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The Azure Grand Dillema

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Dinova, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Across the sparkling ocean south of Sinnoh, a wealthy billionaire named Samuel Azure, donated a large portion of his fortune to a grand project. Among the beatiful sights of a coral reef he raised a huge island, and atop the island he built the Azure Grand Resort! The resort was Azure's crowning achievement. The resort was the perfect vacation spot and training ground for trainers and their Pokemon alike. Above the waves, it was a huge hotel with spas, restraunts, shops and more for trainers and their Pokemon. There were even battlefields of all terrains inside. There was even a huge beach outside with all sorts of water sports for humans, and Pokemon too. Even below the waves the resort was unique. Thousands of suites with huge glass walls facing the ocean,rested undewater, nestled amongst the reef. Sheets of metal fencing protect curious Pokemon from bumping against the glass. Azure was holding a huge tournament to announce the grand opening of the resort. He hoped that the public attention would help draw notice from the incidents of workers being attacked by the ocean's pokemon. He wanted to hide the true reason behind the Azure Grand.

    Alex groaned patheticly as he leaned over the side of the ferry. His face was a sickly shade of green as the sea breeze blew through his messy blonde hair, plainly revealing the thick scar on his left eye. His usual clothes were replaced with a red sleevless shirt and black trunks, his large Lugia shaped sword in its usual place on his back, beach wear. His black Charizard, Carly stood next to him rubbing his back. He reached out with his Aura and felt her thoughts,"Don't worry Alex we're almost there. You think you can hang on a bit longer?" Alex nodded, too sick to speak.

    When they finally got off the boat, Alex nearly kissed the sand. He registered his pokemon and confirmed his invitation. He had been invited to a special tag-team tournament at the grand opening of this resort. As he turned to see the main building his jaw nearly hit the sand.
    "Woah, I must be seeing things."
    Alex beheld a huge, intricately decorated building with immense glass doors and huge, mural covered walls. He went inside and was even more amazed by the inside. There must have been a hundred and one things to do. There were battlefields that looked like desserts, snowy mountains, forests and anything else you could imagine. There were even spa's and restaurants specifically for Pokemon. Alex noticed water channels cut into the floor and realized, they were walkways for water pokemon. Alex walked to the front desk, still a little dazed by everything he was seeing,and claimed his room before walking outside. Alex headed for the beach and took his sword from his back. Carly gave him a sideways look, before Alex said,"Don't worry Carls..."
    "It's when you say that, that I worry"
    "I"m serious! I'm just going to find some empty beach to practice that new move a bit before we hit the spa or something."
    After that carly relaxed abit, but not much.

    OOC:This RP is looking for about eight people including myself. Three people have already messaged me asking to join so that leaves about four spots left. Please message me your first post if your willing to join.
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  2. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    An Aerodactly soared over the oceans of Sinnoh, heading for a massive island and the resort that had recently been built there. On her back, strapped to a leather harness he had personally built so he could lay flat and read as they flew, was Jake Laurey. The 16 year old adjusted his glasses slightly, continuing to read up on his newest Pokemon, a Snorlax. Soar screeched suddenly, and Jake put his book away and turned himself around in the harness, sitting upright on her shoulders so he could see ahead, toward their nearing destination. Jake patted the Aerodactyl on the side of her neck, prompting her to dive toward the water, pulling out of the dive just in time so they flew about 4 feet above it. The teen took a Heavy Ball from his belt, pointed it at the ocean, and called, “Alright Sam, use Surf!” then released a rotund, bear-like Pokemon into the sea, who immediately created a wave and used his body to surf along face first beneath them. Jake jumped down and landed on the Snorlax’s soft back, recalling his Aerodactly at the same time. Jake and Sam rode the wave fast, and Sam leapt from the ocean as they reached the beach, landing on his feet in the sand, with Jake hanging from his shoulders.

    Jake jumped down, patting the Snorlax on the arm and saying “Thanks Sam, unnecessarily flashy entrance complete.” before recalling the Pokemon. Jake removed his sweater and placed it in his backpack, revealing the black t-shirt beneath it, then moved toward the main resort building, looking over the invitation he had received to a tag battle tournament on the premises. Jake at last looked up as he reached the massive glass doors, gave a vaguely impressed look, and entered the building, walking up to the front desk to register and claim his room. After a lengthy registration process, the teen stepped outside once more, looking around only to see a familiar black Charizard. Jake released his Arbok, Slithers from his Premier Ball, and walked down the beach toward the Charizard and her trainer.

    As he finally got close Jake said, “Well if it isn’t Alex and Carly? I haven’t seen you two since the Groudon Blaze Cup! Sorry I knocked you out of that one…” Jake muttered the last bit somewhat awkwardly, raising his hand to shake Alex’s.
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  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Cruises had always bored him. Luckily, this was a short one. It was a ferry ride to a small island to the south of Sinnoh, were a tournament would be held to celebrate the grand opening of some resort. And when ever there was a tournament, Tony Vekkner was sure to find himself involved. He was sitting inside the ferry, away from the windows. He sure as hell wasn’t going to enjoy this.

    The boy was dressed in his normal outfit, black jeans and coat, gray t-shirt, and gray sneakers. Not even the hot weather of Hoenn could get him to change into something better suited for summer. His skin was pale from an obvious lack of sunlight, and his short black hair was a bit messy. The boy had complete heterochromia; his left eye was gray, while his right was hazel. Sitting next to him, looking bored as well, was a Buizel by the name of Seth.

