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Ask to Join The Amusement of Pain

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Aching Machine, Apr 7, 2017.

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    Nathan opened my eyes and the sight of the light blinded me.He squinted and tried to cover his eyes.Couldn't move.Nathan looked at my hands and saw some iron restraints holding his arms down.He tried to transform into his gas form.Wouldn't happen.The old scientists probably found something to prevent him from escaping.He smirked.The scientist appeared from behind him.

    "What are you smiling about?"he questioned.His accent seemed British.Weird for a lab in the US.Nathan shrugged,well kind of.The restraints stopped him.He wrote something down on his paper.He gave a thumbs up and Nathan was flipped,made to face the scientists observing him from the "torture lab" he calls it.Nathan's back was shown.He knew what was going to happen.The pain all of them here go through is terrible.They torture and experiment on them.The effect?Just some powers and some scars.Nathan already have a big scar on my back.They're probably going to make it bigger.Just as I was relaxing,I felt a sharp pain in his back.He was flipped back around to see a huge syringe.

    "That hurt..."Nathan said,kind of with anger.He ignored Nathan and kept writing he walked out.That was less painful than he thought.The restraints were removed and big guards came in.They had gloves that probably disabled Nathan's powers for a bit.They grabbed his arms and escorted him,kind of forcing Nathan to his cell.

    Nathan was thrown in and the door closed.It was big for a cell.They weren't totally inhumane.It had a soft bed and some books and stuff to keep Nathan busy when he wasn't getting experimented on.Nathan walked over to a corner where a little sketchbook was.He sat down and started to draw out my plan.Nathan looked at the cell door and gazed at it.He got up,with his book."I'll get all of us out,"Nathan whispered,even though no one could hear him.
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  2. ((Er, @Ice Devil You need to use third-person POV in your posts if you want to follow the rules.))
    Lucas's cell was silent, a pin dropping could be heard in the noiseless room. Lucas himself was reading a book of the many situated on his small shelf. He reached the final page in the large novel, turning the page to reveal the back of the book. "Bah. I've read much better. I'll give it a 4 out of 10 at best." Lucas grumbled, tossing the novel aside, and laying on the soft bed.
  3. Lis paced her cell, rage bubbling inside of her. She paced around, muttering cursed. Until the loud clacking of her door was heard. She looked up, a murderous glare on her face as she was grabbed and yanked out her cell by two burly, ugly guards. Lis snarled, a hint of wolf in her throat. When brought into the room, the squirming teen spat swears at them. A skinny, old looking man chuckled.

    “Aren't you feisty? We'll sort that out, though,” his slick, English accent made Lis cringe as she was forced into a sort of metal bed that was at a slant. They tied her down, despite her colorfully-worded protests. “Hands off!” She hissed angrily. One guard laughed. They had forced her jacket off, so she was left in her cut tank top. Scars were already visible on her shoulder blades. Attempting to shapeshift, Lis made a frustrated noise. Then, she was turned around to lay on her front, so her back faced them. While Lis muttered more curses, she felt a sharp pain. “Ow!” She hissed. A large needle was stuck into her back. Then, she was unbound from the painful bars holding her down, and tossed into the guards' painful grips. They led her to a different cell, pushing her in and tossing her coat beside her. Then, the door slammed. She swore.

    Looking up, she saw she wasn't alone in the cell, but instead with a boy who looked a bit younger than she. “Who are you?” She eyed him, suddenly feeling sore. He seemed to be drawing. “I swear to god, if they put me in the wrong cell.” She thought for a bit. “Or, there are others that'll join us, considering there was a lot of syringe fluid left.” She sighed, but it sounded more like a snarl. “My name's Lis. I'd say it were a pleasure to meet you, but I'd be lying.” Going back to pacing, she tried to come up with an escape.
  4. Nathan looked at Lis.He saw she looked mad.He went back to his sketches.He pointed out all possible escape routes.The back door,some windows,the main entrance.None of them were great plans,unless he had the help of a few people.The windows seemed like a good idea with the right moves.Just as he was examining some more possible exits,his companion appeared.It was gas cloud that had it's own mind.It was named Toxin because of it's poison.

    "What are you doing?"Toxin asked.Toxin could take any shape,but he liked to say in his little green cloud form with his deep voice.

    I looked at Toxin."You're gonna make me tired for coming here.You know how I feel weak once you leave.Anyway,I'm looking of escape ways,"Nathan said.He started to tap his pencil on the book.Toxin looked over his shoulder.He watched as Nathan expanded his drawing in his sketchbook for more exits.
  5. Lis decided to try seeing if her ability still worked, so she closed her eyes and sighed, concentrating. Thinking of her desired animal, she cracked her knuckles. Then, her form changed in an instant to a German Shepherd. Lis looked down at her dog form, satisfied with her usage of power still working. She hopped onto the bed, circling, and lying down, resting her head on her paws. She quietly thought of an idea of escaping.
  6. Lucas began to read another novel from his quaint shelf, and to his pleasant surprise, this particular book was, in his mind, much better than the previous one. Suddenly, his door was swung open, two burly guards stormed into the cell, intent on grabbing Lucas. The 16-year old tried his best to evade them, but to no avail. Lucas was dragged down the hall and into an all too familiar room as he struggled, screeching curses at the guards.

