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Ask to Join The Battle Spire is active and looking for competitors! (Sign Ups/Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Foxex, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Veritas Island Home of the Battle Spire, has sent out their invitations!
    RP Thread Here

    About: What is there for trainers after the Elite 4 and the Champions? The Battle Frontier? Battle Tower? Battle Tree? There is only one place you can hope to go, Veritas Island. For those lucky enough and accomplished enough Veritas Island will extend an invitation to the worthy trainer. On the island trainers are granted the ability to challenge and ascend the brutal Battle Spire, where every opponent is tougher and stronger than the last, every trainer on the island having proven themselves before to some of the best. Do you have what it takes to battle in an environment where a single region Champion title only gets you a chance of an invitation? Do you have what it takes to defeat the Battle Spire’s Battlemasters? Or are you going to try to aim for the top, for a title and position where no League Champions and Frontier Masters have achieved? Will you ascend and become a Spire Master?

    Where is Veritas Island? A hidden paradise island surrounded by mists and fog, locatable only by those who have already been there. A special invitation is required to get onto a Sky Boat located in Olivine City, Johto

    What is Veritas Island? Veritas Island is a paradise for people and Pokémon alike, there is a singular large city on the island where the Battle Spire is located along with the resort area, and various other entertainment, shopping, and dining districts. Outside of the city there are glorious beaches, vast and deep forests, snow topped mountains and caves, and rolling grassy hills. But be weary, the wild Pokémon that reside on Veritas Island range from common to very rare and are much stronger than any of their counter parts found elsewhere in the world.

    What is the Battle Spire? The battle spire is the premier battle location for invited trainers, a paradise for those who seek to battle the strongest trainers and Pokémon in the world, trainers that have gone above and beyond with their Pokémon to levels above the Elite Four and Frontier Masters, and some, even above the League Champions. Only the top of the top will stand a chance battling at the spire to ascend its levels, earning glory, and prestige. As a trainer ascends so does the difficulty of the battles, trainers do not register for the Battle spire but are chosen, a bare minimum to even be considered to receive an invitation to Veritas Island to participate in the Battle Spire requires a single registration into any region’s Hall of Fame, excluding Alola due to the league there being newly established. Though they do have scouts at Veritas Island and the Battle Spire looking for potential members to fill their league.

    The Battle Spire is also a popular place for highly ranked Pokémon Battle teams to recruit from, in addition to specialty law enforcement agencies, unique investigators, and various other premier Pokémon battle establishments.

    Trainers are welcome to come and go to Veritas Island once they make it there. The Battle Spire itself is only open twice a year in 3 month intervals to participants, one period in the summer and once in the winter.

    When enough Glory and Prestige is earned by a trainer, they will be able to challenge some of the top Battle Spire trainers known as Battlemasters, or, if enough Prestige is earned, a Spire Master. There is only a very small handful of Spire Masters, and to beat one is no easy feat.

    What is Glory, and what is Prestige? Glory and Prestige is the point based currency used within the Battle Spire. Glory points are earned from any victory against any registered trainer. Once enough Glory points are earned, a trainer will gain the ability to challenge a Battlemaster. Beating a Battlemaster will award one Prestige point. 5 Prestige points are needed to challenge a Spire Master. Battling a Spire Master will automatically use 5 Prestige Points, a trainer may bank up Prestige points if they wish as the only way to lose them is to spend them challenging the Spire Masters. (More details will be given once players reach the point of the RP where this is introduced)

    What is a Battlemaster? How do I become one? Battlemasters are exceptional trainers within the Battle Spire, and technically part of the Battle Spire staff. They are often times very veteran members within the Spire. They act as gate keepers for trainers, beating a Battlemaster can be seen as a benchmark within the Battle Spire. The Glory points required to challenge a Battlemaster also varies, the stronger the Battlemaster the more Glory points required, but they are worth more Prestige points when beaten, the toughest can award up to 5 at a time, but even then, the power of the most Veteran Battlemaster still falls short to the Spire Masters. Battlemasters also function as mentors, assisting trainers with advice and feedback to help them improve for those who eventually wants to challenge a Spire Master.

    To become a Battlemaster a trainer must be a consistent trainer that is invited back to Veritas Island to participate in the Battle Spire regularly, if not every time (roughly a 2-3 time re-invite tenure within the Battle Spire). Show exceptional skill in battle, be consistent in wins and losses, utilizing cutting edge strategies, and demonstrate a passion for battle win or lose. Giving sound advice and constructive criticism when asked. A strong bond and trust between trainer and Pokémon is also required. (i.e. trusting a Pokémon to act on its own sometimes such as when the trainer is unable to react quickly enough to the opponents moves and able to adapt and work with their Pokémon in a flowing rapid adaptive style.) (More info upon request.)

    What is a Spire Master? How do I become one? Spire Masters are the pinnacle of Pokémon trainers, regarded as the best in the world near unanimously by any who have met or seen them in battle. There are only a small handful of them, and surprisingly, not every one of them is super famous or known across multiple regions, some of them preferring anonymity. Even if they are renowned to be known publicly, the extent of public knowledge on them is limited to their accomplishments in the official Leagues by those who do not dive deeper into their backgrounds.
    Each Spire Master has their own unique style of commanding their Pokémon in battle, from singing to keywords in their speech that their Pokémon know, while to the opponent they seem to have little relevance to the battle, concealing information from the opponent is a major key to victory. As a result they rarely call out moves or instructions for them to follow, but rather being a source of information and an adviser for their battling Pokémon. Battling at their level is less of whose Pokémon is stronger, type advantage, or even Mega-Evolves, but instead, it’s an intense strategic mind game where the smallest of slip-ups from either trainer or Pokémon can drastically swing the match. It is a place where the bond and trust between Pokémon and trainer is truly stress tested. Mega-Evolves are strong without a doubt, but a strategic and precise strike at the proper time will still easily take one down.

    Keep in mind: Spire Masters are seen as THE pinnacle of all trainers and as such they take every battle VERY seriously, as much as we love to "anime-fy" stuff by having trainers and Pokémon "hold back," play games against the opponent, or have the "Now it's time to get serious...." moments with their opponent, this is not a thing for them. The Spire Masters and their Pokémon are ruthless and brutal, every battle, they will go all out against their opponent/challenger.

    To become a Spire Master a trainer must defeat all the current Spire Masters at least once, to join in their ranks and earn the title of “Spire Master.” A trainer can take as long as they wish to challenge the Spire Masters, and once they manage to defeat one of them, they are allowed to challenge the other Spire Masters as many times as they want without recollecting Prestige points. (More info upon request.)

    Standard Rules Apply
    Standard Pokécharms Rules Apply
    Relationships and Dating are Fine, Keep it SFW, (If you gotta change the page when someone looks at your screen... probably not appropriate.)
    RP Specific Rules:
    Pokémon teams must have minimum of 5 active battling Pokémon (6 is recommended for a team)
    You are allowed up to 6 additional Pokémon to swap around with, since this is not a League but a Challenge, you are not restricted to a registered 6, just be prepared to write about all of them. Any more and your bonds with the Pokémon will not be strong enough to compete at this level.
    Please have Pokémon that are fully evolved, none fully evolved Pokémon better have a damn good reason to be competing at this level or else its just going to be ground to paste, unless its a non battling partner type.

    Due to the nature of the RP, Pokémon's movepools will be much larger and moves will have different effects, for example tail whip does do damage (depending on the Pokémon's tail, weight, size, relative strength, etc.), growl will do nothing since trying to scare a veteran discipline trained Pokémon and reducing its attack is absurd, Screech will not lower defenses, but can cause temporary disorientation and/or incapacitation. Get creative with this stuff, and keep it reasonable.

    No Legendaries
    Mega-Evolution OK (Strong yes, but it can only take you so far....)
    Z Moves allowed, single use per battle, Z-Ring required, appropriate Z-Crystals required, held by the Pokémon using the ability
    Have fun.

    Put code-word: LESGO somewhere in your bio post if you've read the rules.

    Other misc. info:
    Spire itself resembles the Lakhta Tower in Russia

    A building in the main plaza that resembles the Sagrada Familia basilica, is the primary place for people to go to have meet ups, watch matches, hangout, and is also has the third highest concentration of Battle Spire staff outside the Battle Spire and the resort area.
    Each person is allowed up to 3 characters
    There are open positions for Spire Masters and Battlemasters if anyone is interested in playing one of their characters in those roles. (Spire Master slots are limited.)

    NOTE: Spire Masters won't have that big of an active role in the RP due to their position, and their interaction with the rest of the RPers will function more as an opponent, mentor, or friend. They are like celebrities on the island. I would recommend at least having 1 character that is a trainer challenging the spire.

    Position (Required) (Participant, Battlemaster, Spire Master):
    Title(s) (Optional):
    Age (16+ recommended, remember a minimum of 1 League victory is required or equivalent):

    Hair Color:
    Eye color:

    First Pokémon (Optional):
    Occupation (Optional):
    Affiliations (Optional) (Required if going for Spire Master):

    Clothing/ Accessories/ Appearance:

    Badges (Required):
    Achievements: (Required):

    Personality (Required):

    Battle Style (optional) (Recommended if going for Battlemaster) (Required if going for Spire Master):

    Background (Required):
    Held Item:

    History (Optional) (Recommended if going for Battlemaster) (Required if going for Spire Master):

    One of my characters, I might have more to fill in space if there is not enough people.

    Position: Spire Master
    Name: Celeste Masters
    Title(s): The Empress, Spire Master
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’6 (~167.64 cm)
    Weight: 117 lbs.
    Hair Color: Platinum blonde, single violet streak
    Build: Hourglass-like, slightly curvy and athletic but leaning towards the slimmer side
    Eye color: Deep purple
    Birthplace: Cyllage City, Kalos
    First Pokémon: Eevee (now a Sylveon) / Riolu (now a Lucario)
    Current location: Veritas Island
    Occupation: Professional Pokémon Trainer, Pokémon Behaviorist
    Affiliations: The Battle Spire, Elite Four (all regions), Battle Frontier (all available regions)
    Likes: Pokémon, making Poké Puffs, high level competitive battling, traveling, meeting new people, testing unique battle strategies, team bonding exercises, exploring the world
    Dislikes: Thieves of any kind, mistreating Pokémon and calling it ‘tough love’ unnecessary crowds, paparazzi
    Fears: Disappointing her Team
    Clothing/ Accessories/ Appearance: Typically seen in a shorter white tube top with a violet Pokéball design on the lower left side and a vertical black stripe down the front right side. Occasionally seen with a dark purple cropped zip up hoodie with an oversized hood and a yellow Pokéball pattern on the back, a silver necklace with Sylvia’s Pokéball attached to it, she also has a specialized wristbands on each of her wrists that holds her on hand Pokémon (three on left and two on right). She wears a pair of three finger gloves that cover her thumb, index and middle fingers. She wears dark purple loose waist baggy cargo pants, a black belt with a Pokéball design buckle, and a pair of thick-padded black and white skate shoes. She also has a white messenger bag with a black Pokéball design on it that she keeps her other belongings in. Her long unkempt hair hangs a bit past her waist and swept backward from her forehead leaving only a few strands hanging down her face. She wears a Z-Bracelet on her upper left arm and a Mega Keystone set in an elaborate setting embedded on an armband that she wears on her upper right arm. Lucas, her Lucario, has the same on his right upper-arm as well.
    Badges: Indigo League, Johto League, Hoenn League, Sinnoh League, Unova League, Kalos League
    Other achievements: 1 of 6 Spire Masters the Battle Spire. Defeated Champion Diantha in Kalos and Champion Cynthia in Sinoh
    Very intelligent, methodical, and analytical, Celeste has always been more interested in Pokémon than people, making her seem standoffish to other people. In reality she holds no resentment towards people there’s just not much to talk about in her opinion. She could easily establish deep friendships and bonds with Pokémon, treating them as an extension of her family. As a result, once she became a trainer the Pokémon she would train would be closely bonded with her and with other members of the team, giving their full trust to one another and spurring each other on in battle, becoming more like family. She’s kind, generous, compassionate, often times empathetic. Her true passion shows when she’s training and even more so when battling, she gives her all into every battle, her passion, drive, and will for high level competitive battling knows no peer, her Pokémon share in her mindset and passions both on and off the battlefield, celebrating every victory and learning from every loss.

    Her true passion shows when she’s training and even more so when battling, she gives her all into every battle, her passion, drive, and will for high level competitive battling knows no peer, her Pokémon share in her mindset and passions both on and off the battlefield, celebrating every victory and learning from every defeat. She has an aura of confidence and command about her that translates onto her Pokémon.

