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The Blue Avenger draws

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by NonAnalogue, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Yeah, I do. I don't have very much of it, because my random doodles don't normally make it to the scanner, which in turn is because the scan process is stupidly long.

    So for now, here're some characters out of a story I plan on writing at some point:


    And, since I'm practicing Photoshop, here're the same characters but in rich, TurboGrafx-16 (tm) colors:


    I'm trying to figure out ways to improve the outline. So, yeah.
  2. I know how you can fix the outline and color your pictures better.

    1. After scanning, adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture so that the paper is as white and the lines are as black as possible.

    2. Copy the layer the drawing is on, then delete the original layer so you have a transparent layer beneath it.

    3. Make sure the layer with the drawing on it is selected, then click on the "Channels" tab in the same box as the "Layers" tab. At the bottom of the box, click "Load channel as selection."

    4. There should be a dotted line around the outlines. Hit the Delete key. The white in the image should now be gone.

    5. Deselect the outline. Now click on the "Layers" tab, then check "Lock transparent pixels." This will prevent the transparent areas of this layer from being drawn on.

    6. Select the biggest brush you have and make sure the foreground color is set to black. Then paint over the entire image. The lighter pixels in the outline will now be darker and more visible. If the results are still unsatisfactory for you, you'll probably have to make the changes by hand.

    When you color in an area, make a new layer for it and drag the outline above it in the "Layers" tab. You can then set the Lasso tool to the Polygonal Lasso tool and use it to select exactly the area you want to color in. You might want to zoom in first. You can then use the paint bucket to fill the selected area with color. You may want to make a new layer for each area you want to color so you can edit them separately. You can also then make even more layers for highlighting and shading.
  3. Oh my god, I love you forever.

    ...Creepiness aside, thanks a lot, man!
  4. *Purrs in reaction to gratitude*

    No problem. ^_^
  5. Okay, I redid the colors with that handy-dandy tutorial, and lo and behold, it helped matters significantly.


    Thanks again.
  6. Man, oh, man, that was funny. It was exactly what I was thinking, too. Is it supposed to be a Phoenix Wright parody or something?
  7. The comic is, yes, although the characters were not designed with the intent of being Phoenix Wright parodies.

    Also, thanks. ^^ I'm glad you liked it.
  8. Sorry for le double post.


    A page for my sprite comic. Cheers!
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  9. [​IMG]

    My ID on deviantArt. Cheers!



    You have such a simple art style, yet it draws me in like The Simpsons >>

    I will have to say, keep drawing, great job, make more Guakuten comics. I have yet to post mine -_- :: awaits death from friend... T_T ::

    All of you artist make me feel ashamed that I haven't put my artwork up yet. I have a lot of people saying that my artwork is great, but I think it could do with some work >>

    And even though this is off topic, I LOVE your avatar, Hypo. I've seen it before, but it"s sooo hypnotizing XD
  11. Well, looking back, The Simpsons probably was a major influence - I've been watching that show since I was born. :p And, heh, I'll probably end up making more PW comics in the future, no worries.

    Anyway, another picture. I think MSDL and Figs will appreciate it.


    dA page for my comments on this 'cause I'm lazy.
  12. XD


    I just realized that your Prosecuter (Bryce) has the same tie thing as Damon Gant! (or Grant... DX)


    And I'll comment on your dA someday... when I get back home and it doesn't take to long to load...
  13. Yep, he has Gant's tie - I really like that kind of tie, and I wanted to use it in a character design.

    And don't worry too much about the dA page - I just linked to it because my artist comments on that page explain a few minor things on the last picture.
  14. Ohhh ok. But I promise to visit it :D

    And I've always found his tie kinda creepy because of the color and that stupid smile he gives like he's a perv or something >>

    I'll admit, though, it looks good on your character ;D
  15. Man, why on earth have those fighting card ids become so popular? Any idea?
  16. You know, I don't really know. I just saw a bunch of them and thought it looked cool. ^^; It's a fad; what else can I say?
  17. Something new for you!


    Entitled "When I'm With You." Yes, yes, I'm a sap, etcetera, etcetera.

    On a related note, finding Photoshop tutorials on making fireworks is hella difficult. Go on, try it. :p
  18. Wowzers. Pretty good, TBA. Those fireworks are amazing, and the whole background is awesome, the silhouettes are astounding, I've never been able to make those, or back poses period. xD
  19. Its amazing! I absolutely love it! Two thumbs up!
  20. Awwww!!! X3 I like it!

    Makes me lonely...*sniffle*
  21. Thanks, guys. ^^

    Anyway, today's update is titled: "Hypotenuse Man Messes Around With Photoshop."


