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The best of the best.....

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Satoren, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Who do you think is the best in terms of...



    Beauty:I'm not entirely sure about this. I don't really see Pokemon as majestic or Pretty.

    Toughness: Charizard
    Well, it is pretty tough battling a Charizard. (I made the mistake of picking bulbasaur as my starter and not having a single water pokemon on my party)
    Intelligence: Mew
    I think Mew is smarter than Mewtwo, considering it knows that violence is not the answer. (movie 1 is basis for that, at least at one point)
    Coolness: Deoxys
    Personally, I think Mecha, and things that look like Mecha are cool. Therefore I pick Deoxys. Besides this, the concept of Deoxys (not to mention the name) is one of the best in Pokemon.
    Cuteness: Pikachu
    Pikachu is a favourite of many, and he's not overly cute (unlike a certain blue-eyed, pink ball pokemon) Ash's pikachu is also adorable (and hilarious) when he copies Ash's Mannerisms.
    Weirdness: Mawile
    Mawile is possibly the weirdest pokemon I've ever seen. It runs backwards, it looks like its wearing a dress, but what makes it ultimately strange is that it's a steel type. I don't know about you, but I often wonder just what quality could make Mawile a steel type.
  2. Gardevoir's Beauty FTW. Very FTW.
  3. This is what I think about it!!

    Beauty?- Milotic!! Its pretty much the icon because it EVOLVES via Beauty, not only that but it is totally gorgeous! I would capture one and keep it in a giant tank in my room and watch it for hours like *ooooh pretty!!*
    Toughness?-Gardivior..Because its so strong it can bend space and time with just its feeling for a trainer..if that isnt pure toughness and compassion I really dont know what is..Also its a pretty damn good fighter
  4. Beauty:I would say Milotic.One reason Feebas needs beauty to evolve.

    Toughness:Rhyperior.Just look at him he was meant for toughness.

    Intelligence:Uxie.Look at his giant head,he looks very smart.And with the power to wipe out someones by just opening your eyes.Talk about smart.

    Coolness:Scizor.He looks awesome.I catch one all the time in every I play.

    Cuteness:Marill.I have always thought this little guy was you cute since I saw the Orange League saga of the anime.

    Weirdness:Shedinja.It looks weird.And how to get one is even weirder.
  5. Beauty: Gardevoir
    Toughness: hmm...this is a toughee, I say Tyrannitar
    Intelligence: Metagross-It has four brains and look otherworldly
    Coolness: Blaziken-The way it Harrison's(?) just kicked down Bayleef's Razor Leaf--it didn't need fire!
    Cute: another tough one I'll go with Smoochum
    Weirdness: it's a tie, Giratina and Darkrai

    And Mawile's sprite is backwards to show of its STEEL jaws
  6. Eh....personally

    Beauty:Milotic definatly,it looks nice too
    Toughness:Marowak,come on he beats people with a club.
    Intelligence:Alakazam,its pokedex basically says that too.
    Coolness:Tough one for me....i say Marowak again,cause on on.CLUB
    Cuteness:Mew by far,sound cute,looks cute,and acts cute ^^
  7. Toughness: Hitmontop, well because most of his moves involve physical attack and most physical attacks are tough
    Spritbomb should be smart because most of his moveset is dark, ghost and physchic (that maybe only me)
  8. Toughness:Charizard or Arcanine.Charizard because of it's brute strength,Arcanine because it's physical attacks require speed and therefore giving it the momentum to keep on running and slam head-on into an opponent.
    Smartness:Lucario, hands down.You'd have to be a genuis to see the Aura and use it.And you'd have to be one smart Pokemon to be able to talk.
    Cuteness:Celebi is one of the cutest Pokemon eva!^_^
    Wierdness:probably Spiritomb, 'cause it looks wierd.O.o
  9. Beauty: Gardevoir,Gallade,Lopunny,Chikorita
    Toughness: Metagross (at first I thought,ZOMG,what's that thing....so tough!)
    Intelligence:Meowth (is the only pokemon that knows how to speak without using telepathy (at least in the anime)
    Coolness:Metagross,Gallade(come on,he has swords on his arms!),Torterra(I like it's name)
    Weirdness:probopass (he has nose hair?! yuuuuuuuck)
  10. Beauty: Milotic. It's elegance surpasses even that of Gardevoir.
    Toughness: BLAZIKEN. I mean, what other pokemon can use Blaze Kick, Brick Break, AND Sky Uppercut?
    Intelligence: Gallade. Self-evident.
    Coolness: Meh, it's a tie between Gallade and Blaziken. They look awesome, and are even more powerfull.
    Cuteness: Bayleef.
  11. As it happens, Lucario can. *shrugs*