    Battle Style:
    Celeste uses very few verbal commands to order her Pokémon around during battle. She trusts them that they know the best ability and actions to take during a heated moment and situation. However, when Celeste does give an order, her Pokémon will obey and not hesitate to change their course of action to what she ordered. Often times Celeste's orders is already the action of her active battling Pokémon, executing them slightly before or as the order is given. Her Pokémon knows what she wants and Celeste knows how each of her Pokémon prefers to battle. Her team functions as a well-oiled machine, each Pokémon knows their exact role and their teammates as well. Their trust in one-another is complete and absolute.

    Unlike other trainers, Celeste has all of her Pokémon out at the start of a battle, they watch, learn, and cheer their teammates on from the side of the arena. This has been her signature style since she started her adventure, Celeste believes that this builds strong team-bonds, and also acts a good time for the rest of her team to learn about their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. This style of battling has been adopted by other Spire Masters and some Battlemasters as well. The element of concealing their own Pokémon from their opponents holds little to no value at the highest level of competition. Instead opting to value knowledge and team relationship more, after all to them, a Pokémon's power cannot be judged by what they are until they are in the battle arena.

    Originally born on her family’s estate near Cyllage City in the Kalos Region. Her family was very wealthy, but lacked companionship. Not because her parents were neglectful or bad people, just their jobs kept them away from home most of the time. Her father was a renowned on-the-field- Pokémon researcher, and her mother was a famous Pokémon breeder, known to have breed the Pokémon of Elite Four champions and master coordinators alike As a result she was mostly raised by her grandfather who lived on the family estate. From a young age, Celeste was able to form deep and meaningful friendships and bonds with all kinds Pokémon. Her grandfather attributed this due to her lack of interaction with other children and people, she treats the Pokémon she meets as if they were people, individuals, and befriends them as such.

    Her grandfather, a former Ace Trainer and Veteran Competitive Battler, saw massive potential in the young girl due to her ability to form strong bonds with Pokémon, and began teaching her the basis and basics of Pokémon battling. Celeste took the lessons and knowledge in stride. On her tenth birthday she wanted to set out on her Pokémon journey with her best friend/ Pokémon at the time, a wild Riolu she had been friends with ever since she met him in the small forest on their family estate, but much to her disappointment, her parents told her no, for now, and instead her mother gave her a Pokémon egg and told her to take care of it, raise it, and once she understands the full responsibility of having Pokémon, then she will be allowed to go on her quest.

    The egg eventually hatched into an Eevee. Celeste named her Sylvia since she had planned on evolving it into a Sylveon, her favorite Eeveeloution. After months with Sylvia, playing, bonding, and having practice battles with her grandfather to train, the day finally came when she would prove to her parents that she is now ready to start on her journey. It was the week of her eleventh birthday when they returned home for their visit, something that she was used to for as long as she could remember.

    Celeste showed her parents the progress she had made with Sylvia, her parents were beyond impressed and agreed to let her go on her journey. It was their gift to her, in addition once she got the ok to go, her best friend Riolu challenged her and Eevee on the spot to a battle. With her parent’s blessing and her grandfather watching with interest. The battle begun right in the middle of Celeste’s birthday celebration.

    The battle was harder than anything Celeste had ever encountered, Sylvia was at a type disadvantage and Riolu was no slouch, showing off his speed, precision, and determination. When the battle had ended, Sylvia stood victorious, standing by sheer will power alone. After the battle Celeste’s grandfather handed her a Pokéball. She looked at Riolu and he nodded back, he was the first Pokémon she would capture.

    From that point on, Celeste began her goal of becoming one of the greatest Pokémon trainers of all time, someone that even League Champions will admire and respect. She would study hard in-between battling, training, and traveling, looking for powerful Pokémon and where to find them. Carefully constructing her team Pokémon one at a time making sure each member of the team fits with the rest.

    It took her 6 years to assemble her team, travelling across 7 different regions, spending roughly a year in each training, looking for her desired Pokémon, and challenging the gyms in each region along with any other battling establishments such as the Battle Frontier and Battle Tower whenever available. But she always stayed away from the Elite Four, she heard stories about their skills and power from her grandfather’s stories, and from then on she always wanted to be a champion and she had made it a goal to herself that once she is ready, she will challenge them in succession starting with the Kalos League, and once she acquired every badge from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos would she started her challenge of the Elite Fours across the many regions.

    She started with her home region of Kalos, defeating Diantha after several attempts, always failing at her Mega-Gardevoir. After a brief break in which she reconsidered her strategies and mindset, Celeste finally managed to overcome Diantha despite having a Mega stone herself, but at the cost of sacrificing one of her prior Pokémon to weaken it. This was a strategy that deeply went against her morals and was one of the few times where her victory felt hollow and undeserving despite being one of her greatest accomplishments. Despite this she did earn Diantha’s favor and the two became decent acquaintances and friends. After this battle Celeste returned home to do some soul searching of her own.

    Currently, she spends her time leisurely exploring the Alola Region, experiencing the island trials, and challenging the island Kahunas, while she gears to continue her challenge of the other champions.
    Name: Kayo
    Species: Alolan Ninetales
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Timid, shy, but elegant, usually reserved but will go to great lengths to protect her teammates, usually as the team’s opening Pokémon her will is indomitable
    Ability: Snow Warning
    Held Item: Light Clay
    History: More often than not Kayo fearlessly leads her team into battle with pride and confidence. She primarily acts as the defensive setup and support for the rest of the team utilizing her special ability, Snow Warning, along with Aurora Veil.

    First encountered in the Alola region as an Alolan Vulpix that was causing trouble for Tapu Village. Unable to properly control her Snow Warning ability, the hail was causing damage to the small village. Celeste caught news of this as she adventured through the area and decided to investigate. The confrontation was fierce once Celeste managed to properly challenge the Vulpix in battle. After a brief but intense battle the little Vulpix was defeated by Tempris. After the battle Celeste persuaded the little Vulpix to join the team, promising her that they will teach her how to control her ability, train her to become strong, become part of the family, and explore the world, to which the Vulpix happily accepted and became a vital part of Celeste’s team.

    The Vulpix worked extremely hard and made amazing progress, mastering her Snow Warning ability within a few months all the while learning and mastering a plethora of other moves. She was motivated after her battle with Tempris, dazzled and entranced by Tempris’s beautiful display of fire.

    After seeing the power of the rest of her teammates, she was determined to become just as strong as them. Just about six months after joining Celeste’s team, Vulpix had shown interest to want to evolve into a Alolan Ninetales, to which Celeste agreed and after passing a final battle test against an opponent of her choosing from the team, battling Tempris since she was her primary inspiration and idol, Celeste gave her, her Ice Stone and evolved into Alolan Ninetales.

    Despite being accepted by the rest of the team as a full-fledged member of the family, Kayo still sometimes has a hard time finding her place among the team, at times feeling like she is holding them back, but in reality, she’s just as strong and tough. Celeste, Sylvia, and Lucas have been trying to build her confidence as of late and she has seen massive improvements.

    Name: Sylvia
    Species: Sylveon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Bold, motherly, and caring, fearless and willing to sacrifice herself for the team, hates to disappoint
    Ability: Pixilate
    Held Item: Leftovers
    History: History: Technically Celeste’s first Pokémon. Sylvia started as an Eevee egg given to Celeste by her parents at the age of 10 instead of letting her start her journey with her best friend, a wild Riolu she befriended on her family’s estate named Lucas, her parent’s reason for this, is for her to learn about the responsibilities of having her own Pokémon.

    Ever since Eevee first hatched she had been extremely confident and bold, confronting Pokémon several times larger than herself or being outnumbered, when push comes to shove. This lead to Eevee becoming a very competent battler, which complemented Celeste’s natural talent for training and battling Pokémon, most likely inherited from her mother. Shortly after setting out on their journey Eevee evolved into Sylveon due to Celeste’s hobby of making high quality Poké Puffs and Eevee being more than a willing participant in assisting and taste testing.

    Being the one of the oldest on the team, the perfect role model, and her general displays of care, compassion and sacrifices, Sylvia is seen as the motherly caregiver on the team loved, cherished by all others, the number one cheerleader for everyone, and the undisputed leader of the team.

    Sylvia plays a vast array of roles on Celeste’s team. Primarily Sylvia fills the healing and status support. But, Sylvia is far from just being a support, when the situation calls for it, Sylvia utilizes a large move set of powerful fairy moves. Her ability Pixilate, also further enhances her offensive move pool turning Normal type attacks into Fairy type attacks. She is a fierce battler and inspires the rest of the team to greatness whenever she battles.

    Name: Sycorax
    Species: Gliscor
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jolly, somewhat intimidating in appearance, and dislikes conflict within the team, but is a huge softie and loves to hug and cuddle
    Ability: Poison Heal
    Held Item: Poison Orb
    History: Sycorax was an unexpected addition to the team. Celeste initially met the Gliscor as a Gligar when she was venturing through Johto looking for a Skarmory. The little Gligar followed Celeste when he spotted her battling a trainer in the mountainous woods near Blackthron City, a popular training area for up-and-coming trainers. He was enamored by the battle, seeing how Celeste and her Lucario dominated the battle, effortlessly dictating the momentum and flow. Becoming a great Pokémon with a great trainer and being respected and loved by others was something that the Gligar had always dreamed of. But among his family and group Gligar was always more of a meek Pokémon and tended to be too much of a softie.

    After a while Gligar finally mustered up the courage to confront Celeste directly. She seemed disinterested in him but he was determined to prove to her that he was good enough. He refused to back down when she tried to circumvent him, constantly getting in her way, that day, Gligar had made up his mind and he was either going to prove himself or get beaten into the ground trying. He had failed to get Celeste to battle him throughout the day until it was sunset while Celeste and the rest of her team was setting up camp, Gligar was nearby watching, almost completely hopeless., then to his surprise, Sylvia approached him and offered him food. He hadn’t noticed that he was completely famished. As the evening settled in, Celeste finally approached the Gligar complementing him on his determination, and that if he really wanted to battle, she will humor him, she even allowed him to pick his own opponent. Gligar was completely intimidated by Celeste’s team of Pokémon. After sizing each one of them up, he decided to challenge Sylvia, who happily obliged.

    Celeste was surprised by the cleverness and resourcefulness of the little flying scorpion managing to land several good hits on Sylvia before being overpowered by her. Celeste decided to give the Gligar a chance, and he happily accepted.

    The training he was put through was harder than anything he could have predicted, pushing him far past his known limits. The rest of Celeste’s party were always around to cheer him on and encouraged him while they endured their own training. After months on end, Gligar had become a very stable member of the team becoming a very powerful physical attacker as well as offering some support. Gligar was finally offered a Razor Claw to evolve one night eight months later which he took with excitement.

    As a Gliscor, Sycorax, plays a key role on the team, as a very tough Pokémon able to take hits, recover, and hit back just as hard if not harder most of the time. Being a great follow up to Kayo, Sycorax sets up entry hazards for the team as well as clearing them. He now has a solid position on Celeste’s team and they rely on him just as he on them.

    Name: Tempris
    Species: Volcarona (Shiny)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Timid, fearless, and powerful, fiercely loyal and never holds back in battle, a spectacle of fire and domination
    Ability: Flame Body
    Held Item: Bugininum Z
    History: Celeste discovered the, would be, Tempris deep in the Desert Resort while adventuring through the Unova region. Within its deepest parts Celeste discovered an odd egg buried in heated ashes and sand near an altar. She assumed it probably belonged to the ancient Pokémon Volcarona that she heard rumors about from the locals that Volcarona lived in the depths of Relic Castle, but Volcarona was nowhere to be found. Celeste assumed that it was out looking for food or patrolling, so she decided to camp nearby within the Relic Castle, hoping it would return soon so she can challenge it in a battle.

    Two days pass and Volcarona did not return and the heated embers and ash the egg was buried in had to be kept hot by Celeste who was also running low and supplies. She had to leave if she wanted to make it back to a city safely with what supplies she has left. A hard decision was made and Celeste capsuled the egg into an incubator she had brought along, was the same one that Sylvia as an Eevee was hatched from.

    After several weeks the egg finally hatched into a beautiful female shiny Larvesta to Celeste’s delight, she named her Tempris who would eventually evolve into a massive Volcarona. Tempris easily secured her spot on the team and fits in perfectly well with the others. Tempris battles with speed, power, and grace far beyond her peers. She primarily utilizes overwhelmingly powerful special attacks that often leave opponents dazed and intimidated by the intensity and ferocity.

