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Open The Beat Em All Challenge

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by An0maly, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Okay, so the plot basically is that you're a trainer with a (preferably) Post E4 team. You will engage in a tournament with other trainers to see who the strongest is. The tournament is located in Johto, the Pokeathlon Dome. Though the Pokeathlon Dome was used for sporty things, in this RP, it is for battles exclusively. Please don't cuss, because kids play this, and keep the content appropriate. Aside from that, your rules come straight from the 'Pokemon Role Play Rules'.

    The Character Sheet should look like this:

    Native Region:
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  2. Name: Mekhl
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Native Region: Sinnoh
    Team: Jolteon, Gengar, Swampert, Darmanitan, Cloyster, Toxicroak

    RP: Mekhl made his way towards the towards the Pokeathlon Dome, where he would be competing with many other trainers, all who were vying for the top spot, and the prize: 1 Million Pokeyen. Mekhl could barely maintain a straight face; understandably, as he was about to compete on a televised tournament. His team, which helped him beat the Elite four of Sinnoh, was composed of the Pokemon he trusted and loved. But since, Mekhl loved to travel, he respectfully turned down being a champion. Mekhl took a deep breath, and entered the Dome.
  3. Name: Jagged Gearson
    Native Region:Kalos
    Team:Gallade, Beedrill, Scizor,
    Snorlax, Greninja, Noivern.

    Jagged was one of the best trainers in all of Kalos being one of the youngest trainers to take on the elite 4 of Kalos at only the age of 12 his team consisted of various typed pokemon but he knew from the moment he saw the flyer for this tournament that he would win it all. "You guys ready for this?!" He asked his team of pokemon. "Becuase even if you are, were still going to have to wait." He said as he walked into the waiting area, the area where trainers that weren't battling st the moment would wait and could see the current battle going on from a television. "These guys better be as good as us." Jagged said to his team.
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  4. RP: Smiling, Mekhl entered the Dome. Sitting in the reception room were several trainers whose attention was directed towards a TV mounted on the wall. Mekhl plopped down onto a comfy suede chair next to another trainer who had a particularly french persona.
    "Kalos," Mekhl thought.
    Hesitantly, Mekhl said, "Hi. My name is Mekhl, and this is my Jolteon, Jett."
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  5. Jagged noticed someone who took a seat next to them. "Oh hey." He replied. "My name's Jagged, but hopefully you've already heard of me." He said "This is My Gallade we've been together since he was a Ralts. And we plan on winning this tournament along with the other pokemon on my team." He said to Mekhl. "So how about you?" He asked. "Were you invited here, brought here against your will, or just came here to test your pokemon, while we're on the topic, where are you from?" He asked.
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  6. Mekhl smirked. "You're definitely confident. I hope you can battle as well as you talk. But yes, I have heard of you. Not many have heard of me because I turned down becoming champion." He frowned for a minute, then said, "Since Sinnoh, my team hasn't really been challenged. We came here to battle people who are worthy opponents."
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  7. "If pokemon could talk Gallade could tell you that I battle better than I do talk." He said. "But the real question is. Why turn down being champion?" He asked. "Having your name in the Hall of Champions is suck an honor to everyone that supported you along the way besides once your done with being champion you can always just resign." He said.
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  8. Mekhl thought for a moment, then said, "I didn't have much outside help. The only ones I need to thank are my Pokemon because no one else has helped me. As for glory, I don't need it. In fact, I think it holds me down. if I walk around with a rap such as champ, then I gain a label, which, in turn, sets a standard that people expect me to be like. I hate that."
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  9. "You've got a point." He said as he looked around the room to see a number of trainers woth their partners. "But it's not only the glory, it's also some of the newfound respect people have for you after, I after defeating the league and Diantha, I was getting massive attention by everyone and it got annoying to be honest, and that's why I resigned as champion last year. The only part I did like is that even though I gave up the title, I had new trainers walking up to this boy that was only 2 to 5 years older than him or her just asking for advice on how to train their pokemon." He explained. "It's that feeling that you get when you realize that you've inspired more people to do more things in life, I once met a boy named Jason about 2 months ago. He had just begun his journey with a Froakie and he walked up to me and began to cry saying that he wasn't good enough to be a trainer becuase he didn't know how to catch or train a pokemon. I taught him how to catch a pokemon and how to train them, just a few days ago I received a notification that a young boy had defeated the gym leaders Viola and grant by using only one pokemon, he came back up to me after Grant and he said thank you." He said. "It's that feeling you get when you know that you just changed someone's life just by doing what you love to do." He said.
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  10. Name: Arashi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Native Region: Unova
    Team: Torterra, Zoroark, Gallade, Luxray, Noivern, Milotic

