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The Ayoran League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Raichuman99, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. I'm working on a website about this. It's a new league (whoopty doo, LOTS of people make new leagues... Pokemon Rebirth has Tatto, KingNidoking has the Neuto League, and who could forget Labto?) Well, mine is called the Ayoran League. It started a couple years ago when I thought of a grass bird. (By the way, many people have thought of a grass bird before. I was inspired by a person named Depleti. :p)

    Then I imagined it to be a starter. Then I thought of the Poli evolution line. In my head, I complained about how un-froggish they were. So I created a watery tadpole, a more realistic one. But what about the fire types? Well, there was already Meowth and Persian (Back then I had no idea of Skitty or Delcatty.) So I decided to go ahead, there was only one earlier evolution line. A fire kitten, then.

    I drew them on papers, but unfortunately they collected a lot of dust before I found them again. I named them Greenary (green+canary), Tadpool (tadpole+pool), and Fierycat (Everyone can figure that out :p ). I gave Greenary evolutions. Treeary and Phoenature. Treeary is tree-canary and Phoenature is phoenix+nature, despite a phoenix being a fire bird. :lol: Fierycat evolved into Fireline (Fire+feline), then Moltiger (molten+tiger.) Then, my friend made up a name for Tadpool's evolution, Tadkrul (sort of a newty thing), and then Toadoom. Come on, the names weren't that bad!

    Then I wrote a nifty introduction, in the voice of Ayoran's nation-renowned professor, Prof. Evergreen himself.
    "Welcome to the world of Ayoran. This mysterious, large island yields many strange Pokémon. Even more mysterious are the conspiracies lying beneath, but that will be saved for another day. Ayoran has 10 Pokémon Gyms and all 10-year old Pokémon Trainers can venture out into this land and collect them to fight in the Ayoran Competition. You will have three Pokémon to choose from at the beginning of your journey. Greenary, Fierycat and Tadpool. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, and different attacks to boot. Now, leap into the world of Ayoran!"

    Here are the rules for the RPG.
    Sorry, everyone, you gotta start out fresh. Either Greenary, Fierycat or Tadpool and I will give you their statistics. Also, you're fresh new young'uns itching for a battle - hooray!
    #1 Raichuman99, Apr 18, 2005
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  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Young'uns, eh? Sounds like fun. I'm in ^^

    Not sure how much activity you'll get, though. Got any friends you can drag here to participate? ;)

    I'm curious to how this'll be run. Will it be the battle system where you simply give attacks and then judge from there how effective they are, or will it be fully-written posts like our current RPs?
    Also wondering about wild Pokemon - a mixtured of all the current Pokemon or totally new?

    Sorry for all the questions, but they must be asked :p
  3. Well, I have the answers. My friend who helped me on this thing might be in.

    Also, since I'm no computer, we're simply going to be judging the battle system based on type. Vague, but works. There's also going to be a few old Pokemon left in, such as Oddish, Pikachu and Geodude. I'm also going to make evolutions of certain old Pokemon. I can tell you just one for example... Arbok will have an evolution, so you can expect Ekans.

    Also, by now, I bet you're wondering if I'll be able to pull this huge thing off. Well, I've already done all the stuff before this RPG, so it's no problem. If I get a domain, then I'll be able to store all the information and it'll be easier to remember.

    Well, that's about it! I'm going to start on Monday if I can, because we need more players before we start and my I need to contact my friend... and Monday's the best time to do that. Then, if he's not too busy, he'll register! :D
  4. I suppose I'll give this a go. :)
  5. ill join 8)

    ill put a little bios as well


    do you have any pics i could see o the pokemon

    ok 10 it is lol
  6. Well, I only have one pic at the moment. The other pokepics are coming soon.


    Anyway, I wish my friend was here. It doesn't matter, we might be able to go on without him. We have enough members.

    To neogeo, ya need to be 10 in the roleplay, because that's when the Pokemon trainers start off. I need some human names for TheBlueAvenger and Linkachu. If I'm not typing your username the right way, you can just tell me.

    This is the prologue, and sets the story up.

    Early in the morning, a dastardly plot was unfolding over the Risesun Town Pokémon Laboratory. A thief with a large C emblazoned on his black uniform approached the lab. A window was propped open to let the cool air come in, and that was just what the thief was looking for. He silently crawled in, put on some squeaky-clean gloves, and tiptoed over to three Pokéballs on a high-tech table. As soon as he touched one, lasers shot out. However, his gloves were already on the balls, so he took them and crept back out. Meanwhile, Professor Evergreen was awakened by the sudden lasers. He noticed the table, with no Pokéballs. "No! Those are for the Pokémon Trainers!" He had to do something. And several somethings were already on their way to the Pokemon Lab.

    Sound good?
    #6 Raichuman99, Apr 24, 2005
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  7. I'll try to get an actual post in here soon, as I'm doing homework now, but you can call me TBA. My character's name will be Jeff Azure.
  8. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Am I too late to join?
  9. Leon jumped out of his bed and looked around the room he looked at his wall where there was a poster of the pokemon firecat his fave pokemon and thn he relised what day it was. It was the day he got his first pokemon from prof eergreen he shoved his white shirt and black trousers on and quickly scratched his head as he thought about how he would get to the lab he then in a flash he grabbed his running shoes and ran for the lab.
  10. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: If ya gonna start already, I might as well put OOC. But still... I wanna join for... random reasons!
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Sorry for taking off for two weeks there. Couldn't really get online to reply.

    Anyways, since this character has to be a kid I'll make up a new character...

    Rydia Wild (Because I heard the last name Wild a few days ago and just had to use it for something) ;)

    You still in this Raichuman? Give me some sort of sign and I'll write my intro (although, since the PokeBalls were stolen I don't really know what to write. Being only 10 and chasing after a theif without a Pokemon doesn't sound like a bright idea ^^U).
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