    Name: Lucas
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jolly, supportive, brave, and thrives in battle, strategic and precise, battles for the joy of battling, funny joker of the team, likes having a good time with teammates when not battling, and is the second biggest cheerleader on the team
    Ability: Justified
    Held Item: Lucarionite (Approved by Stellar)
    Lucas shares an extremely strong bond with Celeste along with Sylvia, the three of them being inseparable since their journey began so long ago. Having pretty much grown up with her as a Riolu from a very young age. He was her first friend and the very first Pokémon that Celeste captured. He challenged her to battle at her eleventh birthday celebration once she got the OK to be a trainer.

    As a Riolu, Lucas was already quite the formidable Pokémon, excelling in speed and power, easily beating Sylvia as an Eevee during mock battles as well as making quick work of various other trainer’s Pokémon. When they encountered Gym Leader Korrina in Shalour City that was when Celeste and her team got her first taste of defeat, losing at the end when Celeste’s Riolu faced off against Korrina’s Lucario. Celeste becoming more determined and focused than ever re-challenged Korrina after a month of intense training. Once again the battle came down to Riolu against Lucario. The battle was much closer than before. Korrina noting that Celeste’s Riolu was truly something special, being able to keep up with her Lucario, but before the battle could conclude. Lucas evolved before he could be struck down. Lucas’s counter attacks were blindingly quick, strong, and more precise than they have ever been. Korrina’s Lucario although extremely tough could not keep up with the renewed vigor of Lucas, in addition to being whittled down previously. Korrina commended Celeste on her victory and congratulated on Lucas’s evolution.

    Lucas has been the cornerstone of physical offense on Celeste’s team, often her ace in battles. Lucas prides himself in his speed and precision, often taking down foes with just a few key attacks at the perfect time. Though Lucas prefers physical combat, he can also utilize a wide array of powerful ranged special attacks to catch his opponent off-guard.

    After Celeste had earned her first champion title in Kalos she returned home to rest. A few days after she returned home, Korrina contacted her and asked her if they could meet. To which Celeste agreed, remembering her battle against her Lucario and Lucas evolving from their winning battle, it was something she could never forget.

    The two trainers greeted each other like old friends. Korrina congratulated Celeste on her victory against Diantha. Clearly impressed, Korrina challenged Celeste to a special 1v1 battle, Lucario vs. Lucario. Celeste was never one to pass a battle and either was Lucas.

    Celeste noticed that Korrina and her Lucario carried a mega keystone and a mega stone. She was not exactly intimidated by the items having recently defeated Diantha and her Mega Gardevoir, but that was with support from the rest of the team and even then it was a struggle, Celeste was not too sure about how Lucas would fair against a Mega in a 1v1 situation. Her concern was noticed by Sylvia and Lucas. Lucas assured her that things will be fine.

    As predicted, Korrina Mega-evolved her Lucario at the start of the match. Utilizing their prior knowledge from battling Korrina in the past, Lucas started in a defensive stance and used Protect. Their predictions had been accurate, Lucas negated the Mega-Lucario’s Bone Rush. Lucas then Bullet Punched the Mega, and used Extreemspeed to get away.

    Korrina’s Lucario followed suit, coming out of the Extremespeed with a Power-Up Punch. He managed to hit Lucas before he was able to Protect. Withstanding the Power-Up Punch, Lucas used Counter, but Korrina’s Lucario had used protect to negate the damage. Korrina and her Lucario had gotten much stronger than Celeste had anticipated. The battle between the two Lucarios raged on, the speed of the two were awe-inspiring to look watch. They utilized Extreemspeed as basic movement most of the time as well as momentum for delivering devastating Sky Uppercuts, High Jump Kicks, Bone Rushes, Meteor Mashes, and various other physical attacks.

    Lucas was having the time of his life, perfectly synched with Celeste, executing orders fractions of seconds before they were give. Lucas knows what Celeste wants and Celeste knows how Lucas likes to battle. Despite gradually taking more and more damage from the Mega-Lucario, Lucas was holding on. Lucas was fast but the Mega just had the slight edge in speed over him still, but what he lacked in speed, Lucas made up for in precision high damaging strikes, but this was a losing battle at the rate they were trading blows. Due to Mega-Lucario being super powered up, Lucas’s endurance was faltering much quicker, damage wise they had received roughly equal amounts, but Mega-Lucario was just more durable with his power up, while Lucas was using Drain Punch to keep up.

    Eventually the battle was lost. Lucas was defeated in a final all-or-nothing trade, with Lucas using Close Combat and Mega-Lucario retaliating with Bone Rush. After the brief and extremely intense skirmish, Lucas collapsed, but he had a joyous expression on his face. Celeste knew that the opportunity for another Pokémon to push Lucas that much comes rarely outside of Champion and Elite Four battles.

    After the battle and after the two Lucario’s had rested up, Korrina commended Celeste on a fantastic battle and gifted her a Lucarionite. Korrina stating that she had been right to keep an eye on her and that Celeste, Lucas, and the rest of Celeste’s team was only going to go accomplish even bigger things. Celeste graciously accepted despite not having a Mega Keystone at the time, seeing the item more as a token of accomplishment and as a milestone.

    Name: Aegis
    Species: Aegislash (Shiny)
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Quiet
    Ability: Stance Change
    Held Item: Weakness Policy
    Upon Celeste’s return home after her victory over Diantha, her grandfather asked her to humor him in an exhibition match. Having never actually battled her grandfather before she gladly accepted. Her grandfather’s team was indeed formidable but one by one they fell. Kayo taking out two Pokémon before being defeated, Sylvia taking down three before she succumbed to the damage. None of his Pokémon were new to her, having played with them when Celeste was a child, but among her grandfather’s Pokémon, there was one that she was anticipating to battle above all others. It was her grandfather’s first captured Pokémon and his, now, oldest partner, a shiny Aegislash named Aegis.

    When Aegis hit the field her grandfather’s entire disposition changed. There was a passion in his eyes that was not there with his other Pokémon, a nostalgia that brought a tear to his eye. For the first time in a long time, Celeste was anxious about this particular Pokémon. She had battled Aegislashs before, but for some reason her grandfather’s Aegislash seemed different.

    Celeste sent Sycorax in hoping he is able to scout of what she was up against and perhaps weaken Aegis, and for type advantage. Aegis stood its ground, blocking just about every offensive ability that Celeste tried on it with King’s Shield, and counter attacking with devastating efficiency. And with every failed attempt Sycorax grew weaker and weaker, until a swift and powerful Scared Sword knocked out the flying scorpion.

    Celeste’s grandfather and his Aegislash were extremely patient, the timing of Aegis’s Stance Change was unlike any other Aegislash Celeste had ever battled it was completely perfect. To Tempris’s dismay Lucas stepped into the ring to face Aegis. Celeste’s grandfather smiled at the Lucario, remembering how he was as a Riolu.

    After observing the battle between Aegis and Sycorax, Lucas kept his distance, firing off Aura Spheres, Flash Cannons, and Focus Blasts. The Aegislash weaved and dodged the Flash Cannons and Focus Blasts with ease, and negated the Aura Spheres with King’s Shield. Lucas was doing his best to keep on the move. Aegis would frequently fade in and out between dodges and King’s Shield, reappearing close for counter attacks. Lucas dodged Aegis’s counter attacks but never struck back, he was waiting for the perfect opportunity. After what seemed like close to twenty minutes of an intense cat and mouse game Lucas caught the perfect moment. Aegis had blocked an Aura Sphere with King’s Shield and Lucas purposefully delayed his follow up action feigning it as exhaustion. As Aegis disappeared and reappeared by Lucas in sword form ready to cut down Lucas with Sacred Sword, Lucas retaliated with Close Combat out speeding Aegislash. It was the most brutal Close Combat that Lucas had ever executed. Right after, Lucas used Dark Pulse and sent Aegis rocketing away.

    The badly injured Aegislash was still not out yet after it had slammed into a nearby rock formation, creating a small impact crater. Lucas was revving to continue, finally gaining the momentum of the battle, but Celeste’s grandfather ended the battle. He knew that he had lost, seeing the fire and vigor still within Lucas along with Celeste still having a fully healthy Pokémon on bench. Aegis had sustained heavy damage from the perfectly times counter attacks, and it would have taken near perfect counter play from that point on for Aegis to even have a slim chance of winning, and with the damage fatigue Aegis had taken, that was impossible.

    After the battle Celeste was approached by her grandfather. He handed her two things that she never expected to get from him. One was a Pokéball that contained Aegis, and the other was a small sealed white decorative box. He explained to Celeste that the idea to battle her in the first place came from Aegis after watching her compete on TV when she battled against Cynthia for her fourth champion title. The battle was more of a show for Aegis to show off his abilities to Celeste. She gratefully accepted the two gifts from her grandfather with great pride and excitement that reminded him of when she first caught Riolu over a decade ago.

    Inside the small decorative white box Celeste discovered it contained a Mega Keystone. When questioned, her grandfather explained to her that it was a family heirloom that had been passed down for generations from his father. Since Celeste’s mother and none of Celeste’s aunts and uncles were good enough trainers that would have benefited from the Mega Keystone, he never passed it to any of them. According her grandfather, he had used it in his earlier years when he was an Ace Trainer and had a Blaziken, his starter Pokémon. Celeste remembered the Blaziken, it had been one of her good friends before it passed from old age.

    1. Talia Verdance Silverstone [EeviumZ]
    2. Lucane Chimrouge [ThatJustin'sASPy!]
    3. Xandra Chimrogue [ThatJustin'sASpy!]
    4. Edward 'Ed' Thistle [The Wanderer]
    5. Akabane Yuwa [soxterluna]
    6. Hyoga Sato [Frontier Master]
    7. Michael Fortum [itsgarrett_31]
    8. Max Hansen [ThanosCar_The_Inevitable]
    9. Kari Rebane [Foxex]
    10. Lorenne Hemsworth [Condor]
    11. Robin Deux [Captain Cardboard]
    12. Jasmine Silverwood [FantasyApprentice]
    13. Loki Primus [XanthousXatu]
    14. Bailey Thornbury [Pinch]
    15. Sophia Silver [FunnyCat117]
    16. Ozona Reverie [Alternate_Mystery]
    17. Evelyn "Eva" Terra [Merciless Medic]
    18. Ace Greenheart [Eeveeon S]
    19. Neon Barry [Captain Pokémon]
    20. Winston Carlsmith [SharpShotInteleon]
    21. Amara Kees [Jade_Eevee53]
    22. Ben [Gamingfan]
    23. Sasha Yamoto [BegalBitez]
    1. Luna Soxter [soxterluna]
    2. Shadara "Shade" Arcafiwhed Darastrix [Merciless Medic]
    3. Emily Jane Wilder [Frontier Master]
    4. Ethan Wright [PocketMonsterHunter]
    5. Dayena Lunelle [Alternate_Mystery]
    6. [TBD]
    1. Celeste Masters [Foxex]
    2. Alexander James Xavier VII [Frontier Master]
    3. Ceres Aeons [Foxex]
    4. Frankie/Zenith [The Legendary Trainer]
    5. Sheila [Merciless Medic]
    6. Auri Li [WildFlower]

    Wow that's a wall of text, sorry. Any further questions feel free to ask on this thread or DM me. The Bio's do not need to be as in-depth as the one I posted, but please include enough so it's a decent read. I'm usually pretty active and can get back to you if I'm on, if I don't I'm probably asleep, or too busy at work.

    Feel free to tag anyone who might be interested
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  2. this feels fun.

    Position: Battle Master
    Name: Luna Soxter
    Titles: Pianist of Liquids, Infatuation Scythe
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 107lbs
    Hair Color: Light Blue
    Build: Extremely skinny, which explains his weight.
    Eye color: Light Blue
    Birthplace: Sootopolis City, Hoenn
    First Pokémon: Totodile (Now a Feraligatr)
    Occupation: Hoenn Elite 4 member
    Affiliations: Elite 4 for Hoenn, Alola, and Johto.
    Likes: Water types, books, pencils, art, sharks, spicy food.
    Dislikes: Fire
    Fears: Silence, losing his Pokemon.
    Clothing/Accessories/Appearance: Hair is in pigtails, normally wears either a teal wind jacket or oversized hoodie with shorts. He keeps 7 pencils in one pocket, a sketchbook in the other. His Pokéballs are stored on a string in his sketchbook.
    Badges: Johto League, Hoenn League, Alolan League
    Other Achievements:Champion in 3 regions.
    Childish and smart, Luna has never been the kind to hate things except fire. Friendly to most people, he also befriends pokemon that aren’t his. He loves to draw, especially animals, and does it often, even during a battle. Most people around him, get a quick burst of joy.
    He and Akabane have a particular hate for one Spire Master.