    RP: Arashi, having just finished the Unova Pokemon League, he was looking for something to do. He had heard about the Pokeathlon Dome so he made his way there, eager to be freed from the plague that is boredom.
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  11. "I can understand where you're coming from. The problem is, I don't care if I'm respected. I see your point, though." Mekhl said all of this thoughtfully, then stood up.
    "Thank You, Jagged, for the perspective. I have to go train now."
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  12. Arashi looked around hoping to see any tough trainers. There were two particular trainers that were conversing, and they caught his eye. As Arashi awkwardly smirked and continued walking. He hoped they were fun to battle.
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  13. Mekhl stood up, and saw another trainer walking into the Dome. Mekhl noticed that he was looking him and nodded curtly before walking out into the National Park to train and practice. He let his whole team out, and they dispersed, getting room to spar. Swampert and Zen Darmanitan were exchanging blows, each testing endurance. Gengar and Toxicroak each poisoned random patches of grass , seeing which died faster. Then, they would spar. Cloyster and Jolteon both shot beams at each other. Ice beam, Charge Beam, Hyper Beam, you name it. Mekhl supervised, making sure they were pushing as hard as they could. "What would the harm be if everyone saw my team?" He thought. "It's already been marked down on the registration form, so everybody knows everyone else's team." He paused. Horrified, he called everyone back, and ran for the dome. He had forgotten to register! Out of breath, he said to the other competitors, "You guys have to register! I nearly forgot!" Mekhl hurried over to the reception desk and snagged a form. He then sat down and filled it out. He also handed one to Jagged and the the trainer who had caught his eye earlier. "Oh, hi," Mekhl said to the trainer. I'm Mekhl. What about you?"
  14. Arashi, roused from his focus, replied to the question; "I'm Arashi. Did you forget to register? I saw you run back over here, quite hastily. I'm participating because it looks fun and I get bored. I'm not in it for the money or glory. I had just beat the Unova Pokemon league, which was quite fun. It was almost too hard; I had almost quit. But I prevailed in the end. So why are you participating?"
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  15. "Hi Arashi," Mekhl said, smiling. "Yes, I forgot to register, but that is a matter of the past. It's is all resolved now. I agree, though. It does look fun. Glory doesn't matter to me. It's a burden," he said with a sideways glance at Jagged. He stood up and walked over to the reception desk and gave the secretary his submission form. He walked back, and said, "I'm participating because my team and I don't have a challenge. We want to learn how to fight someone who gives us a challenge." He blinked hard, and said, I hope you give me a challenge. Nice meeting you, Arashi." Mekhl smiled, then walked back out to National park to finish up training.
  16. Name: Robin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Native Region: He was born outside the regions.
    Team: Gallade, Plusle, Farfetch'd, Blastoise, Roserade, Gigalith.

