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The Big One-Double-Oh

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Hoenn Master, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. (That's 100%, for those unable to make the connection. [sub]:p[/sub])

    Have you ever/tried to 100% a game? What game? How long did it take and was it worth it? Would you 100% a game again?

    I myself just finished 100%ing Super Metroid. I absolutely loved it. To death. All 14 Extra Energy Tanks, all 4 Reserve Tanks, 230 Rockets... you get the picture. And as for whether I'd do it again: I'll probably LP it, so yes I would. And yes, I'd do it for fun because the game is addicting as Hell.

    You know your itinerary: Now post!

  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Hn. I think the only game I truly 100%-ed was Kirby Super Star, and I didn't do it alone, so it probably doesn't count.

    Was still fun.

    I tend to go for at least mostly completion in most RPGs - usually the only things I leave out are superbosses that take hours to fight and aren't really that fun to deal with (Hey. Demifiend. SCREW YOU. I've seen enough of you in Nocturne, I don't need to see you in Digital Devil Saga too.) Other games I'm slightly less inclined to run around in for fifteen hours to unlock silly things that are essentially little more than bragging rights.
  3. Xatu

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    Also, the only tings I end up 100% on are Kirby games (though a few of mine are still at 99% and I have no idea what to do).
    Back in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, I tried to get a star in every character class, until I accidentally deleted my file trying to get the Ultima items for the Nu Mau, Banga and Moogle.
    My current Pokémon objective includes getting 5 stars (I have 3) on my trainer card, and getting every type of item available.
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  4. That reminds me: I've 100%ed Kirby Super star Ultra... in cooperation with Google. :p Xatu, it may be the Treasure Hunt or The Copy Power in Super Star Ultra. that's all I've got...

    I've kinda-sorta done the same with Final Fantasy Ten. Celestial Weapons, Sin, Capture Quest... everything but stat maxing, so... and it's not PAL/International, so I don't have to fight the Dark Aeons. (Bleah...)

    Oh, and I refuse to play original Metroid without help. That game... KILLS me. >_>

  5. Xatu

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    For that one, it is actually that I still haven't been able to beat the True Arena. Once I get that out of the way I'm golden.
    I think it's amazing mirror that I don't know what i need to do.
  6. The only game that I've ever actually -wanted- to 100% was The World Ends With You. Actually, I'm getting pretty close to my goal ^__^

    Getting all the pin evolutions, though, is a complete and total pain in the arse @_@

    But besides that, I've never felt the need to overkill a game. I beat the plotline and just move on to something else.
  7. Only two games that I 100%ed was Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess (Which really wasn't that hard except for the FREAKIN' heart pieces.) and Pokemon Leafgreen from pure training and trading, except for Deoxys, Celebi, and Mew. That took nearly FOUR years to accomplish. X__X
  8. The only one I got 100% was Final Fantasy X-2 and that's because I had the guide book. Count it if you want to.
  9. Linkachu

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    Hmm... I'm not sure if Pokemon RPGs count in these cases, but if not... Like Stel mentioned above, I've 100%'d Kirby Super Star a few times over, and I've also 100%'d Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (as in Sonic & Tails, Sonic alone, Tails alone, Knuckles - all emeralds for all of them + game completion for all of them).

    Possibly the only traditional RPG I have 100%'d is Final Fantasy III (SNES), but I've come very close with several others. There's just usually something in them I don't bother doing because it doesn't interest me or because I get sidetracked with a different game. ^^;
  10. Super Mario World with all 100levels.
    Thats all you need D:<

    I usually dont go for 100% in games like "collect every item" thats just meh for me.
    But I like to finish games 100% that give you some kinda reward or that give you nice replay value.
    I finished most Megaman games on 100%,hardmode,whatever there is because one playthrough usually doesnt take longer than 3 hours anyways.

    But yeah usually its finishing Action games for 100%, not RPGs. I lost my 150hours+ FFX Savegame where I leveled up for those fun Black Bestias, that destroyed my whole appeal to completing those kinda games to 100% D:
  11. Teapot

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    I completed Arkham Asylum with 100% - it's the only time I've ever 100%'d a game. Took ages, but it was fun - especially the riddles.

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