    After a long trip, the boat finally pulled to a stop, and the passengers, Tony and Seth included, disembarked. The boy flashed the invitation Isaac had gotten for him, and registered his team of six. Then he entered the building, which was incredibly fancy. The inside was basically a town within a building, the decorations probably cost more then he would make in several life times. Tony didn’t seem too affected by the building, but Seth was grinning to himself, probably wondering what trouble he could get himself into. The two went to the front desk and got a hotel room, before taking a seat on a nearby bench and watching events unfold around them.
  4. Alex found a small stretch of beach that was mostly abandoned and unfurled his sword. Before he could begin however, he heard a familiar voice approach him from behind and turned," “Well if it isn’t Alex and Carly? I haven’t seen you two since the Groudon Blaze Cup! Sorry I knocked you out of that one…” Alex remembered jake from a tournament he had entered a while back. Before Alex lost to him, Jake had stopped Carly from rampaging through another trainer, she was still shuffling about as if embarassed.

    "Hi Jake, Slithers it's good to see you guys again! And don't worry I won't be so easy to beat this time!" Alex laughed shaking Jake's hand and continued,"I was about to start practicing a new technique if you'd like to watch?" Alex threw a pokeball into the air releasing a gold and blue, shiny Lucario named Lucy. Alex called Lucy over and explained as both he and his pokemon placed a hand on the blade. "You see, I can manipulate Aura, to an extent. I've been working on a special technique that fuses my Aura with my sword but so far have only achieved it with Lucy's help." Alex focused on the sword and pushed his Aura into the metal blade. When it was filled with energy, Lucy locked it inside igniting the blade in blue flames. He took aim at a large boulder and swung the sword easily slashing it in two from a meter away! "I call it Aura charge."
  5. Benjamin's hair whipped around his face, showing the burn mark on his neck, as he looked around for the Island Resort he had been invited to. There was a strange clanking sound, and Ben peered at his vessel. "Don't worry Meta, we'll be there soon." He laughed, patting the gold X that crossed the face of his Metagross.
    <Who said I was worried? I'm just tired of carrying you across oceans. Use Mant Next time.> Came the response.
    "Never mind that, look! The Resort! Land!" Mate made a sound that seemed to be laughter, then angled his silver bulk to the ground. When he was hovering ten feet above the ground Ben jumped off, recalling his pokemon in the process. He landed with a thump, then ran off to register.

    When Ben got to the Foyer, he handed in his invitation and registered all six of his pokemon. He rushed to his room and threw his backpack on the ground. "Alright, Blazi! Out you come!" A red beam shot out of one of his red and white pokeballs, materializing into a Blaziken.
    <Finally! Out of that pokeball!> Blazi said, stretching his back.
    "Quit your whining. Anywhos, we're going to the beach now!" Ben said, slipping off his black hoodie revealing the black t-shirt beneath, and slipping off his denim jeans to be replaced with black shorts. He grabbed his Gold Ho-oh sword from it's place strapped under the backpack, and raced out the door, Blazi in tow.

    Ben raced onto the sand, letting the sand sink between his toes, and stopped. He smiled and let the sun's rays sink into his skin. He heard a strange sound, like metal hitting stone, and swung around in time to block a stray rock from hitting him. He looked around to see a boy about his age showing a guy his silver sword. "Hey! Sword boy! Nice sword you've got there, but can you use it!?" Ben challenged, pointing his sword at the boy and settling into a fighting stance. This was going to be fun.
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  6. It had been a long journey. Or,in his mind anyway. The most part of the journey was monotunous to Avery. The sea was all the same. Blue arches of water, nothing amazing. That was until he had found a small sweet shop in the main part of the ship. Now that he had departed the cruise, with a heavy bag of chocolate, Avery breathed in deeply and set off towards the reception. He drew a pokeball from his dark black belt, pressed a button on it and released his most favoured pokemon. Meister the Magneton hovered coldly for a few seconds, then began darting around in the bright sun.
    "Come on." Avery said plainly to Meister. He resumed making his way to the reception. After a short walk, Avery was greeted by a smiling receptionist, who gave him all the necessary forms to fill out. After a minute or two of the sound of scribbling pens, Avery strolled outside, onto the warm sand. He noticed a clanging sound, loud, and coming from the bank of rocks to his left. Meister turned and stared robotically at the source of the sound, a boy of Avery's age. He was sporting an impressive sword, glinting bright silver.
    "Hey! Sword boy!" A loud voice shouted at the sword weilding boy. The person shouting turned out to be another boy, also holding a sword.
    "Hmm. Looks like a sword fetish going on..." Avery muttered to himself, while unwrapping a bar of dark chocolate. He settled himself on a small mound of sand, Meister joining his side.
    "Nice sword you've got there, but can you use it!?" The gold-sworded boy continued.
    "I see. Chocolate and a show." Avery said coldly to Meister. "This island can't be all bad.
  7. "Slow down, boy!"

    Charlotte was riding on the back of her shiny Flygon, Decoy, and they were heading into landing on The Azure Grand island. She had flown in from Hoenn for the grand tournament that she had heard was being held in this island.

