqualification. As you probably know, you'll have three battles each, and you will have a chance to heal your Pokémon between each battle. So don't be afraid to go all out from the start. If you fight hard the battles will only be more interesting and it will attract the teachers, and students, attention. Are you ready?”

    ”Totally,” Louis replied. Allan just nodded and they shook hands.

    ”Good luck to you both” the girl said, and thus ending the introduction. ”Please step back to the ends of the field and prepare”.

    Both of them walked over to the trainer zones. Allan inspected Louis. The opposing boy was rather tall. His hair was black and tousled. He wore a green shirt and a pair of brown trousers that, according to Allan, didn't fit him at all. Allan on the other hand wore a black jacket over a red t-shirt. On his legs he wore a pair of blue jeans. He also wore a red headband with a white Pokéball mark on it. It was pretty much his ordinary outfit. The blonde girl interrupted his thoughts.

    ”So, I hereby declare the battle between Louis and Allan started!” she shouted so that both contestants could hear. ”It has been chosen that Louis will start, please select your first Pokémon!”

    Louis took a Pokéball out of his belt and threw it out into the air.

    ”Go, Torkoal!” he yelled.

    In midair the ball opened and a red light flashed. With the light disappearing, a Torkoal stood on one side of the field. The ball itself bounced back and landed in Louis hand. The Torkoal cried, and some black smoke was released from its shell and nostrils.

    ”Show him what you're made of Torkoal!” Louis cheered.

    Allan looked at the coal Pokémon, with a slight glance of pleasure in his eyes. This could be interesting. He plucked a ball from his belt as well and tossed it.

    ”I guess you're up Lickilicky!” Allan said.

    From the dust cloud created by the large Pokémons landing, a shimmer was seen. This was not due to the Repeat ball's flash. Instead, a yellow Lickilicky emerged from the smoke. Both Louis and the blonde girl, as well as some other contestants and a few students sitting on the stands that surrounded the hall, gasped in surprise. Shiny Pokémon were rare, everybody knew that. And the chance of one of the contestants having one was quite a sensation. However, this Lickilicky was nothing special, according to Allan. It just had a different colour. Lickilicky itself didn't care about the attention, and it released its immense tounge so that it hung out of it's mouth, ready for a strike from the Torkoal it was about to battle.

    ”Let's do this!” Louis said with anticipation.

    ”Go ahead, it's your move,” Allan replied, confident.

    ”Fine! Torkoal, use Smokescreen!”

    The Torkoal opened its mouth and spewed out a thick black smoke. The smoke from the mouth mixed with additional smoke that exited through holes in the Pokémon's shell. Lickilicky, and Allan, was blinded by the smoke and coughed, trying to stay focused.

    ”Lickilicky, try back away from the smoke!” Allan cried.

    Just as Lickilicky reached the outskirts of the dark cloud, Torkoal dashed out of the smoke, headfirst.

    ”Torkoal, now, Rapid Spin!” Louis ordered.

    Torkoal confirmed the command by crying quietly. It was truly a sight to see such a slow Pokémon like Torkoal move with such speed. The four legs and the head disappeared into the shell, and it started to spin very fast. Lickilicky, completely unprepared for the sudden attack had no chance of dodging at all. Torkoal slammed into its opponent with a bang. Allan on the other hand had seen a move like this coming.

    ”Lickilicky, use the close encounter to your advantage! Grab a hold of it!” Allan countered.

    Lickilicky, still a little shaky after the tough hit, acted quickly and took a hold of it's enemy. The firm grip surprised Torkoal, and it growled. It started shaking its legs and let out some smoke. Unfortunatley for Torkoal, Lickilicky was very determent and would not let go of it very easily.

    ”Great job Lickilicky!” Allan said cheering. ”Toss it into the air and then use Brick Break. Try and aim for the belly, the shell is probably too hard, even for you, to break through!”

