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The Cave of Lost Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Lakerkb25, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. Lake drove along in his large pickup truck. His gear flopped around in the back of the truck, as the terrain got rougher and rougher. After a few more minutes, he reached his destination. I'm here... didn't think it was real, but... apparently it is. Ahead of him was a large cave entrance. It looked incredibly dark and a horrid stench came from it. Lake got out, opened the back of his truck, and unloaded his gear. He dragged his sleeping bag out, and threw it onto the ground.
    He was at the Cave of Lost Pokemon. The rumor had been started a few weeks back by his friend Ponke, who claimed to have seen skeletons of Pokemon roaming the cave. Few were brave enough to investigate it, and those who were brave enough did not return. After setting up his small camp, Lake cautiously entered the cave with a flashlight and his backpack. The rocks in the cave where suspiciously light, and had some sort of red liquid on them. Blood? He wondered. Maybe it's the... remains... of one of the explorers before me? Then again, it is called the Cave of Lost Pokemon. Lake shrugged, and continued walking along. After a few minutes, he wondered if there even was anything special about the cave. That's when it happened.
    Rocks began moving on the cave wall. Lake quickly aimed his flashlight and reached for a PokeBall. He threw it onto the ground, and it rolled along. After a quick flash of light, a Blastoise appeared from the ball, and let out its cry. It crouched over, and aimed its two water jets at the wall. The bones of a hand dug its way out, and soon the rest of it came into view. It looked like a Machop. Half of it was bones, the other half still had its rocks on. Lake panicked, and yelled out the first move he could think of. "Water Jet! Now!" The Blastoise fired a jet of water from his cannons, blasting the apparent Machop Corpse back against the wall, and some of its bones fell off. It squealed, and sank back into the ground, defeated. Lake and his Blastoise both darted through the cave, and ran outside.
    And this is why Lake needs help. He had discovered a few days after this encounter that this is where the wild Pokemon went when defeated too many times. He put up WANTED posters everywhere he could. They requested any Pokemon Trainers to come to the location of this cave, and help Lake with 3 things. One, explore the cave, defeat and defend against the Fallen Pokemon, and set up a base outside of the cave. So far, Lake has set up a sleeping hut with four decent beds, a small outdoor kitchen, and a storage area. Maybe other trainers will come and help set up more? Maybe, one day, the mystery of the Cave will be discovered? Who knows...

    Laker sat down outside the cave, drinking soup from the kitchen. His Blastoise stood guard outside of the cave, attacking any of the dead Pokemon when they came out. He thought to himself, "Maybe in a few days there will be another trainer coming to help out? I certainly could use the help, especially with all the dead Pokemon rising..."
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  2. A little girl, guessing by her appearance, about the age of 4, aimlessly wandered in the cave, gazing at her surroundings with wide sea-green eyes full of amazement. "WOW! This is so cool!" The little girl squealed in awe, the Pichu on her shoulder squeaking happily in agreement. Then that's when it happened. The skeleton of a Flygon rose from the ground, which was covered in dark scarlet and skin remains, letting out a horrifying screech as it charged down at the little girl and her Pichu. She gasped, slightly shivering in terror, but then stood her ground. She was going to be brave. "Tootsie, PLAY ROUGH!" Tootsie was the Pichu's name. Tootsie immediately hopped off her trainer's shoulders and onto the Flygon's neck. She viciously started to strangle it, thrashing it around and choking it. Fairy is super-effective against Dragon. "Tootsie, finish it off with Iron Tail!" The tiny Pichu slammed the zombie-like Flygon with an iron-hard tail, the Flygon skeleton falling to the ground, and shattering into tiny pieces. Tootsie squeaked as she happily started to hop around her defeated opponent. "YAY! We did it! Great job, Tootsie!" The young trainer cheered happily as she picked her little Pichu up, petting her on the head and giving her a Pokepuff. But this was not the end. No, not even close to the end.
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  3. a teen at age 15 was walking around with her piplup in her arms "hey pip, a cave." As the girl walked closer to the cave she could here weird noises that didn't sound normal "perhaps we should wait before going in." so the girl and her piplup sat a few feet from the opening of the cave.
  4. A trainer at the age of 13 wandered along a path until he found a mysterious cave.
    "Hm,that cave doesn't look right.Do you want to go in Ember?"the trainer said looking at his cyndaquil.
    The cyndaquil ran towards the cave as if something was calling it.
    "Okay,Okay I'm coming."
    The trainer caught up to his cyndaquil and they both headed in to the eerie darkness of the cave.
    "Ugh,it's getting too dark to see."the trainer grumbled.The trainer searched his bag for a flashlight.He finally found one and he turned it on.
    "That's better,am I right Ember?Ember?"the trainer looked around only to find the stone walls of the cave.
    "EMBER WHERE ARE YOU?!"the trainer shouted.He listened to hear the high pitched cry of his cyndaquil but he heard nothing.Suddenly he heard some rocks hit the ground.
    "What was that?"he thought.The trainer expected to see his cyndaquil but all he saw was the skeleton of a feraligatr rising from the ground.The trainer reached for a pokéball.
    The trainer threw the poke ball and out came a sceptile.
    "Use Leaf Blade!"the trainer ordered.The sceptile smashed the skeleton into tiny pieces with a single swipe.After the battle the trainer heard the familiar cry of his cyndaquil.
    " Ember!"
    Picking up his cyndaquil he found his way out of the cave.When he got to the end of it he saw a girl with a piplup.
    The trainer walked over to introduce himself
    " Hello,my name is Kent..."
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  5. the girl looked over to see you. " Hello, my name is enya. I heard the battle you had...are you alright? What is in there?" Enya asks ciriously
  6. Dede saw the two trainers talking in front of that cave…she was very shy. however the two trainers didn't no about the very large mega evolved blastoise sleeping in front of the cave! "um…hi…uh, excuse me?…I'm Dede and i just wanted to now whats in that cave? i heard rumors from my home town of Odale that it was full of death so me and my team decided to come check it out….sorry….id usually talk that much…um."

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  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Okay, this shit has gone on long enough.

    This RP does not even begin to meet the quality standards that we're trying to shoot for. It is plagued with short posts that show no formatting whatsoever, terrible writing, substandard interaction and...

    Well yeah, On the whole, the only post in this thread that isn't irredeemable trash is the first post, and seeing how Lakerkb25 seems to have disappeared again, I've decided to take administrative action and put this out of its misery.

    Everyone else in this thread: Read the RP rules as well as the spelling/grammar threads and writing tips threads. Read a few of the actually decent RP threads that exist here, and then try again.

    Topic locked and please, do not ask me to open it again.
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