    Her long brown hair was being whipped back by the wind, and her cheeks stung with the nippy, cold air that rushed the opposite way of Charlie and Decoy.

    "Goooooon~" Decoy called, gently slowing down gradually, until landing steadily on the beach. He stood up high on his two hind legs and stretched backwards, so Charlie was almost upside-down. "Flygoooooon~" he chanted before Charlie hopped off of his back.

    "Good boy," Charlie grinned, throwing a poffin into Decoy's mouth. She stretched her arms and looked across the beach; not too many people had arrived yet.

    Charlie hooked the two other Pokeballs off of her belt and released the PokeMon out of their capsules. From the first one came Captain Amarillo; Charlie's Ampharos. The second PokeMon was her Vaporeon, Shawa. Captain Amarillo grinned and flashed his tail light a few times, roaming around the beach for a while. Shawa shook herself vigorously before sitting down to scratch behind her ear.

    Looking around for a second time, what Charlie's vision was immediatly drawn to was two boys holding swords, seemingly about to challenge each other. 'If there's a show, then I'm watching.' Charlie thought to herself.

    (OOC: ... short post is short. >o<)
  8. Just as Alex lowered his sword, he turned to see a boy about his age wielding a golden Ho-oh sword. "Hey! Sword boy! Nice sword you've got there, but can you use it!?" The other boy quickly got into a fighting stance and leveled his sword at Alex. Lucy and Carly both stepped between Alex and the boy, but Alex waved them away and settled into his stance. He dispersed his Aura charge and sighed, their unusual actions were starting to draw a crowd and unwanted attention. "At this rate I won't be able to get any practice in. Oh well, at least I can warm up with this guy. " Alex thought quietly.

    Alex was the first to move. He ran forward and swung his huge Lugia-blade, cutting a diagonal streak in the air. It was a simple attack, meant to be blocked so he could read his opponent's fighting style. But as the two blades connected, the lines on each sword began to glow and as they came into contact they let of a huge discharge of energy. "Woah, this fight just got interesting."Alex thought as he pulled his sword back for the next strike.
  9. Avery watched silently as the two boys gleefully began to engage in sword combat. Only taking his eyes off the two boys to break of a square of chocolate, he began calculating the odds and outcome of the fight.
    "The ho-oh sword guy is more lively, but seems too giddy. Lugia sword boy is more concentrated... more calculating." Avery thought. It was an exciting stand off, nevermind the outcome. The boy with the lugia sword reactd first, starting off with a swift, strike. He wasn't putting his all into it, on purpose, Avery suspected. The other boy blocked easily, not bothering to put much energy in it either. Suddely though, the faint lines etched on the swords began to pulse softly with light of their respective colours. Once the light had reached the tip of both swords, a wave of energy exploded from the conected blades. The surrounding few people, as well as the fighters themselves, were thrown back with the force of the blast. Raising an eyebrow, Avery picked himself off the ground. He wasn't the only raised eyebrow in the area.
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  10. Ben laughed gleefully for a moment when the swords discharged their energy, then he he stopped suddenly and the smile was wiped from his face. He had gone into battle mode, and was now as cold and calculating as his opponent. He launched himself off his back leg, pointing his sword at Lugia sword boy. At the last minute, he turned his blade so it was parallel to his chest and the ground, and swung outwards. This was meant to knock his opponent off balance, while he delivered another hit. The energy Discharge happened again, but Ben turned his sword vertical and pushed the energy back at the boy. The boy countered, and the swords clashed yet again. The energy discharge this time sank into the swords, giving the legendary birds a mysterious glow. Ben sensed something to his left, and backflipped out of the way just in time to avoid a hydro pump. He turned and saw a group of water pokemon advancing on the beach, all apart from each other yet all having the same purpose. Attack. "Hey Lugia sword! We can finish our battle off later, lets just take care of this!" Ben shouted to the boy, his eyes never leaving the pokemon. He sheathed his sword, and wordlessly released his pokemon. A Nidoking, a Gengar, a Mantine, a shiny Metagross and a Hitmonlee joined the Blaziken that was already out. They all settled into a fighting stance except Mantine, who had been released on the water. Nidoking gave a roar, and Ben grinned, the upcoming battle even better than the last.

    OOC: Dinova told me to move the story along, so I am.
  11. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Jake watched the swordfight a bit bemusedly for a few seconds before a large discharge of aura knocked him backward into the sand, things became more interesting for a moment, before another threat to his safety appeared in the form of a stray Hydro Pump flying mere inches above his nose. The teen leapt to his feet, taking a Poke Ball, Great Ball, and Heavy Ball from his belt, and tossing them in the general direction of the approaching water types. Three Pokemon appeared in white flashes, Snorlax, Haunter, and Cacturne.