    Robin was bored. He had already registered, and was waiting for his battle to come up, and was trying to ignore the occasional stares from his appearance. If the claw scars on his face didn't make people look, his eyes blue hair definitely did. And then there was his sword. Robin was a wanderer, and made his living by teaching moves like cut and slash. It was a miracle that an attendant hadn't asked him to leave the building.
    "Plu?" His Plusle, Cherry, crawled onto Robin's lap and gave him a concerned look. Giving it a small smile, he responded.
    "It's OK. I was just thinking. You ready for this?" Cherry nodded her head excitedly, a few sparks fizzling from her. At that moment, Robin's Gallade, Q, teleported in front of him.
    "Oh, hey Q. You excited for this tourney?" Robin asked. Q merely stretched and gestured towards Robin's sword.
    "What, you want to spar now?!" Robin said, looking around. It wasn't very crowded, so he shrugged.
    "Okay, if you want." Robin said. He got up and unsheathed his sword, then the two went at it. Their fight was intense but brief. With a powerful upper swipe, Robin's sword flew out of his hands and over his head. There was a loud thunk, followed by a scream. Fearing the worst, Robin whirled around to see his sword buried in the receptionist's desk. The receptionist herself sat there with a terrified expression, then fainted.
    "Oh, crap." Robin said. He turned to Q, only to find that his Gallade had teleported away. Panicked, Robin ran to the reseption desk to retrieve his sword.
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  17. Jagged had heard a scream coming from the receptionists desk and turned to see a boy who looked older than him. He walked over to greet him. "Hey, nice sword you got there." He said to the young man. "Names Jagged, what brings you ro the tourney?" He ased the young man as Jagged's Gallade showed up behind him. "Hey bud." He said.
  18. "GAh!" Robin jumped upon hearing the voice, but relaxed when he realized it was just another trainer.
    "Uh. Thanks." Robin said, yanking his sword from the desk.
    "My name's Robin. I'm just- Q?!" Robin exclaimed, thinking that Jagged's Gallade was Q. At that moment, however, Q teleported next to Robin with a confused look. Robin started, looked at Q, then at Jagged's Gallade.
    "Whoa." Robin said, pointing at both Pokemon. "Nice Gallade."
    Q noticed the other Gallade, and crossed his arms with a smirk.
  19. "Right back at ya Robin and Q." Jagged said. "What do you specialize in?" He asked. "By that I mean what do you want your pokemon to have, are they all offensive, defensive, focus on dodging. Or are they like my team, variation." He said. "I was the champion if Kalos for 3 years and then I resigned, but a good trainer needs a strong team." He said.
  20. Mekhl was exhausted. After a long day of training, he headed back to the dome's brand new cafe so he could crash for a few. As he walked into the dome, he realized something was wrong. Someone was. . . sword fighting? With a Gallade? Mekhl frantically looked over to Jagged, who seemed to be zoning out. Not his Gallade. He would keep better watch. Suddenly, with an upward slash, the Gallade knocked the sword out of the guy's hand. Flinching, Mekhl saw that the sword had embedded itself into the desk. Mekhl rolled his eyes, donned an easygoing smile, and continued in. He watched as Jagged turned around and struck a conversation with the guy. Mekhl, being observant as he was, picked up a few things. One, the guy's name was Robin. Huh. He also had a Plusle named Cherry, and a Gallade named Q. Cocking an eyebrow, Mekhl continued to the cafe to grab a coffee and walk back in. When he walked back in, he saw that both Jagged and Robin were talking, and both of their Gallades were present. This was getting confusing. Deciding to join the party, Mekhl walked back into the cafe and ordered two more drinks. He walked back into the dome and held them out to Robin and Jagged. He said, "Hey. I'm Mekhl. You?" he asked, gesturing to Robin. He asked out of courtesy, even though he already knew. "Oh yeah!" he remembered. "This is Jett," he said, pointing to the Jolteon on his shoulder. It barked(?) in acknowledgement.
  21. "Hey Mekhl, who's was your training?" Jagged asked accepting the drink he brought for them. "Also I heard that the tournament should start soon and that the pokemon center and shop here are open all day from here on out." He said. "And one last thing, they announced earlier that giving items to pokemon during a battle is against the rules, but its okay if a pokemon is holding something beforehand." He said.
  22. "My name's Robin." Robin said, accepting the drink. "This is Q, and Cherry..."
    He looked around, and ended up going in a full circle before his Plusle ran to him.
    " That's Cherry." The Plusle scampered onto his shoulder and waved at the Jolteon.
  23. The three spoke for a bit longet until the tournament officially started and the announcer called the first two participants up to the arena.

