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Ask to Join The Beginning of the Epidemic Virus

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Wanna join

    The siblings were just having a normal life in the human world not excepting that just one person could change their lives forever. The last thing they could remember was many people going into a panic and seeing a human being bite their necks as if they were eating them. The siblings knew that they were not human so ran for their lives. Eventually, it became too chaotic and these people that looked dead as if they were a corpse without a soul chase after you as if you were food. The siblings were not dumb as they knew this was an epidemic virus. Many regions had become a war zone of zombie except Kalos, Unova, and Alola which was the most safest because it was on an island. All the chaos caused the siblings to separate for a better chance of survival. What the sibling JC saw when she returned was a huge bite mark on his mom and dad's neck. She had asked them to end their lives before they turned into those monsters and come after us. JC had refused but she knew that if she did not do this now...she would become one too. With just one swoop of her katana sword, she beheaded them both as she only heard their last words "We love you". She grieved for a long while including Blue her shiny Umbreon and Partner. She went into a rage as she heard the zombie's come in and with a swift movement she cut them down instantly.

    She stood there silent as blood slipped off her sword to the ground as she now knew this was survival of humanity. She quickly went upstairs Blue following her as she quickly packed her medical stuff and survival stuff and then her belt that had her team rested on them. She grabbed her white-blue streaked wolf mask and placed it on her and then her black hooded cape before cleaning up the blade of her katana as she placed it away. She opened the window as Blue leaped on her shoulder as she held on. She made herself to the roof and took out Gem's Luxray ball as a Flygon appeared before getting on her taking off in the skies. That was a few days ago, she was able to build a secret hideout that was zombie proof and made a scanner to detect if the person was human or not even spot bite marks. She still needed to find her brother Shadow so that she would feel safer and cry next to him. He probably had found out already that their parents were dead and by her hand. She watched the monitor seeing how many zombie's there were. She felt angry and in rage but she needed to calm herself down or she would not think straight when fighting them. She looked down to Blue seeing her gold eyes looked to her. "Let's check the area Blue, we need to find survivors if we are even going to survive this war of zombies...especially Shadow.," she said to her as she nodded before grabbing her hooded cape and white-blue streaked wolf mask and placed it on her before she grabbed her katana and bow and arrow as she walked out, door closing afterward. She threw out Gem before getting on her as she flew up before landing on top of a high building looking at her surroundings arms crossed as Blue sat beside her blue rings glowing brightly to give light.
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  2. Kellen had been on the run since the virus started. He had been doing his best to outrun the zombies, but he was getting tired and needed to rest. At the moment he was skimming over the sea on the back of his Alomamola, Palindrome. He had had to escape a seaport town on short notice, and was skimming along to get ANYWHERE else. His Haunter, Bonetrousle was floating along behind. He saw the dim sight of shore in the distance, and hoped he would be able to find somewhere to rest.
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  3. "Sorry Ace, but I had to use the tranq. It was probably either going to be you... me, or her. It's a good thing that center had some stuff for us before we had to book it out. Let's just stay calm and find a way out of here okay?" Cory stated to the Aron lying on the wheeled backpack being rolled. The Iron Armor Pokémon gave a slow, dubious nod towards the boy in his swift response.

    The little Pokémon glanced up at the teenager for a brief moment. He nodded at the black hoodie the boy had on, before he turned towards an odd, bluish light that brightly emanated from a higher elevation. The infant tugged on the boy's backpack for a split second.

    "Oh, what's up? Are you wanting another bottle of iron?" Cory promptly asked, before the baby Pokémon shook his head. The Aron carefully pointed towards an unfamiliar light that emanated from a somewhat distant, black figure.

    "That light looks like a siren, or maybe it's someone calling for help. There's also a big green thing over there, but I'm not exactly sure what it is even. Either way, I guess I should at least take a look while we're still here," Cory thought, as he softly patted the Aron's head.