    Sam and Slithers both moved forward, the Snorlax using Thunderpunch and Arbok using Thunder Fang. The Cacturne, Spikes, prepared a Solarbeam, while Haunter, named Spectre, began firing Thunderbolts into the crowd. Jake stepped forward between both sword wielders and said “Your aura discharges must have scared them, they’re most likely trying to protect themselves and their territory.” As he spoke, Sam and Slithers subdued a Staryu and a Kingler, both of which Sam picked up and carried to the water’s edge before returning to the fray. Jake watched the battle go on, and said, “Don’t hurt them too much, they think you’re the enemy.”
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  12. The Ho-oh boy aimed a second strike at Alex, meant to knock him off balance. Alex brought his sword up parallel to his arm to brace himself against the strike and the second discharge. Unfortunately Alex never got to find out who was a better swordsman as a hydropump blasted towards them. Alex turned and saw a small army of water Pokemon coming out of the waves. "Your Aura discharges must have scared them, they're most likely trying to protect themselves and their territory." Alex got the message, don't hurt them too much and put them back in the sea. He called Carly back and tossed two poke balls into the air, unleashing Terry the Torterra and Gallant his Gallade.

    Alex reached out with his Aura, sensing the Pokemon's emotions. As Alex expected, Jake was right on. Most of the pokemon were very scared, but there were others that Alex could feel were burning with hatred, instigating the others to attack. Alex was able to pick out six of them, two, cloister Crawdaunt, and kingler. "Jake, Ho-oh boy, those pokemon over there are egging the other Pokemon on, the Kingler and Cloyster. If we beat them they might all leave." Alex commanded his pokemon to focus on the Crawdaunt. gallant rushed forward and slashed one of them with Leaf Bladeknocking it out while Terry defeated the other with Mega Drain.
  13. (OOC: Joining! I never participated in the Groudon Blaze Cup, so new character! Also, ‘’Bladeknocking him out’’? I think Stel would like that xD)


    Angelo De Luca loved flying. The feeling in his stomach when they lowered, the wind streaming around him. Skarmory weren’t the fastest flyers among PokeMon, but they were still pretty darn fast.

    Angelo was wearing an emerald cotton T-shirt and sand-coloured baggy jeans. Around his arm was a black Poketch and bag was around his left shoulder, hanging at his waist. His hair was the same style as his little brother, quite messy and spikey, but black instead of brown.

    His most noticeable feature was definitely the green scabbard on his back, decorated with yellow circles and lines and red stripes. It contained one of the rarest items in the world; an emerald sworld in the form of Rayquaza. For every legendary PokeMon there was a sword, forged by ancient cultures with a certain mineral that represented the legendary’s element or colour, or both. Any trainer that wanted to have one would have to be qualified by an Elite Four or Champion and would be told to hold the remaining ones. A sword that approved of the trainer trough the aura of the legendary it represented would flare up at the touch, as it contained pure energy like the legendary’s themselves.

    This had happened to Angelo, too. Rayquaza had chosen him; Something to quite proud of, in his opinion.

    The ocean passed by below as Angelo De Luca, Valentino De Luca’s brother, was sitting on the steel-covered Skarmory. The sun reflected on the steel hull, which was the main reason Angelo always wore powerful sunglasses while flying.

    How many miles still to cover, boss? Skarmory, proudly wearing his Scope Lens on his head, asked his trainer. The steel hull combined with the scope lens really made him look like a robot. Like his little brother Valentino, he was born a psychic and could communicate with PokeMon. Holding on tight to Skarmory’s neck with his right arm, he used the left one to take out his PokeNav. Most of the trainers used PokeGears nowadays, and Angelo had one too, but he preferred his PokeNav due to nostalgic reasons; It reminded him of the start of his PokeMon journey in Hoenn, as he had bought it in Rustboro City.

    Just a few more, Skarmory. Think you can manage it? Angelo asked his PokeMon. Can I manage that? You have to ask? Just watch me! Immediately, Skarmory swooped down and flattened his pose, becoming more aerodynamic then he already was. Angelo held on for dear life, although he knew Skarmory would always catch him if he fell; That had actually happened a few times.

    Soon after, the island came into view. Located south of Sinnoh, it was quite tropical, not as tropical as Hoenn though; Hoenn was close to the equador and much warmer than most regions.

    Let’s land at the beach, Skarmory! Angelo said. Skarmory descended towards the beautiful beach. Angelo already saw some people on the beach, just dots at first, but after he landed and had removed his sunglasses, he could see everyone clearly.
    To his great surprise, he saw two other chosen ones; From Johto, or they had at least been there. One of them was wearing a red T-shirt and black trunks and was wielding a silver sword, formed after Lugia. The other one wore a black t-shirt and jeans, and wielded a gold sword modeled after Ho-oh.

    The two were clearly in combat, and after Skarmory had been recalled to his Ultra Ball, Angelo went over and sat down in the sand, watching the two circle each other. He made sure the green leather handle of his sword was clearly visible over his shoulder so the two would know they weren’t the only chosen swordsman around here. It had been quite some time since he had battled another chosen one; the last time had been in Celestic Town, where had met the wielder of Dialga’s sword. That one had been quite a formidable opponent, as he had been physically impossible fast- Litteraly. Every sword had special abilities depending on the legendary it represented. His sword, for example, could call upon the power of the wind and shoot energy beams, just like Rayquaza.

    He wondered what these swords would do; Call upon miniature storm and summon holy fire, maybe?