    "Our first two participants will be Luna Moore from the Kanto region!" The announcer shouted as it came in through the intercom and Jagged saw a girl about his age walk out of the room and into the arena. "And her opponent will be Jagged Gearson of the Kalos region!" He yelled.

    "He." Jagged said as he smirked. "Guess I'm up." Robin, Mekhl, wish me luck." He said as he walked into the arena.

    Jagged looked around the arena to see hundreds maybe even thousands of people there just to watch a tournament. "This place was made for crowds." Jagged said to himself as he stepped foot onto the battle field where he and his oppenent shook hands.

    "Let the battle begin! Competitors! Send out your first pokemon!" The announcer yelled.

    "Go Absol!" Luna yelled "Scizor you're up buddy!" Jagged yelled back. "Scizor, use Aerial Ace!" Jagged yelled as Scizor soared into the sky and attacked the Absol from above.
    "Absol, Dark pulse!" She yelled back the attack landed but did very little damage. "Scizor Iron Head!" Jagged yelled as Scizor jumped forward basically head butting the Absol at full force knocking it out. "Absol is unable to battle, Scizor Wins! Please Send put your next pokemon." The referee said. "Go Pangoro, use Hammer arm!" she yelled as the attack hit the Scizor knocking it out. "Scizor is unable to battle! The winner is Pangoro!" The referee yelled. "Next!" "Greninja you know what to do!" Jagged yelled. "Go Hydro Pump!" He yelled as the Pangoro tool the hit. "Pangoro, use Crunch!" "Dodge it then use Surf Greninja!" Greninja dodged the attack and hit the Pangoro knocking it out. The girl grunted and sent out another pokemon. "Go Tyrantitar! Use Earthquake!" She yelled. "Greninja, Rock type maneuvers, Just like we practiced, Jump and Hydro Pump!" The Greninja jumped off the ground and used Hydro pump and it knocked out the Tyrantitar. "Tyrantitar us unable to battle, which means the winner is Jagged of Kalos!" The referee yelled as Jagged and Luna went to go shake hands at the center of the battle field. "Good game." She said. "Right back at you." Jagged said as they walked back into the lobby.
  24. Arashi had been snoozing in the reception center, before he was awoken by a bang, a screech and a scream. "Zzz-wha? Why's there a sword in a desk? You could just use a sheath you know. Anyways, Who are you?" Arashi exclaimed, still half asleep. " Wait...two Gallades?!?" he quickly rubbed his eyes and checked to make sure his Gallade was still resting inside his pokeball. Arashi, deciding that it was futile to attempt to sleep now, made his way to the trio that was Jagged, Mekhl, and some new person, apparently owner of the sword and Gallade. "Hiya! Whats your name? Robin eh? Well, my names Aras-Zzz...Mmm! Did I fall asleep there? I wonder if an awakening would do the trick...oh! Right! The names Arashi, and i happen to have a Gallade too! Oh? The tournament's starting? Lets go watch! Have fun Jagged!" After Jagged's decisive battle, The announcer posted the next battle. The trainers were...
  25. The participants had moved to a smaller area within the arena, dubbed The Tent. "Gavin Young, hailing from the Hoenn region!" rang from the intercom. From one of the cheap bleachers in the back of The Tent came a short kid with frizzy hair and deep, brown eyes. "And, his opponent, Mekhl Tyden!" Mekhl painted a smug grin on his face and walked out beside Gavin. Gavin ran to the other side of the arena and prepared to battle. Since only three pokemon were allowed, Mekhl had spent hours finding out who would fight the first battle. As a safe pick, Mekhl sent out Darmanitan Zen. Gavin, at the same time, sent out a Gyrados. Mekhl smiled. Darmanitan Zen had a nasty type weakness, sure. But Mekhl ALWAYS came prepared. "Darmanitan, use Thunderbolt!" The crowd only had a second to react. The next one had a fainted pokemon involved. Darmanitan had annihilated the Gyrados. Since Thunderbolt gave a