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The Blue Bird.

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tabby, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Rather short, i hope, fanfic based off my character Tabby, and his quest to get his Blue Bird. (woops, forgot to spell check!)

    “Recently, there have been reports of large blue birds in Sinnoh. This can only mean one thing you lucky trainers! It’s Articuno season!” Tabby turned off the radio as he put on his signature blue coat and hat. He took his team of 5, Mike the Manektrik, Fiona, the Dragonair, Jaina, the Lucario, Shadow, his Shiny Umbreon and his sister, Tina, also shiny, but a Glaceon. Once upon a time he had an Altaria, but she wanted to return to her flock, and he let her.

    “Come out Jaina.” The blue dog materialized in a red beam, and jumped on the couch and barked. “No, we’re off to the mountain north of here,” The dog suddenly realized the time of the year.

    “Articuno? Must be, but why? The last 5 years we have gone to the same spot for a full month, and they never showed up.” Jaina spoke some truth, but Tabby’s grandfather, Norman, had once been saved by an equally as old Articuno in the spot they were about to head to. Norm had told Tabby that the ancient bird was nesting there, which inspired Tabby to one day thank the birds.

    “Well, have faith. Help me pack; it’s going to be the coldest year yet.” An hour later, the two both had a large pack, and headed next door, to Emily’s house. She was tall for a woman, about 5’11, just shorter then Tabby at 6’2. “Hey, Emily! It’s time to go!” Tabby shouted, and soon, the door opened.

    There stood the only person sane enough to go with Tabby into the old nesting grounds of the elegant but deadly birds. “Well, let’s get going then.” She took the pack from Jaina, who was then recalled. And that was that, her red coat standing out against his blue as they left the snowy city, which once was destroyed by Tabby’s orders against the powerful might of the Johto army. But that was another life, when Tabby had been a Colonel. Within the hour, the duo was far from the city, and deep in the forest, following a trail they made. Above, the snow began to fall.

    High above the city, even above the mountains surrounding the city, a flock of 12 birds flew to an old nesting ground, headed by the oldest Articuno. It was headed to the place of his birth, and where his offspring were nested and born, a place nearly 30 years ago he saved an old traveler. The large bird remembered his face dearly, being the only human to ever see the bird up close. “Cuno! Arti! Come children, we are nearly there!” Its crying never to be heard by human ears.

    Having been driven by hunters out of Kanto, Johto, and Hoen being too far south, Sinnoh was perfect. Now, the old birds mind knew that something was coming, but what, he could not fathom.

    “Fizzy, create a fire for us!” A red lizard, a Charmander, appeared and started a rather large campfire for the two trainers. The snow had subsided, and Tabby had his party training with each other, Jaina sitting near the fire. “So, if we do happen to meet your white whale, what will you do?”

    Tabby had been thinking of this himself. But more importantly, what if others, perhaps even hunters, found the birds? Surly they would never return? “Jaina will communicate with them. Hah! Maybe there will be a big strong one to face. I just…” He paused, going back into though.

    She knew her friend for years, since she moved to New Snowpoint. The young man, youngest to reach the rank of Colonel ever, being only 20 when that happened, was both the hero of Sinnoh, and the destroyer of Snowpoint. Many claimed it was General Candice’s orders that destroyed the city, but Tabby stood up to the public, and took the fall. He ordered the Hammerdown, and with it, ended the Johto-Sinnoh War before the Kanto republic could step in. Emily knew that the young man, now 26, would never forget the destruction he caused. When she moved into New Snowpoint, she was instantly fascinated with him, though he never noticed her.

    Emily lived in Hearthome during the war, and watched the bombers fly overhead. She had been in the gym, the last outpost of hope in a city occupied by Johto. She was a gym trainer. Her parents divorced when she was 19, and she repressed her memories from before that. Now, she was a secretary for Candice’s replacement, the former High General having disappeared in the outcome of Tabby’s departure from the military.

    “I just want to see one up close. If it doesn’t flee, I will engage it in battle, and if it so wish’s, capture it.” Tabby got up, recalled all but Tina, and went into the tent Jaina had put up. “Wake me in two hours for my shift Tina.”

    Emily climbed in with Tabby, and wrapped her arms around him, and fell asleep.
  2. Chapter 2

    The wind howled past the two, snow drifting and falling every which way. Fizzy’s fire melting a path, but with the bitter cold, the melted snow turned to ice instantly. “This is nuts!” Tabby said as he pounded his ice shoe into the ice to keep from slipping. Little did he know, no more than 50 feet behind him, a member of Team Aqua was following the two.