    Suddenly, the fight was disrupted. People yelled as a few dozen sea PokeMon crawled up onto the beach. The boy with the Lugia sword gave them his theory on why the PokeMon came here and called out two PokeMon to defeat the two PokeMon that were telling the other PokeMon to attack.
    ‘When you guys are done defeating the leaders, I’ll transport the other PokeMon back into the sea, OK?’ Angelo said to the Lugia and Ho-oh boys.
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  14. Avery watched the two boys gleefully lock swords, letting sparkly little particles ripple in the otherwise serene setting. Suddenly, a small horde of Pokemon rose from the sea, initiating attack imediately. Avery sat up quickly from the sandy ground. He produced a Great ball from his jacket pocket. After clicking a button on the side, a blue flash of light revealed Avery's second Pokemon. Slim shady(usually abbreviated to Slim) the Marowak.
    "Warm-up." adressed Avery to the pair. They headed off to the center of the Pokemon group. Avery began running after them, but was stopped by one of the spectators of the sword-fight from earlier.
    “Your aura discharges must have scared them, they’re most likely trying to protect themselves and their territory.” He said to everyone present.
    ‘When you guys are done defeating the leaders, I’ll transport the other PokeMon back into the sea, OK?’ Added another boy, adressing his statement to the swordfighters.
    Avery waved a hand, then resumed to catch up with Meister and Slim. They had made quick work of a Poliwag, sending him scuttling back. Avery pointed a finger towards an Octillery nearby. Immediately, Meister fired a Tri-attack at the Octillery, hitting dead on. The Octillery was thrown back a few paces, hurt, but not wavered. It began charging for Meister, but Slim intercepted with a Headbutt. Octillery fell down onto the sand, momentarily dazed. That was all Meister needed. He Let out a powerful Sonicboom, sending Octillery flying back to the sea. Avery turned to face the Pokemon.
    With a glare in his eye"Who's next?"
  15. "Once we've taken of this horde we can resume our battle! And it looks like we're not the only chosen ones here!" Ben shouted to the Lugia boy, motioning to a boy with a green scabbard on his back, obviously the Rayquaza sword. "Bruce! You and Mant take the little ones! Meta and Mortimer! Go after the big ones! Nido and Blazi! The ringleaders!" Ben called to his pokemon, the Hitmonlee, Mantine, Metagross, Gengar, Nidoking and Blaziken, respectively. They complied, and soon Ben and the Lugia boy would be able to battle again, maybe even with a new battler in the fray.
  16. The Ho-oh boy noticed his sword, and remarked that they weren't the only chosen ones here. Damn, I'm itching to use my sword again. A triple fight would be interesting... Seeing that it would take a while to knock out all the leaders, Angelo decided to help; He called forth two of his PokeMon by throwing their PokeBalls up into the air. Red light flashed, showing the two PokeMon: Skarmory, who screamed in it's metallic voice, and a yellow giant with a double tail, obviously an Electicivire.

    'Skarmory! Use Steel Wing on that Swampert, then Night Slash! Electivire, use Thunder on the Seaking, followed by Swift!'
  17. Avery scanned around, perusing the chaotic scene of the beach for another Pokemon. He stopped over a Pelipper that had just landed near the reception building. Avery called on Meister and Slim to follow him as he made a bee line for the Pelipper. The bird was tirelessly making its way over to the door, waddling slowly but menacingly. When it caught sight of Avery, it turned to face him, sudden anger appearing in its eyes. It squawked harshly, then released a powerful water pulse at Meister. Meister dogded quickly, moving to the side in time. Slim wasn't so lucky, the attack hit him hard, harder that he was a ground type. He was bowled over, and struggling to get back to his feet. The Pelipper relised so, and followed up swiftly with a Water gun. The jet hit Slim badly, and he fainted, falling on the ground he had just got up from. Avery swore, then drew another Pokeball.
    "Quick work of him Plauge!" Avery shouted, angry that Slim had fallen. Plauge the Koffing appeared from the Pokeball, his wisps of gas flowing wildly.
    "Let yourself go Plauge." Avery roared "Let yourself go!"
  18. Skarmory's wings started glowing white and when he hit the Swampert, the water golem was trown aside. Immediately after, Skarmory seemed to melt into purple shadow ooze while flying. Half a second later, he appeared out of nowhere behind the Swampert and struck him from behind. The water starter fainted and lay down on the sand, unconsious.

    While this happened, a storm cloud appeared over the beach. Thunder boomed and lightning struck the Seaking. Out of Electivire's palms, spinning and shiny stars appeared that hit the Seaking all over. The Seaking was knocked back into the sea, also unconsious.

    'Two down, a lot more to go.' Angelo grumbled. 'Skarmory, use Fly and Air Slash on that Tentacruel! Electivire, Use Thundershock and Low Kick on that Blastoise!'
  19. "Lucy, use CLose Combat on Crawdaunt, It's the last leader!" Alex wathched as Lucy ran at the giant lobster like pokemon and knocked it out with a series of punches and kicks. As the pokemon fell down , the others looked around quickly as if waking from a trance and retreated back into the waves. "Finally, I thought we would be over run." Alex turned to the other boys wielding swords,"You guys were a big help, thank you. By the way, I'm Alex" He extended his hand in greeting.

    A voice rang out over hidden speakers placed all across the resort,"Attention all trainers, please report to the foyer for the first round of the tournament and the assigning of the tournament partners."