    The little Pokémon turned away from the revolting sights of motionless bodies and remains of what once was a lively, prosperous town full of diverse people and pocket monsters. His arms quivered, while his light, metallic body quaked slightly soon after. His grip tightened on the bag, while the boy continued to close the distance with the source of the blue light on a large, unfamiliar green creature.
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  4. She was still looking at the horizon until she felt a nudge from Blue making her look to the shiny Umbreon. "What is it Blue?" She asked her. "Umbre!("Look down there") she said to her understanding her. She shifted her eyes under her mask to a figure way down below as she used her binoculars to see more close. She saw a boy with a rolling bag and an Aron resting on top of it.She raised her binoculars down before looking to Gem. "Gem dear go greet that boy and his aron and before you fly him up here scan him with the device I gave you" she told the Flygon. "Flygon!("Alright, I'll be I'm my way") Gem said before she lifted off the ground and flew down below to the boy. Once Gem was close to the boy the scanner activated that was around her neck scanning him to make sure he was clean which he was until it shut off. Gem looked to the trainer giving a smile. "Flygon!"she said approaching him while she was above the sea flying beside him
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  5. "W- woah... w- who are you, a- and what's with that thing?" Cory responded after recoiling back slightly from the unexpected presence of a large Pokémon that resembled a big green dragonfly of some sort. Ace squealed and shielded his face with his arms for a brief moment.

    "Are you like with the police or something? That thing on your neck does look kinda advanced," The boy commented after he briefly inspected the odd device the Mystic Pokémon had on. The Aron turned away from the insectoid Pokémon that towered over his infantile size. The baby Pokémon emitted a timid babble and had his troubled eyes near the relative area of his caretaker.
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  6. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    A figure stood on the docks with her pokemon. Ahead of them was the Oceanic Museum of Slatport. She had a quarterstaff in her hands as she fought off the monstrosities. "Rider! Sizzle! Cream! Is the raft ready yet?" she shouted to her pokemon. She heard them give a 'no' in Pokemon. Soul stopped her from getting bitten. She had to get out of this place. Thunder took down another and went for the throat like most predators do as Blossem rammed a zombie with her horns. She frowed at her dire situation. "Anything now?" She asked again. Rider took her hand and brought her to the raft.
    Her pokemon pushed her off the dock and she returned them all except for Soul and Rider. Rider jumped into the water and took the rope to lead her to safty, while Soul landed on her shoulder. All her things were neatly placed on the raft, no doubt thanks to Cream. She sighed and waited for Rider to bring her to a different shore. She nodded to Soul, who used Aura Spere and Shadow Ball which collided together to make blue and purple sparckles in the air.
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  7. Gem nodded no as she gestured the trainer to get on her back. "Flygon..."she said as she placed her small arms on the ground for him to get on as her trainer would explain everything to him as she pointed her claw like hand at the top of the building with the blue light glowing at the top to say she was that trainers Pokemon.-
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  8. Tyler Blackwell was in the middle of the street. He was surrounded by a mob of infected. He was fighting for his life. He had to curved daggers in his hand. He has a crossbow and a bow straped to his back. He slashed on zombie that came at him from the front and spun the dagger in his hand and stabbed another in the head from behind. He was surrounded. He felt like he was going to be like his late boyfriend. A tear fell when he thought of Zeke.

    A few days ago Zeke came home. He looked horrible. His skin had a slight almost greyish tent to it. He looked even paler then before he lest that morning. There was a hug bite mark on his neck. Tyler felt that he had to help his boyfriend get better. He put him on the bed and started to dress the wound. Later that night Tyler was watching over Zeke, when Zeke suddenly lunged at him.

    Tyler held him at arms length. He tried to reason with him. Tyler looked into Zeke's eyes they were vacant and lifeless. Tyler knew what he had to do. He kick Zeke over to the bed and grabed the dagger he kept strapped to his thigh. Zeke came at him after him. Tyler brought the dagger up and Zeke ran right into the dagger stabbing him in the head killing him. Tyler had tears running down his face as he had to kill the man he loved.

    Tyler fought and fought trying to find an opening to get out of the crowd of zombies. He had to recall his pokemon to make sure they stayed safe. He was trained well enough that he can hold his own against them.