    He was strapped down onto a metal bed, iron bars restraining him. A thin elderly man came into view, smiling wickedly. "Ah, Lucas. An interesting specimen." The man observed in a repugnant british accent. Lucas's jacket was forcefully taken, being thrown to the side as he was turned, his back becoming visible. Lucas felt a sharp tinge of pain ripple across his back, a large needle puncturing his skin. He squirmed, being undone from his restraints. "You'll pay for-" Lucas snarled, before being slammed in the abdomen by one of the men. Lucas was once again thrown into another cell, this time, however, Lucas was not alone. There were two other people a... German Shepard, and the other being a slightly younger-looking male. "Urgh... Those bastards..." Lucas muttered, climbing to his feet and wiping the dust from his attire. "And who might you two be? Are you his dog?" He asked cynically, scowling at the pair of strangers.
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  7. As a dog, Lis raised her head in high offense. She snarled, standing up and hopping off of the bed. Immediately, she transformed back into her human form, a scowl on her face as well, though it was a bit flushed. “Lis,” she hissed at him. “I'm not his dog, thank you very much.” The pretty girl folded her arms, going back to the bed and sitting in it, leaning against the wall. “Damnit...” she muttered, mentally biting herself for letting her aunt and uncle sign her up for this hell hole.

    Lis focused on her ankle, which she roles and it cracked. She did that for awhile, distracted by it greatly. A burden to her power, she also had the attention span of a small dog. She continued rolling it, vision blurring as she gazed off into nothing.
  8. Lucas's eyes widened as the dog morphed into a human female, looking slightly younger than himself. "Well then. I suppose I should have expected that I wasn't the only one with abilities in this hell hole." He muttered, sitting down on a bed adjacent to him. Lucas groaned, looking around for a bookshelf to keep himself occupied.
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  9. Lis was getting extremely bored in this place. She had gotten tired of cracking her ankle, and she was growing more sore by the minute. On top of that, she was exhausted. So, she transformed into a little chipmunk, scrambling up to the tall window ledge the lay. When she finally pulled herself up, the small rodent curled up into a ball, burying her face in her fluffy tail.
  10. Lucas had ascertained a suitable book, and sat down on the bed to begin reading. He sighed, this book being even worse than his first. "Damn books." Lucas groaned, tossing the book aside, and laying against the wall. He began to read the thoughts of his companions, not finding anything interesting... yet.
  11. Nathan got up and went to the cell door.He looked through the small,soundproof window on it.He tried to see if any guards were in the hall.He knew they would come check if anything suspious was occurring.Toxin came over by Nathan.

    "I think I'm gonna go,"Toxin said.Nathan looked at him,but Toxin disappeared.He immediately felt a sore pain everywhere.Nathan walked over to the wall and sat aside it.It was cold,but he was cold already.So,it made it worse.He laid down in his and continued to draw escapes.
  12. (This is Ashley getting transported to the facility and getting the injections that give her powers)
    Ashley sat huddled in the cold back of an armored truck. She hugged her knees to her chest, terrified of what was to come. She was being taken from her home, from her friends, from her life. Suddenly, the truck screeched to a stop, toppling Ashley onto her side. She let out a cry and pushed herself up. There were footsteps outside, and then the door opened. Harsh light flooded in. Two burly men stood in the light, then stomped in and grabbed Ashley forcefully. They brought her into the building easily despite the teenager's struggling and wrestled her into a room where they forced her onto an experimental table. A scientist looked at her for a moment, wrote something on his clipboard, then nodded to someone with a syringe. The man stabbed Ashley's arm with the needle and pushed down. It immediately began its work, and Ashley fell unconscious in a matter of seconds. The scientist and the man proceeded to bring out two larger syringes. One was filled with a pale blue colored liquid, the other an orange-red color. They injected the unconscious girl with each, putting the blue one in her right arm and the red one in her left. They waited a few moments, observing and scribbling on their clipboards, then ran some tests. These left her with a few scars, but the most notable ones were on her palms. There was a swirl shaped scar on her right palm and a scar that resembled a flame on her left. Ashley stayed out for about an hour before groggily opening her eyes. "Wha...huh...?" she murmured, confused. Her arms hurt and so did numerous areas. Two guards carried her to a cell where there were three other people. Rather, two people and a chipmunk. They pushed Ashley into the cell. The girl, still disoriented from the injections, crashed to the floor and slept.
  13. Lucas was knocked out of his concentrated state by a crash heard from near the door. He spotted girl that looked at least three years younger than him sleeping on the hard floor. Lucas raised his eyebrows, eyes darting around the room. "Another one? Hm. Noted." He grunted, slumping back against the wall. The cunning 16-year old had gathered many pieces of information from the three strangers, their secrets, their powers, and other vital thoughts.
  14. Nathan examined the girl that was pushed into the cell.He was still freezing from Toxin's disappearance.Nathan put his arms into his track jacket.That didn't help.He thought for a while.He examined Lis' form.Looked so real and not human.She would pass as a pet if she didn't get mad....or talk.He got up and walked to the door.He banged on it.He was starving."Give us food!"Nathan yelled.He shivered.No one answered him.He walked back over to the corner,but this time,he had an idea to keep him warm.He focused on any hot liquid.He began to transform into it.But,he increased his size to his normal size,maybe an inch or two taller.He sat down in the corner and created a big stain that would go away easily.
  15. "They're not going to listen." Lucas muttered as Nathan banged desperately on the hard cell door. His face was hidden, still gathering information from the thoughts of his companions.
  16. Ashley pushed herself up off of the floor slowly, still exhausted. She got up and walked to a wall, then leaned on it. "...Hi, I guess..." she tried to introduce herself. "I'm Ashley." She waved, then a ball of fire formed in her hand. This startled her greatly. "What the--!" she exclaimed. It fizzled out quickly, leaving Ashley with little more than a slight tingling sensation. She stared at her palm in shock. "Did I just..."
  17. "Fire. Duly noted." Lucas muttered lowly, mentally marking that fact in his library of a mind. He began to read the girl now identified as Ashley's thoughts. Hmmm... Intriguing. It appears she just only arrived.
  18. Nathan transformed back into his normal form.He felt a lot warmer.He got up and looked out the window of the cell door.He saw nothing on the right,but on the left were about ten or something guards.He fell backwards."Uh,I think they're coming for us..."Nathan mumbled.The guards opened the door and they lined.The British scientist came in.