    Looking at its trainer and nodding, to confirm the order. It then bent its knes and threw the poor tortoise into midair. Before Torkoal could comprehend what had happened, Lickilicky leaped after it and hit it twice with it's little fists. Not to be fooled by the tiny arms, there was a lot of power in both blows. Torkoal cried with pain and flew backwards, landing right in front of its trainer's feet.

    ”Torkoal!” Louis called. ”Can you still battle on?”

    The Torkoal lay motionless for a short time, and then slowly rose to a standing postion again. The smoke had been blown away by now, so Louis decided that his first move would be to continue on with what he had started it all with. He hoped it would work better this time.

    ”Use Smokescreen again!”he ordered.

    Just as he said it, Torkoal released the black smoke again, but this time in larger quantities. Louis didn't say anything else, so Allan recalled it to be his turn. He knew just what to do, the same tactics wouldn't work twice.

    ”Lickilicky, Rollout!” he said. It was a simple command, but Lickilicky knew what he meant. They had had many battles together. Lickilicky was used to Allan's way of thinking.

    It quickly curled up into a ball, and dashed through the field. Upon enetring the smoke, the speed was so immense that most of the smoke blew away, leaving a trail of fresh air in the cloud. This took both Torkoal and Louis by surprise, once again. Unclear on what he would counterattack the Rollout with, Louis could just stand there while Lickilicky crashed into Torkoal. The power from the hit threw Torkoal away, and it banged into the wall behind Louis. Allan was pretty sure that it would not stand up again in this battle. And he was right. The Torkoal opened it's mouth and exhaled some smoke. Its head then feel on to the ground.

    ”Torkoal is unable to battle, Lickilicky wins!” the blonde girl announced.

    The sudden twist in the battle had directed many eyes towards their direction. It was not that Allan didn't like attention, he just felt discomfortable with everyone glaring at him. As Louis' Torkoal re-entered its Pokéball, he looked at Allan as well.

    ”Wow, I didn't excpect Torkoal to lose so easily,” he sighed. ”But I guess my next Pokémon will have to bet you instead!”

    ”We'll see,” Allan replied, with a laid back tone in his voice.

    ”Oh, yeah, you'll see! I choose you, Volbeat!”

    Once again, Louis threw his Pokéball into midair, and the little bug Pokémon appeared in front of him. Allan could not help but giggling a little. The tiny Volbeat looked rather silly standing face to face with such a big Pokémon as Lickilicky. Louis noticed Allan's amusement over his Pokémon.

    ”Just wait and see,” he said, a little angry. ”Great power often come from where you least expect it.”

    ”I surely hope so,” Allan grined.

    The girl announced that they could start whenever they wanted to. Both of them was so eager to battle that they ordered their Pokémon to attack at the same time.

    ”Lickilicky, use your tounge and slam it!” Allan cried.

    ”Counter it with Flash, Volbeat!” Louis said, just a quarter of a second after Allan.

    Lickilicky started to run inVolbeat's direction and its huge tounge flew towards the bug. Halfway to its target, a blinding flash lit the glass square and Lickilicky immediately lost track of where it was. Louis used this to his advatage.

    ”Just as I wanted to!” he said triumphant. ”Volbeat, attack it with Zen Headbutt!”

    Just above the Volbeat's head, a small blue circle started to glow faintly. It then flew into the air and quickly moved towards the blinded Lickilicky. Allan, as well as Louis, knew that this would result in a direct hit.

    ”Lickilciky, watch out!” Allan shouted to his Pokémon.

    But it was too late. Volbeat hit Lickilicky right in the humongus stomach and sent it flying. Lickilicky landed hard in front of Allan.

    ”Are you okay?” Allan asked tentative.

    Lickilicky responded by slowly getting up into a its standing position again. I better call him back, he thought. And so he did, by aiming his Pokéball at the yellow Pokémon.

    ”Return, Lickilicky,” he said calmly. ”You might come back out later in this battle, but have a good rest for now.”

    Louis glared at Allan.

    ”Are you so afraid of losing a Pokémon that you let it back into its Pokéball instead of cuntinue fighting?” he mocked. ”Oh well, Volbeat will counter anything you choose!”