    Tyler wondered were his sister was. If she was here they could carve a path through these zombies.
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  9. "Ah, okay then. I guess you're a Flygon just by the way you sound. I'll probably save the intro for when we're up there I guess," Cory responded, before he carefully got on the Flygon's back. Ace tightly gripped onto the bag that was behind his caretaker. The little
    Pokémon gulped, before he blankly stared at the odd light from the top of a tall building.

    "Well, I'm hoping this little guy ain't airsick as much as he's seasick," Cory thought, while he nodded at the green dragonfly for a brief moment.
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  10. (Oh forgot to mention that zombie bites don't affect Pokemon only humans and Fairy types can only heal zombie bite wounds no matter how long the person was bitten)
    Gem helped him up on her back making sure he was on securely. She could see zombies starting to come close as she lifted of the ground before they even got close before flying higher in the air. Once she reached the top of the building, she landed carefully before letting him down. Gem walked over to her trainer seeing her turn around to gently pet her as Blue also turned around as the glow was coming from her blue rings. "Did you scan him Gem?"she asked her. "Flygon!("I did he's clean") Gem said only understanding her. "You seem to have questions right? I'll say everything once we get to safety and help a male down there surrounded by zombies. If we don't act quick he will be there next meal"she said handing him the binoculars to see him before it was handed back to her. "Its a bad idea to stay alone so if you are ready to fight these things then don't hesitate to strike them down alright and remain calm" she explained before getting on Gem's back again having him go on her again before she took fliet to the make.

    She used her binoculars again seeing him closer before signaling Gem to swoop down before she landed in the circle. I. A swift movement she got off Gem and striked down multiple zombies at once. She quickly pulled out Delta her Primarina out of her Pokeball. "Delta use your fairy aura around us to prevent from being bitten!" She commanded. "Prima!("Of course!") She said as a pink aura surrounded them all. Gem managed to scan the make behind her before nodding to say he was clean. "Are you alright? Remain calm and have a clear mind of the situation luckily these are just stage 1 zombies, all you have to do it behead them and their dead" she said slicing another down with her katana sword which was a bit soaked in blood. "I'm clean don't worry"she added looking behind her to look at him under her wolf mask and cape. Blue on the other hand used Iron tail to slice them down as she growled as her blue rings glowed brightly growling.-
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  11. "The only problem is that Ace barely even knows how to tackle something... he's not even a year old yet. Plus, all I have is this tranq thing and a few darts, which just makes them a bit slower or knocked out at best. I'm more of the type that's better at home stuff, not exactly the fighting one here urgh," Cory promptly replied after a quick breath. The boy quickly got off of the Flygon once he arrived at the top of the building. Ace's head spin for a brief moment, before the little Pokémon emitted a quiet groan. The infant almost fell off of the bag when it was placed on the ground.

    "Are you okay? Is there something happening?" Cory asked the Aron after he helped the little Pokémon back up. The baby Pokémon shook his head, as his body quivered for a split second.

    "Is it too cold? Do you want your bottle? Or is there something else going on?" Cory inquired the infant. The young Pokémon glanced down towards ground level. The boy noticed him turning away the moment he witnessed several reanimated corpses having their second death.

    "Okay... guess that's probably not the best thing for a little tyke like you to be looking at. Why don't we just stay here for now I guess?" Cory added, before the Aron hesitantly nodded at his caretaker. The boy gently stroked the infant's cold, iron armored body. The metallic plating felt rather thin and smooth to the touch. The blunt spike on Ace's back was almost harmless after a quick poke at the dull edge. A slight moment of babbling was directed towards the adolescent guardian.
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  12. Tyler looked to the trainer who just swooped in to help him on a Flygon. His blade sliced a zombie's head in half. "Yeah I found that out when I had to kill the love of my life when he attacked me." His other hand held a dagger and it cut the head of a zombie that came too close.

