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The Black and White Playthrough Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, I won't have the game for another couple of days, but you lucky UKers will. So here you go - our official "tell us all about your travels through Unova" topic.

    This'll also be a fun way to determine which starter everyone has chosen. :)

    Disclaimer: Beware of spoilers~
  2. First in! ;D

    My character is called Lily, and I chose Snivy which I nicknamed Agamemnon.

    I'm just having my second battle with Cheren at the Trainer School in Striaton City :) Probably not gonna use any of the early-route stuff, I'm not much of a fan of those yet.
  3. What is special about the early route stuff?
  4. Too bad I didn't see this earlier, I could've posted some earlier stuff, but eh ^^ The reason, of course, is simply that I've been playing White instead of being on the computer ^^;

    I started off with an Oshawott that I named Blade (I shoulda called him Ocelot though, that would've been hilarious xD). I had a somewhat vague idea of what team I wanted, so I didn't really use any of the early stuff, except for Pansear (Squall) for Cilan and Purrloin (Darren) for Cheren's Snivy. However, I abandoned those for a Roggenrola (Golias) and a Timburr (Craig). Beat up Leonora (I think her name was...) and advanced to Castelia City, after being amazed (literally) by Sky Arrow Bridge. Seriously, it's impressive. I'm thinking about adding my Venipede (Amzaar) for the advantage over Chere (plus Scolipede's a cool kid). Lot's of brackets in this post O.o;
  5. Not so much in my eyes, its just Lillipup, Patrat and Purrloin.

    I'm now at the Desert Resort, gonna see if I can get the Tirtouga fossil ^^ My team at the moment is Agamemnon, my Servine, and Nausicaa, my Whirlipede:)
  6. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Currently running around the desert while I train up to beat Burgh. His gym scares me. Clowns =/= art.

    Team is Yojimbo the Dewott, Fluffee the Cottonee, Ixion the Blitzle (ye gods get some defense!) and Titan the Roggenrola (I love my Titan I do). I ended up losing Woofwoof because he wasn't doing as well as the rest of my team, and he lost his Pick Up ability. I dropped Pansear early on because it was too much bother to train him up.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I randomly demand that from now on you all include images when listing your Pokemon teams! >=O

    (It's more fun that way :3)
  8. Currently at Nimbassa City:


    Agamemnon, 30. Nausicca, 29. Tlaloc, 25. Krishna, 22.
  9. Wow, it's only been 2 days since the release of B/W, and I've already crushed the fourth Gym. All is well, and so is my team :'D (My levels are a little unbalanced, mainly because I only used Boldore and Gurdurr for the Gym battle - they levelled QUICK)

    Current Team for Pokemon White

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Tharros the Male Dewott - lvl. 25
    Razor Shell
    Fury Cutter
    Water Pulse
    Focus Energy

    Vault the Male Gurdurr - lvl. 27
    Rock Throw
    Wake-Up Slap
    Work Up

    Obsidian the Male Boldore - lvl. 27
    Smack Down
    Iron Defence
    Power Gem

    Lunae the Female Liepard - lvl. 26
    Fake Out
    Hone Claws

    Spinwheel the Male Whirlipede - lvl. 25
    Poison Tail
    Bug Bite

    Blueblast the Male Tirouga - lvl. 25
    Aqua Jet
    Ancient Power
    Wide Guard
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  10. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Team KoL is currently at Chargestone Cave:

    Serperior Lv.41

    - Leaf Tornado
    - Return
    - Coil
    - Leech Seed

    Gigalith Lv.41

    - Headbutt
    - Rock Slide
    - Bulldoze
    - Stealth Rock

    Quality over quantity.
  11. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Just beaten the third Gym now. Here's my team:

    [​IMG] - Lv. 25 Zorua
    [​IMG] - Lv. 26 Munna
    [​IMG] - Lv. 26 Simisage
    [​IMG] - Lv. 26 Boldore
    [​IMG] - Lv. 29 Pignite
    [​IMG] - Lv. 26 Whirlipede
    #11 Doctor Oak, Mar 5, 2011
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  12. I'm suprised that I'm as far as I am. I'm currently in th Icirrus City Gym, the 7th Gym. I am quite overleveled, but I'm not going to complain about it ;D.

