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Ask to Join The Circle of Justice RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. For character Bios and discussions go here https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-circle-of-justice-super-hero-rp.17430/#post-500607
    Striker examined the scene in front of him. The Don had his men bringing in some highly addictive drugs. He let out a breath as he took pictures. He would have to give these to Bob so that the crime will stick and that they wouldn't be released in a an hour after their thrown into jail. He stretched out his right hand as he activated to grappling hook. He stuck to a crate only a few meters away from the men. He smiled as he was propelled towards the area. He stood on top of the crate watching the men getting ready for his time to strike.

    Reaper looked at the people around him. Someone seemed to have summoned all of them there. He let out a breath. He wondered which of these people were actually getting paid for their actions.
    "Greetings." And Automated voice said as a person clothed in black walked forwards. Reaper couldn't make out anything about the person. " I called you all here to day to deal with a certain hero problem." the voice said as it looked at the group of villains. "Are any of you interested.
  2. Psycho Just Broke out into laughter when the cloaked man asked them to deal. He began to scream out "You can count me in as it sounds like a blast and a half. It also means I can bring back my old Chaotic self so thank you very much indeed my good sir or is it madame I can't really tell the difference. HaHaHaHa!!!"
    Psycho needed to do something all of previous jobs had sounded boring so this was the perfect chance for him to cut lose and enjoy himself in the chaos that he would bring.
  3. "...say I do decide to join you." a large man sitting in an elegant chair said. "What's in it for me? I don't like to get involved with others like myself unless there's an obvious benefit."

    "Thanks for the ride."
    Mark Embers smiled, flinging his backpack over his shoulder and waving to the friendly truck driver that had taken him this far. The driver had been eying his long sword and spear for most of the ride. Ideally, he just thought it was cosplaying. Looking ahead, he saw Lincoln City. It wasn't much of a place, but it was his next stop. He needed to make a quick buck, though, so he was prepared to do some odd jobs. Ideally, neither Titan nor Archangel nor Mechamaster had found him yet. Besides... it'd be easy to get lost in this city.
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  4. " I have to agree with that guy." Reaper said as he looked at the masked man. " What's in it for us. I doubt you wanted to bring me here just for a talk." Reaper slid al little back in his chair as he gave the man a smug grin.

    " Simple." He said. " I put one billion into two sweedish bank accounts. " He said. "Take care of this and you both should be set for the rest of your life." He said with a dark smile on his face. " Now tell me have all of you been having hero problems as of late." He asked.

    Striker jumped into the fray as he disarmed two of the men as he started to fight them both in hand to hand combat. He was quickly able to over power both of them.
  5. Logan walked out of a house. He finished an appointment with the owner of the house knowing each person he gets an appointment with, he's more likely to get more money. logan also knowing if each of them dies he would most likely get over 20,000 dollars from each death.
    Logan being a Villain in disguise it would be easy to get money from working as a life insurance agent he could just kill them.
  6. Near the sides of the room, a medium buff man smiled at the mention of hero problems. "Yeah, I have my own share hero problem to deal with. Why are you bringing that up?" The figure asked.
  7. " Simple really." He said as he pressed a button it showed all the vigilanties that he considered a threat. "Each of you have fought atleast one of them." He said. "And failed. You'll each fight a different person. They won't know your strengths or weaknesses let alone your tatics. We take them out and we'll be able to move to part two of the plan." he said.
  8. "Hm... this does sound interesting." the large man said, sitting forwards. "Have you involved Archangel or Mechamaster in this deal of yours? I'd rather not have to deal with them."

    Embers walked through the city streets. It seemed most people were trying to avoid him. He couldn't tell why, though. Perhaps his looks? He definitely did stand out here.
  9. " No they're not." He said as he looked at him. " I choose you all specifically." He said. He gave them a sinister grin even though they wouldn't be able to notice it.

    Allister yawned. Last night was tiring. 'atleast I got the drugs off the street.' He thought as he walked threw the streets of the city he loves. He unknowingly walked into someone. " Sorry." He said as he looked at a red skinned person. "Are you okay?" he asked wondering why he looked like that.
  10. "Good." the man said, sitting forwards. "You're going after heroes like Demonflame? The black market will aid you. But before I personally join your campaign, mister, I'd like to know a bit more about you."

    Embers had been lost in thought while walking through the streets, occasionally looking up to check for jobs. Then he bumped into someone. Mark took a step back as the man apologized. "Not your fault. If anything, it was mine for not looking where I was walking. And yeah, I'm fine." Embers said, continuing his walk.
    Then he heard something in an alley nearby.
    "Drop the bag, lady, and no one gets hurt."
    "You're got going to bully my wife and I out of-"
    "Honey, please! Our lives are more important than our savings!"
    "Damn it." Mark said. He drew his longsword and undid two of his belts. Not enough to let Saoxal inside him, but just enough to give him the super-strength most criminals were scared of. He walked down the alleyway. "HEY."
    "What?! You want to give me some cash, too?!" the robber asked. He was holding a ski mask, and was pointing a gun at an elderly couple.
    "Warning you once. Put the damn gun down." Embers said, his longsword clanking against the ground.
    "Now see here, tough guy. You never bring a sword to a gun fight." the robber said, shooting Embers in the shoulder.
    He didn't even flinch.
    "WHAT THE F%$K?!"
    "I gave you one warning." Demonflame said, a spark of fire coming from his eyes. "You wasted it." Demonflare charged at the robber as the couple ran away.
  11. " Not yet." Masquerade said. " For the sake of this I'm keeping who I am private." He said as he looked at them.