    He kicked one zombie away from him and threw one of his smaller knives right between the eyes. "If you have a plan to get out of here I am open for suggestions." He had held his own when he was alone. Now that this girl showed up he at least had a chance to escape.
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  13. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    With everything happening, Loah is somewhere near the beginning of the last city with a gym he was supposed to fight, he kept his cool and quiet, on the tree branch, hoping he would live to see another day
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  14. She looked to him behind her. "Just one, Moonblast" she said signaling to Delta as she nodded before a powerful Moonblast was hit at the zombies surrounding them as if purifying them but then turned into ashes disappearing. After all they were already dead...she looked at her Katana seeing so much blood on it and zombie flesh. She pulled out a cloth wiping it down clean until only the silver was viable. She placed it back in her sheath before turning around to look at him. "So...you lost someone as well...someone very precious to you..."she said gently but her voice was slightly hurt. "Yes...I know what its like...so I understand..." She added returning Delta. "We can do introductions once we get to a safer place that I know off if you will follow me...we have to walk for now since Gem here needs to pick someone up I saw...unless you have a flying type on you" she said as Gem nodded flying off back to the boy on the roof.

    "We should hurry oh wait hold on"she said remembering a team member she has that can help. She pulled out Zebbi's Luxury ball until a Zebstrika appeared out. "Zebbi we need your back to get back to the secret base" "Zeb!"she said agreeing before she got on her back. "Hop on, Zebbi here is a quick on her hooves to get back quickly" she said as Blue leaped on in front of her.
    Gem on the other hand flew back up to the boy with a Aron signaling him to get on her back get to get to the secret base her trainer has.-
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  15. "Alright I will trust you. You did help me." Throwing a pokeball up in the air a butterfree appeared out of the light. "Butterfree scout ahead and make sure our path is clear." With a nod of her head she flew away to make sure the way was clear. He hopped on the back with the girl who helped him.
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  16. "Ah, you're back. Are you alright? If anything happened, I'll see if I can help you out with anything," Cori softly voiced to the Flygon that flew back to his current location. The boy quickly got on the Flygon's back after carefully placing the wheeled backpack in front of him this time. He carefully held on the soft bag with a modest grip. Ace slowly nodded at his caretaker, before he took a quiet breath.

    "I kinda heard something, but not exactly sure what it was about. I guess I'll have to wait and find out then with the green thing," The boy thought, while the Aron emitted a silent yawn.
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  17. As they surfed a bright beacon was shot in the sky, exploding.

    “That must be a distress signal! Let’s go, Palindrome.”

    They changed directions towards the lingering sparks of beacon. After a moment or two a dim outline of a raft with something on it.

    “Hello? Anyone there?”
  18. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Loah woke up from his sleep, because a bunch of zombies were coming, he noticed some kind of distress signal and took out his Charizard, "use fly!" He said as now they were flying towards somebody who threw a distress signal, when he arrived, he saw somebody else flying towards the beam of light , "yes there is somebody here" he said
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  19. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The young lady heard the voice. She nodded at Soul to check it out and to heal whoever called out to her. She mentioned for Rider to stop, for now. Who knows, maybe this person needed some healing. The Floatzle stopped and waited for his trainer to have him continue on again.
    The Togekiss flew up to the boy on the Alolamola and said, "Kiss!"
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  20. Kellen was startled when out of the darkness came a Togekiss.

    "Whoa, a Togekiss. Hey, do you have a trainer? Do they need help?"

    Palindrome slowed down so that they could talk as they went. They got to a distance where they could see a humanoid figure on a raft, and something in the water.
  21. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Loah continued advancing, and noticed someone and another pokemon flying towards the same direction, "hey there! You got the distress signal aswell?" He asked, then noticed somebody on the raft, he ordered his Shiny Charizard to get closer .. "hey, you okay there? "
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  22. She patted Zebbi's neck to go before she leaped off quickly back to the secret base. She had to pull out her katana again to slice more zombies right in the path but was able to make it to the base. Gem had came after to deliver the boy as she let him down. "Don't fream out, there is a machine that will scan you to make sure your clean"she said before looking to Gem. "Gem you keep looking around for other survivors and bring them here and I'll give you an extra hand"she told the Flygon as a Floatzel appeared. "Lara go with Gem here to find more survivors" she told her. "Floatzel!"she said before getting on Gem's back flying off with her. "Lets go in before they start coming"she told him as Zebbi and Blue walked in then her as she was scanned then walked in completely placing her sword down against the wall. "Since we are in a safe area now I can explain what you want to hear and introduce yourself of you like"She said looking to him under her wolf mask but had pulled down her hood to show her dark brown long hair that was up in a ponytail as Blue sat on the couch watching him and Zebbi laid down on the floor.-
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  23. Cory nodded at the Flygon and got off the large dragonfly soon after. The boy grabbed his bag and lightly patted Ace's head. The Aron stayed on the bag while his eyes swirled about for a brief moment.