    OOC:Sorry for taking so long to post, but a stay in the hospital can make it hard to post.
  20. "Ben. I hope I'm paired up with you for the tournament." Ban said, recalling all his pokemon but Blazi, before running off to the registration. He went to the PC and got one of his most trusted pokemon, in return for Bruce. As everyone piled into the giant room Ben noticed Alex, and walked over to him. "They're going to put all the partner's pictures up on that screen, right?" Ben asked, pointing to a massive video screen hanging from the ceiling. Alex nodded, and Ben smiled.
    "Attention all trainers! The registration for the tournament has now closed. All people participating in the tournament are now in the hall. The tag-battle partners will be shown on the screen." The screen suddenly lit up and profile pictures of all the trainers started appearing in twos, a line linking them. Ben's face lit up like a christmas tree as he saw who he had been partnered with.
    Ben chuckled, before turning and smiling at Alex. "What are the odds eh? You and me being on the same team?"

    (OoC: I actually suggested to Dinova that it should be a tag-team battle so Alex and Ben could fight together. It was going to happen one way or another.)
  21. When the last boss had been defeated, Angelo removed his sword from it's scabbard and wanted to summons a strong gale to blow the remaining PokeMon back into the sea- purely to show off to the other two chosen ones- but the the PokeMon scuttled back into the waves by themselves. Angelo shrugged. 'Oh well, saves energy I guess.' He put his sword back.

    He called his Skarmory and Electivire back. Just then, a mechanical voice sounded from the speakers that asked the trainers to come into the foyer. 'O, right, still got to sign up.' Angelo said to no one in particular and joined the others in walking towards the main building.

    After a lot of talking, showing his Trainer Card and signing a contract, Angelo was done. The intercom voice sounded again soon after:

    'Attention, all trainers! The registration for the tournament has now closed. All people participating in the tournament are now in the hall. The tag-battle partners will be shown on the screen.'

    Angelo looked at the screen, just as the rest of the Trainers. He saw his Trainer Card pic next to another boy's, who looked around his age. Angelo looked around and saw the boy soon enough. He went over to him, and saw a Magnezone floating next to the boy.

    'Hey, my name is Angelo De Luca.' He said. 'Nice to meet you. What's your name?'
  22. "Avery." Avery replied. Meister remained hovering silently, while Plauge didn't look up from his panting.
    "Seems we're partnered for this." Avery said, turning to the large screen. He drew a Pokeball from his pocket and pointed it to Plauge. Plauge shot into the device quickly.
    "So, that sword of yours. Do you know if it can start a lightshow like the other two over there." Avery continued, gesturing to the original sword-weilders of the beach.
  23. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The last of the Water types fled, their leaders defeated. Jake recalled his Pokemon, leaving Spectre floating near his head. The off color Haunter was seemingly bemused by the events so far, and was simply floating about now, waiting for the teen to move along. Before Jake could say anything a P.A. rang out over the beach. "Attention all trainers! The registration for the tournament has now closed. All people participating in the tournament are now in the hall. The tag-battle partners will be shown on the screen." Jake listened, then quickly moved toward the main hall, pushing the glass doors open and searching for the screen. The teen focused on the large screen as several faces began appearing in pairs. His appeared almost last next to a face he recognized from a festival of sorts. “Tony.” Jake said to himself, smirking a bit, and quickly began to search for the young man.

    After walking the perimeter of the foyer with no luck, Spectre suddenly poked Jake in the shoulder, causing him to turn, only to find the shiny Haunter pointing at a pale teen, wearing mostly black and with mismatched eye colors, and laughing in Jake’s face for not seeing him the first time around. Jake approached the young man, saying, “Tony! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? And now it looks like we’re working together for this one!”
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  24. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    After a few minutes, a voice rang out over the P.A. system. It announced that registration was now closed, and they were to look towards a screen to figure out who was partnered with who. So he would have to work with a trainer? Tony just hoped his partner knew what he was doing. His face was almost the last on the screen, next to someone he vaguely recognized. Deciding to wait for his partner to find him, Tony moved over to a wall and leaned against it, Seth following behind him.

    After a few minutes waiting, his partner, whom Tony remembered going by the name of Jake, like the teen's own Lucario, found him. He seemed a bit to excited for this, in Tony's opinion. He also recognized the trainer's Shiny Haunter, which enjoyed pestering Seth last time the two had met. Hopefully, that wouldn't happen this time around.

    "So it does," Tony grinned, putting on what he thought was a successful happy facade, "I hope you've been training, this won't be easy."
  25. Angelo shrugged. 'I think so. Every sword contains energy, and they respond to each other when they touch.' He said. 'But the effect might have been strengthened by the rivalry between Lugio and Ho-oh.'

    'I like your Magnezone, by the way.' Angelo said. 'Your Koffing looks healty too. Which other PokeMon do you have?'

    (OOC: Shoooort >_<)
  26. Alex joined the other trainers as they quickly filed into the foyer to see the pairings. Alex was anxiously walking around until he bumped into Ben again. After talking for a bit, ben looked up at the large screen hanging over the crowd. "They're going to put all the partner's pictures up on that screen, right?" Ben asked. Alex nodded, and Ben smiled. Suddenly the screen jumped to life with the faces of the trainers, pairing them up for the tournament. Alex scanned the board looking for his own face and found it, right next to Ben. Alex grinned as he turned to his partner, who had a similar look on his face,"What are the odds eh? You and me being on the same team?"
    "I don't know but I've never really cared about odds!" Alex laughed, as the brackets for the tournament appeared next on the screen. Alex and Ben's pictures appeared in the first bracket next to the Rayquayza sword wielder and a boy Alex recognized from the beach. Alex turned to his partner and asked,"Ready to win a battle?"

