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Ask to Join The broken world

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Eshrel, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Everything was normal, it was just another day in postwicke. Erel was at school, Ren was working his job, and their parents at home. Around lunch time, the news struck. The disease was spreading, and chaos was soon to follow.
    Days passed, and everything got worse. Their parents were struck by the disease, along with many other people. Erel and Ren, though, seemed to be immune to it. Eventually, it was down to just them in the house.
    Erel was scared, and so was Ren, but they held it together. "W-what should we do?" Asked Erel. Noticing the fear, Reila climbed up Erel and started rubbing her. Meanwhile, Ren was thinking out the best scenario. "I guess we could start by seeing what we have."
    Erel, Ren, and their Pokemon all got to work gathering food and anything necessary. They managed to get enough food to last a few days. "This is bad..." Said Erel, quivering. Ren went over and hugged her, "we'll be fine, we've got to stay strong." After comforting Erel, he thought harder. "We should focus on finding survivors, first by heading to the next town."
    Together, they packed their resources and went on to route 1. Their hopes were to find more survivors.
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  2. After the disease struck, everything was quiet in the town of Wedgehurst. Many had died, and the population was only her and a few others, also infected. Many mournful Pokemon wandered around this town, either looking for their beloved trainers, or holding the truth in their hearts that they had died. Iris was laying down on the pavement. She seemed immune to the disease, and the fact baffled her. Her Lopunny looked down at her and pulled on her arm, trying to get her up.
    "Leave me alone," Iris said to her Pokemon. "I'm not going to get up. My family and friends are dead and i'm going to be left alone in this town, with all the abandoned Pokemon." Cloud eventually pulled her up.
    "Fine, okay you win." Iris replied. She got up on her feet, dusting the rocks and dirt off her clothes."So, what are we doing now?" Cloud pointed towards the shops, houses and the Pokemon Centre, indicating for her to collect supplies. They walked into each building, taking anything useful. The silence of the eerie town didn't bother them, but once the were finished, standing by the train station, they could hear the distant footsteps of what seemed to be two people. Iris looked around, trying to find the source of the noise.
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  3. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Amaryllis Gray had been hunting in Alola’s woods when her brother’s Pidgeot arrived, a tightly rolled paper clutched in its talons. Amar sighed and held out her arm for the Pidgeot, whistling for her Decidueye, Forest, to come.

    “Let me guess,” Amar had told the Pidgeot. “The ingenious human race has come up with something brilliant that went horribly wrong and now the whole species is in danger of extinction.” The Pidgeot had merely held out the paper, bringing news of her parents’ death.

    Back in her hometown of Wyndon, Amar never thought she would end up here. The booming metropolis was anything but; it was dead silent, with almost everyone dead.

    She wrung out a wet towel on her sister Violet’s forehead. Violet groaned weakly, but, if anything, her breath was coming shallower. Indigo, Amar’s brother, had passed away the previous night. Amar felt deep and immense regret that she hadn’t really been close with any of her family before they were claimed by this new disease.

    Forest was in the kitchen to assuage her sister’s intense fear of bird Pokémon. Maybe Amar’s head was in the wrong place when she made the decision, but the injured Rowlet had been too sad to pass up. Now Forest was a big, strong Decidueye... and Violet had a big, strong fear of him.

    Amar blinked back tears as Violet breathed her last. At least she didn’t have a Pokémon partner, Amar thought as she mounted Forest with one last forlorn look at her dead siblings’ bodies. Indigo’s Pidgeot had gone mad with grief at his death, and Amar had found the Pokémon’s body a few days later.

    There was nothing left for her in Wyndon. She gripped the ivory handle of her dagger, carved by her siblings and parents, a gift for her fifteenth birthday. She vowed never to take it off; it was all she had left of them.

    “Come on, Forest,” Amar had said. “We can’t be the only ones left. We have to find a way to fix this.”

    Now, the girl named after a delicate flower was anything but delicate. As she sat on a rock deep within the forests of Galar, Forest by her side, she sharpened the tip of another wooden arrow shaft. She looked at the handmade quiver and bow, tested its weight, and strung an arrow. She followed the path of a Farfetch’d that was pecking around the area, and let the arrow fly.