    "Either they've got a scientist here or someone's really good at making things," Cory thought after he was scanned by a mysterious device. The boy walked in the unfamiliar base with his bag being rolled on his right side. The Aron turned away from the girl and other foreign Pokémon within close proximity.

    "Well, I'm just wondering how this all started. I'm not sure if it was because somebody screwed up in a lab or if someone really did use some magic or something," Cory replied, before he noticed Ace tugging on his right leg.

    "Now that we're here, I'll get this straight off the pointer I guess. I'm Cory... I went to school to learn how to become a doctor for babies and kids, but it's getting kinda hard now that we got those weird creatures out there. I didn't exactly get a chance to take the exam for home ec when I had to run, so this might probably be my new test I guess," The boy swiftly added. The adolescent turned towards the little Pokémon after a brief session of moderate cries went towards his ears.

    "Oh I'm sorry, I almost forgot. This little one here kinda likes my attention a lot now, especially after what happened earlier. His name is Ace, and according to the note I got, he's an Aron that's about just nine months old. He's barely able to tackle something down and still trying to get the hang of hardening up when I tried teaching him some tricks last week. I'm still kinda wondering how those metal bits sometimes fall off of his shell thing. I accidentally dropped one bit into a bottle of dirty water I was going to use for a science project, but the water was like super clear instead of being like green I guess... at least after I boiled it to make sure," Cory continued, after he turned towards the tugging Aron. The boy patted the infant's head and stroked the Aron's light and smooth armor plating. The baby Pokémon placed his left arm in his mouth and glanced at the girl with his pair of watering, timorous eyes.
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  24. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Soul nodded and used Wish on Kellen. She then mentioned for The two to follow her to her trainer who was watching. Rider was now on the raft, his head cocked to the side.
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  25. Tyler got off Zebbi and walked away to lean up against the wall. He let his heart calm himself. Butterfree returned by hia side and he returned her to her pokeball.

    "Well this mess all started one night when I was at home. I lived in a three bedroom apartment with my boyfriend. He was sweet and very kind." A tear started to roll down his face. His hand reached up and grabbed ahold of the necklace that is always around his neck. "We were going to get married this comeing winter. He gave me this necklace as a promise for that."