    Background: He was born in Sootopolis City, in a house his family bought. His family weren’t wealthy but were quite full with money. They of course took care of this money. He was normally at the top of the grade when he went to school, winning many awards. He gifted a Totodile during Christmas and immediately loved her. He did everything with her, go on vacation, swimming, even go to school with him, which wasn’t the brightest idea. He decided to challenge Wallace one day, and somehow beat one of his Pokémon, Wallace, being surprised said he was a gifted Pokemon trainer. This was the start of Luna’s career. Soon after that event, he traveled to Unova to meet his Grandmother, who was soon dying. He caught a Karrablast there and cherished it. When it was his Grandmother’s final day, he went in and said his final goodbyes. It was a sad day for him. He went into the hospital bathroom and found a Cryogonal, who was ditched there. He took it home with him and took care of it. They have a deep bond because of that day. This was his 3rd Pokémon, so he decided to re-challenge Wallace and defeated half of Wallace’s team. After this event, Luna was finally able to travel around the world, getting his last 3 Pokémon, a Ralts he saved from an earthquake, a Gible that he caught in Sinnoh, and finally, a Sableye that pranked him during a trip to Kalos.

    When he’s not at the Battle Spire, he is a member of the Elite 4 of Hoenn and sketches on his free time. All his Pokémon are Fully-Evolved.

    Battle Style: Luna is quick minded and uses sign language to quickly communicate without the opponent knowing what’s happening. His pokemon can often be seen peeking out of his sketchbook, which he leaves on the ground. All his Pokémon on his team balance out each-other, helping them with there weaknesses. He can observe his opponents weaknesses the moment they used an attack. He often enters the battlefield with earbuds on listening to whatever music he’s listening to. He cannot hear what his opponents say so he has the ability to read mouths. He has problems with people with masks and tends to really destroy them.

    He’s not called The Infatuation Scythe for no reason, his sweet and charming personality can make most people go crazy, after they’re in his trance, he hits them hard, them not expecting it. His Pokémon hit hard, extremely hard, often leaving them very weak or fainted.

    Name: Toty
    Species: Feraligatr
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Loves to joke around, can be serious. Friendly and sweet.
    Toty is normally never seen in battle, as the opponent’s team is probably already beat before Luna sends Toty out. Toty is quick moving, and hits extremely hard. She’s normally the last one to be sent out because of her abilities.
    Ability: Torrent
    Held Item: Life Orb
    History: Toty is Luna’s childhood friend and was gifted him.

    Name: Gil(ly)
    Species: Escavalier
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Sweet and loves to care for everything.
    The moment Gil is sent out, the opponent’s Pokémon is hit before being told to, which is a habit of Gil’s. Gil is the main offense of the team, excluding Toty. It takes quite a while to beat Gil down because of his shell. Gil is 2nd to 3rd sent out.
    Ability: Shell Armor
    Held Item: Leftovers
    History: Luna caught him as a Karrablast.

    Name: Helbram
    Species: Gallade
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A feisty Gallade.
    Helbram is a hard hitter. He can also be defensive at some parts of the fight.
    Helbram is normally sent out 4th or 5th.
    Ability: Steadfast
    Held Item:
    History: Saved from an earthquake as a Ralts.

    Name: Moon
    Species: Garchomp
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Can be a little loud but cares for everyone.
    Moon, is faster than sound, which is regular for a Garchomp. When Moon goes full-speed, it creates an extremely loud ringing noise that leaves the opponent frozen for a few seconds, which is the best opportunity for Moon to do her attacks.
    Moon is normally sent 4th to 5th.
    Ability: Rough Skin
    Held Item: Rocky Helmet
    History: Luna caught him as a Gible.

    Name: Cryzee
    Species: Cryogonal
    Gender: Genderless
    Personality: A friendly Pokémon that can help you with anything.
    Cryzee is the fastest member of the team, able to send a few moves out before getting hit.
    Cryzee sometimes distracts opponents with their ice sculptures before attacking them.
    Cryzee is normally sent out 2nd.
    Ability: Levitate
    Held Item: Leftovers
    History:Found in a hospital bathroom after saying goodbye to his grandma

    Name: Confu(sion)
    Species: Sableye
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Loves pranking everyone.
    Confu is serious while in battle, stalling and “pranking” his opponents with annoying status conditions. He knocks off his opponents item and sets up the battlefield for the rest of the team.
    Confu is always sent first.
    Ability: Prankster
    Held Item: Toxic Orb (To give to opponent)
    History: Pranked Luna on a vacation he had when he was 10, Luna decided to take him home.

    LESGO peeps.
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  3. @soxterluna looks very good, and I appreciate the time you took to fill all the info out, I know it's a lot, but I really love reading character bios. Though I would recommend Luna sign up as a Battlemaster instead, his bio as it stands, reads like he would fit in better as a higher ranking Battlemaster rather than a Spire Master, he's still a bit young, he could be working on challenging the Spire Masters, having beaten one or two of them, but he's not quite there yet, still needing to rough out the edges and refine his battle techniques more. He's good, but still has room for improvement.

    If you want him to be a Spire Master I would consider aging him up a bit, and flushing out and revising his Battle Style more. I don't really understand what his title "Infatuation Scythe" actually entails, but it doesn't seem like it would be very effective against an opponent who's disciplined or a veteran in battles.

    As a Battlemaster Luna is accepted, but as a Spire Master some revision is required.
    (Sorry, I'm not trying to be mean, there's just a very high level caliber of trainer I'm looking for for the Spire Master applicants)

    (Also, I think you're missing a certain word in his bio....)
  4. thanks a lot, and sorry that I forgot that word, my device reset and I had to type everything again and was annoyed about it.

    I’ll change what I have to
    and about Infatuation Scythe, is wasn’t that surprised you didn’t understand it, it’s kinda weird to explain.
    sorry for the late reply btw.
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  5. no worries man, take your time
  6. NOTE: Bio is unfinished, I'll finish when I get the chance~

    : Participant
    Name: Talia Verdance Silverstone
    Title(s) (Optional): Symphonic Master, Kalos Queen
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 130 pounds
    Hair Color: Brown
    Build: Slim
    Eye color: Green
    Birthplace: Santalune City
    First Pokémon: Harmony the Togekiss (Togepi at the time, obviously)
    Occupation: Performer, music artist, and Trainer
    Affiliations: (What exactly do you mean by this?)
    Likes: Peace and quiet, respectful fans, performing/singing/etc, battling, Kalosian cuisine, the color green, video games (to some extent)
    Dislikes: Being treated like a princess (her biggest pet peeve), overly sour foods, very hot temperatures, enclosed spaces
    Fears: Enclosed spaces, the loss of her family
    Clothing/ Accessories/ Appearance: When she is not performing or battling, she takes on a much more modest appearance: her hair is left down and her normally bright outfit is replaced with a simple green tank-top and a black skirt with white leggings and brown boots.
    Badges (Required): Kalos #1-8, Hoenn #1-8, (I actually don't remember all of these so I'll fill this in later)
    Achivements: (Required): (She's won a league but I don't remember which one it was, it was Hoenn if I remember correctly.), Kalos Queen, Top Coordinator

    Personality (Required): Unlike her personality she projects to the world, Talia is modest and even slightly introverted. She is a very kind and caring person, with a lot of respect for those who don't become stuck-up as a result of their fame. She has a powerful passion for what she does, and once she sets her mind to something, she won't stop until she one day obtains it. She cares for her family deeply and everything she does can somehow be connected to them in some way. Little can faze her, as she's seen so much during her travels.

    Background (Required): (I'll have to find this later)

    Battle Style
    (optional) (Recommended if going for Battlemaster) (Required if going for Spire Master): Being a Performer, Talia and her Pokemon battle with elegance and style. They prefer strategy to brute force and are known for their sneaky tactics.

    Name: Harmony
    Species: Togekiss
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Like Talia, she is calm and collected, but has a lot of fighting spirit. She's got a mischievous streak as well, and occasionally embarrasses Talia on purpose.
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Held Item: TBD

    Name: Melody
    Species: Altaria
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Melody is much bolder than Harmony is, with plenty of vigor and spirit. She's always up for a battle, and loves fighting other Dragon or Flying types. She loves challenges, but refuses to battle anytime she thinks the battle is unfair for either side.
    Ability: Cloud Nine (Pixilate during MegaEvo)
    Held Item: Altarianite
    Note: Mega Evolution is fully approved by Stellar

    Name: Forte
    Species: Lilligant
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Mischievous and bright, Tira's a very quirky Pokemon. She's a trickster, and a real asset to Talia's team.
    Ability: Leaf Guard
    Held Item: TBD

    Name: Cadence
    Species: Meowstic
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Calm and mysterious. Cadence is very clever, with immense knowledge - but is easily flustered when things are out of order.
    Ability: Prankster
    Held Item: TBD

    Name: Sonata
    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: TBD
    Ability: Ice Body
    Held Item: Leftovers

    Name: Aria
    Species: Primarina
    Gender: Female
    Personality: TBD
    Ability: Torrent
    Held Item: TBD

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  7. @EeviumZ Accepted (but u seem to have forgotten a key word :))

    Thanks for taking the time to fill all this out!

    The Affiliations section basically is any group or organization your character is a part of or involved with. for Example with Talia since she's a top coordinator and known as the Kalos Queen, her affiliation could be something to do with the Pokemon contest circuit since i'm sure she gets invited by them to special guest or appear in large events.

    another example, the character I posted in the RP here, Celeste, she is a Spire Master and therefore directly affiliated with the Battle Spire, in addition having earned the Champion title across multiple regions, and competing in other battling organizations such as the Battle Frontier, she is affiliated with the Pokemon Leagues and Battle Frontier, the former offering her positions in their ranks and inviting her to make an appearance for special events, and the ladder sometimes requesting her to hold a spot temporarily for one of their Masters if they are unable to fulfill their duties, etc.

    It's really just the groups that your character interacts with on a professional/occupational level.

    @soxterluna let me know once you've edited Luna's bio, send me a DM or something, since I sometimes don't get notifications from my own thread and followed threads and sometimes I do so sorry if that happens.
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  8. Position: Spire Master
    Name: Saya Koysuyo
    Title(s): The Delicate Blossom
    Age: 32
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4"11
    Weight: 102oz
    Hair Color: Brown, dyed pink at some areas.
    Build: Much like a regular 32 ,year old, but a bit taller and skinnier then normal.
    Appearance: Most often seen wearing a loose white t-shirt with the word "LESGO" written on with black letters, pure black trousers with a leather belt, and red sneakers. Her choker necklace holds her pokèballs, and her hair covers this up. And no, it isn't uncomfortable.
    Eye color: Blue
    Birthplace: Striaton City, Unova.
    First Pokémon (Optional
    ): Snivy
    Occupation (Optional):
    Affiliations: Spire Master, Elite Four ( Kanto and Unova ), Pokemon Nurturer.
    Likes: Kind people and Pokémon, exciting battles, her partner, the Cute Ribbon she owns.
    Dislikes: Rude people and Pokémon, full battles, Fighting types, Ice types.
    Fears: Natural Disasters
    Clothing/ Accessories/ Appearance: Its on the Appearance section above, but I'll put extra accessories she has.
    * A Mega Anklet
    * Z-Ring
    * A large bag of books
    * A separate bag for Pokemon medicine
    Badges (Required)
    : Dunno the exact number, but all up until Unova.
    Achivements: (Required): Spire Master, Champion (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova), Pro Nurturer.

    Personality (Required): Normally quite the quiet person and just starts a battle straightaway. But she's incredibly caring and offers to heal a challengers Pokemon right after a fight. Almost always seem with Pokemon. She can understand Pokemon speech and uses that in a smart way (See battle style.).

    Background (Required):
    Naturally born in Striaton City, Saya showed strong signs of being a pro trainer from a young age. Proof was how (when she was 5)she endured light attacks that their family Lillipup threw at her. That, and she was incredibly lucky to have done that, as when she was 8, a raging Scolipede went to attack her family's newest pokemon, a Gothita, when Saya took the hit and was practically unharmed. As time passed, she ended up becoming not only a Trainer but a "Nurturer"- a person who keeps Pokemon under their care to make them more friendly or affectionate. She was able to sweep many a Gym clean between many regions, and by 25 she was experienced enough to use 6 strong Pokémon - yet be a Spire Master. But her roster changes often.

    Battle Style: Saya has her special style of using statuses to her advantage. She knows to give Pokemon moves like Snore, Facade and Venoshock to turn tables on foes. She also acts sneaky with her foes by sending her commands with Pokemon speech.