    He's wearing a sweater. :D


    Updated my ID with the new picture.
  22. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    "Hypotenuse Man messes around with Photoshop"..... nice name, and picture.

    I like the hair a lot. It looks all shiny and 3D-ish to me. And I like shiny and 3D (hence my name has Shiny in it...), though the sweater looks a bit too fuzzy to me, and there seems to be little shading on the sweater. There looks like there is shading, but very little.

    Other than that.... GREAT JOB, TBA!!!!
  23. I see what you mean about the shading - I shaded it before I fuzzed it up, and that negated a lot of it. P:

    ...and I've owned sweaters fuzzier. ^^;


    Robots from the GBC game Robopon. From the notes I put on dA:

    "Lazy background is laaaaazy. D:

    Anyway, these are robots from the GBC game Robopon. It may have been a blatant ripoff of Pokemon, but it had some interesting monsters, that's for sure. The guy in the back is just a random dude.

    From left to right: (Nickname, then type of robot)
    Hob (a Viggy)
    Akron (a Stinky)
    Finn (the human)
    Marlow (a Johnny)
    Tryon (a Pss't)

    And they're all standing in front of the Robopon Dispatching Agency, the failing company your character inherits at the beginning of the game.

    Out of all of them, I think Tryon came out the best.

    Finally, in-game descriptions of the Robopon:

    Viggy: It dreams of being a hero, but can't stick to its training.
    Stinky: His gas is very toxic. It will cause you to faint in a few seconds.
    Johnny: Toilet Robopon that's very clean. Since he's creepy no one uses him.
    Pss't: Detective Robopon that solves cases with keen sense of intuition."

  25. Hey guys, I've been working on shading in Photoshop and came up with this. Advice/tips/tricks/constructive criticism is muchly appreciated. Seriously.

  26. Kumi

    Kumi Guest

    Your art is awesomeness. *glomps* YAY ART!
    Can I have your autograph? (That's just my saying ^^')


    Little Boy Lost

    This is a character of mine, Deo, as a child. He's reached a clearing in a dark and ominous forest. Ooooooh.
  28. Mr. Thratch and Mr. Stone


  29. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I like that Deo picture. I think you depicted the mood pretty well, and the overall art is really good!

    I like that Mr. Thratch and Stone picture, but something about Thratch irks me.. maybe it's the hair?

    But then again, my oppinion almost never counts as anything.
  30. Nice TBA. I love the usage of Livvve. I love your art style TBA. Nice job!
  31. [​IMG]

    The Many Masks of Caractacus

    As the dA description says: "So. Caractacus. A Cactuar master of disguise. Kinda. As you can see, his disguises leave a bit to be desired. Left to right: Guy Fawkes/V, Moogle, Groucho Marx.

    However, he is a pretty decent thief and a gentleman on top of that. So... a gentleman thief, I suppose, would be the way to describe him.


    Also, this started because of an offhand comment in a chat. *nods*"
  32. Wow, nice, usually dog's are portrayed playing card games, going as a cat(and a purple cat no less) was very original and I like it. Judging by the cat's confident look he must have a good hand, or that could just be his poker face, either way, the details on the picture are pretty darn good. Anyway's, great picture and I look forward to seeing more of your art.
  33. I really like your art Hypotenuse Man, please keep drawing! For some reason, I like the Little Boy Lost picture, then I notice in the background you have a second dark figure with yellow eyes. For what reason, I don't know.
  34. So... it's been a while since I posted in this. Let's revive this.

    One Day...

    From my dA description:

    So, I'm not quite sure what the story is here. That superhero is named Alkaline Battery Man and he has electricity-based powers (duuuuh), but I'm not sure who that kid is. He might be the kid who came up with the hero in the first place, he might be a fanboy, I'm not sure.

    But I had this image in my head for a while, so I thought I'd draw it anyway.

    As always, tips, etc. are appreciated. :D
  35. Hmmm. Your pretty good, actually. But still very basic. Nothing really pops out. Maybe this is just the fact that your art reminds me of Homestar Runner. He is a cartoon character, only avalible online. But your stuff really reminds me of them. The type of design... even the color schemes. Again, you are good. Not bad at all, what so ever. (I would never be able to do anything that good in my life. xP) But I might be biased since it all looks familar to me. :3

    EDIT:// I LOVE those Catuses! xD Hahaha. Priceless.
  36. I am envious that both you and Rai have Pixel fighters D=<

    I also just love the humour that goes into some of your characters. Its a form of comedy I've never really mastered. Caractacus just s=cracked me up on DA, and now he's here to make me rofl once more. Curse you TBA! Curse your awesome humour

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