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the artwork by me

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by King of Rhinos, May 3, 2007.

  1. ok, some are pkmn, some not, some are pokemans, and some are fakemon, and here they are

    this guy, along with [​IMG] to show my emo drawing staring at a pie

    this is a flygon/human, what i call a pokeman

    this is a drawing of mew i did in about 45 minutes (btw, the 1st 2 and the next 2 where done instead of taking science notes at school

    some fakemon i drew, a fire/rock type family, i tried to make it look like a rhino but it looks like a hippo to me

    another fakemon, sorta like the gastrodon family with the whole different form thing, a water/ground type, just like them

    heres my other pokeman, a sandslash one, he doesnt look so much like sandslash though

    ok, thats it for now, constuctive criticism please (except for the handwriting), and if you like it plz say so
  2. Very cool. My favorite is the Emo kid staring at the Pie.
  3. okay, heres something i did for a greek mythology project we did in school, but im only doing a link because it is a big scan:

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