    OOC:The tournament finally gets underway! Just to review, Blazikid and I VS. Black Rock Shooter(such a long name ) and indie-reeper.
    To Blaze and Soren, since there are only six of us you two will have to battle someone you make up, hope that's okay?
  27. "Ready? Of course! Let's show Rayquaza the true power of teamwork!" Ben said, hi-fiving his partner, the swords vibrating and glowing.

    Ben had lined up next to Alex, on their side of the battlefield. He had his pokeball in his hand, but was not planning to use it, the pokemon already out. Alex had his pokeball in his hand and they were both waiting for the battle to start. "ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTELMEN! The first round battle of the Azure Grand Tournament is about to commence! Trainers! Get ready, BATTLE!"
    "Blazi! Show them what you're made of!" A red blur shot over Ben's head before finishing the flip it was doing and landing on the field. Blazi let out a fearsome roar, shaking almost everything, including the camera that was filming the tournament.
    <Let's do this!> Blazi shouted, getting into a fighting stance.
  28. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Before Jake could reply, the P.A. activated once more, and a message rang out through the foyer, "ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTELMEN! The first round battle of the Azure Grand Tournament is about to commence! Trainers! Get ready, BATTLE!"
    Jake looked up at the speaker, muttered, “Let’s play then,” and walked toward the battlefield, stepping up to the left side of the field, and taking a normal Poke Ball from his belt. Their opponents were a fairly large, burly man with dark hair, wearing a leather jacket and jeans, and another tall man, this one with tanned skin and blonde hair, wearing a green bandana and t-shirt, and brown pants and shoes. According to the board, their names were Shane and Leon.

    Shane was first, tossing a Poke Ball to reveal a large, purple, dinosaur-like rabbit, covered in extremely sharp spikes. The Nidoking roared mightily, shaking itself awake after its rest in the Poke Ball. Leon threw a Great Ball instead, revealing a tremendous brown mammoth with a blue and white “mask” around its eyes and a pig-like snout. The Mamoswine stood to her full height, snorting at her opponents.

    Jake decided to start small, and threw the Poke Ball he had grabbed from his belt, releasing a small, golden fox with six tails. Scamp, Jake’s shiny Vulpix, stood at attention, ready for battle as the two awaited Tony’s choice in Pokemon.
  29. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Jake wasn't able to say anything before the P.A. system rang out again, calling them all to the battlefield for their fight. Tony quickly followed the trainer out, Seth following behind him. Once they reached their battlefield, and took their position on the right side, the teen surveyed their opponents. One was using a Nidoking, the other a Mamoswine. Mamoswine and Kidoking both were weak to several types he could use against it, however, before he could choose a Pokemon, Jake sent out a little golden Vulpix, a Fire Type.

    His choices fairly limited, Tony instead had Seth walk out to the field. The Buizel was probably the best Pokemon he had for this battle. Both of his opponents were weak to Water Type attacks, and the Nidoking didn't do well against the Ice Type. However, instead of attacking, Tony had the Buizel wait, wanting to see how his opponents reacted first.
  30. As Ben and Alex walked onto the field, the crowd erupted into cheers. A sound Alex had to admit, he never got tired of. As Alex reached for his pokeball, Ben sent out his first pokemon. "Blazi! Show them what you're made of!" the blaziken that had been walking with Ben soared over their heads onto the field and let out a fearsome roar. "Woah, that's a cool pokemon Ben, let's see what you think of my partner!" Alex tossed a pokeball into the air and with a flash of light Alex's Flygon, Gabe glided onto the field. "Finally! I thought I was never going to get to join a battle!"

    OOC:I forgot to mention this before, two pokemon to a trainer for a total of four per team.
  31. 'I like your Magnezone, by the way.' Angelo said. 'Your Koffing looks healty too. Which other PokeMon do you have?'
    "Well, there's Meister, the Magnezone. Slim and Plauge are my Marowak and Koffing. You'll see my next one in the battle." Avery smirked.
    He walked camly through the entrance, clutching Meister's Pokeball and a yet unopened one. Now that he was standing in front of the battlefield at his respective corner, Avery threw Meister's Pokeball into the air. The Magnezone shot out, twirling and buzzing for a moment before laying his single red eye on the opponent.
  32. Avery smiled and told him about Meister the Magnezone, Slim the Marowak and Plauge the koffing. The boy told him that his next PokeMon would only be uncovered in the battle, and that caught Angelo's attention. Was it a rare PokeMon? Or really strong?

    Angelo was pumped for the battle, and as soon as they walked into the arena, they were welcomed by the sound of a large cheering crowd. There were more people then Angelo had ever imagined. Their opponents were the Ho-oh and the Lugia boy, Ben and Alex. They had already called out their PokeMon, a Blaziken and a Flygon. Avery chose Meister as his first PokeMon, and after some strategical thinking, Angelo called out his Swampert.

    'Swaaaaaa-mp!' The Swampert cheered. The reasons for this choice were: 1. Type advantage against Blaziken (Fire) and Flygon (Ground), and 2. Electric discharges wouldn't hurt Swampert, so Meister could go all out without having to worry about his partner.