    The Aqua member had his Frostlas whip up a blizzard to slow the pair of trainers ahead of him. His job was simple, nap a Glaceon for the boss. The night before, the grunt spotted Tina, and to his luck, it was also shiny. This would get him in good with the boss. So, he waited, planed, and now, armed with a .308, he was about to nab it.

    “Char! Charmander char! Someone is following us!” The lizard cried out. The couple turned around, then dashed to either side of the fresh ice path, Tabby pulling out a .45 colt, Emily a .44 magnum. Emily telling Fizzy to keep moving forward.

    In her ear, Emily heard some static, then, “Listen, don’t shoot till we find out who it is, perhaps it is just a trainer.” Tabby said optamisticly. He knew that his blizzard was not natural, someone had made it for just them. About a minute later, the blizzard subsided, and a man clad in blue and white appeared holding a rifle. Tabby jumped out, gun pointing at the man, along with Emily a moment later. “Who are you? Why are you following us?”

    The aqua grunt also raised his gun, pointing at the man that just jumped out at him, then another man, no, this was a woman, popped out with a revolver. ‘Fuck I messed up big time!’ the grunt thought. ‘Maybe they won’t believe the truth?’ “I am a Team Aqua member! Surrender your Glaceo…” The grunt was frozen solid by Tina’s ice beam, having materialized mid-sentence.

    “I’ve got SPPD on the phone Tab’s.” Emily said as Fizzy showed up. “Yes, this is Emily, I’d like to report an attempted pokemon robbery near…” She looked at her pokegear, “We are just south of Westpeak mountain. The man is….” Tabby turned off his headset to let the girl make the call. Something wasn’t right, Team Aqua in Sinnoh? Not good.

    After many hours of wasted time talking to an Officer Jenny, the duo continued on, coming to Westpeak Ice Cavern, the only way to the nesting grounds of Norman’s Articuno encounter. They would have began to scale the ice cave, but night was fast approaching, and they set up the tent, and got a fire going thanks to Fizzy. “How long have you had Fizzy?” Tabby asked that evening.

    “Two years and, oh,…four months. He was a gift from my grandmother. The little thing was hers before that, and she got Fizzy about, 15 years before that.” Tabby did the simple math. Seventeen years without evolving. Some pokemon grew stronger to evolve, others were mort tactically evolved.

    “Has she been a house pet?” The wind howled now, a natural blizzard brewing. “Let’s go in the tent.”

    “No, she has always been a team member, but no matter how much we try, or my gran gran tried, she never evolved.” That seemed odd, Tabby watched countless enlisted men getting a Charmander, and within two months, had Charizards. Guess it was one of the things humans couldn’t comprehend about pokemon. The two talked for hours, falling asleep on each other, the blizzard hiding their camp, now in full force.

    “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!” Cried the helicopter pilot, Norman. His tail rotor iced over, and now he and his crew were in a tail spin, headed for the side of Westpeak. “Brace for!”BAM! The chopper impacted on a flat area, but its momentum flipping it on to the side, the main rotor disintegrating at it spun into ice and rock. The commosion raising the attenstion of a large bird of legend.

    Tabby woke with a start. That wasn’t his memory, he knew that. Looking around, he found that the entire tent was buried in snow. The strange thing was, somehow the dream was that of another being. A large, feathered being. After making sure the tent wouldn’t collapse, he fell back asleep, Emily never being disturbed.

    The next morning, Tabby awoke without the memory of his dream, or any dreams. He got up and began to dig out the front of the tent. After half of an hour, he was outside, and began to cook breakfast, eggs and bacon. While the bacon sizzled, he started on the pokemon food. When it was ready, he went back in and woke Emily. They released their companions and all had a silent meal, listening for signs of any movement.

    The next two days were relatively the same, only with increased blizzard strength as they passed through the cavern and valley. “Just another day’s hike, and we are there.” Emily said aloud one morning. Tabby looked over from his bed roll, opend his mouth as to say something, but didn’t.

    As the two were getting out to bring down the tent, Tina showed up, a block of ice in her mouth. “Glace! Morning!” She chimed, and began to bite, scratch, and freeze the ice into a perfect sphere the size of a pokeball. By the time she finished, the tent was packed up and they were ready to go. “Eon! Glaceon glace! Tabby! I made this for you!” She said, picking it up gently, and handing it to her trainer.

    Tabby looked at it for a few seconds, showed it to Emily, then, “Thank you Tina. This is, nice.’’ He pat the feline for a few moments. As the pet, Tina looked around for the trail she made years ago for them to climb. The only downfall to this short cut was that it always got covered up under layers upon layers of snow and ice. After a few minutes, she found the trail, and they were off, the cat in front, leading.
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