    Current Team

    Inoshishi the Emboar lvl 42 [Male]
    Yume the Musharna lvl 41 [Female]
    Kanari the Swanna lvl 39 [Female]
    Namaikina the Simisage lvl 39 [Male]
    Tokage the Krookodile lvl 41 [Male]
    Shinwa the Druddigon lvl 40 [Male]


    Not giving any attack info, as I am competing in the In-Game tournement.
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Finally got my games today. ^^

    I started with the female player charrie and named her Katie (surprise, surprise ;p). I just got my C-Gear from Fennel, and now I'm going to test some stuff out over the WFC. I've caught every Pokemon up to this point except the shaking area Musharna (which would be crazy to bother with).

    Current Team
    Keid the Oshawott (F) - Level 13
    Edward the Lillipup (M) - Level 12

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  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Progress so far:

    Current team:
    Oshawott[M] lv.15
    Audino[M]: lv.15
    Petilil[F]: lv.17
    Pansear[F] lv.14
    Timburr[M] lv. 22
    Victini[N/A] (yeah Victini 8)) lv. 15

    Bout to challenge the 3rd leader. Wish me luck ;)
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  15. Cuttently, I've only beaten Cilan, but I'm still just starting out.

    Tean Black:

    Oshawott (M)
    Rash Nature (I don't care about natures, btw. THis is just the story run through, anyway :p)
    lv. 16

    Purrloin (F)
    lv. 10

    Pansear (M)
    lv. 11

    and my Cut slave Patrat. She's not important enough to list stats. I've also got a female Lillipup in storage. Oh, and I downloaded the Victini event thing. Now I'm Leaving Striaton City.
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  16. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Beat Iris, currently training to beat the Elite Four. Caught the legendary horsedogthingslast night though.

    Current team:

    Yojimbo, level 45
    Surf, Aqua Tail, Revenge, Slash

    Titan, level 45
    Rock Slide, Strength, Bulldoze, Stealth Rock

    N-zyme, level 44
    Psychic, Shadow Ball, Flash Cannon, Flash

    Aragog, level 45
    Slash, Signal Beam, Electric Web, Electro Ball

    Lumiere, level 45
    Flame Burst, Shadow Ball, Will-o-wisp, Inferno

    No Logic, level 45
    Dynamic Punch, Shadow Punch, Mega Punch, Fly (dear god how can it fly mind = broken)
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  17. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    dbasfjs Lenora's Watchog is a bastard if you're not high enough leveled for it. My Dewott gained two frelling levels after beating it. I lost my first challenge against Lenora, too. But now she's defeated, and 2nd badge get. ♥

    Current Team
    Keid (F) - level 19

    Edward (M) - Level 18

    Adana (F) - Level 16
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  18. Haha, I finally get to post in this! I got Black after I got out of church and right now I'm currently trouncing through Resort Desert. I picked the female character and named her Fayzara after one of my RP charries. Aside from some major hax, I haven't had any problems so far. I'm quite liking how all the gyms look this generation--Burgh's gym is my favorite so far (even if his stupid Dwebble kept spamming Sand Attack >>) because I like the sound it makes when you walk through the honey walls. Ironically enough, Castelia City isn't my favorite...Nacrene is. I love, love, love the warehouse theme of it.

    Team Plasma...well, more on them later because this post is already turning into a tl;dr. I have to say that their music is awesome though (this includes N).

    Unlike most everyone else here, I started with Tepig and I don't regret it one bit. The thing has been an absolute BEAST so far. I'm so happy it got Flame Charge so early because it made speed a non-issue. She destroyed Lenora's stupid Watchog with her Arm Thrust. And also Cottonee = win. It quickly replaced Pansage after I caught it.

    Current Team (I haven't nicknamed all of them yet):

    Rossie (F)- 26
    I had particular pleasure demolishing Cheren's Dewott with her at one point.

    Sandile (F)- 20
    I just caught her and I plan on using her to take down Shauntel (sp) and Caitlin

    Tranquill (F)- 24

    Cottonee (F)- 21

    Panpour (M)- 15
    Randomly caught in some shaking grass in Pinwheel Forest. He's come in handy but he's getting dumped once I get a Frillish.
  19. Currently in Skyla's Gym, flying my way around a building in cannons. Picked up a Deerling named Kaina for my team, and evolved Blade, Carin and Kaina. I want to evolve Craig and Golias, but I'm the only person I know who has this game, so I'll have to trade them over Wi-Fi, which I've never done before and therefore have no idea how it works :X (besides, I don't even know where to get my Friend Code from -.-;)

    Blade the Samurott
    Male, Lv. 36
    - Revenge
    - Razor Shell
    - Water Pulse
    - Slash

