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The army of Bears will take you over(La Pucelle Rant)

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by arek, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Well after playing for awhile I definitly will say La Pucelle has nice voice acting and a great plot and awesome characters. But msot of all I wuv my cute lil bears. Honstly my Bear army wipes out everything. So far I've ran into a standard Bear and now the white Devil so far my standard bear blows the other one away.

    I'm currently stuck though and was hoping someone could help me with the giant tree thingie I can't get past it, so I've thought about killing it. But was wondering is it possible.
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    I have no idea if it's possible or not, but considering that the whale could be beat I assume the tree can, too. The best way to know for sure is to check an FAQ. Also, keep in mind that if you can beat the tree now yet don't you might not get another chance (I couldn't battle it again on the final chapter).

    I didn't care for Cullote's or Homard's voice actors but the rest were fairly good. Pierre's ruled because it made her seem like Lina ^^
    And yes - the bears own! My standard bear ended up being one of the best members of my team, and during the final chapter I ended up catching a White Devil as well. With those two around I was unstoppable :twisted:
  3. Well apparently you get the speciaal ending if you beat the Tree at level 100 and the Good ending if you reduce his level. I ended up having him weakened. But I bet if I fooled with the dark world I could easily beat him. I hear using braveheart to up your attack is a good way to beat him.

    Well I caught a White Devil ASAP and now he's attacking at about the same as my regular Bear. Gotta love Kitty Punches. I need to find out if Speed is what gives movement+ or what because I can't remember because some of my characters have movemnt+1 etc but i donno which stat to raise for it.

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