    The Volbeat buzzed with hapiness since it had proven a point by defeating Lickilicky. Allan didn't mind them.

    ”Camerupt, give 'em hell!” Allan shouted, tossing a Pokéball.

    From the flash, another big Pokémon emerged. This one looked a little bit like a camel. On its back you could see two little volcanoes, that spat out a little smoke every now and then. The red body was a little on the fat side and the face had a slow expression. This Pokémon didn't really look like a fighter.

    ”You said that you shouldn't be fooled by a Pokémon's looks, didn't you?” Allan countered the previous mocking. ”Let's see how well you can fight of Camerupts flaming fury!”

    Louis' smile disappeared. Volbeat was weak to Fire-type attacks, so he had to watch out. The best thing would be to not rush any attacks.

    ”You can go first,” Louis said. He wanted to see if Allan would fall for the bait.

    ”Sure thing,” Allan replied. ”Camerupt, use Smokescreen and blind their sight just like Torkoal did before!”
    The big Pokémon stomped the ground and leaned forward a bit, aiming the volcanoes just above Volbeat's head. A grayish smoke puffed out of them and a thick cloud filled the stage again. Louis tried to think of a way to get pass the smoke. His best plan was to simply hurry through it.

    ”Quick Attack, now!” he commanded the bug Pokémon.

    It quickly flew forward right into the smoke and disappeared as it went deeper into it.

    ”My own tactics won't work on me, Allan!” Louis said, and he started smiling again.

    ”Your own tactics?” Allan said with a tone of fake surprise in his voice. ”I would never use that tactic, 'cause it didn't seem to work very well. I had something else in mind with the smoke.”

    ”Wait, what do you -”

    Louis never finished the sentence, as Allan interrupted him with an order for Camerupt.

    ”Camerupt, grill that bug gor me, will you? Use Flamethrower, and aim right at the smoke!” Allan cried.

    The fire-Pokémon opened its mouth and a flaming beam shot out of it. As soon as the first sparks hit the smoke cloud, a big explosion triggered and a deafening sound was heard. The shockwave made both Allan and Louis slide backwards a bit, and they covered their eyes from flying stone chips. When the dust cloud that had been created by the explosion vanished, a burnt Volbeat lay all by itself in the middle of the field. It coughed a little, and then it fainted. After gathering herself, the blonde girl announced that Volbeat had been defeated. Louis returned the poor creature, and said something quietly to the ball.

    ”Maybe I went a little overboard with that,” Allan said, while scratching the back of his head. ”I hope that Volbeat'll be okay.”

    Allan could hint a smile behind Louis' now very serious face. He could also see how he reached for the third ball in his belt. Throwing up and down a little in his hand he finally tossed it. Just as the flash of red light returned to the Pokéball, Allan shivered a little. In front of Camerupt a Dusknoir had appeared.

    ”Now this will be interesting,” Allan said.

    Louis then said something that made Allan even more curious.

    ”Dusknoir is my strongest Pokémon. I wonder if you'll be able to tackle this.”

    Allan turned his focus to Camerupt. The Fire-type looked rather displeased with its opponent. It was not like Camerupt was afraid of ghosts, he just didn't like the fact that this Pokémon hovered silently over the ground. He didn't like fighting flying Pokémon.

    ”Cheer up Camerupt,” Allan whispered. ”This might be a real challenge.”

    Camerupt answered with a silent cry and looked directly at the Ghost-type. Dusknoir's lone red eye seemed to stare right through Camerupt. Allan was a little creeped out by it, especially the markings on the stomach which resembled a face. He knew from excperience that most of the hovering Pokémon's attacks would come from there. What to do now, he thought. I have to defeat it fast.
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  2. This looks very good! I found a few typos, but they weren't to big of a deal. Sometimes your trainers seemed to use tactics that seemed... Well, a bit odd. A bit like the random moves used by in-game NPC's. I know it works out differently in fiction, but it still seemed a bit too random at times. Since I can't put my finger on it though, you probably shouldn't worry too much ^^;

    Also, to clarify, is this Trainer School a really huge, fancy one? Cos otherwise it wouldn't really make sense to have people join inter-regionally.
  3. I really like where this is going. You're expressing everything pretty well so far, and I'll be keeping a close eye on this fic from now on ^^
  4. Yeah the school is pretty big. And it only accepts the best, therefore the tournament. It has three grades, and the oldest trainers are 18, the youngest 15/16.