    Pokemon (1st Fight):
    Name: Spurra (Spyur-a)
    Species: Scolipede
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very timid and can be relentless in attacking. Very quick.
    Ability: Poison Point
    Held Item: Poison Barb
    History: Caught as a Venipede back in Unova, and was reluctant to join Saya. But after some coaxing and persuading the bugs parent, the same Scolipede who attacked her Gothita, Spurra agreed to join her. It evolved into Whirlipede when fighting Lenora and became a Scolipede upon Clay's defeat.
    Name: Gokhara (Goku-hata)
    Species: Bisharp
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Easily scared yet used this to his advantage. He fights better under stress.
    Ability: Defiant
    Held Item: Focus Sash
    History: Obtained in a trade with a Tirtouga fan after she revived one and traded it for Gokhara. He had already evolved, so he fought well in his many fights. He seemed odd for denying her orders at first, but Saya eventually won him over.
    Name: Meadow
    Species: Serperior
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very caring to Saya and loves Sweet food.
    Ability: Overgrow
    Held Item: Big Root
    History: Gifted to Saya as a Christmas present and instantly got along with her. She never left her side, even when sleeping.
    Name: Smock
    Species: Leavanny
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Really sassy and loves Spicy food, but only chicken.
    Ability: Swarm
    Held Item: Quick Claw
    History: Adopted from a shelter in Unova and was raised patiently. He gained a shy edge once he became a Swadloon, so he got named Smock.
    Name: Fumble
    Species: Braviary
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Ridiculously clumsy and likes bitter food. That, and butter.
    Ability: Keen Eye (small bit of irony there)
    Held Item: Lum Berry
    History: He was caught as a Rufflet and raised by Rare Candies- a fact that gave him little battling experience and left him pretty clumsy, earning his name.
    Name: Lacey
    Species: Cincinno
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Incredibly timid, prefers eating crackers then berries.
    Ability: Cute Charm
    Held Item: King's Rock
    History: Hatched in Kalos from a gift, she was the one to get Saya her Cute Ribbon. Her Shiny Stone was surprisingly found inside the ribbon's centre, and she became a coward after her victory.

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  10. @Foxex could I change luna’s bio abit? like his age, battle style and other misfits I have about it?
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  11. @soxterluna yea feel free to update things as you see fit, if it goes too far i'll let you know, i tend to read all these several times. Like i said before, I love reading character bios and really appreciate the work people put into them.
  12. @AlmightyGrassStar So a couple of things. First off thanks for taking the time to fill everything out. secondly: as @EeviumZ said, even the possession of a Mega-Keystone or mega stone requires admin approval, that's just RP rules, and completely out of my hands.

    Much of this looks good, I would expand more on her backstory more or maybe even revise it. What I get from it, is that Saya seems to be physically very durable, I'm not exactly sure how that translates into signs of being a pro trainer. Enduring the damage and attacks of the Pokemon and helping them out I can see as her nurturing side The two doesn't exactly seem to have any correlation to what makes her a good trainer.

    For example Celeste's battling fundamentals was nurtured by her grandfather at a very young age, that combined with natural talent, affinity, and love for battling Pokemon made her the trainer she is, and even then it took her over a decade to hone her skills and bond with her Pokemon.

    It's very interesting that she can communicate with Pokemon using their language, perhaps go into more detail about that in her backstory, how she learned the ability, how she nurtured it and practiced it. The fact that she uses it command her Pokemon in battle is really cool and quite unique.

    Due to her age I can see her as one of the earlier Spire Masters, beating would be challengers with raw battle experience and true and tested tactics rather than fancy new tricks or gimmicks. She'd probably be one of the easier Spire Masters to beat, but still is someone that demands mad respect.

    I just hope your up the writing challenge if you get accepted.

    and same suggestion i gave soxterluna, i would suggest a 2nd character to play with as a competitor, the bio requirements are much more lax, and you'll get to do a lot more stuff
  13. It's just for decoration, since none of her team have mega forms.
  14. i would still remove it, even possessing one requires admin approval, just to be safe
  15. Yes, possessing one does require admin approval (unless it's fake or something, but even that's still questionable). As quoted from the 'Charms Rules:
    "...the very ownership of Mega Stones and Key Stones in general
    requires request of permission
    and the manner in which these were obtained must be cleared in advance. Do not presume that you can simply write your character as having all the means required for Mega Evolution so long as you don't use the power in the RP itself."
    So, technically, if it contains a Stone, it requires approval.
    If you want, you could try to apply for one if you can create a method of obtaining (even if you don't plan on using it). (I failed my first time, this was my second OC I applied with.)
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  16. fixed most of my mistakes but I do have a question lingering in my head, @Foxex , is it possible for Battlemasters to rank up or smth to Spire Master?
    ( since I was a little disappointed Luna wouldn’t be a Spire Master.)
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  17. @soxterluna
    Very nice and yes you absolutely can. Any trainer can become a Spire Master if they get invited to challenge the Spire. I've outlined how to do it in the op post right above the rules but I'll give a quick version simple version. The trainer has to beat every current Spire Master at least once, to join their ranks and earn the title.

    I would suggest you give the three spoiler tags before the rules a read to get a rough understanding on how pregression in the Battle Spire itself works
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  18. ahhh yes ok.

    andddd I might make another character for this.
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  19. Position: Spire Master
    Name: Alexander James Xavier VII
    Title(s): Ruin Master, Global Hall of Fame inductee, Frontier Brain, Former Sinnoh Champion, Former Special Agent Kalos Police #4673.
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6’2 or 190 cm
    Weight: 156 lbs or 70 kg
    Hair Color: Short choppy crimson red hair
    Build: Moderately muscular with an otherwise slim build his body muscles are all a result of real world activities as opposed to specific exercises or workouts
    Eye color: Piecing Orange after having them permanently colored while in Kalos
    Birthplace: Canalave City Sinnoh
    First Pokémon (Optional): Bastion the Beldum (Now a Metagross)/Rose the Ferroseed (Now a Ferrothorn)
    Occupation (Optional): Frontier Brain/Ruin Master
    Affiliations: Battle Spire, Elite Four (all regions) a special relationship with the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia. Frontier Brains (all Regions, seen as the only true competitor to Pyramid King Brandon)
    Likes: high level competitive battling, creating new and unique battle strategies, exploring the world
    Dislikes: Unnecessary social interactions,
    Fears: Being Judged as a failure or disappointment
    Clothing/ Accessories/ Appearance: Ajax is more often then not seen in a grey T-shirt, a crimson leather trench coat, dark grey jeans and tall black combat boots.
    Badges (Required): All 60 badges from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova (even battling all three gym leaders in Striaton City and both Iris and Drayden in Opelucid City), Kalos and Galar as well as all Frontier Symbols from the Hoenn and Sinnoh Battle Frontiers
    Achievements: One of the Spire Masters of the Battle Spire, First individual to be awarded the title of Frontier Master, Winner of the Unovian Relief charity tournament as part of the #LESGO campaign, personally responsible for the apprehension of Team Flare Executive and Elite Four Member Malva.

    Personality: Quiet and somewhat antisocial, Ajax doesn't really see the point in unnecessary social interactions or superficial conversation, he is deeply respectful of individuals who have proven their strength and worthiness of his respect, otherwise he is prone to being extremely cold and passive agressive.

    Ajax was born in Canalave city where he lives until he was about 8, however following the death of his mother Rose, he was moved around a lot going between towns and cities around Sinnoh. It was during a 3 month stay in the resort area that Ajax came across a badly hurt Beldum who had also been orphaned, Ajax adopted the little Beldum and named him Bastion.

    Ajax shared everything with Bastion, any food he got he offered to the Beldum, any spare time they had was spent training and spending time together. Ajax was then fostered under the Canalave Gym Leader Byron who gifted him an pokemon egg. Which soon hatched into a Ferroseed adequately name Rose in honor of Ajax's mother.

    Thanks to a loop-hole in the Sinnoh league rules Ajax was allowed to use Bastion and Rose as his starting Pokemon and so begun their journey across the Sinnoh Region.

    It took a long time but Ajax and a slowly expanding roster finally managed to earn enough badges to take part in the Sinnoh League Conference, where he managed to make it to the final 8 losing to a mega Houndoom, but Ajax wasn't deterred he had heard stories of Steven the Hoenn champion using a Mega Metagross so he decided to head for Hoenn in search of the secret to mega evolution.

    While in Hoenn Ajax came across the Battle Pyramid and was invited to challenge Brandon in a 1v1 exhibition match, Ajax accepted but said he needed a week to prepare himself and his Pokémon for the battle. In the end Bastion was able to single handedly take down Regice in a very long and hard fought battle, Brandon impressed by the young trainers skill offered him a keystone necklace and an offer of a permanent position onboard the Battle Pyramid.

    Ajax went on to collect the rest of the badges he needed to participate in the Hoenn League conference, where in which he met Steven and was asked to show him the power of their bond through a battle, Ajax ended up losing the battle very quickly as Bastion was not able to keep up with the speed of Stevens attacks. Steven had been expecting this and the test was not to defeat him but to ensure that Ajx and Bastion would not give up when facing terrible odds, handing the trainer a megastone.

    From Hoenn, Ajax went on to travel the world, participating in the Kanto, Johto and Unovan leagues and Elite four amassing a reasonable following of fans, so much so he was asked to partake in a unified effort against the reemergence of Team Plasma, being commended for his work in assisting the Unovan government. Following this Ajax was approached by a representative of the Kalosian Government to participate in a similar initiative. Not long after he was officially recruited by the Kalos Police as part of a task-force to track down the remnants of Team Flare, following the organisations collapse and splintering to various tiny unaffiliated groups. Working for the team was some of the most intense time of Ajax's life, facing unknown risks and dangers every day, and though he loved the adrenaline rush of bursting through doors to arrest Flare Remnants it forced the then 20 year old to wake up and see the reality of the world. The task-force was disbanded following a failed operation that caused the death of a member and Ajax lost his love for battling, he took his new excess of free time to wander his away through life as he travelled the world eventually settling down on a private island just off the coast of Akala Island Alola. He lived here mostly isolated for the entirety of his year long sabbatical before returning to Sinnoh.

    The new Ajax was far more reserved and reflective. His brash adrenaline junkie ways were long gone in favour of a calculated and calm demeanor. This new demeanor also brought with it a drive to forge his own path and independently find his way in the world. He re-challenged the Sinnoh League, breezing though the group stage and Elite Four, Facing off against Cynthia in what some consider to be one of the greatest battles the league had ever seen. Satisfied he had regained his edge and passion for battling Ajax chose to give up his Champion title and finally make that call to Brandon but instead of accepting the position on-board the Battle Pyramid he asked Brandon for help establishing his own Battle facility in the abandoned ruins of Isla Nocturne, a small island west of the Battle-Zone and north of the Pokemon League. The Elder Frontier Brain simply chuckled and plotted a course to the island. For the next few years Ajax alternated his time between the newly christened Battle Ruins and travelling in search to strong opponents, before long the Battle Ruins garnered a notorious reputation as arguably the toughest Battle Facility in Sinnoh possibly even the world, aided by the sheer difficulty of getting to the facility. It had been designed that way to test trainers ability to utilize their Pokemon outside of battle as few if any captains or pilots came within a certain radius of the island believing it to be haunted. For the next few years Ajax continued to split his time between the Battle Ruins and travelling the world in search of extremely skilled trainers to further hone his battling skils

    Battle Style:
    Ajax specializes in Double Battles, seeing them as far superior to the single battle format allowing battlers to truly showcase their strategic ability. As such this is his preferred method of battling, though his single battle skills are still nigh unmatched. In battle Ajax's commands consist primarily of commanding his Pokemon to use specific special or combo moves, otherwise he remains almost completely silent. His Pokemon have been trained to such a level of mutual understanding with Ajax and each other that they can act as almost one entity, one shared mind.

