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Ask to Join The Asylum Escape Join

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Devowa, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. You awake in a large room made of steel with no idea how you got here, then you suddenly remember that you escaped your cell. (That you were unjustly put in.) When the power went out and the electrified bars stopped working and you and some prisoners, that were waiting for some mistake like that used that moment to escape. Now you are alone and need to find a way out of this place.

    You are an unlucky person that got put away for an unjust reason, you may have had some issue in your life but nothing worthy of the asylum especially St Roger’s Asylum for the criminally insane. You have heard the inhuman screams echo threw this place and know you must get out before you truly go mad and now you have your chance, but the guards may not be your biggest problem. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    To join read the rules and give me your bio. Rules:

    This is a D&D style RP so as your dungeon master or your asylum master I do not have a character and instead I will be narrating all the actions excepted your character's.

    This is a horror RP so if you are not in to that stuff this is not for you.

    No god-modding.

    Follow Pokecharms rules.

    No one liners.

    You are all separated in different locations, you may find each other but that is up to me.

    This RP will be done in turns for example I narrate one of your situations and then the person the was narrated to will do something with that then I will go to the next person etc.

    Your actions will determine if you escape and live or die, I will make it hard to die but not impossible so be careful.

    You may find weapons such as a knife or a gun, but I would not recommend trying it on the enemy it will be impossible to kill some of the thing in this place. The weapons are more for the environment.

    Have fun and get spooked.

    Age: (You could be a child or an adult, all are put away in here.)
    Species: (While most are human here you can choose to be a little mutated or born wrong it could be your reason for capture.)
    Reason for capture:
    General info:
  2. Name: Mya
    Gender: Female
    Age: 11
    Species: (Can they like have animal ears or tails due to mutation either that she has a twisted hand)
    Appearance: Long black hair,Insane Black-Blue eyes,Thin and light, Dark Skin white nightgown
    Reason for capture: (Mutation or defect)
    General info:She Is fast and light and a little insane but can pick lock well
  3. Name: Raden. Just Raden.
    Gender: Male
    Age: (You could be a child or an adult, all are put away in here.) 28
    Species: (While most are human here you can choose to be a little mutated or born wrong it could be your reason for capture.) His body had a genetic mistake causing him to grow major muscles.
    Appearance: A large man with BROAD shoulders and arms like bazooka barrels. He wears a sleeveless shirt and shorts.
    Reason for capture: His arms. They're huge.
    General info: Likes to fix things with a punch. Before he came here, he was known for punching through steel plates. (Not thick ones)
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  4. Sorry that I have not replied in some time. Your both in!
  5. First part is up. we are starting with you Mya.
    Once again sorry for no posting family problems.
  6. (Are We Starting on This Thread If not do you have the link for the main thread but i'll start here for now)
    Mya woke up And Looked around her Wolf Ears Straight up In alert "W-were Am I" She Asked Herself and as she said that she seen a lock and some thin metal wires "Perfect" She Said And Tried To Pick The Lock.The Metal Wires Not being strong enough Broke On her.
  7. I hope I'm not too late, but here's mine:

    Name: Kit
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Kit has blonde hair and wears blue jeans with a green shirt along with a cyan cape. He has blue in his right eye and brown in his left eye due to having heterochromatic eyes (A rare trait that causes a person to have different eye colors)
    Reason for capture: Kit had knowledge of some magic arts that caught the attention of...certain people so to say (More info may be revealed in the RP if the chance ever arises.)
    General info: Kit always carries around a tome that he uses to cast spells to defend himself if needed (Not too powerful spells, more likely simple fireballs, lighting bolts, and/or ice shards or something along those lines)
  8. Your in!
    Just note that the fire balls explosion can't be huge.
  9. Name: Kuro
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Species: Human but can sometimes shapeshift, which is voluntary but has a time limit
    Appearance: Kuro has black hair that goes only as far as the bottoms of her ears. She wears a black jacket that covers most of her fingers except for the tips over a black tank top with a white wolf on it. She wears black pants and sometimes wears black shorts that reach just above her thighs but only on very hot days. She had tan skin but it turned into a slightly pale peach color thanks to her time at the asylum. She is 6’0 ft. tall and is very skinny and light, causing her to be very agile
    Reason for Capture: They found out that she could shift into anything she wanted to, making her extremely dangerous
    General Information: Kuro hates muzzles, they brought her in her wolf form with a muzzle on, and she hates people who torture animals. She likes to be logical and is very creative and good at fighting. She is very fast
  10. You can join but one thing, there needs to be some rules with shape shifting. You cant turn into something bigger than you or gain their powers and you cant turn into furniture without showing signs of life like breathing. but other than that your in!
  11. I will edit you into my last post. Then you can post.
  12. I hope you're still accepting RPers.