    I don't really get what you mean about the moves, but hopefully, it isn't too wierd (this is my first fanfic after all ^^) I want to get the focus on tactics more than raw power. Also, the battles are pretty short like in the anime. It makes more sense that they get knocked out fast (imagine yourself in the Pokémons situation, you can't take that many hits). :)

    I probably should've wrote this earlier.
  5. OOC: So this is the second chapter. Allan continues his fight with Louis. Also, some new main characters appear. And I'm not as pleasead with this chapter as I was with the one before.


    Chapter 2 – The Conclusion! No more nightmares?

    ”Dusknoir versus Camerupt!” the blonde girl shouted, so that both contestants could here. ”Battle, start!”

    Allan eyed Louis. He didn't want to make the first move. Instead he waited to see what his opponent would make of the situation. Louis looked very confident, as if he had predicted the further outcome of the fight. But just as Allan, he seemed to wait for the other to make a move. The battlefield fell into complete silence, only being interrupted by the small clouds of smoke coming from Camerupt's back.

    After about two minutes, the blonde girl broke the silence.

    ”If none of you make a move, this part of the battle will result in loss for both side. This means that you, Louis, will be out of Pokémon and therefore lose the entire battle. So I'd suggest that you act.”

    This warning made Allan's mind up.

    ”Fine then!” he cried. ”Camerupt, use Magnitude and try to hit the center of Dusknoir's body!”

    With those words, the fire Pokémon slammed its front feet into the ground, causing a crack that dashed forward towards Dusknoir. Right in front of it, the ground shook and a great amount of sharp rock chips started to cut the levitating ghost. The attack only seemed to do lesser damage on Dusknoir, even if the hit was spot on.

    Louis took a deep breath and shouted at Dusknoir.

    ”Get out of there! Then use Shadow Sneak, and hit Camreupt with a Shadow Punch when you're close enough!”

    Immediatley, the ghost Pokémon flew upwards and out of the rock cloud. It then moved quickly down towards the ground and disappeared into the blonde girl's shadow. She flinched a bit, but then smiled seeing how Louis really used his surroundings to gain the upper hand. Camerupt started to look from one place to another, unsure of what to do. Allan paid great attention to the shadow, but with a sudden move, Dusknoir could be seen switching place. It had reached Camerupt.

    ”Shit, this is bad!” Allan called faintly.

    ”Too late,” Louis said happily.

    Out of nowhere Dusknoir appeared just above Camerupt's back, its fist covered in a dark glow. Upon hit, Camerupt's legs bent and its belly hit the ground. Dusknoir retreated once again into the shadows. Allan grimaced, deeply unhappy about the Ghost-type's power.

    ”Camerupt, get back would you?” he said, almost demanding.

    The camel-like Pokémon gathered its power and slowly rose to an upright position, just to be knocked down once again by Dusknoir's powerful Shadow Punch. What Allan suddenly realised was that Dusknoir had appeared at the same spot it had the last time. Maybe I could turn the tables again. But how?

    Louis' smile widened even more as Dusknoir hit Camerupt for the third time.

    ”Just keep on doing that!” he cheered. ”Camerupt is one tough Pokémon, so it can take a few good hits. Nonetheless, I don't think it'll last much longer!”

    ”Camerupt,” Allan said. ”I think I know what to do, so pay attention to me.”

    Louis didn't hear those words, he was too busy watching his Pokémon massacre poor Camerupt.

    ”Again!” Louis cried. ”This'll be the last one! Full power!”

    Once again, Dusknoir appeared and its fists glowed like never before. This punch was going to be way stronger than the previous ones. Just as the ghost hurled its clenched fist towards Camerupt's back, Allan did something unexpected.