    Pokemon on his current Roster (in order of attainment):
    Sinnoh League Success Story
    Nickname: Bastion
    Personality: Cold hearted and calculating, Bastion is Ajax’s ace, and as expected for an ace trainer’s ace Pokémon, he is extremely arrogant and condescending toward opponents mocking them for even pretending to be able to best him.
    Ability: Clear Body
    Item: Metagrossite
    Notes: Shiny and Approved by Stellar
    Signature Move: Orion Meteor Fist

    Pokemon: Ferrothorn
    Nickname: Rose
    Personality: More often than not known by her nickname the Queen of thorns she is somewhat sadistic in her actions often trying to ensnare opponents in dense thorny vines and slowly tighten her grip until the opponent surrenders or faint. All that matters is that they suffer.
    Ability: Iron Barbs
    Item: Rocky Helm
    Signature Move: Thorn of Malice

    Pokemon: Roserade
    Name: Akira
    Personality: the Poison Rose as he is sometimes referred to as, prefers to evade an opponents attack and wait for the right opening to inflict them with a crippling poison, then waiting for the toxin to take effect as he watches them slowly succumb to it’s effects.
    Ability: Technician
    Held Item: King’s rock
    Signature Move: Royal Demon Rose

    The Kalos Taskforce
    Nickname: Turbo
    Personality: Unrelenting and Unstoppable Turbo is always moving, always needing to keep herself busy and engaged with something. She refuses to slow down or stop for anyone with Ajax sometimes having to get one of the other Pokémon to forcibly make her sleep else she work herself into a spiral of exhaustion and wind up in a hospital bed.
    Ability: Gale-Wings
    Item: Flying Gem
    Signature Move: Phoenix Enforcer

    Pokemon: Greninja
    Nickname: Hitari
    Personality: Silent and reclusive Hitari values peaceful meditation and private sparring more than anything else, putting him at constant odds against Woz’s constant cries and yelling.
    Ability: Protean
    Item: Focus Band
    Signature Move: Hydrosphere-Hypercane

    Pokemon: Aegislash
    Name: Buster
    Personality: Buster’s personality seems to vary dependent upon which form it’s in. In its Blade form Buster is Meticulous and Ruthless refusing to give opponents an opportunity to rest or reevaluate the battle taking an extremely proactive style of battle, while his Shield form’s personality is noticeably careful and opportunistically reactive.
    Ability: Stance Change
    Held Item: Leftovers
    Signature Move: King's Justice or King's Wrath (Depending upon the form)

    Alolan Sabbatical
    Nickname: Navi
    Personality: Despite her extremely competitive attitude toward battling Navi is by far the most relaxed of Ajax’s current roster, regularly joining Ajax on a calming hike through the mountains or along the coastline to watch the sunset. In battle however Navi’s leisurely persona falls away replaced with an agile battler focused solely upon winning.
    Ability: Pixalate
    Item: Pixie Charm (Pixie Plate)
    Signature Move: Cosmic Cataclysm

    Pokemon: Musdale
    Nickname: Toph
    Personality: Toph is fiercely independent, direct, belligerent, and practiced in taunting, provoking, and insulting her opponents and on occasion her friends
    Ability: Stamina
    Item: Leftovers
    Signature Move: Terrestrial Terror

    Pokemon: Hakamo-o
    Name: WOZ
    Personality: Woz proudly supports Ajax’s path to becoming the greatest trainer in the world and will do anything to protect him and make sure he stays on that path, which includes actively trying to intimidate opponents before a battle. Woz is also known to be paranoid concerning Ajax’s well-being and proving himself as worthy of being part of Ajax’s team. As such he can be heard at all hours of the day training loudly and letting out loud reverberating battle cries across the island
    Ability: Overcoat
    Held Item: Eviolite
    Signature Move: Saviour's Rejoice

    Pokemon: Gyarados
    Name: Leviathan
    Personality: After being adopted by Ajax early into his Alolan Sabbatical. Levi, as he was known while a magikarp, underwent a dramatic internal shift, his once timid and cowardly nature replaced with a furious rage the likes of which Ajax had never seen before a rage which has only further developed as the now Gyarados continues to develop and improve his battling prowess
    Ability: Moxie
    Held Item: Power band
    Signature Move: Calamity cascade

    Tales of the Battle Ruin
    Nickname: Naga
    Personality: Antisocial yet protective of Ajax, in battle Naga chooses to keep its distance and observe it opponent aiming to identify even the smallest opportunity or flaw ready for exploitation.
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Item: Life Orb
    Signature Move: Supernatural Singularity

    Name: Zero
    Personality: Surprisingly warm and likeable despite the literal frigid outside, Zero only wants to bring out the best in an opponent, forcing them to react and adapt to its unique style of battling in order to showcase the abilities and training of both Trainer and Pokémon
    Ability: Levitate
    Held Item: Leftovers
    Signature Move: Freeze the Sun

    Species: Toxtricity
    Gender: Male
    Personality: The newest member of Ajax’s team Hirobi is known for his expert control of electrical projections. Developing his own techniques to further the Toxtricity’s abilities to create not just electrical projections of guitars for sound based attacks but also adaptable additions to himself for powerful physical attacks
    Ability: Punk Rock
    Held Item: Black Sludge
    Signature Move: Electro-Venom

    Edit: Adding Galar achievements
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  20. @Frontier Master Accepted
    Interesting to have a doubles specialist as a Spire Master, mix things up
    And also, I would recommend a 2nd character as a competitor if you would like more stuff to do in the RP.
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  21. Yeah that was the plan. I’ll post them later today
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  22. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Name: Lucane Chimrouge
    Title(s): Master of the Hunt
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 245.00lbs
    Hair Color: Light Blonde
    Build: Some would consider him a giant, due to him being taller and heavier than average. He also has gigantic muscles that you can see through his clothing, notably near his chest, legs, and arms. He's surprisingly agile, even with these muscles.
    Eye color: Platinum Blue
    Birthplace: Small farm in Kalos(I would say Galar, because he has more of a English background, but according to rules, I'm not legally allowed to say that yet. Stellar please don't kill me =W=)
    First Pokémon (Optional): Simon the Bisharp(M)
    Occupation (Optional): Bounty Hunter
    Affiliations: Mostly private contractors, has been contacted by battle associations as they know of his skill, but he has only attended 2 or 3.
    Likes: Alcoholic beverages, serious/tense battles, a job well done and a reward well paid, challenges
    Dislikes: The strong/rich/old picking on the weak/poor/young, annoying kids and or people, monsters and evil teams, people bothering his sister
    Fears: Has little fear, however he does fear of what may happen to his sister
    Clothing/ Accessories/ Appearance: a white t-shirt and light blue canvas vest sprawl across his upper body, with light grey slacks and heavy boots on his lower body. A small travelers bag is visible on his back, and he’s very muscular. A Holo-cast is tucked into his vest, and on his hip is a chain whip that you can tell hasn’t seen use in a long time.
    Badges: Kalos, Unova, and Sinnoh badges have been collected, reaching a grand total of 26 badges(Unova has two extra because of B2W2)
    Achivements: Has Beaten the Kalos and Unova leagues, and almost the Sinnoh League.
    Personality: Serious, overprotective, strong willed. Also a bit of a drunkard.
    Background: Combined Background, see under background tab
    Battle Style : Lucane seems to have a straightforward battle style, like the ones most trainers have, but what you don't know is the minute your Pokemon are identified he immediately finds a quick way to trap them somehow, basically a hunter/trapper-esc way of fighting. He prefers single battle format.

    Name: Simon
    Species: Bisharp
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Serious, Cool, and Dark
    Ability: Defiant
    Held Item: Metal Coat
    History: Lucane's first, Pokemon, he trained and grew up with him. He grew to share some attributes with his trainer as well.

    Name: Mason
    Species: Crobat
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Slim, Shady, but Fun
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Held Item: Choice Scarf
    History: Found in a cave as a Zubat, he was a rather playful but scary and fun addition to the team.

    Name: Lara
    Species: Mightyena
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Aggressive, Merciless
    Ability: Quick Feet
    Held Item: Expert Belt
    : A traded Pokemon, given to Lucane as a Poochyena due to her aggressive nature. Luckily, Lucane was able to train her, and now she treats him as the president, while she's the bodyguard.

    Name: Sheer
    Species: Aggron
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Rather Calm, but Observant
    Ability: Sturdy
    Held Item: Assault Vest
    : An Aron in yet another cave, Lucane took interest due to it's digging and breaking abilities

    Name: Scrow
    Species: Cacturne
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Rather sweet and charming as far as Dark/Grass types go!
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Held Item: Absorb Bulb
    : While wandering the desert at night, Lucane found this sneaky fellow following him! It was rather nice, though, and Lucane decided to capture it(mainly because of it's sneaking ability)

    Name: Vodric
    Species: Dusknoir
    Gender: Male(It's actually Genderless)
    Personality: Philosophical, Intelligent, and Perceptive
    Ability: Pressure
    Held Item: Spell Tag
    : Found near a graveyard while Lucane was completing a contract, Lucane caught it to top off what he believed to be some of the best bounty hunter Pokemon.

    Name: Xandra Chimrouge
    Title(s): Prestigious Preistess
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 145.00lbs
    Hair Color: Reddish Brown
    Build: Thin and swift, imagine a Amazonian Warrior without muscles. She has a bit of meat on her bones, but other wise is quite the opposite of Lucane
    Eye color: Emerald Green
    Birthplace: Small farm in Kalos
    First Pokémon (Optional): Stiener the Alakazam
    Occupation (Optional): Traveling teacher/researcher
    Affiliations: Has connections with many professors and scientists, as well as a lot of Pokemon Schools
    Likes: Children, teaching others/learning new things, technology and efficiency
    Dislikes: Lucane's profession, men trying to pick her up like she's an easy gal to best, being one-upped
    Fears: Shady characters, and what will happen to her brother
    Clothing/ Accessories/ Appearance: Wears a light but long sweater and dress pants, both colored a light blue like Lucane, and a heavy light grey robe with a hood that covers it all up unless she takes it off or loosens it. She is seen with a rather interesting looking necklace that contains a mysterious stone rarely seen by many trainers, but it is NOT A MEGA STONE, KEY STONE, OR ANY STONE THAT EFFECTS FORMS OR APPEARACNES CHANGES! She wears small earrings made with the same type of stone. Tucked in her robe is a Holo-Caster, and a small canvas bag at her side seems to be where most of her Pokeballs and other stuff is stored. Her hair is cut in a cute bob-style fashion.
    Badges (Required): Kalos, Johto, and Hoenn
    Achivements: (Required): Has been to every region, but only challenged the leagues of a select few. Won both the Johto and Hoenn leauges, but lost to her brother in the Kalos league

    Rather Calm, Intelligent, and a bit extroverted.

    Background: Look under background tab, combined background

    Battle Style
    Hers is a straightforward battle style, but she fights with extreme knowledge of move damages, status effects, Pokemon statistics, and Pokemon biology.

    Name: Steiner
    Species: Alakazam
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Intelligent and Witty, but also somewhat like a grandfather Pokemon. Gets along well with Vodric.
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Held Item: Twisted Spoon(C’mon, what else am I gonna put here?)
    History: Xandra’s first Pokemon, he did everything from farm work to studying with her.

    Name: Shade
    Species: Zoroark
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Seductive, Sly, and a little sadistic
    Ability: Illusion
    Held Item: Choice Band
    History: A Zoroua at the time, Xandra found her illusionary abilities quite fascinating. It could turn in to almost anything it had seen, which made it a must have member on the team.

    Name: Damon
    Species: Gengar
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Proud and sneaky
    Ability: Cursed Body
    Held Item: Spell Tag
    History: Found as a wild Haunter, it continued to follow Xandra while she was studying a “haunted house”, and Xandra found it doing so. She decided to catch it, seeing as it followed her out as well.(It continued to try to scare her while doing so)

    Name: Lesleren
    Species: Gardevoir
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Calm and Caring, acts as a mother Pokemon
    Ability: Synchronize
    Held Item: Light Clay
    History: A small wild Ralts, Xandra had heard and wanted to research their powerful Psychic ability, and found this one roaming around a route that was not too far from the starter town. This little one grew up to take after the calm side of Xandra’s personality, and also became quite good with children and little Pokemon.

    Name: Mari
    Species: Honchkrow
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Has detective like deduction skills, and is accepting but skeptical of nearly all Pokemon and people that Xandra meets.
    Ability: Super Luck
    Held Item: Scope Lens
    : caught in Johto as a Murkrow, it has always watched out for Xandra as if it was a private hit man for her. While she easily gets along will newcomers, she always watches in case they do something suspicious.

    Name: Cappette
    Species: Mismagius
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Xandra’s little extrovert. Extremely friendly and playful, gets along quite well with Mason. Wants to do everything.
    Ability: Levitate
    Held Item: Spell Tag(for the third time)
    : Xandra couldn’t help but catch this sweet and playfully thing! It was wandering near the Ghost gym in Johto as a Misdreavus, it took a particular liking to Xandra as she was especially interested in how a ghost Pokemon could be so friendly!


    Both Xandra and Lucane grew up on the same small farm outside in Kalos. It wasn’t very big, not many people had heard of it and only little stores exported products, like crops, milk, and berries. Overtime, when it was about a year before they could go on a Pokemon journey, they both obtained a Pokemon, Lucane a Pawniard, and Xandra a Abra. They were both perfect fits for them, as Simon and Lucane loved to fight with each other, and Steiner and Xandra liked to learn and read. The two Pokemon even helped with farm work, as Simon made swift work of crop cutting and tilling, and Steiner made harvesting and movement better. It was all as well.

    Seeing as Lucane wanted to wait for Xandra to come of age, he did, and they both went on a journey in Kalos together. It was a long and slow one, so long that they didn’t end up challenging the League until about 3 years after they started(Lucane was 12, Xandra 10 when they started their journey). Lucane fought hard and beat his sister, and won the league, becoming a somewhat well known trainer, and Xandra dedicated herself to become stronger, but also to study. After Kalos, the two split, and went on with their lives.

