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The Banning Game

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by AmazingAmpharos, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. @UniverSoul You're banned for not stating what colours made you say that
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  3. @Firox You're banned because that's the point of this game!
  4. Swirled

    Swirled Previously UniverSoul

    @PrincessPika is banned for making me go into specifics.(You like pink and youj hate green, you are the enemy of my people, fourtunately I dont care that much)
  5. @UniverSoul your banned too much listening to music

    ( @PrincessPika, I do same in other forums, I just seen you more in the last 4 recent pages I read)
  6. @Firox You're banned for using the wrong form of "you're" in your post
  7. @Firox You're banned for having no spoilers in your signature
  8. @Firox Banned for having a too cute profile picture.
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  9. @Firox You're banned because, although that post made sense, it is grammatically incorrect
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  10. @Firox You're baned for making another grammar mistake in your post
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  11. (Skip Me)
    I don't know how to add or make signatures yet.
  12. @Firox Banned for not allowing me to be skipped.
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  13. (Skip me)
    That's a skin of Super Smash Flash 2 Kirby, with the Bandanna Dee form, on the startup animation of Kirby's Side-B.
  14. @Firox Banned for not having Vaporeon
  15. @Firox Your banned for participating in a ban to ban myself not suspecting I was banning myself for a ban of bans
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  16. @SoMeOnE yOu KnOw
    Banned for confusing me with your repetition of the word: "ban".
  17. @ManyAchievables You're banned for having a linebreak/enter character in your posts
  18. @Firox You're banned for making yet another grammar error
  19. @SoMeOnE yOu KnOw You're banned because I don't like the results that I got from those personality tests and you brought them up.
  20. Retarded Otaku

    Retarded Otaku Previously Retarded pokémonfanboy

    @PrincessPika you are banned for having more followers than me.
  21. @Retarded Otaku Banned for Banning someone for having more followers that yourself.
  22. Retarded Otaku

    Retarded Otaku Previously Retarded pokémonfanboy

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  25. @PrincessPika
    Banned for implying that MS Paint is a fine art tool.
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  27. @PrincessPika banned for not having enough cats friends in Pokemon spoilers
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