    ”Now! Use Eruption!”

    I hope that Camerupt has enough power for this.

    In what seemed like an endless amount of time nothing happened. Then, an immense lava geyser spew out of both of Camerupt's back-volcanoes. The attack hit Dusknoir directly in the middle of its pliant body, sending it flying. The hot lava stopped flooding almost immediatley after Dusknoir was knocked away.

    Louis stared at his burnt Pokémon, whom lay to his left side. He had been fooled by the fire not once, but twice. He sighed, and accepted his defeat.

    ”Dusknoir is unable to battle, Camreupt wins!” the girl announced. ”Allan Galvani from Viridian City wins the battle!”

    With those words, the contestants returned their harmed Pokémon and headed towards the center circle of the field to shake hands again, like they had at the start of the battle. Allan grined and so did Louis, even if he had just been defeated rather bluntly.

    ”I hope that you'll win your other matches so we can battle again some time,” Allan said friendly.

    Louis nodded.

    ”You can bet that I'll crush my other two opponents.”

    ”I wish you the best of luck.”

    The blonde girl went up to the two and moved her hand towards the elevator in a suggestive manner. She slowly started to walk towards it, and the boys followed her.


    The room that had been so crowded before, was now almost empty. Only a few people were in there, waiting for their second or third battle. On one of the walls in the room they had put up a billboard. It showed how every person was doing, how many battles they had lost and won. Allan searched for his name on it and found it in the end of the board. It simply said:

    Allan Galvani, Virdian City. 1 win, 0 loses, 0 draws.​

    He was pleased about his first battle. He had yet to actually get any Pokémon defeated, and was lucky enough to only have shown two of the three he had chose for the battle. In stock every person entering had a total of six Pokémon. They could chose any of them for each battle, but they never got to know what Pokémon the opponent used until the battle started. But there was no guarantee that they would ever see all three in the battle itself. He had, for example, only showed two Pokémon.

    There was one thing that he noticed. Quite a bunch of people had already finished two battles, going victorious out of both of them. That could only mean that they were powerful, since they apperently had finished them rather quickly. Allan stood absolutely still for a moment, thinking about what strategy he would use for his next battle. But his thoughts were interrupted by a masculine voice.

    ”Something bothering you?” it said.

    Allan recognized it directly.

    ”Ian,” he said without turning around. ”I wondered when you'd show up.”

    ”Oh, c'mon, aren't you glad to see me? I'm your brother after all.”

    Allan turned to face the young man. As he saw his full figure, he had to look up a bit to meet his eyes. Ian was long, and slim, just like Allan. They looked pretty much alike, except for the hair. Allan's hair was more red than Ian's, which was dirty blonde.

    ”Did you see my match earlier?” Allan asked.

    ”I did actually. It was pretty exciting from time to time, but to sum it up you crushed his team rather badly.”

    ”Well, you could say that.”

    He smiled a little. Allan didn't want to admit it but Ian was kind of like and idol for him. Ever since they had been little kids, he had always been there to protect and support. He liked Ian very much. They used to be pretty close, but since Ian started travelling the world, he hadn't been around. Allan didn't blame him, he had left for the same reason two years afterwards.

    A girl appeared at Ian's left side. It was the same blonde girl that had watched over his match. She looked at Allan with an amused look.

    ”So, you are Ian's baby brother!” she said. ”I couldn't expect anything less from this guy's siblings.”

    She reached for Allan's hand and shook it violently.

    ”Hehe, yeah,” Ian said, sounding a little embarrassed by her blunt treatment. ”He did give quite a show for us to watch. It must've been even better to see it up close.”

    Allan glanced a little at the girl. She looked like she was about the same age as Ian. Her short hair was a bit spiky. If you had seen her from a distance you could have mistaken her for a boy, but on this distance she was actually pretty good looking.

    ”Oh, excuse me,” she suddenly said. ”I am Lucy Dupree, and I originally come from Goldenrod City in the Johto Region.”

    ”That's not very far from Kanto, if I'm not all wrong,” Allan replied

    ”Yup, it is.”

