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The Art of Battling

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by BenTrianer36, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. OOC: We currently have 3 ppl, so pls ask if u would like to join

    Ben sighed as he looked around his baron art gallery. There was no one in gallery, and very few people walking outside. Buissness had been great up up until a few months ago. There used to be people in and out all the time. Ben and Smeargle had hardly been able to keep paintings on the clean white walls for more than a few days before they would be sold.

    'This really inconvienent timing for buissness to go dry.' he thought 'The international art festival is five days away, and I need to come up with the 5,000 poke-dollar entry fee before then. The festival is my big chance to become well known as an artist, but without the entry fee, I may never become famous. Also, if I could win the battle tournament thats going to be taking place, the prize money would be enough to spend some time on an art tour of Sinnoh. But for the tournament, I would need a partner, and I can't leave the shop to go find one now...'

    "Well Izzy," he said to his Smeargle, "maybe it was a mistake to open this gallery after all"

    Izzy just sighed.
  2. OOC: I'd like to join as well

    Razeal slowly opened his eyes, the sun seeping through the shadow of the tree he was under. 'Stupid leaves,' he thought, 'Can't keep light out for nothing.' He stretched as he yawned, and came to the slow realization that he still hadn't eaten. He looked around groggily as he said aloud, "Where did Maku get to now?"

    "Maku?" Said a familiar voice in front of him.

    Razeal looked up and saw a shiny red apple being held in front of him by a Makuhita, who had a small basket of similar apples under his other arm. Razeal woke up instantly as he snatched the apple and began devouring it. Maku sat beside him, sat the basket down, and selected an apple for himself.

    "I knew you'd find us some food buddy. Never doubted you!" Razeal said with a huge, goofy grin on his face as he crammed another apple into his mouth. Suddenly a shadow cast itself over both of them, and an obviously agitated growl could be heard. "Uh, Maku? Where exactly did you get these?" Razeal asked without looking up.

    "You boys plan on paying for those?" said a rather unhappy looking merchant standing over them.

    "Heh, this is, uh, just a misunderstanding. Y'see, we, uh, don't really have any money..." Razeal said as he got up. "So, uh, we're just gonna... Run for it Maku!"

    "Hey! You two get back here!" the merchant yelled after them. 'Like that's gonna happen,' thought Razeal. At 16, Razeal could, and by habit, did run faster than the portly, middle-aged merchant could, and Maku was actually several paces ahead despite Razeal's head start. After a year and a half of drifting from town to town, and Maku's natural ability to find trouble, the drill was understood by both. Run through a couple of alleys, then duck into some random building that wasn't too crowded. They'd lay low for a while, then it'd be off to the next city.

    After running for a while, Razeal and Maku stopped. Razeal looked up. "*pant* An art gallery?" Said Razeal peering into the window. "Looks deserted enough. And let's try to stay out of trouble from now on."

    "Maku?" Maku pointed at himself.

    "Yes you, let's go." Razeal said as he opened the door and slid inside.
  3. OOC: Alright!!!!! full house!!!!!! hey if either of u guys have character bios i would love to check them out, if not, i suggest makin them))

    Ben looked up as a pretty young girl walked through the door of his gallery. 'Well well,' he thought, 'looks like we have a potential custumer.'

    "Hello Miss," said Ben, politely adressing the girl, "welcome to my art gallery, also known as the Smear-." he was cut off as a boy came rushing through the door, "What the...?"

    OOC: i also have a character bio if u wanna check it out))
  4. OOC: I have a bio up on the bio topic thingy.

    Razeal shut the door behind him and leaned his back against it. Maku plopped down on the floor and wiped sweat from his brow with an exaggerated motion. Panting, Razeal looked over at the two people staring at him. He waved as he said, "Hey there then. *pant* Don't mind if I just, y'know, uh, take a look around?"
  5. OOC: sry but there are certain words i cant spell for the life of me :-\

    Ben looked at the guy. 'Hmmm....' he thought, 'this seems really suspisios. Why did he come running in? Well I don't beleive its because he loves art so much.'

    "Hold on!" Be yelled with a strong comanding voice, "Who are you and where did you come from? In fact, why don't you bolth tell me?

    Izzy folded his arms a stared at the two newcomers, his tail swishing with the same anger as his masters.
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  7. Razeal was slightly startled by what he heard. Usually people listened to a lie or two before resorting to such a tone. 'Maybe this wasn't the best building to duck into after all,' he thought. Maku had already gotten up to look around, oblivious to what was happening.

    "Well, y'see, this is just a misunderstanding, which came about from another, earlier misunderstanding," said Razeal, "My name's Razeal, and this is..." He looked down where Maku had been sitting just a moment ago. He looked about worriedly til he saw his companion admiring a painting. "This is Maku, my little trouble maker," He finished slightly annoyed, with an obvious twitch in his eye. "We just came in to try and get away from a not so nice person who's looking for us." Technically, he thought, this wasn't completely untrue.
  8. Ben smiled as he remembered the days when he had been involved in 'misunderstandings'.

    "Alright," he said "thats good enough reason for me, just so long as you consider buying something. As for you," Ben said nodding at the Isabeau, "If you need me to answer any questions for you, just ask me."
  9. Razeal walked from piece to piece, pretending to study it. In reality, he was far more interested in keeping an eye on Maku than anything he saw in the gallery. Art was completely lost on Razeal, as were most things to be honest. Maku, however, seemed to be genuinely interested in each piece he examined. Razeal sighed as he realized that his pokemon was more cultured than he was. 'Odd,' he though, 'Maku's never this calm. Kinda makes me wish I had some money to buy something for him.'

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