    Name: Kaguya Mujaki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Species: Human
    Appearance: A young girl with knee length white hair, a plain white gown and white slip-on shoes.
    Reason for capture: Manslaughter, some level of dementia.
    General info: Although a seemingly harmless girl, she shows no emotion when killing and would forget what she did after she falls asleep. Once awoken, all memories before are gone. Has a habit of saying "Deru" after a sentence.
  13. If you're still accepting, I'd love to give this a go with my own character (I hope this isn't too far-fetched, haha)

    Abel. That—that's it.
    Gender: He's a guy.
    Age: Probably around eight.*
    Species: A... bear?
    Appearance: Abel is a typical American black bear, albeit preferring to walk on two legs as opposed to four (7ft standing height). As such, he retains the typical stature (sloping shoulders, low chest, etc.) of a normal bear as well as the markings associated with his species (black fur with a light tan snout). His only real physical difference is his decision to wear clothes. Despite the fact that nearly anything looks comical on a bear, he dons a red flannel shirt in addition to some form of grey pants that seem to have been completely shredded off below the knee—probably because they weren't designed for bears. To top it off, he wears a pair of generic black glasses (the lenses have long since popped out) in order to complete his "disguise". Needless to say, he has a lot of work to do.
    Reason for capture: After being born in captivity, Abel was discovered to be far more sapient than his animalistic kin. Once he began to speak some very basic English around his sixth year, however, the scientists monitoring him and his family decided unanimously that the potential of a bear being granted citizenship was a threat to society. As an additional precaution, he was removed from the public bear exhibit and locked up for further research.
    General info: Abel, while kind-hearted, is still relatively oblivious to the absurdity of his own nature. As an extent, he believes his clothes to be "the perfect human disguise," it seems no one has yet to tell him otherwise. He's strong and is able to think outside the box, but at the expense of not being stealthy nor agile enough to get as far as he would like. He speaks with an odd, low growl at the back of his tone and seems somewhat interested in art; though his own skills are somewhat limited.

    * To my knowledge, a bear's lifespan is around 23 years under normal conditions, so this would be the equivalent of being somewhere around 22 human years. I could be completely wrong, however.

    Also, please excuse any spelling/grammatical mistakes. It's fairly late where I am and I haven't slept nearly as much as I should the past week. I'll probably go back and fix them later.
  14. I guess you can join it will be hard to fit you in but i will work with it.
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  15. I forgot entirely about this. I may or may not still be doing this compared on how life goes. I'm kinda sick right now.
  16. I'm still waiting to join in. I can wait since I do have other things to do to past time.
  17. Will it be my turn soon?
  18. It can be at any time. When I say its your turn to some one I just mean that they can post now you can post at any time.

    Sorry Lucas I forgot to put in an intro post for you, in my mind i had already done it. Will do it next post.
  19. Got it. I was just here doing random things.
  20. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog


    Name: Diablo (that is his nickname, nobody knows his real name)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Species: He is a normal person but was born with some horn like things on his head and red-ish skin, this is where his nickname comes from instead of just calling him devil, also because of a slight Spanish accent
    Appearance: See above
    Reason for capture: He was believed to be a strange creature and not human, so he was put in prison (for some reason a prison, i know it doesn't make sense but i cant think of anything else sooo yea
    General info: He has a somewhat weird mind due to the ridicule he got as a child before he was put up for adoption by his parents who were disgusted by him. He says some weird stuff and knows a bit of Japanese (he only knows that cuz i want to say some cool stuff in Japanese)
  21. You can join.
    PS don't worry about the prison thing it fits the story well considering this place is not just for insane people.
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  22. Okay, tell me when you will be on so I can write an intro for you.
  23. Would it be possible for me to get in?
  24. Sure, if you give me your Bio I could see if I could get you in.
  25. Name: Yasmine
    Gender: female
    Age: 18
    Species: human
    Appearance: she has icy blue hair and yellow eyes, she wore a purple oversized jumper and and jeans, to try cover up the her boney arms and legs
    Reason for capture: she had a virus that left her nothing but quiet literally, skin and bones
    General info: she may or may not be gay
  26. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    awesome uhhhh

    Name: Donnie Savachez
    Gender: Male
    Age: Around 15.
    Species: Looks human.
    Appearance: He looks like a regular boy with black hair and a hood and a bracelet, and some cOolio shorts.
    Reason For Capture: Pretty insane with uhh... murderous stuff?
    General Info: He is straight.

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