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Ask to Join The Chosen

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Cicada, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Oscaria is a country under constantly changing management. 5 Oscarian kingdoms each pine to govern the land and, to prevent a war between the Oscarian people, a vote among them was cast. It was decided that a randomly chosen representative of each nation would band together for a month and then assess each other based off of leadership skills, likability, and other likewise traits. The most liked representative's kingdom would then rule over Oscaria for the next 7 years.
    You come from a new generation of representatives. Whether you be a human or otherwise, your kingdom is depending on you.

    Message me your forms privately, thanks.

    Social Status:
    Weapon of Choice:
    Supernatural Abilities: [OPTIONAL]

    Name: Alexander Stonebreaker
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Kingdom: Asmodai
    Species: Warlock
    Appearance: Alexander dons fully grey, incandescent eyes. He has a shock of black hair that furls above his head with a mind of its own and a narrowly defined face. He sports a long burgundy cloak with golden trimming under a black breastplate. The shoulder pads feature red spines positioned skywards. A similarly spiked helmet decorates his head. His arms are uncovered, but red gloves cover his forearm. Contrarily to the rest of his outfit, his feet are covered by a pair of tattered sneakers. His skin is parchment white, but his blood seems to be a navy blue.
    Personality: Satirical, lighthearted, constitutional, gullible. Alexander is a natural born conversationalist, but has a bit of trouble understanding other cultures.
    Social Status: Middle Class
    Occupation: Book Store's Apprentice
    Weapon of Choice: Bow and Quiver
    Supernatural Abilities: Interdimensional Manipulation (Basically sends things into and creates voids; can transport matter into empty pocket dimensions)

    Alexander was stocking shelves with the latest P.F. Sherman spell books while a decrepit television exuberantly counted down the minutes until Asmodai's new representative would be drawn. Every able bodied man and woman from the age of 16 to 45 would be entered for a chance to become the figurehead of Warlocks and magical creatures everywhere. Although Alexander was supposed to be working, he found himself only acutely paying attention to the books and ultimately shelved a Sherman with a Shortnub.
    "What are you looking at this garbage for?" a voice demanded from behind him and Alexander nearly jumped out of his skin. He whipped his head around and his heart leaped to his throat to see the store manager, a plump and stock man with bright purple skin called Mr. Anglicana, pointing to the program accusingly, other hand resting on his hip.
    Alexander averted his eyes and stared at the bookshelf attentively.
    "I don't think it's garbage, sir," he replied, adjusting his error.
    Mr. Anglicana snorted. "It's all just propaganda. Now, get back to work, kid."
    Alexander hesitated. "Leave the telly on, sir?"
    The monster of a man brushed him off with a wave of his hand and lumbered behind the counter. Alexander clutched the next book in his hands, grateful to see that his superior had decided to heed to his request.
    It was another two hours until he left his work with a pocket full of coins. There were only twenty minutes left until the choosing ceremony would take place and his heart sang with the hope that he'd be home in time to watch it with his mom. She was always rather fanatic about the economics of their country and the ceremony was no exception. He checked his pocket watch frequently and sighed at the realization that he was six minutes overtime as he reared across the home stretch of his neighbourhood.
    When he reached his house, it had been nine minutes after the announcement had taken place. He threw open the door and went to bellow a "I'm home!", but paused skeptically to see that his mom had been waiting for him. She enveloped him in a warm hug and kissed the top of his head. Alexander felt ice creep into his veins, suddenly terrified that something had gone wrong.
    "Where's Chole? Is she alright? What happened?" he asked in a small voice. "Did something happen to dad?"
    She shook her head trivially. She lead him to the room where their television was situated and rewound the tape so that he could see the familiar name summoned from the ballots. He gaped and slowly sank to the floor while his mother turned and cried.
    "I'll be damned," he remarked.
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  2. Name: Sakiya
    Age: Appears 16 as a human, real age unknown.
    Gender: Female
    Kingdom: Taekiros
    Species: Norih
    In her regular form, she has green hair and blue eyes, with deer antlers, a wolf tail, and her fingers/toes are a little closer together, though not by much. A long scars runs along her left eye, and she always carries a large tome.
    Personality: Do you mind if I RP it out? I'd be lying if I put anything here.
    Social Status:
    She was about to be executed for being a different species until the prince of Taekiros freed her, saying that 'she had all the skills to represent such a fine kingdom, and would allow the other kingdoms to see them in a different light.' So, she was basically as low as it gets.
    Occupation: She worked as the royal mage of Taekiros before she turned into a dragon and nearly killed the king.
    Weapon of Choice: Staff and Tome
    Supernatural Abilities: She has the uncontrollable ability to turn into anything, which causes her to lose any humanity she had before. Occasionally she can control it to a certain degree, but she tries n

    Sakiya put her fingers to her forehead, sighing as she was called to the castle at last. As always, she could hardly recall wrecking the place as a dragon, but she supposed it meant nothing to that damned prince. He was always 'saving' others, only to make them work triple the effort for half the pay. She came in as he greeted her with his Hitler-like appearance. "Come, and we shall announce to all our speaker of the kingdom. I do not ask for anything in return, as you may expect."

    The way it worked in Taekiros was supposed to be that the prince would choose in two minutes, and announce it a few minutes from now who would represent the kingdom. Of course, the dragon thing lagged it for a bit, and for some reason he was so thick-skulled with his choice that he thought that somebody worth executing was fit to represent Taekiros. Sure.

    She was happy, sure. But it wasn't quite as great. "May I meet the representative of Asmodai, please? They're to be chosen in a few days, and I'm not one to keep others waiting." She then gripped her tail nervously, waiting for the prince to decline as he always did.