    Lucane, a daring and challenge finding trainer, settled for becoming a bounty hunter. It was challenging, tense, and risky, all of the things Lucane was for. Xandra did not approve of this, as she feared for her brothers health and well-being, but he became well know in that community, and so it was all well. He became eventually know as the “Master of the Hunt” as he showed off his hunter abilities and battle prowess. Xandra became a traveling teacher and researcher, teaching various children and people about Pokemon in schools, and collecting knowledge about all Pokemon from observing them and collecting research from other fellow scientists. She even won a few smaller battle tournaments, and became known as the “Prestigious Priestess”.

    Both of them now have received a letter of invitation through various means(Lucane’s was a secretive approach, while Xandra’s was straightforward.) When the spoke to each other about it, they were surprised that both of them were given one, and decide to go together. They now wonder what awaits them at this Battle Spire. Lucane doesn’t care too much about advancing in it, though it would be nice, but Xandra seems rather serious about this.


    Pokemon LESGO to the poles. (I’m sorry, I had to)

    If you need clarification or for me to change anything, I’d be happy to oblige. :)

    @Foxex Im aware of the formatting issue, I can’t fix it, I’m sorry.
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  23. @ThatJustin’sASpy! Accepted
    yea don't worry about the formatting thing, it took me a while to figure it out, at least you tried lol

    the two of them seem to be on the older side to be participants. they can be a bit younger if you'd like, but if that's how you want it then that's fine too. :)
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  24. Position: Participant
    Name: Akabane Yuwa
    Title(s) (Optional): Mad Hatter
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 100.1lbs
    Hair Color: Dark Green
    Build: Skinny, strong legs to run fast and jump high.
    Eye color: Yellow
    Birthplace: Rustboro City, Hoenn
    First Pokémon (Optional): Treecko
    Occupation (Optional): None
    Affiliations (Optional) : Kanto E4, Hoenn E4
    Likes: Kids that are there-selves, people that care about things, fairy tales.
    Dislikes: Kids that try to hard to be good, “flexing kids”, annoying people.
    Fears: Falling down from a building.
    Clothing/ Accessories/ Appearance: Her hair is short but has long side bangs. She wears an ice-horned hoodie that is dark green, which was created by her best friend’s Cryogonal. With this hood, she also wears what looks to be a plague doctor suit. She carries a leather bag around which includes a comedy mask that she wears during battle. Her Pokéballs are stored on a hanger on her bag handle.
    Badges (Required): Indigo League, Hoenn League
    Achievements: (Required): Has beaten 2 leagues. Also sometimes assigned to beat down criminals.
    Personality (Required):
    Akabane is quite a-bit insane. She is extremely hard to beat down, emotionally and physically.
    She and Luna have a particular hate for one Spire Master.
    Battle Style (optional):
    Akabane comes into the battlefield like anyone else. Except in the first move she completely let’s go of her insanity. She has her comedy mask at this point and these 2 factors intimidate her opponent. Akabane communicates with her Pokémon by saying there moves, except each move corresponds to another move, tricking the opponent. When she’s in a strain, which is rarely, she drops her mask on the floor, the opponent either following the mask as it falls down or look at her shimmering yellow eyes. This is the perfect moment for Akabane’s Pokémon to attack. If the opponent does neither of these, she knows that she’s truly in a strain and goes all out.

    She does a move which makes all opponents realize why she’s called the Mad Hatter, which I don’t want to say because (spoilers).

    Background (Required):
    Akabane was born in Rustboro, from a rich and famous family, especially her Dad, who created one of the most important Pokémon inventions. Because of this though, she lived a quite a lonely life. She found a best friend group, which contained someone else who’s in the Battle Spire, Luna Soxter and his group, which they became friends in. When she was 7, she went to a lab and found an unattended Treecko, who she took home out of desperation. She took great care of the Treecko and so did her Mom and Dad, who came home occasionally. She one day went to a graveyard and found 1 Pokémon, a lonely Shuppet. No other Pokémon was it and she took it home, which the Shuppet gladly wanted to, not feeling lonely anymore. She finally heard when she was 8 that there was a gym leader in her city. She traveled there and saw the gym leader, who was a rock gym. She battled the gym and won with her Treecko and Shuppet. This was her start as a Pokémon trainer. She traveled to a volcano area and found a Skarmory. She traveled to Unova and caught a Scraggy. She was gifted a Porygon from her Grandfather in Unova too. She went to a haunted house in Unova and found a Rotom in a washing machine, which was oddly colored. This was her team. She traveled to Kanto and Hoenn beating both of there leagues with her now fully evolved Pokémon.

    Name: Sapphire
    Species: Sceptile
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Friendly and Feisty.
    Ability: Unburden
    Held Item: Weakness Policy
    History: Found in a lab unattended

    Name: Shedletsky
    Species: Banette
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Frisk
    Held Item: Life Orb
    History: Found alone as a Shuppet in a volcano

    Name: Merry
    Species: Skarmory
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Hard-Hearted and solid.
    Ability: Sturdy
    Held Item: Rocky Helmet
    History: Caught as a Skarmory

    Name: Bruce Lee
    Species: Scrafty
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Fighter and sweet.
    Ability: Intimidate
    Held Item: Chople Berry
    History: Caught as a Scraggy

    Name: Hexer
    Species: Rotom (Wash)
    Gender: Genderless
    Personality: Likes to tell jokes.
    Ability: Levitate
    Held Item: Leftovers
    History: Found in a haunted house somehow.

    Name: Cheren
    Species: Porygon-Z
    Gender: Genderless
    Personality: Loves fixing things.
    Ability: Download
    Held Item: Choice Scarf
    History: Given as a Porygon in Unova

    LESGO again.
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  25. Position (Required): Participant
    Name: Edward 'Ed' Thistle
    Title(s) (Optional): Master Tactician, Blackthorn's Legacy
    Age (16+ recommended, remember a minimum of 1 League victory is required): 26
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 197 lb
    Hair Color: Dark Brown, can appear Black depending on the light.
    Build: Fit, but not especially muscular. He has recently taken up exercising as a way of bonding with his Pokemon more.
    Eye color: Brown
    Birthplace: Blackthorn City, Johto
    First Pokémon (Optional): Axew - "Dino" (Now a Haxorus)
    Occupation (Optional): Trainer, Tournament Grinder, History Enthusiast
    Affiliations (Optional) (Required if going for Spire Master): Loose association with the Kanto-Johto Elite Four (has applied several times but been rejected. Has also represented Johto in a few worldwide tournaments)
    Likes: Historical texts, stories about great trainers of the past, battling, planning, his Pokemon
    Dislikes: Rushed decisions, people who talk too much, people who act impulsively
    Fears: Being unprepared, failing to uphold the honor of the Dragon Tamers of Blackthorn before him
    Clothing/ Accessories/ Appearance: Edward typically wears a loose-fitting black hoodie over an evergreen shirt, with an old pair of blue jeans that have clearly been through a lot. He carries his Pokeballs on a standard trainer belt, with all of his other supplies in a relatively new messenger bag. He also has a small scar on his left hand from where Dino bit him at the very beginning of his journey. More recently, Ed has acquired a Key Stone, which he has had set into a ring that he wears on the fourth finger of his right hand.
    Badges (Required): All badges from Johto, Kanto, and all but the Rain Badge from Hoenn.
    Achievements: (Required): Defeated Kanto-Johto Elite Four, represented Johto in a few major tournaments, was briefly a candidate for an empty post in the Kanto-Johto Elite Four, likely on the short list if the Blackthorn Gym Leader ever retires.
    Personality (Required): Edward is usually confident, but can easily get flustered if he does not know what's going on or something does not go according to plan. He is always up for a fight (but not actually aggressive), wanting to uphold Blackthorn's reputation as a place from which strong trainers come. He has a strong sense of honor, and will do everything in his power to be a trainer worthy of his hometown's illustrious reputation. Despite these positive qualities, he is still held back by a number of flaws. One large problem that he has dealt with for the majority of his life is one of self-doubt. Any time that something fails to go the way he had planned, he feels a twinge of shame, and if one of his deeply held beliefs turns out to be wrong, he can and has spiraled into an descending pit of questioning himself and his capabilities. All throughout his life, he has built his goals around being worthy of those that came before him, so failing can be incredibly difficult for him to come to terms with. Recently, he has been improving, setting more realistic expectations for himself, but he still struggles from time to time.

    Edward Thistle was born, the youngest of three children, in Blackthorn City, Johto. As a child, he loved to watch the gym battles in Blackthorn Gym, often sneaking in without his parents' permission to do so (especially when he was younger and said parents worried about him getting hurt). He dreamed of one day being recognized as a great trainer himself, hearing legends about the heroes of yore and watching as many Pokemon tournaments as he could. He wanted to start his journey with a dragon type, given his perception of dragon-type trainers as being "the strongest," but wasn't allowed into the Dragon's Den for obvious reasons - he was but a child with no business there. His luck changed when a traveling Pokemon breeder came by, and happened to have an Axew egg on him. Ed had a decent amount of money saved up by that point and was able to beg his parents for the rest, and the egg was his. After several excited weeks, the egg hatched, and Edward named the little Axew “Dino.” Once Dino was big enough to fight, Ed left Blackthorn, seeking greatness and to make a name for himself. Throughout his travels, Ed has shown a preference for using the dragon-type, but is always willing to catch a powerful Pokemon if it crosses his path. For example, one morning he came across an Absol that had wandered into his camp and fallen asleep in the night. Not to miss a golden opportunity (and ignoring the ill omen that the superstitious would have him fear), Ed promptly caught it in a Quick Ball. In fact, the first Pokemon that Ed caught through battle was Carrie, his Kingdra, whom he needed another trainer's help to subdue, leaving the beachfront where the battle took place in shambles. Kay was caught after a series of supernatural events involving some sort of magical crystal happened, leaving the Gallade incredibly injured and Ed very confused. Ed has been traveling almost nonstop between regions, attempting for different badges and entering tournaments. So far, he has visited Kanto, Hoenn (where he caught a Vibrava and a Duskull, which he trained), and Alola, with Johto as his home. He returned to his hometown with the goal of defeating its gym, where he told the leader to hold nothing back against him. It was a long and difficult battle, but Ed eventually was the indisputable victor.
    Shortly thereafter, Ed was nominated to represent Johto in a major tournament, which would pit each of the regions against one another. As part of his training for the event, Ed challenged the Kanto-Johto Pokemon League Elite 4, whom he was narrowly able to defeat through careful planning, some brilliant tactical decisions under pressure, and once again, the unfailing resolve of Kay. Soon, the tournament came, and it was time for Ed’s match. Putting his faith in the two Pokemon with which he shared the strongest bond, he sent out Kay and Dino against his opponent’s Togekiss and Zoruark. This battle was the greatest challenge Ed or his Pokemon had ever faced up to that point, and all three were pushed to their limits. Despite every last advantage having been seized, and almost every strategic decision having been made flawlessly, they found their opponents were better trained, stronger, and more agile at every turn. As a result, the battle ended in a draw, leaving Ed with deeply conflicted feelings. He had managed to avoid losing against an overwhelming opponent, and yet he had failed to improve his region’s standings at all. All of his old self-doubt about living up to the name of Blackthorn City rushed back, and he began to treat his draw as a loss. At the end of the event, Ed and his team disappeared into the Dragon’s Den, determined to train harder than ever before to become worthy the Dragon Tamers who came before. Out of Ed’s team, the one that most connected with him in this time was Kay, who knew about the crushing weight of failing to uphold one’s honor, and who was determined to recover Ed from his grief, as Ed had saved him from his own. After several months of intense training, Edward had recovered his confidence, and the group as a whole was stronger than they ever had been before. During his subsequent return to traveling, he witnessed the power of Mega Evolution, seeing a trainer with a Mega Banette win a Kalosian tournament. Awed by this strength, he sought the ability to do the same from the elders of Blackthorn. Due to Dino's inability to Mega Evolve, Ed and Kay underwent several trials to prove their worthiness in body and spirit, and finally achieved the ability to Mega Evolve in the form of a Key Stone and a Galladite. Since then, he has been traveling between regions, and is determined to show both his strength and the strength of his team in the Battle Spire.


    Name: Dino
    Species: Haxorus
    Gender: Male
    Personality: The aggressive and brute-force counterpoint to Edward's rational strategy, Dino has a strong bond with Edward as his starter Pokemon.
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    Held Item: Choice Band
    History (Optional) (Recommended if going for Battlemaster) (Required if going for Spire Master): Dino is Ed's starter Pokemon and has been through thick and thin with the trainer. The two might not always agree on the best way to approach a problem, but Ed cannot deny that Dino's raw strength has served him well on numerous occasions. Dino is the strongest Pokemon on Ed's team, with the exception of Kay in his Mega-Evolved state.