    Tyler looked to the side and closed his eyes. He let out a deap breath. "Zeke came home one night and he looked a little paler then normal. He had a bite on his lower arm. I went into care mode and walked him to bed. I dressed the wound and laid him on the bed. Later that night when he was asleep he just suddenly lunged at me. I did what I had to do. There was no saving him at that point. I had to stab the man I love in the head with a dagger. The very same dagger that he got for me for my birthday." He pulled out a short curved red and purple dagger. "It went right to his brain killing him instantly. If I would have known fairy moves killed those things. I would have been much better off." He picked up one of his pokeballs and released a Sylveon. She looked at him. "Syl?" She looked like she was worried her trainer was crying. Tyler knelt down and hugged her. "I am ok girl. Everything will be ok." He looked up to the girl and her pokemon. "My name is Tyler Blackwell. If need to scan me go ahead. Just so you know I will be looking for my sister. She is out there. I know she will find away to be safe."
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  26. She listened to Tyler closely as she could clearly picture his situation. She grabbed a picture from the table that had her parents and her brother Shadow on it before she cried softly. "I lost both my parents....when I saw the panic with the people in my town...I quickly went back to the house to check and see if they were ok but when I entered I was too late....they had already been bitten....I hesitated but if I didn't dead them at the time I would have been bitten. My brother and I separated due to the panic so he is out there somewhere looking for me but I know he is alive....I grieved for a long time but that grieve ended up with anger so I killed those monsters without any feeling or thought...but..I knew I had to stay sane...thanks to Blue here"she said looking down at the shiny Umbreon. "She keeps me from being sane because if my feelings cloud me...I'll end up getting bitten myself or others will be hurt because of me...."she said as she grabbed the box of tissue and handed it to him. "But what's important is that he loved you but you can't let his death be in vain just like how I was forced to end my parents life....just remember he will always be in your heart" she said touching his chest to show. "Same goes for my parents.." She said gently touching her chest with her hand. "I'm JC and this is Blue my partner the shiny Umbreon..."she added. "I don't need to scan you since the system did so already so I know your already clean but if your hungry I could make something for you and your team" she said but seemed to burst into tears quietly hand covering both eyes suddenly think about the two most important people she had to slay down.-
  27. Tyler looked to the girl. He took the tissue and wipped his eyes. He got up and hugged her. "Everything will work out. I am not hungry right now but if you are please let me. I worked in a restraunt before all of this started." Opening his bag he brought out some food for his pokemon. It was handmade and made especially for each pokemon. He let his team out of their pokeballs and got the bowls for them out of his bag. He placed some food in a bowl for each of them. He then took out a jar with some food he made for others pokemon. He handed the Jar to the girl. "Here is somw food that works with dark types. I am sure Umbreon will like it. I have other types of food for other types as well. I will get them out now." He walked over to a table and started setting out different jars. Each one labled with a different type name.
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  28. Kellen was close enough to distinguish the girl and the Floatzel. He waved.

    “Everything okay over there?”

    Out of nowhere, Bonetrousle appeared in front of the Togekiss. He stuck out his tongue in greeting.
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  29. Ace quivered after he felt a slight pat on his back. He heard his caretaker saying, "Come on Ace, you should try talking to them... if you can that is."

    The Aron shook his head, before he turned away from the other Pokémon. The infant formed a slight vaccum around his left arm with his mouth.

    "Just try to at least say hi okay?" The teenage guardian instructed. Another gentle pat was given on the little Pokémon's back. It was apparent that the baby Pokémon took no heed in his caretaker's soft command.
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  30. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The girl nodded and said, "Other than being stranded out in the middle of sea, yes. I suggest you come on board. Soul healed you of any infections. Trust me, I would be one of them right now if it wasn't for her." Rider looked at his trainer and nodded. He then jumped back in the water and mentioned for the Aloamola to join him. Soul looked at the Haunter and gave him a kiss, which was the move Sweet Kiss. She then giggled as she flew onto the trainer's shoulder.
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  31. She tensed slightly from the embrace but gently returned it before he let go of her. "Thanks for the comfort...just call me JC...I just need to find my brother and another friend of mine but right now I don't even know where they are" she said as she placed the flood down for Blue as she ate loving the sweet taste as her tail wagged a bit. "Well since all your teammates are out," she pulled out three other Luxury balls before three others of her team appeared out. A Dusk Lycanroc, a Primarina, and an Absol. "Meet Wolfa the Dusk Lycanroc, Delta the Primarina, and Blade the Absol and the other two who is out at the moment is Gem the Flygon and Lara the Floatzel and of course you meet Zebbi the Zebstrika" she introduced as she gently wiped her tears before looking at the baby Aron. She gave a gently smile before she pulled out a sweet Oran berry as she bent down to the aron. "No need to be shy little one, you are a cute one aren't you, here take it I won't hurt you I promise, I can completely understand you" she gave a gentle smile under her mask as the girls are the food Tyler offered.

    Gem and Lara were still in the air as Lara spotted a trainer and another Floatzel herself. "Floatzel!" She told Gem. "Flygon!"she answered before seeing Lara leap off her into the water as her tail spun like a propeller as she advanced to the raft. Gem on the other hand saw another male going somewhere as she gave a signal with her flamethrower just a bit to get his attention. Once Lara made it close she popped her head out as she a waterproof note attached to her float saying she was Lara and a rescue from other survivors. "Floatzel!"she said trying to get the girls attention.