    She turned to Ian again.

    ”How come you didn't tell me that your brother was going to enter?”

    ”Well, I didn't really know either. I mean, I had a hunch, but I wasn't really sure.”

    ”Ah, fine then.”

    She seemed a little hyper, according to Allan.

    ”Anyhow,” she continued. ”I have to judge another match, so I'll have to get going.”

    ”See you soon, Lucy,” Ian said.

    ”Bye Ian. And I hope that I'l see you soon as well Allan.”

    She left the room through an exit in the far end. The door slid open, and then shut automatically behind her. Ian directed his eyes to Allan. They looked at each other for a short moment.

    ”Are you ready then?” Ian asked.

    ”Ready for what?” Allan replied questioning.

    ”For your match of course. I'm going to supervise your next battle.”

    ”Really? That's... nice, I guess. But I have to heal and switch my Pokémon first.”

    ”Yeah, that's right. I'll call you in five.”

    ”Sure thing.”


    He stood by a machine that resembled both a phone and a computer. Allan hadn't noticed the machines the first time he entered the room. Maybe because it was so crowded. On the big screen in the center of it, Allan moved around little miniatures of his Pokémon. This system was handy, since he could easily change his team.

    ”Gordon McLue, Floaroma Town and Allan Galvani, Viridian City, are you ready for your next battle?” Allan heard Ian saying.

    He turned off the computer and went up to his brother and another boy, Gordon. The boy wore a hackneyed pair of dark jeans and a grey and white, striped shirt. His hair was long, brown and straight. At least he asumed that it was long. After all he wore it in a poytail. The first expression was that he was rather shabby. Gordon reached out and grabbed Allan's hand.

    ”Nice to meetcha,” he said. The approach was very friendly, as if they had known each other for a long time.

    Allan, unsure of what to do, just nodded in his direction.

    The trio left the room and soon he found himself in another elevator. He was glad that they moved so silent, you barely noticed it going up at all. As they found themselves on the battling field again, Allan could see that more people sat on the stands now. And, many eyes were set on him, or that was the sensation.

    ”You know the drill,” Ian told them. ”Three against three, no tricks and for the love of Arceus, try to go all out. It's much more amusing to watch.”

    Ian took a serious look on them before he asked the both to step into position. Allan went to the left side and Gordon to the right. They faced each other.

    ”It has been decided that Gordon will start, so go ahead and chose your fisrt Pokémon!” Ian shouted.

    Gordon took a Pokéball out of his belt and tossed it.

    ”Come out and play Gengar!” he said playfully.

    Not another Ghost-type. Dusknoir was annoying enough.

    Allan sighed, it was not his day today.

    ”Go Weavile! Try and make a quick work out of him.”

    Weavile and Gengar glared at each other. Even if Weavile had a clear type advantage, it was a bit scared, just like Camerupt, by the Ghost-type. The wide, menacing smile and the big red eyes glowed. Its entire apperence made it an opponent you wouldn't want to face ever so often.

    Gordon called Gengar.

    ”Use Hypnosis Gengar!”

    Gengar's eyes started to glow even more and Weavile stumbled, as if it just had a serious need of sleep.

    ”Look away Weavile, or he will put you to sleep!” Allan shouted.

    Weavile shook its head and covered its eyes with its claws. It understood that it had to watch out and try not to look directly at Gengar at any time. Gordon realized that his plan had failed for now.

    ”Gengar, see if you can hit it with a Focus Blast!”

    Of course it knows a Fighting-type move.

    Its right arm started to glow with a light blue shimmer and Gengar jumped towards its opponent. Weavile, still covering its eyes, was completely unprepared for the attack. The shining fist was just about to hit Weavile when Allan craved its attention.

    ”Weavile, watch out!”

    The powerful attack sent Weavile flying. It wasn't just a hard hitting move, it was super effective as well. Weavile squealed as it landed and slided backwards. This was probably it for Weavile. Allan was just about to return it when it rose, panting. He was concerned. Sure, Weavile was a strong Pokémon, but being hit directly by a Focus Blast would go hard on any Pokémon regardless the type.