    'Let's go, Avery!'
  33. Alex began to size up the field in the few seconds before the start of the battle. Ben's Blaziken was the first to jump on to the field. Then a Magnezone and Swampert followed. Alex found his attention drawn to the Magnezone. The SWampert had an obvious advantage in the battle but the Magnezone was at a glaring type disadvantage. What tricks was it hiding? But before Alex could ponder any further the referee's voice blared out, "Trainers ready? Let the battle begin!!"

    Alex and Gabe were the first to react," Gabe use Sunny Day, then attack combo 3!" Gabe roared at the sky, turning the bright sun into a furious blaze, then Gabe dove underground. Gabe reappeared diving in and out of the ground, like a fish, until there were six additional holes in the ground all in a line. Alex grinned, most of the holes were fakes, and by the time an opponent figured out how to counter attack it was to late. Suddenly Gabe appeared behind the Magnezone hovering just behind it. But then Gabe turned his head and aimed at the Swampert in a spectacular feint. "Now, Solarbeam!" Thanks to the sunny day the attack was instant, not only barreling towards the Swampert but propelling Gabe into the air, and away from counterattack.
  34. "Blazi! Vault off the top of Gabe and use drill kick!" The Blaziken jumped on top of Gabe and launched himself off him, getting even more height from Gabe's Momentum. As he reached the peak of his jump, several metres off the ground, he started spinning with one leg out stretched and plummeted downwards. As he fell he gained even more speed, spinning like a drill. He finally connected with the Magnezone, driving it a metre or two underground. Blazi jumped out before locking up all his joints. This was a side effect of the drill kick, and left him at the complete mercy of the Swampert.

    OoC: Short action post, not much I could do.
  35. A soon as the referee started the battle, the action began.

    Gabe, the Flygon, used Sunny Day and immediately shot off towards the ground, the Blaziken called Blazi launching itself from it's shoulders. While Flygon burrowed underground, Blazi jumped high into the sky; A double manouver. Flygon shot from the ground, seemingly wanting to attack Meister, but at the last second it turned and used Solarbeam on Swampert.

    'Evade!' Angelo yelled, a green aura suddenly appearing around him for a second, then dissolving again. Swampert did what Angelo had taught him to do: When in danger, BARREL ROLL. Swampert rolled over away from the beam, but the Grass attack still grazed his side and Swampert roared in pain. Just then, Blazi drilled Meister into the ground, and Angelo roared: 'Swampert! Filthy Takedown!' It was one of their special movesets.

    Swampert hurled itself in Muddy Water, before using Take Down on Blazi. Swampert flew straight into the Blaziken, knocking him against the side wall of the arena hard enough to cause a couple of cracks. Swampert shook his head to get rid of the recoil pain in his neck and roared at the Flygon above his head, a deep, rumbling, prehistorical sound that still gave Angelo the creeps.
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  36. avery held back a grin as Meister was driven into the ground.
    "Lock-On!" Avery shouted.
    Meister's eye glinted menacingly for a moment, and the Blaziken was locked-on. Meister rose slowly up from the ploughed earth, shaking slightly to dust off the earth. He was hurt, but not down yet.
    "Magnet bomb!" Avery siad loudly, but smirking as he said it.
    Meister pointed his "arms" at the Blaziken, the tips forming small bursts of grey energy. He rose his "hands" above himself, the grey energy creating a large ball. It was now the size of a car wheel. Suddenly, Meister flung the Magnet Bomb at the Blaziken, with Locked-On accuracy.
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  37. Ben watched his pokemon get double assaulted, and shouted, "Blazi! We need to get rid of Swampert! Make Gabe get hit by the Magnet Bomb and then use Blazikid Barrage!" Blazi nodded before running to Gabe. He jumped in the air and Grabbed Gabe, and swerved around him, holding him like a shield. The Magnet Bomb didn't have time to move and rammed into Gabe, making Gabe wince. Blazi thanked Gabe before hurtling to the ground, and as soon as he touched the ground he split into three Blazikens, a cut appearing on all of them. One Blazi ran behind swampert, and roundhouse kicked him forward. The second Blazi uppercutted the swampert towards the third Blazi, which was up in the sky, and proceeded to axe kick Swampert into the ground. Swampert was most likely not getting up, but just in case, all three Blazikens grabbed it and threw it back down onto the ground. Two Blazi's disappeared, and left one Blazi standing woozily near a defeated Swampert.
  38. Gabe took the magnet bomb head on to help Blazi avoid the attack. Alex called out," Alright Gabe, Dragon's pinwheel into Giga drain!" Gabe rose a little higher into the air and began to tumble head over tail and unleashed a dragonbreath attack creating a spinning star of flame falling through the air. As Gabe collided with Swampert he grabbed on to the water types back and used the Giga drain attack, healing himself and rising into the air.

    (OOC: A star fox refrence, really Darksoul?)
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  39. Is it too late to join this RP?
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    Pretty much, yeah.

    Plus you're breaking two rules: first of all, we generally don't ask to join RPs in the thread - we use PMs. Secondly, you're necromancing an RP that's been dead for a month.

    Warn'd and lock'd - if any of the inhabitants of this RP want it unlocked, PM me and I'll be happy to open it up again.

    ETA: Unlocked on request. Go nuts, guys :D

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