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Ask to Join The Ancient Ones RP discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Generation Sect, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. The Ancient Ones RP
    RP thread: Coming soon
    This RP follows the story of a group selected for the purpose of saving their dimension from timeline devouring monsters. These heroes, the reincarnations of those that once fought the monsters, must discover their true powers to save the world.
    I know it's vague but it will start to fill out more once we start. 8 players will be the max, unless anyone doesn't want to be a reincarnation. Here is the bio template and open spaces.

    Ancient Guardians:
    Fire Reincarnation: @OmegaCarvineplays
    Water Reincarnation:
    Wind Reincarnation:
    Earth Reincarnation:
    Ice Reincarnation:
    Lightning Reincarnation: Me
    Light Reincarnation:
    Dark Reincarnation: @Lord Of Pain

    Bio Template:
    Name: (Codename???)
    Guardian space wanted: (This will affect your powers)
    Backstory: (Include how they were found by the Gatekeepers)
    Gatekeepers- A secret government funded organisation that knows of the reincarnations and wish to stop the third invasion with their powers.

    My Bio:
    Name: Isaac Willow (Codename: Cipher)
    Age: 22
    Guardian: Lightning
    Appearance: Not too tall, short brown hair with brown eyes and glasses, replaced by goggles in his uniform. His uniform consists of a black jacket with the symbol for the Lightning Guardian on the back, an upside down purple triangle with two smaller purple triangles nearby. Wears black jeans with them.
    Personality: Can be snarky at times, but is interested and curious about the truth about the universe.
    Backstory: As an electronics worker, he was stuck fixing devices until one day, while wiring up a generator, he was attacked by floating purple pyramids, blasting purple lightning all over. He was saved by the gatekeepers, who taught him the truth and sent him to search for more guardians.

    Post your bios down below and I'll make the thread soon.
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  2. Name : Henry Helston (code name : Corrupt)

    Age : 15

    Guardian : Dark

    Appearance : 5'7, wears a black Tshirt and skinny jeans as casual cloths, has smooth rich chocolate brown hair and 1 honey brown eye while his other eye is wrapped with bandages, when activating his powers his hair becomes messy, stiff and coal black, his eye becomes pitch black with a red pupil. His uniform consists of a black jacket worn over his silver shirt with the black symbol of the dark guardian, ((an upside down semicircle with one strait spike on the top and 2 curved ones on each side)) wears black jeans.

    Personality : somewhat gloomy and careless, skilled at putting together every day items to make melee weapons, smart, has a habit of pointing out flaws in plans even his own, is a coffee addict

    Backstory : Henry was playing on his PC as usual when his rented apartment electricity blacked out, as he searched for a candle he felt something else in the room, after a while he heard a sharp screech that caused him to duck and roll under the table, after searching for his phone and turning on the flash light in it he saw a slender tall black figure with sharp claws and 5 horns arranged on its head like a crown, it lunged and swiped it's claws cutting through the air and making the screech noise again, before it hit him the gatekeepers came and saved him last second before explaining everything and told him to find the other guardians
  3. Accepted. I'll make the RP thread once we have more people.
  4. Can I request a reservation on the fire reincarnation please? I can't make a bio right now.
  5. Just warning this RP could be a bit gory. Just for if it ever goes up
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