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The Banning Game

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by AmazingAmpharos, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. @Firox Banned for not having enough Spoilers owo
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  2. @Firox You're banned for having super short spoiler in your signature
  3. @PrincessPika is banned for convincing me to add some spoilers in signature
  4. *a Nicaong slowly approaches the thread and gives it a good pat on the back*

    @Firox is banned for having a username that is indivisible by the number of characters for their post number in the username.
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  5. @Kiraru You're banned because of maths
  6. "Sore wa chigau zo! Suga kundesu, sugakund wanai!"

    @PrincessPika is banned for being countered by a rebuttal.
  7. @Kiraru You're banned for making no sense
  8. @Kiraru You're banned because I always use "you're" instead of "you are" or any other variations of it because people have started to incorrectly use contractions and I wish to help remedy that situation
  9. @PrincessPika is banned for using quotation marks and for forgetting a period at the end of what is likely a run on sentence.
  10. @Kiraru You're banned because few people put fullstops at the end of their posts on this thread.
  11. @Firox Banned for not mentioning the color purple.
  12. @SoMeOnE yOu KnOw You're banned for having alternate capital letters in your username
  13. @PrincessPika Banned for not having alternating capital letters in their name.
  14. @PrincessPika banned for not smiling in art,
    "nuu likez the hat?"
  15. @Firox You're banned for making very little sense in that post
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  16. @Firox You're banned for not stating why I made you laugh.
  17. @PrincessPika banned since still giggling inside
    (previous reply, made silly sense to me)
  18. @Firox Banned for, once again, not specifying what made you laugh.
  19. Swirled

    Swirled Previously UniverSoul

  20. @PrincessPika banned for standing too tall, I can't reach hat
  21. @Firox You're banned for trying to get a hat that's in my profile picture.
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  22. will look nice on Sylveon

    @PrincessPika banned for having similar yellow hair as me
  23. @Firox You're banned for assuming my profile picture has a remotely similar hair colour to me in reality
  24. (avi is what I go for, what I can see)

    @PrincessPika banned for being so unbannable
  25. @Firox You're baned for not finding any flaws in my posts
  26. @Firox Banned for living in Seattle, Washington, USA.
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  27. @ManyAchievables You're banned for not having set a location on your profile on here
  28. @PrincessPika Banned for something I haven’t discovered yet
  29. @Firox banned for something I have discovered
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  30. @Sylvious banned for getting rid of the fairy cuteness
  31. @Firox You're banned for only having one trainercard in your signature
  32. Swirled

    Swirled Previously UniverSoul

  33. @UniverSoul You're banned for having a profile picture of some anime character I don't recognise

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