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The Battle on Lost Island

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cronite288, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. Lost Island. An island recently discovered off the coast of Unova (quite far off the coast). It's an island covered in palm trees, and there is a lake as well. The lake is circular, with two bridges from the side to a volcano in the middle (the shape resembles a Pokeball). On top of the volcano is a Pokemon Trainer.
    Iggy looked down at the island he had discovered from the top of Mt. Eruptonite. Next to him sat a Scrafty. The Scrafty was called Iggy, named after its Trainer.
    "This island is amazing," Iggy said to his Scrafty. "but I'm a bit bored here. I can't go back to Unova because my boat was destroyed in the storm. If there was someone to battle, maybe I wouldn't be so bored!"
    Iggy started rushing down the mountain. His Scrafty, Iggy, looked a bit confused.
    "Let's explore, Iggy!" his Trainer shouted up the volcano. "Maybe we can find another Trainer around here!"
    "Scrafty!" the Scrafty replied, and he followed his Trainer down the mountain.
  2. After searching for what felt like an hour, Iggy still hadn't found anyone.
    "You see anyone, Iggy?" Iggy called up to his Scrafty, who was also called Iggy.
    "Scrafty." he replied, shaking his head and climbing down the palm tree.
    "I wish someone else was here. Then I could finally get a battle!" Iggy, the trainer, said in a annoyed tone. He then started climbing back up the volcano, followed closely by Iggy, the Scrafty.

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