double weakness to a water-flying, it was easy. Gavin then sent out a Garchomp. Inwardly laughing, Mekhl sent out a Cloister. Double weakness, again. Something nagged at the back of his head, but he dismissed it. "Cloister, use Ice Beam!" It hit HARD. The garchomp took the full force of the hit. But it was tough. With the last of it's energy, it used Flare Blitz by command of Gavin. Cloister's water typing didn't matter. Flare Blitz hit hard enough to OHKO the Cloister. The Garchomp, however, stumbled back and fell, knocked out. "Recoil," I thought. He had one more pokemon. And it was a shoe-in. Desparate, he sent out a Drifblim. Excited, Jett ran out onto the battlefield. "Jett, use Wild Charge!" Mekhl said. It did. With one attack, Jolteon had knocked out the Drifblim. Jolteon looked strained for a second, probably because of the recoil. But the Jolteon stood straight again, obviously because of the sitrus berry. As the crowd went wild, Jolteon hopped back onto Mekhl shoulder and he walked silently back into The Tent.
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  26. "Wow!" Robin said, watching the trainer's matches. Q's smirk grew, and he began to hit his hand with his fist and extend and retract his blades.
    "Calm down Q, I can see they're tough." Robin said. He turned to Arashi with a grin.
    "Awake yet?"
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  27. Mekhl looked at the wall of The Tent. A bracket was situated on the wall at about shoulder height. It was electronic, meaning it updated after every match. Mekhl found his name on the diagram and saw what was there. It showed his name, and above it, it showed Gavin's name. His heart sank when he looked at what he saw next. he had to fight Jagged. Mekhl, being the natural competitor he was, thought he was going to win. He was upset because he wanted to fight Jagged in the Winner's bracket Semi's. No matter. Mekhl would just have to tough it out and be strong for his team. "This is going to be one of the toughest battles I've ever fought," he thought.
  28. Jagged was in the lobby receiving congratulations from the other competitors while he watched Mekhl battle and then he noticed a bracket with the names of the next battle and the two winners, him and Mekhl. "Well, this won't be easy." Jagged said to himself. "I've seen the Darmanitan, the Cloyster, and the Jolteon. He's using Jolteon for our battle, that i can count on." He said to himself. "I doubt he'll use Darmanitan. As for the rest I have no clue, but I know one thing, and that's who I'm using for our battle." He said. "Gallade training room." He said as they walked off.
  29. It was late. Mekhl sat in his hotel, stumped. He was trying to prepare his team for the battle with Jagged. Match-up-wise, Mekhl's team had the upper hand by a long shot. He could deal with Scizor and Beedrill, that was easy. Snorlax could be taken out with a few, critical moves and hard hitters, and Greninja wouldn't be too big of a problem. Noivern was easy. It had a double weakness, but if Mekhl didn't account for it on his team, it could be his undoing. But then, the big problem. Gallade. His team was dead meat. He had no strengths that he could possibly combat it with. He stopped. He did! He had a possibility! And it had been staring him in the face! Angry at himself, he jotted down notes onto a pad that was sitting on his desk. He had a reliable way to fight Jagged's Gallade! Jolteon, who had been sitting on the hotel bed, walked over, sensing his owner's excitement. He looked down at the pad, then looked back up at Mekhl.
    "Of course you can't read it, Jett." he said, in a joking voice. "Here let me tell you." He pulled the Jolteon onto his lap, and said, "So what we're gonna do is this. We're gonna start off by sending out. . . "
