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Open The Calik Region DISCUSSION

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Frostwind, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Hi guys, this is the discussion page of the RP I'm planning to make, The Calik Region. This is a naturally diverse region, recently discovered a couple years ago. You can find every single species of Pokemon, except legendaries. The natives there call it heaven on earth. It is a natural wonder and paradise, and thousands of tourists visit every month to see all,of its glory. In one place you might find a lush jungle and if you turn around you can find a sprawling mountain range. You, the characters will either travel to the first town or be a native to the first town, Serefi Town. The starters of the region can be any basic first-evolution Pokemon like Pichu, Fennekin, or Corphish, etc. but not Pokemon that don't evolve like Miltank or Stantler.

    If you would like to join just post your form and hop right in.

    Here is the character form:

    Native Region:
    Future Team:

    Now for the rules:

    1. No one-line posts or pure OOC posts
    2. Keep violence and cussing to a minimum, but I understand if it's unavoidable
    3. There is an evil team in this region, Team Eclipse, and if you would like to be a member of it contact me privately so we can arrange something, and there will be no more than TWO people as members.
    4. If you obtain a Pokemon during this RP post a Pokemon form at the end of the post that you do.
    5. Shinies are rare in the games, please keep it the same way here
    6. No legendaries or Megas whatsoever
    7. I want this RP to be a little bit different than the games so there can be made-up moves and moves that Pokemon formerly couldn't know but now do, but if you want to make up one ask me here so everyone can see and use it if necessary, I expect this template to be used when making one though:

    Base Power:
    Special Affects: (Causes burn or paralysis, etc.)
    Pokemon you want to learn it:

    8. I reserve the right to deny any requests you make whether it be a character or move

    The Pokemon Form:

    Shiny: (Yes or No)
    Current Moveset:

    Here is my character:

    Name: Selene
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Crystal-Blue eyes, pale skin, long snow-white hair that goes down to her lower back, beautiful face that many men will pay to see
    Clothing: She is usually seen wearing a light-blue shirt with a small white jacket over it, a small light-blue skirt, and white athletic shoes because a girl still needs to run, and a small white purse to keep her belongings in.
    Personality: Very happy and caring, but if you harm a Pokemon you might want to back up a little bit as she cares deeply about Pokemon. She is very intelligent but a little to smart for her own good.
    Native Region: Calik
    Starter: Snorunt
    Future Team: Froslass, Vileplume, Lopunny, Houndoom, Gardevoir, Milotic
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  2. Here are the first two gyms of the region: (Note that some Pokemon may have fake moves, or some gyms have fake TMs)

    Name: Cillia
    Gender: Female
    Type: Ice
    Location: Mistwind City
    Badge: Snow Badge
    TM: Powder Snow
    Pokemon: Snorunt, Swinub, Amaura

    Pokemon: Snorunt
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Ice Body
    Moves: Leer, Powder Snow, Double Team, Ice Shard

    Pokemon: Swinub
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Moves: Powder Snow, Mud Slap, Endure, Tackle

    Pokemon: Amaura
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Snow Warning
    Moves: Icy Wind, Thunder Wave, Rock Throw, Take Down

    Name: Solas
    Gender: Male
    Type: Grass
    Location: Leafway Town
    Badge: Solar Badge
    TM: Solar Beam
    Pokemon: Leafeon, Vileplume, Exeggutor

    Pokemon: Leafeon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Moves: Razor Leaf, Sunny Day, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack

    Pokemon: Vileplume
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Moves: Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Mega Drain, Poison Powder

    Pokemon: Exeggutor
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Moves: Solar Beam, Psyshock, Hypnosis, Sunny Day

    I will make more when it comes to the part where I have to.
  3. Hmmm... Sounds, interesting.

    Name: Sarah
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has orange boots, green eyes, blue hair, basically the unorganized set of her appearance.
    Clothing: A blue skirt, and a fancy- blue t-shirt, blue jeans
    Personality: She's very shy, not interacting ever with a lot of people. She'd mainly wander around the area, everyone finds her a bit lost.
    Native Region: Sinnoh
    Starter: Eevee
    Future Team: Sylveon, Swampert, Altaria, Luxray, Togekiss, Mienshao
  4. Name: Flame
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Appearance: red hair
    Clothing:, blue pants, red shirt with a skull on it, skull necklace, Green shoes
    Personality: quick thinker, cares for pokemon, hates evil
    Native Region: Ninja Village, Kalos
    Starter: Froakie
    Future Team: Greninja, Sylveon, Hawlucha, Noivern, Buizel, and Pikachu

    Pokemon: Froakie
    Level: 6
    Shiny: no
    Ability: Torrent
    Current Moveset: Pound, Growl, Bubble
  5. Ugh the team I was going to use has 3 shinies. I'll make a different character later if I'm allowed.
  6. You can use them if they have to be shinies, and if they do they can be obtained through some sort of event like a rescuing mission from Team Eclipse.
  7. In my first post, I would say Sarah has tripped, but let's not.

    I could say later that Sarah could get kidnapped by Team Eclipse, and her pokemon are out, trying to save her XD.

