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The Angel Of Hyt

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Toru, May 2, 2011.

  1. Okay, so this is a story that I received help from thanks to Zacky, since I’m not so good with thinking up ideas. In all seriousness though, a big thanks to Zacky, who helped me come up with the main plot of this fiction.


    The golden, blazing Sun slowly crept over the horizon of the Gaia continent, and brought life to the grasslands and nature, and then spreading its warm glow onto the castle town. Citizens slowly awoke and started to begin their daily routines. The Sun rose higher into the light blue sky, and radiated it’s light into the colossal temple that was built into the mountain near the city thousands of years ago, and yet even today the temple was in good condition. In the temple on the fine marble floors, a figure stirred. He wasn’t very good at waking up and so slowly staggered up to face the morning ahead of him. With a few stretches and a couple of light slaps across his face, he was ready to go.

    The temple appeared to be empty, but the teen was more than aware someone else was there, but didn’t feel any sense of paranoia at all. He casually walked over to a small broken pillar which was resting his cowboy hat – a very loyal possession which he put onto his head and complimented his long curly hair perfectly – his hair was something he took much care in. He then grabbed his brown leather trench coat – smooth to the touch, but pretty durable. Slipping it onto his body over his aqua blue shirt, he jerked his head quickly from left to right, cracking his neck. He then walked forward to the entrance of the temple. There was a black leather holster and an intricate, medium sized sword fixed crookedly in the marble. Firmly gripping it by its handle, he then swung the holster over his trench coat with his free hand, and put the sword into the holster, the buttons that held the leather in place miraculously floating across the sword and clipping into place, giving a firm hold.

    Another few stretches, and Tobias Aurelio was ready for action.

    “I’m leaving now!”

    Tobias crouched, his bottoms creasing, and his legs storing potential energy. With a confident smile, he erupted forward and shot into the air, off the mountain, taking care into holding his precious enchanted hat. Tobias’ smile grew wider, as he felt the wind through his hair, and the cry of birds around him in the bright blue morning sky. However, he soon reached the apex of his colossal leap, and gravity started to take control of his body. Gazing down, the details of the green plains below became sharper and sharper, faster and faster. It appeared that this was the end for Tobias. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case.

    Tobias feet hit the ground incredibly hard, and his legs crouched lower than they did as he prepared for his jump. The ground gave in, and left a crater, and plenty of dust and debris flew up - a flurry of earth. Emerging from the cloud and dusting himself up, Tobias yawned, as if his landing was nothing at all. Now he’d taken his leave from the temple in the mountains, he trekked to the nearby castle town, Edola. He was going to pay a visit to a friend of his, but maybe things weren't going to end up that way...

    Well, that's the Prolouge all done =.='' Prepare yourself for the next insallment, where hopefully things will get a little more interesting...
  2. Prologues are fuuuunnn :D

    Anyway, this is looking good so far c: Your writing style's far from boring which is always good! The description's really pretty and interesting and it's fun imaging this world in my head ♥

    okay so I'm really bad at comments like this but anyway, I like this story and I'm impatiently waiting for more ♥

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