    Meanwhile on another region was Shadow and their friend Mask as Shadow's partner Sparkx walked beside Shadow as Mask's partner Yami his shiny Yamask floated beside him. "I see no sign of JC anywhere in this region...I am going to have to do a fly search" he told Mask who just nodded. He threw out Talon his Braviary as he attached a note on his leg in a capsule before letting him go to find JC
  32. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Loah went onto the raft and put Charizard back in his pokeball, "so, what are you guys doing here on the ocean.? " he asked and paused, waiting for an awnser
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  33. Tyler seeing that his food was being enjoyed looked over finally noticed the little aron. He slowly walked up to the little guy in his hand was a bottle. He had mixed some food for baby pokemon with a little water and powdered milk.

    He knelt down to the level of the baby pokemon. He wanted to look as non threating as possible. "Here you go little on this will give you some of the nutrients you need." Instead of handing the bottle to him he set it beside the baby pokemon and backed away.

    In another region Sarah was facing her own battles. She was here to meet with her collage professor. Turned out she had to slice her way there.

    She had been there for a long time. She was still in the misted of battle with a zombie. It kept coming and coming.
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  34. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The female took the note and opened it while she had Soul cure the newcomer. "To get away from the zombies," she replied to him as she read the note, "The real question is why are you out flying in the middle of the ocean if you have a Charizard. They hate water you know."
    Rider had his front paws on the raft, while he watched everyone. He suddenly looked at the other Floatzle, no in a challenging manner, but a friendly one.
    Soul flew around Loah while she used Wish on him. She then giggled as she flew back to her trainer.
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  35. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Well, there was some kind of beam of light wich looked like a distress signal" Loah responded, sitting down, he got tired
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  36. Ace glanced at the unfamiliar, berry that had a bluish hue to it. He slowly took a few tiny steps away from the small, foreign piece of fruit. The Aron shook his head at the girl before he took his left arm out of his mouth. The infant tapped on his trainer's left leg, as he placed his left arm towards the mouth, but not inside there yet.

    "Oh uhh... you look like you want your drink right?" Cory asked, before the baby Pokémon promptly nodded. A small, sky blue bottle was taken out of the wheeled backpack. The tiny, baby friendly container appeared to be filled with water mixed with some powder containing higher amounts of iron, minerals and other nutrients. The bottle was carefully given to the little Pokémon soon after. A careful, partial vaccum was formed between the soft, plastic spout and his mouth when the drinking container had a modest grip secured.

    "Okay, just please try to not drink that so fast, otherwise your stomach might start hurting a lot," Cory briefly stated to the infant quietly sucking on the bottle.
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  37. Kellen refrained from boarding the raft, partly because he knew neither of these people, but mostly because the raft looked kinda crowded. When Soul kissed Bonetrousle, he was startled and blushed, and started to do flips in the air, hearts trailing behind him.

    “Bonetrousle, what are you doing you goofball?”

    Kellen didn’t know why the Haunter was behaving this way. Palindrome greeted Rider by flapping one of her fins.
  38. Lara saw the male Floatzel as she nodded her head before turning around to show her one spot on her back to indicate she was female before she leaped out of the water onto the raft as she made her way to the front and pointed at the direction on where to go before she leaped back into the water. "Float! Floatzel!" She said trying to tell the girl to follow her as she was going to lead the way to shore. Gem was above looking down to where Lara was as she lowered herself to greeting the others. "Flygon!" She said giving a smile but pointed in the direction that Lara was pointing.

    She just gave a chuckled looking at the Aron. She gently grabbed the baby Aron and gently helped him drink the mixer. "Don't drink too fast little one" she advised giving a smile.-
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  39. ThePlayfulFox

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    "Rider turn us around! You two, if you have any water types, have them help pull this raft! Follow that Floatzle and Flygon!" She shouted as she gave orders. Rider saluted then asked the Alolamola to help him out. Soul reentered the Pokeball to decrease the weight of the raft as the trainer looked ahead, glancing at the note every once in a while.
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    "O..okay, Vaporeon, push this raft" he said as he took out a Vaporeon out of a great ball, "hm, i always thought a zombie apocalypse would happen later, guess i was wrong"
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