  30. "Alright guys. I know it's late." Jagged said as he stood outside his hotel room training. "We've got until about a whole days worth of practice to do,but we can do it." Jagged said as his pokemon agreed. "Alright were allowed to use all 6 after all the round one matches are over, so we need to use strategy here." Jagged said. "Greninja, Beedrill, you guys out speed every single pokemon on Mekhl's team. Galladr, Snorlax, Beedrill, and Scizor you guys are my heavy hitters, and Snorlax you already know your secret weapon. Noivern you're good for almost everything but you'll play a great game as long as use your favorite move." Jagged said to them. "Gallade,Beedrill I plan on letting you guys carry the team to the third round. Greninja I'm planning on you to out speed. Noivern, Scizor you guys will be emergencies only, as for you Snorlax, you've got three moves that will absolutely destroy Mekhl's team." Jagged said to his pokemon. "You guys are the strongest pokemon I have, you guys have worked through all of the gym leaders in Kalos, this is the team that blew away the elite four, I've known you all for so long that it's starting to get hard to remember. Ralts, froakie, Weedle, those were the three pokemon I started with and you guys took out the first four gym leaders. Noibat, and scyther, you two ate up Clement and the sixth and seventh gyms, Snorlax, you're the only reason why I defeated the eighth gym, we've been together for as long as I ca remember, and in a few hours we'll be able to show everyone that came here to watch the true bonds that can be achieved with pokemon and trainer." Jagged said. "We're going to do great as long as we can take out Mekhl we'll be home free."
  31. The next day, Robin felt a little bored. He was about to ask one of the others if they wanted to do a quick battle, when the announcer announced the next two contestants.
    "Now, for Robin Doe to enter the arena!"
    "Well, that's us, Cherry!" Robin said, jumping over the barrier. Q moved to follow, but Robin shook his head.
    "Not yet, man. Wait for it." Q frowned and crossed his arms.
    "And, in the other corner, hailing from Kanto..." As the announcer spoke, there was a burst of smoke that appeared on the other side of the arena.
    "Shiori Fujimoto!" A man wearing a red bodysuit and a Magikarp mask burst through the smoke executing a flip and pointing at Robin.
    "I, am Karpman!" The man yelled. "Prepare for your destruction!!!"
    Robin sweatdropped.
    "Why do I always get the weird ones?" He muttered.
    "Go, Magikarp!" Karpman declared. The fish Pokemon flopped on the ground, looking... Pretty pathetic, actually.
    "Cherry, you're up. Thunderbolt." The Plusle jumped off of his shoulder and shot an electric attack at the Magikarp. The attack blasted it back, then to Robin's surprise, it launched itself forward and attacked Cherry, sending her skidding back.
    "Wha?!" Slowly, the Magikarp faded, replaced by a black and red pokemon. A Zoroark.
    "Surely you weren't expecting me to send out one of my most powerful Pokemon first, eh?" The masked trainer asked. "Night Slash!"
    "Agility!" Cherry dodged the slash as her speed doubled. The Zoroark continued slashing at Cherry, until Robin finally saw an opening.
    "Mega Kick!" Robin commanded with a grin. Cherry launched herself through an opening in the Zoroark's attack, landing a powerful kick that launched the dark Pokemon back, unconscious. "You're not the only one with tricks up the sleeve."
    "Very well, take this! HOO-HA!" Karpman yelled, throwing out his next Pokemon. Another Magikarp flopped out into the arena.
    Another Zoroark? Robin thought.
    "Cherry, Mega Kick." Cherry launched herself at the Magikarp, only for it to disappear. "Another trick?!"
    "Look up, you fool!" To late, Robin realized the Magikarp had used Bounce and was barreling straight towards Cherry. "Secret Magikarp technique, Aerial Hydro Pump!'
    "Thunderbolt!" Robin yelled. The two Pokemon let out powerful attacks, each connecting and sending the Pokemon flying. The Magikarp fell, unconsious. Cherry, however, barely managed to struggle to her feet.