    Thunk! The wooden arrow buried itself in the Farfetch’d. Amar, with no emotion whatsoever, handed it over to Forest, who dug into the succulent meat.

    “It works.” Amar stated a fact. No joy, no sadness, no confliction... it was down to simple survival now. Kill or be killed. And Amar had absolutely no intention of being killed.

    The girl strung the quiver of arrows and the bow over one shoulder and stalked silently back into the brush.
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  4. Walking down route 1, they saw many wild Pokemon. It seemed as if they weren't affected. Erel was trailing behind, looking around at all the scenery. Meanwhile, Ren followed the path, stopping once and a while to check on Erel.
    As they entered wedgehurst, Reila, Trick, and Bash came out. They started exploring, which helped Erel and Ren. "It's too silent," complained Erel. Ren looked around "it's hard to imagine this all happened so fast."
    As they took a break, Reila came up to Erel and pulled on her leg. "What is it?" Asked Erel. "Eevee!!' exclaimed Reila. She then darted in the direction of the train station. That's when they both saw two figures. One looked like a Pokemon, while the other, human. "Hello there!" Yelled Ren. Erel quickly hid behind Ren, waiting to see what happens next.
  5. "Oh hey!" She replied to the pair. "Are you alright? Here, have some Oran Berries," She attempted to give the two the sweet, juicy berries. She adapted a calm persona. "Are you like me?" She spoke "Are you immune to this terrible disease too?..." She ran her fingers through Clouds soft fluff on her ear. Once she stopped, Cloud ran towards Erel, wrapping her long, fluffy, pink ears around her. "Oh, and thats my partner Pokemon, Cloud. She's a shiny Lopunny. She seems to like you!" She smiled. "And this is my other Poke-Partner." She released a Corviknight from the Pokeball in her coat pocket. "This is Dixie. Don't be scared of her, even though she may seem it. She's loving and kind, and surprisingly gentle. She's very strong too. If we had a flying taxi carriage, she probably would be able to carry you, with me riding and guiding her, of course." She looked at them. "Im sorry, i'm getting carried away, aren't I? My name is Iris, and it's a pleasure to meet you." She smiled. "What are your names?"
  6. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Amar had been traveling with Forest for what seemed like years, but was probably only a few days. Day and night, rain or shine, Forest was either flying or eating, and Amar was either hunting, eating, sleeping, or performing the necessary functions to rid her body of waste.

    The two had not seen another living human being in the entirety of their long, tedious flight. But Amar still harbored a secret hope that maybe there were one or two people out there who were immune, like her.

    “How you doing, Forest?” she asked her partner. He had been flying nonstop with the exception of the twenty-minute breaks to hunt, eat, and relieve themselves. Forest gave a noncommittal grunt, his response every time she asked the question.

    “Come on, you must be tired,” Amar coaxed. Forest shook his head. “You want to keep going?” She rubbed his head affectionately. “Okay, then.”

    The black-haired girl mounted her Decidueye and took flight. Down below, she could see a dilapidated sign reading, “Welcome to Wedgehurst”. Wasn’t much activity there, Amar thought. Bodies were strewn about; not in the open, but Amar’s freakishly overdeveloped eyesight could see them through the windows. She looked away, shuddering.

    As she turned from the gruesome scene, Amar realized that three figures in the not-so-distant distance were moving. Live humans? Or just bipedal Pokémon the size of humans? Suddenly, a hulking blackish-blue birdlike Pokémon appeared in a flash of light. Definitely humans. Last she’d checked, bipedal Pokémon didn’t use Pokeballs.

    “Take us down, Forest,” she said. About ten feet off the ground, Amar dropped off Forest’s back, landing catlike on her feet. Forest landed behind her. “Be on your guard,” she warned the Decidueye. “They could be infected.” Somehow, though, she doubted it.

    Amar stood in plain sight, the sun illuminating her tanned skin. She didn’t say anything; rather, she just waited patiently to be noticed.

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