    Beauty? Probably Milotic or Lopunny. For obvious reasons.
    Toughness? Rhyperior, no question. The thing's a tank... and I mean that in a literal, 'it rolls over things and then blows them up' way.
    Intelligence? Alakazam. 5000 IQ is nothing to sneeze at. :p
    Coolness? Probopass. I dunno, just 'cause.
    Cuteness? I always thought Ditto was really cute.
    Weirdness? Spiritomb, just because it's such a drastic departure from other Pokemon. The thing is a conglomeration of like 100 malevolent spirits.
  12. 108 to be exact and it good to see that someone else doesn't find Probapass weird. I find it cute! :)
  13. Beauty- Milotic, I guess.
    Toughness- Tyranitar.
    Intelligence- Latios and latias, Not very many pokemon can turn invisible. :)
    Coolness- Latios, not sure why..
    Cuteness- Latias.
    Weirdness- Deoxys, in it's normal form, it has that weird monkey hand. :o
  14. Beauty-[​IMG]It's so stunning and alluring.
    Toughness-[​IMG] Have you ever seen Pokémon The Movie 2000?
    Intelligence-[​IMG] It can talk and it tried to destroy the entire world so it could live with its clone pokemon.
    Coolness-[​IMG] Just look how awesome this pokemon looks.
    Cuteness-[​IMG] Awwwwww, how can you resest a face like that?
    Weirdness-[​IMG] What the heck is this thing supposed to be?
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  15. @:00wolf:Mewtwo doesn't actually talk (psychic talk),and while he acts smart he shares the flaw of wanting power (remaking world and all that).I believe Cyrus also tried to remake the world and noone said he was smart

    I believe all the ghosts as well as mew are also capable of invisibility,or at least some of the ghosts O.o
  16. Beauty - Absol...in a deep kind of way :p
    Toughness - TTar is just badass.
    Intelligence - Snorlax. Eat and sleep. Eat and sleeeeeeep.
    Coolness - Absol again. It must be the head-scythe.
    Cuteness - Dragonite. Hands down.
    Weirdness - Kricketune. zomg.
  17. Well, he built that palace of his and lured a bunch of trainers to battle with him claiming to be the best.
  18. Beauty [​IMG] Flames are purty...

    Toughness [​IMG] Uhm...yeah.

    Intelligence [​IMG] He just looks so smart!

    Coolness [​IMG] Look at 'm! Look at 'm!!

    Cubone [​IMG] He's got a wittle bone and he's soo teeny tiny!

    Weirdness [​IMG] or [​IMG] or [​IMG] - I've got a fear of round pokemon...
  19. Beauty: Goldeen

    Toughness: Typhlosion

    Smartness: Mewtwo

    Coolness: Jolteon

    Cuteness: Horsea

    Wierdness: Dunsparce
  20. I like to think outside the box.

    Beauty: I think Roselia is beautiful, no?

    Toughness: Forretress. Says it in the name. I had a LvL. 87 one in Silver.....UNSTOPPABLE!

    Smartness: Alakazam or Grumpig. Grumpig can control your body with EASE!

    Coolness: Hellz Yeah, it's Zangoose. It DID win MASTER Rank Cool on my Ruby...

    Cuteness: My god, its SMOOCHUM!!!! *cuddle*

    Weirdness: It's a tie between Dunsparce (honestly...wtf.) and Exeggcute. A group of eggs with Psychic powers. Thats not weird *overwhelming sarchasm*.

    It's my opinion, think what you will.
  21. Beauty: Gardevoir - A graceful and elegant creature. Also has the inner beauty of empathy.
    Toughness: Onix - According to the RBY Pokedex, its rock-hard skin becomes tough as diamonds as it ages.
    Intelligence: Alakazam - According to the RBY Pokedex, it has an IQ of 1,000.
    Cuteness: Smoochum - I just think it's adorable for some reason.
    Coolness: Metagross - The Giant Robot Pokemon
    Wierdness: Drifloon (and Driftblim) - It's a ghost, that's also a balloon?
  22. I've got a new list:

    Beauty: Vaporeon (Don't ask.)

    Toughness: Onix (Just look at it, it looks so tough.)

    Smartness: Grumpig (Read what HyperReaper33 said.)

    Coolness: Flareon (One of my favorite Fire-types.
  23. Beauty?
    Articuno. I know, I know, everyone puts legendaries, but there's this simple sort of grace to it that really appeals to me, y'know?

    Marowak, no doubt about it. It watched its momma die as a Cubone, then waited for her body to rot enough for it to take her bones and wear them. o_o; The pokedex says that as a Marowak, it's gotten over it's mother's death, so the fact that trauma like that could only make you stronger is something else. XD

    Obviously a psychic-type's going here. xD I'm actually tempted to say Unown. Not as individuals, but as some freaky-deaky alphabetical hive mind.

    Gabite. It's smaller and sleeker than Garchomp, and it's a land shark dragon thing. It hoards precious gems for the sake of it, and if you try and get at them, you'll end up having a mysterious accident. Whoops, how about that.