    "Humor me. You're quite lucky I feel pleasurable, and I do hope nothing happens again. " With a glare at the mere teenager, he then called upon maids to dress her and then announced from his balcony. "Fair maidens and gentlemen of Taekiros, we have chosen upon our royal mage the Norih Sakiya to represent our fine kingdom, to show our acceptance of diversity, our kindness, and of course, our possibly agressive nature!" She didn't say anything, just smiling and nodding as people cheered in fear that the prince would kill them if they didn't. With that, she turned on her heels and left the castle, making a run to Asmodai.

    Days Later, When Alexander is Chosen

    Sakiya nearly collapsed upon the door, taking a small rest before knocking. "Hello? I'm looking for one Alexander Stonebreaker, warlock and representative of Asmodai." She had planned to meet somebody as equally unimportant as her, and not some politican, so she had been silently yelling in delight when she found that the chosen of Asmodai had been but a librarian of sorts.
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  3. Alexander had been shrouded in telegrams in the form of luminescent and diversely coloured orbs popping up on his desk without warning no more than ten minutes after the announcement. The orbs, when broken, burst into a similarly coloured smoke which pulsated with each word that was spoken from the sender and disappeared without a trace when the message ended. The longest was from his father, a senator for their district of the Kingdom, whose bulb was golden and shone the brightest out of all the orbs.
    Chole, his sister, was still much too young to understand the country's politics, but yelled in contempt when she found out that Alexander would be leaving them behind for four long weeks. His mind was racing, soothed only by the perpetual music drifting from a compact radio standing on his bedside table; an antique given to him as a gift from his aunt and uncle during the summer of last year. However, his peace was disrupted when his mother called for him in a relatively composed voice.
    He stretched and pushed himself from his office chair (a stool fashioned from a giant mushroom with a back of ivory), expecting it to be yet another neighbour gushing over his selection and congratulating him. There was nothing wrong with all the attention he was receiving from his family, friends, and acquaintances, but it was surprisingly tiring to be fawned over as he was. He was used to living life as a low profile guy with an infatuation for the past.
    He was more than amazed to see a completely foreign stranger on his doorstep, his brow raising precariously as he stepped further into view. He shot an inquisitive glance to his mother, whom tightly intertwined her hands beneath her stomach and gave no sign of grasping the situation herself.
    "This girl wanted to see you," is all she said under his gaze. He nodded for her to leave, knowing her introverted nature would not fare her well.
    Alexander approached the door with the practiced grace that all Asmodians seemed to share and inclined his head to the visitor.
    "Is there something I can help you with?" he inquired, tone polite and reserved.
  4. "I heard you were representative of Asmodai. Assuming I am correct, I was sent to meet you from Taekiros, days ago before anybody knew you were to be picked. That aside, just wanted to say hello and eventually, plan to speak about issues. Not that I'm the political type, but you are the representative and it must be done eventually." She really hadn't prepared at all, thinking on it, but she hoped Alexander didn't expect anybody very graceful with speech.
  5. He immediately perked up, straightening his shoulders and bowing his head respectfully.
    "Sakiya, is it?" he asked, vaguely recalling her name from a radio broadcast. "Sorry. All of this has come as a sort of surprise for me. I wasn't expecting anyone, but you must have travelled a long way. Would you like to come in?"
    A sheepish smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, grateful for once that his parents had spent his childhood filling his head with civics and careers.
  6. "If it doesn't cause you any trouble. Sorry for being so formal, I just assume that you had to be of some governmental position if you're the representative. It was surprising to me as well, either way. I almost got executed, so it's a relief to not be dead." She prayed that nothing would happen today, as she fiddled with her hair. Her tail seemed to slowly wag back and forth as well.
  7. He sidestepped out of her way so that she could find her way inside, pale hand on the glass doorknob.
    "I can imagine," he agreed, rubbing the back of his neck with the other. "My father's the senator, so I think he had something to do with it. We Asmodians have a weird way of choosing, you see. Choosing Day's almost like a holiday to celebrate the new representative, but every representative is always chosen from thousands of pieces of data."
  8. "Ah. We just have some thick-headed prince point his finger at random. I suppose he does owe me, but now I've ended up stuck with talking about taxes and making-sure-the-world-doesn't-end-completely." She curtsied as she stepped in, waiting for him to follow. "Anyways, any idea on who the rest are?"
  9. He gently shut the door behind him and shook his head.
    "I'm afraid not," he admitted, leading her further into his labyrinth of a house and paused at one interval of the corridor at seemingly random. He turned on the olive-toned wall and held his deathly white palm to the wall before moving his fingers as if typing on an invisible keypad. As he let his arm fall to his side, a rectangular section of the wall began morphing from plaster to the wood of a walnut tree, glistening with a brass knob. He knocked on it three grueling times and, after not getting a response, cracked it open and glanced about its beige walls and bookcases. He stepped inside and gestured for her to do the same. "My dad's study. We shouldn't be disturbed in here."
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  10. "Your father seems rather important. So, why are you in such a place like this? Not to say this place is small, as it's much better than mine, but you'd think the senator's family would have a rather large house fit for such a position." She stepped in as her tail began to quicken it's pace as she looked at the books, wondering what they contained.
  11. He shrugged noncommittally, sitting on the corner of his father's desk with his hands resting to either side of him.
    "My parents don't want a big house," he commented modestly. "They say it gets too lonely otherwise. My dad does have a place in the Suffex, but he prefers it here."
  12. Sakiya was still distracted with her tail until Alexander finished speaking. She nodded. "That makes much more sense. Actually, are you a warlock? Pardon the curiosity, just haven't ever seen one before."

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