    Carin the Darmanitan
    Female, Lv. 35
    - Flare Blitz
    - Fire Punch
    - Hammer Arm
    - Facade

    Kaina the Sawsbuck
    Female, Lv. 34
    - Aromatherapy
    - Energy Ball
    - Faint Attack
    - Jump Kick

    Craig the Gurdurr
    Male, Lv. 34
    - Rock Smash
    - Bulk Up
    - Rock Slide
    - Strength

    Golias the Boldore
    Male, Lv. 35
    - Rock Smash
    - Rock Slide
    - Iron Defence
    - Smack Down

    Flya the Tranquill, just my Fly slave.
  20. ZING

    Sir Onyx the male Servine, level 34.
    Slam, leech seed, leaf blade, growth.

    Melody the female Panpour, level 30. Can't find a water stone...
    Bite, work up, dig, scald.

    Citrine the male Swoobat, level 30.
    Heart stamp, calm mind, fly, assurance.

    Ruby the female Litwick, level 32.
    Will-o-wisp, flame burst, imprison, hex.

    Alexander the male Watchog, level 34.
    After you, hypnosis, crunch, retaliate.

    Jade the female Zebstrika, level 33.
    Volt switch, flame charge, pursuit, stomp.

    Would add pics, but the links died. D':
    Just defeated Skyla. IM WINNING. :3
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  21. Current team:

    [​IMG] Fang Shou, the male Dewott (LV 30)
    -Water Pulse
    -Razor Shell
    -Fury Cutter

    [​IMG] Leon, the male Pansear (LV 13)
    -Fury Swipes

    [​IMG] Stroma, the female Roggenrola (LV 12)

    [​IMG] Trollkemon, the female Tympole (LV 12)

    [​IMG] Etana, the female Venipede (LV 15)
    -Poison Sting

    I'm currently in Burgh's Gym. Clowns do not make art. They scare me ;_; Also I refuse to train Pokemon evenly |D Or, at least, not until I get my "real" team (the adorable walkies in my sig, that is XD)

    EDIT: Just realized that I forgot to put sprites in D:
  22. W00t! I got the game a day early due to finding a Gamestop near my great-grandfather's party. I picked Snivy (after resetting a bunch of times to get a good nature) and quickly filled up my party. So far, I'm in Pinwheel forest helping retrieve the skull for Lenora.
  23. I got White the other day, and I am progressing rather slow. I just finished that Secad! Debating changing my flyer to fossil-mon. Maybe. anyway...

    Bear, the male Pansear(level 18)
    Will get replaced for candlemon

    Ottaro the male Dewott(level19)

    Cottonee the female (level 19)
    Got her from a trade. Traded a Timburr on the GTS

    Cheryl the female Blitzle(level 19)

    Arya the female Purrloin(level18)

    Pilloo the female Pidove(level18)

    Sorry about no pics. Just heading in to Castellia!
  24. Well, I got the third badge from Burgh. He was tough, but Dewott came through again! He seems to be the finisher for my gym battles lately.

    Dewott lv. 23
    Pansear lv. 13

    and new Introductions!

    Woobat (m) lv. 18 Mild (Keeping)
    Venipede (m) lv. 15 Brave
    Cottonee (F) lv. 18 Docile (Keeping)
    Timburr (M) lv. 18 Bold (May or may not keep)
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  25. I'm about ten and a half hours in. This is my current team. I'm in Twist Mountain.

    Level 37 Male Samurott - Katana
    - Slash
    - Revenge
    - Water Pulse
    - Razor Shell

    Level 39 Male Emboar
    - Arm Thrust
    - Take Down
    - Heat Crash
    - Rollout

    Level 36 Male Simisage
    - Bite
    - Work Up
    - Leech Seed
    - Seed Bomb

    Level 37 Male Throh - Thor
    - Revenge
    - Bulk Up
    - Storm Throw
    - Body Slam

    Level 36 Female Krokorok
    - Crunch
    - Sand Attack
    - Dig
    - Sand Tomb

    Some movesets are horrible. XD I'm mainly letting my Pokemon just learn level up moves. Emboar and Simisage I can't name because I traded them off before starting for real. I should have. I haven't picked a name for Krokorok yet. I'm still looking for a sixth team member. I'm tempted to make it be bipedal so that only Samurott isn't on my team. :p

    Edit: I also realized as soon as I used the Leaf Stone on Pansage that it was a mistake because of moves. XD I hadn't saved right before, so it wasn't worth it. I already have the TM for Acrobatics, so Crunch is really the only move he'd get otherwise. I got lucky with this situation...
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  26. I'm just at the top of Celestial Tower, having boxed my Serperior so I can use another new 'Mon in my team :)

    I'd add sprites but its 4:30am and I can't sleep at all, ugh. Will edit later.