    Name: Kay
    Species: Gallade
    Gender: Male
    Personality: While Dino has the opposite of Ed's personality, Kay's is very similar: honorable, expecting a lot of one's self, and always striving to be better.
    Ability: Justified
    Held Item: Galladite
    History (Optional) (Recommended if going for Battlemaster) (Required if going for Spire Master): When Ed caught Kay, the Gallade was suffering, both from the psionic influence of a crystal and from his shame from the actions performed while being controlled. Since then, Kay has recovered, pledging his loyalty and trust to Ed and supporting his trainer through similar crises of honor. Together, the two have become able to Mega Evolve, increasing Kay's power dramatically.

    Name: Angel
    Species: Absol
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Angel and Edward do not share as deep a bond as any of the other Pokemon, but he will respect Ed's wishes. Anything more might be pushing it. He has an uncanny knack for exploiting an opponent's weak spot.
    Ability: Super Luck
    Held Item: Razor Claw
    History (Optional) (Recommended if going for Battlemaster) (Required if going for Spire Master): One morning, Angel wandered into Ed's camp and fell asleep. Imagine his surprise when he was captured by the - then newbie - trainer without warning. Angel still harbors some resentment towards Ed about this incident, but has come to respect him as a trainer anyway.

    Name: Carrie
    Species: Kingdra
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Calm and collected, Carrie is the best of Ed's Pokemon at attacking from a distance.
    Ability: Sniper
    Held Item: Scope Lens
    History (Optional) (Recommended if going for Battlemaster) (Required if going for Spire Master): Carrie was the first of Ed's Pokemon that he caught through battle - one that devastated the surrounding area and left Ed doing repair work for weeks. Tied with a non-Mega Kay for Ed's second strongest Pokemon.

    Name: Shimmer
    Species: Flygon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Proud to a fault, Shimmer embodies what it means to be a dragon-type. Unyielding in battle, she will unleash every last bit of her power in order to win.
    Ability: Levitate
    Held Item: Soft Sand
    History (Optional) (Recommended if going for Battlemaster) (Required if going for Spire Master): Caught as a Vibrava in Hoenn, trained by Ed for the specific purpose of aerial superiority.

    Name: Morgan
    Species: Dusknoir
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Neither Edward nor his other Pokemon know much about Morgan. The Dusknoir is exceedingly quiet and secretive, only coming out of her Pokeball to battle or train. Seems to take some sort of glee from disabling and then defeating opponents.
    Ability: Pressure
    Held Item: Leftovers
    History (Optional) (Recommended if going for Battlemaster) (Required if going for Spire Master): Caught as a Duskull in Hoenn, Morgan has avoided interaction with the rest of Ed's team as much as possible. The Dusknoir is unpredictable, and as a result, Ed usually doesn't use her unless the situation requires a ghost-type in particular.

    Name: Noro
    Species: Dreepy
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Noro is permanently sulking, perhaps due to his weakness in comparison to the rest of the team. He doesn't entirely trust everyone just yet, as he is very new to Ed's team.
    Ability: Infiltrator
    Held Item: None
    History: Ed recently caught Noro, as he spotted the little dragon- and ghost-type swimming around aimlessly in the sea. He had never seen this Pokemon before, and aside from a striking resemblance to Armaldo, it looked nothing like any other Pokemon that he knew. As a result, Ed caught the small Pokemon, and is currently training it to join his active battling party.

    Order of Capture:
    1. Dino
    2. Angel
    3. Carrie
    4. Kay
    5. Shimmer
    6. Morgan
    7. Noro

    Edit: Mega Gallade was accepted, so changes have been made to reflect this.
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  26. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    @Foxex I will keep them that age, they’d be that old with the timeline I have them on.

    Also I think the formatting issue could’ve been fixed if I were on a computer, but it’s on my phone right now. I’ll see if I can fix it later
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  27. @soxterluna I'm sorry but I don't think I can accept Akabane in her current state, remember that Battlemasters are considered Battle Spire staff, and they will not employ someone who is essentially insane, I'm sorry but there isn't a thing where you can control when you go insane. Though I did enjoy the Joker references.

    @TheWanderer Accepted
    Very nice character, I also have a Mega-evolve app that I'm waiting on for Celeste, and I'm going to apply for another one for another character pretty soon here, she's another Spire Master, Ceres Aeons the Songbird, that I'll be posting here soon-ish. Feel free to edit the backstory as you see fit if you do/don't get accepted.

    @Frontier Master All good, take your time, you misspelled Sylveon btw, in case you missed it lol
    When you get a chance it would be nice if you could collapse some of the post into spoiler tags, it's getting a tad huge, just at some point.

    @ThatJustin’sASpy! Awesome! I assume a lot of these are written from phones or tablets, the minor errors in the writing are very similer to the ones I make when I'm on a mobile device XD. Gotten used to reading strange syntax or misspellings or strange word choices... autocrrect is a cruel mistress lol
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  28. ahh yes I understand.
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  29. though if you want to modify her a bit she can be a very interesting participant, tune back the achievements and affiliations a little bit and she should be good to go, I don't want your work to go to waste
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  31. Position: Participant
    Name: Hyoga Sato
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'7 or 170 cm
    Weight: 125 lbs or 57kgs
    Hair Color: Snow White and always pulled back in a single braid streaked with cyan
    Build: Slim and pale, his body fat percentage is extremely low so his muscles and bones are almost visible through his skin
    Eye color: His eyes were always a piercing ice-blue, a Colour he has recently taken to painting his nails as well.
    Birthplace: born in Icirrus City Unova but splits his time between that and Snowpoint City.
    First Pokémon (Optional): Whisper the Snorunt (Now a Froslass)
    Occupation (Optional): Gym-leader/Elite Four Trainee
    Affiliations: Pokestar Studios, Sinnoh Region Contest Circuit, Candice and Brycen.
    Likes: The Cold, snowboarding, Ice Surfing, Performing, Mountain Climbing
    Dislikes: Excessively hot weather, he doesnt mind the occasional beach days
    but despises deserts.
    Fears: Fires, due to his past trauma with forest fires.
    Clothing/ Accessories/ Appearance: Hyōga is more often then not seen in a sparkling blue mantle with white hexagonal features. Underneath he usually wears plain black martial arts pants and azure shoes.
    Badges (Required): All Badges across Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos.
    Achievements: Currently in talks with both the Sinnohian and Unovan Elite Four commitees to join their ranks when one of the existing four chooses to leave. Having already turned down the opportunity to reopen the Icirrus City gym.

    Personality: Hyōga appears to be extremely outgoing and extravagant however this overt need to go over the top is really a defense mechanism for dealing with the trauma of his past

    Battle Style:
    Overly flamboyant and performative, Hyōga is prone to annoying his opponents with his overt actions and way of speaking, but in reality this is all a facade to get his opponents to break their focus and slip up.


    Name: Whisper
    Species: Froslass
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Calm and Tranquil, Whisper is always fairly laid back and chill. Even carrying on this trait in battle where her expert tranquility and levelheadedness allows her to effortless glide across the field and evade attacks
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Held Item: Icy Rock

    Species: Empoleon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Prideful and Stoic, Nero possesses an extreme superiority complex, seeing himself as the pinnacle of Pokémon battling and as such takes great pleasure in tormenting those he views as even remotely inferior. Though his bark is far worse than his bite as when challenged on this he almost immediately backs down and moves on in search of easier victims
    Ability: Defiant
    Held Item: Leftovers

    Name: Rumbletusk
    Species: Mamoswine
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Caring and kindhearted, Rumbletusk is always the first to welcome new Pokémon to Hyōga’s team, and as such he is seen as the caring older brother of the group. Bringing with us a staunch protectiveness of his fellow Pokémon, putting him in constant conflict with Frostbites unjustified cruelty
    Ability: Thick Fat
    Held Item: Assualt Vest

    Name: Mosaryu (shortened to Mosa)
    Species: Lapras
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Performantive and exuberant much like her trainer, Mosaryu has an extremely graceful almost dance like quality to her movement, a factor which is utilized to full effect throughout her battles.
    Ability: Shell armor
    Held Item: Mystic Water

    Name: Frostbite
    Species: Weavile
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very much the edgy middle child of the group, Frostbite has developed a disturbingly sadistic enjoyment from tormenting and toying with her opponents as well as any other Pokémon she deems as a weakling.
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Held Item:

    Name: Vic
    Species: Kingdra
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Almost entirely silent, Vic more often than not chooses to distance himself from friends and foes alike. Even in battle he prefers to pick away at their stamina from afar rather than getting up close and personal
    Ability: Sniper
    Held Item: Scope Lens

    Name: Cryo
    Species: Cryogonal
    Gender: Generless
    Personality: Cryo is very much the young blood of the team, more often then not the butt of Frostbyte and Nero’s cruel torments. As such Cryo feels a deep desire to prove himself as worthy of being on Hyōga’s team. Leading him to push himself beyond his limits on multiple occasions, a practice which repeatedly landed him in hospital, yet this desire for improvement did not go unnoticed and was ultimately the reason he was given his place on Hyōga’s permanent roster
    Ability: Levitate
    Held Item: Bright Powder

    Name: Crystal
    Species: Frosmoth
    Gender: Female
    Ice scales
    Held Item: Heavy-duty boots

    Species: Galarian Darmanitan
    Gender: Male
    Zen mode
    Held Item:
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  32. Waiting for about 3-4 more people before I start the RP, I'll fill in whats missing with some other characters
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  33. legacyranger04

    legacyranger04 Previously itsgarrett_31

    Position: Participant
    Name: Michael Fortum
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 112 lbs
    Hair Color: Very dark brown, usually longer and in swooped to the side in the front.
    Build: Slim, but still fit.
    Eye Color: Greenish-blue.
    Birthplace: Sunyshore City, Sinnoh.
    First Pokemon: Shinx (Now a Luxray)
    Occupation: Sunyshore City Gym Leader; Part Time Sinnoh Elite Four Member.
    Affiliations: Sinnoh Gym Leader and Part Time Elite Four Member.
    Likes: To battle strong trainers. Play with Luxray. Go surfing. To eat really good burgers.
    Dislikes: People who harm Pokemon. Nasty burgers.
    Fears: To lose his Pokemon.
    Clothing: Michael normally wears a navy blue jacket with a Pokeball symbol near the right of his chest, khaki colored cargo pants, and grey tineshoes. Along with a single strapped white bag.
    Badges: All badges in the Sinnoh and Unova region, with some from the Kanto region.
    Acheivements: Partly joining the Sinnoh Elite Four, and being the 8th and strongest Sinnoh Gym Leader. Also of defeating part of Team Galactic.
    Personality: Michael overall is a very laid back person, with a great sense of humor. However if he gets angry or upset it tends to last awhile.
    Battle Style: Michael mostly likes to use his opponents attacks and strategies against them, then apply his Pokemon's overall attacking force.

    Species: Luxray
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Luxray is much like Michael, in which it is very laid back, but is also over protective of its fellow Pokemon. Lyxray also has a little rivalry with Lucario, to be the strongest.
    Ability: Rivalry

    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Lucario is very distant towards people, except for Michael, because of the way it's original trainer treated it. Now Lucario plans to be the strongest and to defeat every Pokemon in battle, having a little rivalry with Luxray.
    Ability: Steadfast

    Species: Simisear
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Simisear is very energetic and loves to light every battle it's in with extravagant fire type moves. Simisear try's to show off to the other Pokemon on the team since both it and Krookdile were sent there from Unova.
    Ability: Blaze

    Species: Scizor
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Scizor has a superiority complex in which it always thinks its stronger than the opponent's Pokemon, which almost always leads to its defeat in battle.
    Ability: Technician

    Species: Espeon
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Espeon is always trying to keep the males in the group from fighting. Espeon is also very calm unless someone touches the top of its head, then it gets extremely angry.
    Ability: Synchronize

    Species: Krookodile
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Krookodile likes to show off its tremendous power in order to let every Pokemon around it, that its top dog. It only does this however for the Pokemon on Michael's to like and accept it, Krookodile believes since it was given to Michael that the others don't respect it.
    Ability: Moxie
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  34. I have been debating whether or not to join this, and I have decided to join this. XD I will get a character sheet up in a bit

    Also, just a small question, though but primarily for itsgarrett... how is a 14-year-old experienced enough to be a part-time Elite Four member? I can understand being a gym leader at that age, but an Elite Four member?
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  35. I agree with Medic. A 14-year-old Gym Leader could possibly be feasible, but an E4 member... I don't think so.
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