    I wanna say Cubone, really, but I guess my answer would be Zubat. I dunno, something about this little no-eyes big-ears-blue-flappy thing just hits me right here. :3

    Lickilicky. Just... guh. There are no words.
  24. Beauty:uh...Milotic i guess

    Toughness:Rhyperior, the awsomest tank ever!

    Intelligence:Metagross, 4 brains

    coolness:probopass, he has a mustache =)


    Weirdness:Licklickily, a round ball of flesh with a long tonge, plus, even his name is weird, i mean, lick-lick-il-ly
  25. Beauty: I dunno... Milotic.

    Toughness: Tyrannitar. It's a dinosaur-rock-lizard-thing.

    Intelligence: Metagross. Four brains. Coooool.

    coolness: Metagross again. It. Is. Awesome!!! ;D

    Cuteness: Wooper. Cute noises. Sooo cute!

    Weirdness: Kricketune. It's an Italian barber cricket. seriously! :o

    Absol could be smart. He has a SHARP head.
    And, how is Darkrai and Giratina weird? ???
  26. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Meant to reply to this earlier ^^
    Nothing too logical here. Just my favourites for each category.

    Beauty: Arcanine. It's more 'majestic' really, but that ties with beauty in my mind. The way the game sprites and Anime of today tend to portray it isn't how I see it. I see Arcy having a flowing mane, much like the running one in the original Pokemon intro. Most good Arcanine artist draw it in that sort of light, too. But... close runners up would be Gardevoir and Articuno.

    Toughness: Tyranitar. It's not just its reckless power, but the way it looks, too. Many Pokemon are tough stat-wise, but Tyranitar looks the part. It's not something you'd want to meet coming at you down a dark alley. I was tempted to say Rhydon, but I'll stick with Tyranitar for this.

    Intelligence: Alakazam. Not because its a personal favourite of mine, but because its original PokeDex entry has sat well with my mind. Anything else I put here would simply be for the sake of including one of my faves, but in the end Alakazam deserves the title more.

    Coolness: Metagross. Hells yeah I love that thing. You could easily consider it 'weird', but I find that sort of weirdness extremely cool.

    Cuteness: Raichu. Yes, there's much bias here, but there's a reason why I love it so much :p

    Weirdness: Porygon-Z. I guess. There are a lot of 'weird' Pokemon this generation, a handful of which being the legendaries. Porygon-Z I find weird in an amusing way, though. I'll never see it as anything but a Rayman wannabe :p
  27. These are the first Pokemon to actually slightly scare me. They don't now but still, they just look strange. Especially Giratina: what's not weird a something with bat wings, six legs, and no arms. I'm still trying to figure out what it is Slashing with, having no arms and all.
  28. I'm gonna assume that it uses its wings,they may be sharp :o
  29. I'm guessing Giratina is some sort of tank, or trojan horse sort of thing that you leave in front of a fortress and wait for it to demolish everything else....
  30. Beauty? [​IMG] It's basically the icon of beauty in pokemon.

    Toughness? [​IMG] Look at it! Thats an amazingly tough hide, and those arms look like they could lift a house! Ultimate toughness

    Intelligence? [​IMG] A legendary, all powerful pokemon, would seem like it's all knowing too.

    Coolness? [​IMG] To me, golduck is like the leader of a typical japanese gang. (a cool leader, a huge strong guy, and a think, quick, sneaky ninja like one) Golduck seems like the leader. Hehe, Feraligatr would make a nice tough guy in the gang.

    Cuteness? [​IMG] Look at it's little beady eyes. Awwww.

    Weirdness? [​IMG] I could handle nosepass, but this thing has a flippin mustache!

    Also, just now, I decided to amke a picture of that Gang I was talking about. Just for the heck of it.

  31. I think this is the wrong thread for that....But interesting choices, yeah, Probopass kinda freaks me out too.
  32. beauty-Milotic is the beauty queen, u even need beauty to evolve it
    toughness-Drapion, dude it can scrap ure minivan in its sleep
    inteligence-Gallade, master swordsman, ultimate courtesy it sweeps this category
    coolness-Gotta be Gallade again;its head is like leonidas's helm in 300 lol
    cuteness-Mime jr.!! Mime! Mime! lol
    weidness-Toxicroak;Croak! Croak! Croak! Poison Jab! WTF :o :o :o
  33. Beauty?Milotic for obvious reasons.
    Toughness?Marowak.Its got a bone helmet.PWNAGE.
    Intelligence?Metagross.Mind of a supercomputer,duh.
    Coolness?Lucario.He can sense crap with his aura.
    Cuteness?Uhhhh,dso i have to answer?Cause i dont care.But ill just say Skitty and get it over with.
    Weirdness?Shedinja.Great ability,shitty stats.WTF?!?

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