    Phoebe the Litwick, level 32 (F).
    Andromeda the Duosion, level 33 (F).
    Gaia the Excadrill, level 33 (F).
    Krishna the Cofagrigus, level 34 (M).
    Tlaloc the Tirtouga, level 34 (M).
    Venus the Joltik, level 34 (F).
  27. ZING

    Sir Onyx the male Serperior, level 38.
    Slam, leech seed, leaf blade, coil.

    Melody the female Simipour, level 37. Found a water stone! :3
    Bite, acrobatics, dig, brine.

    Citrine the male Swoobat, level 37.
    Heart stamp, future sight, fly, acrobatics.

    Ruby the female Litwick, level 37.
    Inferno, flame burst, memento, hex.

    Alexander the male Watchog, level 37.
    After you, hypnosis, crunch, retaliate.

    Diamond the male Krokodok, level 35.
    Embargo, realitate, Dig, Crunch.

    Iris, here I come! :3
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  28. Pokemon Black. BEST. POGEYMANZ. EVAR. Seriously, this shit is goooooood! Just finished it today. I'm having a bit of Sage searching (ZING!). I'll eventually do a second and a third playthrough with all the different starters, before I do a final profile for WIFI and various 'Charms tounements.
    Current Team

    Inoshishi the Emboar lvl 54 [Male]
    Yume the Musharna lvl 51 [Female]
    Kanari the Swanna lvl 50 [Female]
    Namaikina the Simisage lvl 50 [Male]
    Tokage the Krookodile lvl 53 [Male]
    *NEW!* Doragon the Haxorus lvl 51 [Male]


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  29. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Beat Elisa (sp?) bout to go challange Clay.
    Current team (new additions)
    [​IMG] Victini 8) - lv24
    [​IMG] Pip the Dewott lv22
    [​IMG] Conkeldurr lv29 (ya I pampered him ;) )
    [​IMG] Liligant lv21
    [​IMG] Gothita lv23
    (By the way I'd like to set the record straight and say that I'm playing White and did some trading between versions)
    [​IMG] Vanillite lv21
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  30. Well, just beat Elesa, which brings the total to 4 badges. I swear, her Emolga are monsters :s but Sandile got me through it all the way, even to Zebstrika.

    Dewott lv28
    Swoobat lv. 24
    Whimsicott lv. 24
    Liepard (new female, quiet) lv. 25
    Timburr lv. 24
    and Sandile lv. 26 (Naive, also holding black glasses BI)

    Going to Driftveil City next. Better get ready for the next battle with Uryu-er-Cheren.
  31. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Haven't really been planning it this way, but it seems like every time I update I've just obtained the next gym badge. I actually put off Burgh's Gym for quite awhile until after I'd caught two new team members, battled every trainer within Castelia City, and collected all of the various items. Burgh himself was pretty easy for me due to my new Fire-type kicking his ass. Darumaka is a beast.

    Now I'm exploring the parts of Route 4 that I previously couldn't reach. I frelling love the new Dowsing Machine and abuse it every chance I get. ♥

    Current Team

    Edward (M) - Level 23

    Loki (M) - Level 23

    Keid (F) - Level 23

    Adana (F) - Level 23

    Jinn (M) - Level 24

    I love both of my new Pokemon, and I know now that my team won't be restricted to simply 6 members. ♥
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  32. I'm standing in front of the Elite Four as I type this.


    [​IMG] Fang Shou(M), level 58

    [​IMG] Cytan(M), level 43

    [​IMG] Audax(M), level 38

    [​IMG] Nazca(M), level 42

    [​IMG] Aden(M), level 34

    [​IMG] Colbert(M), level 41

    I need to go on a level/evolution spree leik now :|
  33. ...meep :x

    Wow, I guess I'm a bit of an overaschiever when it comes to training Pokemon.

    Currently at: Mistralton City. Fuuro/Skyla has disappeared off somewhere and I need to get her back if I want to get my badge. Also I am playing the Japanese version 'til the English versions get distributed here. I love these guys, but I might not take all of them to the E4. There's still a ways to go and many new 'mons to obtain before that.