    Alister heard the commotion. He looked at the red skinned man. He was now holding a sword. 'Where did that come from?' he wondered before tackling the man. " Your under arrest." He said He then looked at the thug. " You as well." He said. An African American a couple years older than Allister handcuffed the supposed robber.
  12. "Then perhaps we could have a private audience later? I am a businessman." The large man said, getting up. "But know that you have the full support of my underworld troops. As for myself, I look forward to seeing you later." The man headed towards the door.

    "Don't interfere with me." Demonflare said, shaking the man off. The impact had made him stumble. If he had been under full restraint it would have toppled him, but not right now. "If you truly wish to handle this man, then go ahead. The less I risk using my powers, the better. But I can't let myself be captured by anyone. Too dangerous." Demonflare took off two more belts, and let out a low roar as the new demonic power flowed in. He bounded into the air, grabbing a ledge, then wall-jumping on to the roofs.
  13. Alister blinked as he saw the man jump into the air. 'What the fuck.' He thought. He looked at Steve and he nodded. Alister chased after the man jumping into an alley way and changing into his other uniform before chasing the man down.
  14. "Oh, come the hell on." Demonflare said, turning around and seeing the man behind him. "You're with those officers, aren't you? Listen, I'm on your side here. I attacked that man to save an elderly couple. If you're trying to bring me in, I'm afraid I can't let you. For the sake of everyone in this city." Demonflare started running, making a large bound across the roofs of two buildings. He sheathed his longsword as he landed and kept running.
  15. " I have no idea what your talking about." Striker said as he looked at the man. "My man in the police force told me about some deranged man who was going to kill someone. It doesn't matter what the circumstances were murder is murder." he said. " Now I'm going to put you where you belong." He said He fired his grappling hook placing it into a building near the man. He kicked the man into an abandon alley way.
  16. The two fell off the roof because Demonflame had been losing his balance. "Chill, man! I don't kill!" He could tell the man didn't have his endurance, so he allowed himself to take the brunt of the impact from the both of them. Demonflame threw the man off, rolling back into standing position. "I'm not your enemy here. What's INSIDE me is, and if you lock me up then IT will come out. So back the hell off before I need to use more of ITS power."
  17. Logan walked to every single person's house he had an appointment with so he could kill them and leave no trace doing that. " Man I love my job as a life insurance agent, it's so fun and easy to get money from their deaths. All I have to do is kill each one of them and I get more money and become rich and unstoppable."
  18. Striker looked at the man. He never met this man before but something inside of him told him he could trust the guy. "Alright." He said as he looked at him. " Sorry for the kick. Just don't try to harm anyone else. Most cops won't stand for that." He said as he started to walk way.
  19. "Thanks." Demonflare said, sighing. He took off his backpack, taking out four belts, and wrapped two around each arm. As the power flowed out of him, he sighed with relief. Sheathing his weapon, he began to walk away. "Now where to find a job...?"
  20. Striker shook his head He looked around before taking off his hero clothes before walking away. He headed towards the precinct ready to take care of today's crime.
  21. In an alley not far from the recent interaction between heroes, a vigilante did his dark deed.
    "Gaof!" The man cried as the cloaked being brought it's fist up into his gut. "I won't ask again. The shipment." The dark figure ordered, it's voice cloaked to sound dark, and deadly.
    "I-I don't know, man... they didn't tell me where it was coming in at!" The man cried, receiving another hard punch in his gut.
    "I don't need excuses. I know where it is. Tell me WHEN!" Another punch.
    The man began to cry. "P-please... stop..." He whimpered. "TELL ME!"
    "It d-docks... at... 8 pm... t-tonight..." He whimpered.
    The fist came up again, this time slamming into the man's face, knocking him out cold.
    The Nightwatcher grabbed the man and tossed him aside, before briskly walking down the dark alley blending into the shadows.
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  22. Speaking of heroes. And problems. We have one standing in an downtown alley, surrounded by a gaggle of petty thugs.
    'Haha! That's why you don't mess with the Dead Leave gang, ese!' They stood around him, kicking at Revolver as he layed on the ground.
    "Why--ow!--aren't--ow!--you--argh!--giving me a chance to use my--oof!--power?" He yelled.
    'This isn't an anime, mang. Nobody gives you a chance to--" At the moment the gang dropped their guard at Revolver's idiotic statement, they all got thrown into the air simultaneously, along with trash cans and litter. They then begin spinning around Revolver in midair, and the caped nitwit
    Swung his arm, sending them all flying back. The gang also got bombarded with trash as they fell.
    "Ugh...I think I need to get better at my job..." Revolver squeezed water from the puddle out of his soggy cape, and ran off.

    Axis stood in front of a man, the boss of a drug house. His fist was mere inches away from the man's face, and behind the vigilante were a group of dead bodies.

    "I-I...sorry! Please, don't hurt me! It's the only way I can make mon--AUGH!" The man screamed.
    Axis walked off, putting his bare left hand into a leather glove. Behind him, the man was being thrown around rapidly inside a small vortex of wind. After being thrown into a wall, he's knocked unconscious. Axis spray paints the words, 'Justice Came', onto the wall and casually heads home.
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