    ”Are you sure that you have the strength to fight on?” he asked the weasel-like Pokémon.

    Weavile looked at Allan angrily. It then nodded. Weavile wouldn't leave this battle without a victory, that was its problem. Allan shook his head.

    ”Very well, be prepared for the next attack and watch out for Hypnosis!”

    He cracked his knuckles, in a competitive way.

    ”Now, use Night Slash!”

    Weavile's mouth had a nasty expression. Swiftly, it started to move towards Gengar, dashing from side to side to avoid being faced directly at the ghost. Because of the incredible speed, Wevile's movement was somewhat blurred. Gengar switched focus rapidly and looked confused. In just matter of seconds Weavile had reached its target, and made a slashing move at Gengar. The sharp claws hit Gengar, leaving dark slashing marks just in front of it. Gordon could only see his Pokémon being cut by Weavile.

    ”Gengar!” he yelled, as the purple Pokémon tried to get away from Weavile's rough treatment.

    ”Weavile keep on doing that!” Allan countered.

    Gordon thought of something, because Allan could see his eyes glimmer.

    ”Use the close range as an opportunity for Payback!” he said.

    Allan and Weavile both understood what would happen. A purple glow almost erupted from Gengar's fists. With all the damage it had taken this attack would be extremely strong.

    He reacted fast.

    ”Weavile try and block the move, see if you can reduce some of the damage!”

    The Dark-type, whose eyes had opened up widely in surprise of the sudden counterattack from Gengar, tried to move its arms upwards and into something that resembled a protective stance. Gengar finally punched Weavile with the powerful Payback attack. The hit was so strong that dust flew off the ground and made what looked like a smaller cloud around the bothe of them.

    As the dust vanished, both Gengar and Weavile stood upright. The sharp claw Pokémon seemed upset for some reason. The opponent on the other hand was as astonished as Gordon and Allan were. Weavile had somehow withstood the blow.

    Allan tried to keep his cool.

    ”Weavile! Try a Pursuit!”

    The weasel-like Pokémon listened carefully and then set aim at Gengar. But, the speed in the attack was not even near the one he had seen earlier. Nonetheless, Gengar was also pretty worn out by all the cuts it had gotten from the Night Slash.

    ”Gengar! Use Shadow Punch this time!” Gordon commanded his Pokémon.

    The two opponents hit eachother at the same time. Gengar's fist glowed with a dark shimmer and Wevile's claw did so as well, in a similar fashion. Both attacks looked strained. After a short moment, they fell backwards, fainting.

    ”Weavile and Gengar are unable to battle! No one wins this turn!” Ian announced solemnly.

    Allan returned his hurt Pokémon. As did Gordon.

    ”You were great Weavile. Nice comeback,” Allan said to the Pokéball.

    ”I'm proud of you Gengar,” Gordon whispered.

    ”Are you ready for more?” Allan shouted to Gordon.

    ”Anytime! Sudowoodo, let's do this!”

    The tree-like Pokémon appeared out of the red Pokéball-flash. It waved its arms happily and started to dance around a little, probably because it was glad for being allowed to battle. However, Allan thought that it looked quite small compared to others. Maybe this was not the case, since he had only faced a Sudowoodo once before. He knew just what Pokémon he would use to tacke this opponent.

    ”Come out and play!” Allan said, throwing the Pokéball up int the air. It opened up and revealed a purple starfish-like Pokémon with a big jewel in the center of its body. ”This will be easy for you Starmie!”

    Gordon eyed the water Pokémon and once again understood that he had a type disadvantage.

    ”Sudowoodo, attack with Rock Throw!”

    Smashing one of its fists into the ground, a big chunk of rock loosened. Sudowoodo hurled the rock in Starmie's direction.

    ”Make sure that this attack hits. Starmie can be troublesome!”

    OOC: If you haven't understood already, the italic text is Allan's thoughts. I'd be glad for some constructive critisism on this piece to.
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