    Current Team is:
    [​IMG] Tager the Lv 41 Emboar (M)
    [​IMG] Jill the Lv 41 Excadrill (F)
    [​IMG] Bancho the Lv 41 Simisage(M)
    [​IMG] Iku the Lv 39 Eelektrik (F)
    [​IMG] Pandan the Lv 39 Crustle (M)
    [​IMG] Izayoi the Lv 38 Sigilyph (M)
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  34. I'm just trying to take down N and his Reshiram, along with the rest of his team. Again, no sprites as I'm on my phone and it'd be awkward to set them up:

    Tlaloc, level 46 Carracosta.
    Phoebe, level 47 Chandelure.
    Andromeda, level 47 Reuniculus.
    Venus, level 47 Galvantula.
    Krishna, level 50 Cofagrigus.
    Gaia, level 50 Excadrill.

    Edit: Just watching the credits roll after defeating Ghestis :)
  35. Well, I beat Clay to get the Quake Badge, and I've also beat N in Chargestone Cave. I've also caught some critters I've really beat interested in for a while: Joltic ♥, Drillbur :D, and Ferroseed :I Well, I'm more interested in his evolution. Oh, and Klink too. I've also decided to wait a while before deciding what my final team will be, so I'm currently only going with 5 Pokemon at a time, and just roll with whatever I catch.

    Samurott lv. 37
    Cottonee lv. 30
    Krokorok Lv. 30
    Gurdurr lv. 30
    Swoobat lv. 30
    and Deerling, (M) lv. 23.

    Anyway, now I'm in Mistralton City. Time for Pokemon Day 3 at school :3
  36. I was going to update yeaterday, but hospital ness didn't help me. However, I beat Burgh and somehow got obsessed with Pokemon musicals. I also realized that Elesa is cool. Anyway, here's my pre Elesa need to be trained team.
    Note: I may rename my Pokemon soon.

    Edit:leveled up quite a bit. Cheryl and Cottonee evolved, too!

    Ottaro/Dewott level 27
    Arya/Liepard level 23
    Pilloo/Tranquill level 23 May switch her out.
    Bear/Simisage level 23 Will switch her for a Chandalure
    Whimsicott level 27 got her from a trade.
    Cheryl/Zebstrika level 27
  37. Just arrived in Iccirus City.

    [​IMG] Kambei - M - Lv.40
    [​IMG] Morpheus - M - Lv.36
    [​IMG] Hephaestus - M - Lv.38
    [​IMG] Quinton - M - Lv.36
    [​IMG] Cinnamyrrh - F - Lv.35
    [​IMG] Firenz - M - Lv.36

    Can't wait till I teach Firenz thunder. It'll destroy entire armies with that move.
    #37 Toastie, Mar 9, 2011
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  38. Beat the main storyline, and now I'm running around the previously inaccessible routes cursing the suddenly increasing level curve~ Probably my fault for being contrary and saying "I could totally beat Geethis with an underleveled team and one overleveled Pokemon".

    [​IMG] Fang Shou, LV66

    [​IMG] Cytan, LV 45

    [​IMG] Audax, LV 46

    [​IMG] Nazca, LV 42

    [​IMG] Aden, LV 50

    [​IMG] Vel, LV 51

    I need to go back training Colbert so he can be the Eagle of Truthiness.
  39. Well, I am very proud of my team, and have decided to keep all five of them for the Elite Four Challenge. That's right, we beat Drayden! Normally, Cottonee sucks in battle, but Haxorous couldn't even touch her! Samurott didn't even have to help at all! I'm so proud of my digital pals :3

    So, the Elite 4 team:

    1. Krokorok lv. 38
    2. Swoobat lv. 40
    3. Whimsicott lv. 38
    4. Gurdurr lv. 40
    5. Samurott lv. 49

    I'm going to try and evolve Gurdurr and Krokorok before I challenge though, as it will make things a hell of a lot easier.
  40. Okay I just beat Clay...and have to say he's been the easiest Gym Leader to me by far. Time for some training so my team can be over leveled for when I face the next gym.

    I have four main team members with interchangable 5th and 6th

    My Main Team:
    Boa the female Servine lv 34
    Lee the male Scraggy lv 34 (I only used him against Clay, swep his entire team with no damage done to him)
    Osiris the male Duosion lv 33
    Roxi the female Excadril lv34


    My current side teammate:

    Sparrow the male Tirtouga lv 29

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