    She's just going to stranded in Team Ecplise's base.
  8. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Name: Ralph
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes
    Clothing: Black and red shirt, wears a sun cap.
    Personality: Cool, quite stubborn-thinks he is stronger than everyone. Boasts often.
    Native Region: Unova
    Starter: Sandile
    Future Team: Krookodile, Abomasnow, Gyrados, Emboar, Yanmega, Gengar

    Might change this Idk.
  9. Ok then so my OC Zenith Fukushima is my choice. He's my latest artwork and my starter is Arudo. He is from Hoenn, 17 years old and as you could guess, a pretty chill guy

    Do you want an official form as well as this pile of words?
  10. I think you should post up the form...
  11. K

    Name: Zenith Fukushima
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Red hair, orange eyes (black in pic)
    Clothing: Blue, orange and black jacket over a white jumper with a pokeball on it. White shirt underneath with a black and orange beanie. Black jeans with blue and black trainers. Black hand gloves and necklace looking like yin and yang, although there are three segments, colours red, green and blue using different gemstones.
    Personality: Chill guy, never really worries about bad things, can be a major procrastinator. He never is angry unless he snaps *click fingers*. ;)
    Native Region: Kalos
    Starter: Arudo the Treecko
    Future Team: Arudo the Sceptile, Kitsune the shiny Ninetails, Lord the shiny Gallade, Dusk the shiny Umbreon, Titan the Poliwrath, Blade the Scizor.

    Ta Da!
  12. Ok, I have some ideas to change in the gym leaders:

    Pokemon: Leafeon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Moves: Razor Leaf, Sunny Day, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack

    Pokemon: Vileplume
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Moves: Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Mega Drain, Poison Powder

    Pokemon: Exeggutor
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Moves: Solar Beam, Psyshock, Hypnosis, Sunny Day

    I think all of the pokemon are too evolved right now.

    Delete Leafeon, maybe a Deerling or Ivysaur should sub.

    Vileplume should go one evolution down.

    Exeggutor should be replaced.
  13. Name: Allei Dane
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Russet brown hair, tanned skin, dark brown eyes. Not thin nor round, more of an inbetween
    Clothing: Black skinny jeans, white dress shirt, black converse and a red tie that hangs loosely around his neck.
    Personality: He doesn't talk much, however when he does it's usually a snarky or sarcastic comment of some kind. Tends to tap his fingers on any available surface. Likes to be around others, but can't stand when people don't understand what he deems as something simple, so he usually doesn't hang around kids or immature adults/teens.
    Native Region: Kalos
    Starter: Goldeen
    Future Team: Seaking, Slowking, Luxray, Mightyena, Clefable, Bastiodon
  14. Name:Willis Gasai (Totally not from Anime)
    Appearance:Black Hair,Black Hair,Pale Skin,Dark Black Eyes
    Clothing:Black-Red Circle Glasses (Not Harry Potter Glasses),Saffron Gym Uniform (From the Anime)
    Personality:Quite the Silent type but is Kind,Loves to use Psychic Powers,Loves Gastly and Abra,Extreamly Smart
    Native Region:Kanto
    Starter:Gastly and Abra (Passed down form his Family)
    Future Team:Gengar,Alakazam,Glaie,Kingler,Gliscor,Gallade,
    (I didn't realize how many G pokemon I had XD)
  15. Wow, a lot happened while I was out. Ok all new post-ers , your forms are all accepted and for you @VulpixNinetales, I have read over your suggestions and decided to make some adjustments.

    I would actually prefer to see your exact changes to see it from your point of view.
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  16. Ok I shall now post my first post (On your Thread)
  17. Name: Eveleyn/Eve
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Red eyes, Light pink hair that runs down to her sholders,bust.
    Clothing:wears a red jacket covers a white tshirt, Navy blue jeans
    Personality: Shy,Quiet,Bookworm,Vigorous
    Native Region: Johto
    Starter: Espeon
    Future Team: Espeon,Eletrivire,Delphox

    Pokemon: Espeon
    Nickname: Adam (HAHAHAHA, Im funny.)
    Gender: Male
    Level: 12
    Personality: Likes to thrash about
    Shiny: Yes
    Ability: Synchronize
    Current Moveset: Wish,Quick Attack,Shadow Ball,Attract
  18. Name: Jolene Sein (Goes by Jo or Jo-jo)
    Age: 21
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Jo is quite the beauty (and she knows it). She stands about 5'5", with ivory skin and wavy, flaming auburn hair that reaches her mid-back, along with bangs that frame her face and others that she's attempting to grow out and currently push to the sides, reaching the corner of her emerald green eyes. Her curves are her favorite feature of herself.
    Clothing: She's fairly up to date on fashion, but her favorite outfit right now is a flowing, layered tank top that's maybe a bit small, and shows off her stomach a bit when she stretches, along with rather short denim shorts.
    Personality: Flirtatious, but a bit spoiled. Jo knows she's attractive and has no problem using it to her advantage. She's the type that doesn't generally care if she steps on toes to get her way, however when it comes to pokemon, she's actually incredibly caring. Her own pokemon she would even put before herself.
    Native Region: Kalos
    Starter: Litleo
    Future Team: Pyroar, Togekiss, Roserade, Garchomp, Swoobat, Sableye

    Pokemon: Litleo
    Nickname: Serabi
    Gender: Female
    Level: 10
    Personality: Energetic and fun-loving, but rather proud. Tends to be rather headstrong, and may find herself in a bit of trouble at times.
    Shiny: No
    Ability: Rivalry (boosts her attack when fighting another pokemon of the same gender)
    Current Moveset: Tackle, Leer, Ember, Work up
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  19. 1. @Meepy, your starter may only be a basic Pokemon that is still capable of evolving.

    2. @Evener, You could do it here or on the RP, whichever you prefer. And your form is accepted.

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