    "Well, well, things look bad, but I'll turn it around! Go, Gyrados!" Karpman said, sending out his last Pokemon. The Dragon Pokemon roared, and the small Plusle shrunk back in fear.
    "Cherry, it's okay." The Plusle scampered behind Robin's leg, trembling in fear. Robin sent out his next Pokemon, a Farfetch'd named Sam. The Gyrados let out a roar, but Sam seemed unfazed. "Sam, Air Slash."
    The Farfetch'd drew his stick, and swung a blade of air so powerful that it knocked the Gyrados over.
    "Gyrados, Hydro Pump!" Karpman declared. The Gyrados attacked Sam with a burst stream of water, but Sam dodged it with ease.
    "Sam, Leaf Blade!" With a slashing attack similar to a samurai, Sam shot past the Gyrados, nailing him with a Leaf Blade attack. The Gyrados screeched and collapsed to the ground.
    "The winner is Robin!" The ref called.
    "Very well! But this is not the last you will see of Karpman!" Karpman declared, then disappeared in a puff of smoke.
  32. Jagged woke up the next morning in his hotel room with Greninja and Gallade on the floor, Scizor on the other bed, Snorlax in his pokeball, and Beedrill and Noivern clinging on the roof. "Jeez, guys how long did we train yesterday." All of his pokemon starting with Noivern began waking up and they realized that they were late for the the rest of the first round matches and managed to run to the lobby just in time to see Robby win his match. "Hm, maybe next time we should set a limit to our training, guys." Jagged said as his pokemon nodded.
  33. Robin walked back into the lobby, still feeling a little ridiculous after the match he had to fight. He could feel Cherry cling weakly to his shoulder, and he took her and cradled her in his arms.
    "You did good, kid." Robin said. Cherry smiled A weak smile, and fell asleep. Robin looked up to see Jagged, followed by his team.
    "Oh, hey Jagged. What's up?" He asked.
  34. Jagged and Gallade were just barely staying awake when they suddenly heard someone's voice. "Oh hey Robin." Jagged said as he yawned. "I saw the last part of the battle, you did good out there."
  35. "Thanks." Robin said. Q teleported next to Robin and gave Jagged's Gallade a confident smirk.
    "That was one of the more... Stranger battles I've gone through. Not every day you see a guy in a Magikarp mask and bodysuit."
  36. "It's every day you get to see me looking as if I just asked an alakazam use hypnosis on me." Jagged said. "Better enjoy me while I'm too tired to do anything." Jagged said as he laughed. "Anyways I was wondering if you could show me your whole pokemon team and I'll show you mine, you know just to see our differences in types." Jagged said
  37. Robin laughed and shook his head.
    "Look man, if you wanna see my team, then you gotta meet me on the battlefield."
    At that, Q grinned and eagerly drew and sheathed his elbow blades.
  38. "Fine then." Jagged said as he laughed. "But that'll only happen if you make far enough in the competition, or just hope to dear Arceus that after you lose you can come back in the losers bracket." Jagged said as his Scizor came out of his ball ready for another battle. "Hey! Get back in your ball, it's not battle time." Jagged said to the Scizor as he went back into the ball. "You saw nothing..." Jagged said as he laughed a little.
  39. Robin grinned, and checked the board. An idea popped into his head.
    "Hey, we got a while to go till our next battles. Wanna go at it, just one Pokemon each?"
  40. "Sure, but I won't be using Gallade." Jagged said. "Last night we trained for so long that even Gallade just ended up passing out on the floor of the hotel room." Jagged said. "Only one of my pokemon managed to get any sleep and that's who I'm going to be using to battle." Jagged said as he began walking towards the training grounds. "You comin'?"

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