    "You're all coming with us.We will test your skills,"he said.The guards started surrounding everyone and my guards started escorting me to some sort of room.
  19. Ashley was escorted too, and she came nervously. She noticed that the guards around her were all wearing something that looked fire-resistant. Are they the reasons that I can shoot fire out of my hand...? she wondered, and looked back at the scar on her hand. It somewhat resembled a flame shape. She looked at her other hand. It had a swirl on it. Water...? Or maybe Air?
  20. Lis lifted her little head at the sound of a crash, startling her awake. A girl, only a couple of years younger than she, was tossed in, and she was knocked out cold. The reading boy wrote something down, and the one sketching had banged on the door for food. No reply. Until the door burst open with more burly guards. They grabbed her fellow cell mates, and one of them picked her up by her scruff with no trace of gentleness. She protested - or squeaked - loudly, scrambling about under his grip. He set her down on his hand, then cupping both over her so she was covered and unable to transform. Squeaking noisily, she wondered where they were being taken.
  21. Lucas groaned, being dragged unnecessarily forcefully down the hall. He came to a room, similar to the one he had been put in before. Lucas groaned once again, looking around the room with relative calm.
  22. Nathan was carried to the room because he was trying to escape.Lucas was already there.Nathan was thrown on the ground,but he got up."I will drown you!"Nathan threatened.He was about to melt into a water form,but he was punched by a guard.The scientist entered and pointed at Nathan.The guards surrounded him and beat him up.The kicks weren't that bad,but the punches to Nathan were from iron gauntlets.It felt like a hit by a train.The scientist walked over.He chuckled.

    "Next time you revolt,it will be worse,"the scientist said.His accent plagued Nathan's ears.Nathan was feeling terrible and didn't want to that happen again,but he flipped the scientist off.But,Nathan got tasered and passed out.
  23. Lucas bided his time, observing the guards' moments as he waited for an opportunity to strike. He focused on a particularly strong guard, planing to bend him to his will.
  24. While in the dark, uncomfortable space, Lis was plotting to escape. It took her only a few seconds to figure out exactly what to do. Lis immediately opened her mouth, biting down hard on his palm. She tasted blood in her mouth, as he screamed and tossed her up into the air. While above the ground, Lis quickly shifted into a hawk, swooping down and clawing the guard viscously. She left bloody scratches on his arms and face with her sharp talons, until chain metal grabbed her. A guard wearing the chain gloves snatched her, threw her onto the ground, and pressed a foot on her chest. Screeching, Lis flapped helplessly until he grabbed her again.

    The bird let out a hissing noise, and she changed into her human form. There was blood trickling out of her mouth and nose, and her hands were covered in the thick, red liquid as well. The guard didn't bother to wipe the blood off of her face as he yanked a muzzle over her mouth, tying her bloody hands back into cuffs. Lis felt drained from her viscous attack, but to her satisfaction, she saw the guard curled on the ground, clutching his face.
  25. "Now." Lucas muttered to himself, as one guard was distracted by Lis. Suddenly, one guard drew a taser from his belt, and before the others could react, shocked another guard, presumably to death or unconsciousness. Lucas stood as one guard threw a punch at him, Lucas ducked under and slammed his knee into the guard's stomach, and while he was stunned, knocked him down with a hard punch. Just then, another guard came at him from behind, grabbing him into a headlock while yet another beat the 16-year old into submission. Lucas groaned, falling to the ground, and coughing up blood.
  26. As Lucas had distracted the guards again, Lis took a breath, regaining as much energy as possible. Her guard, distracted by the boy, loosened his grip enough for her to squirm away. Quickly, she shaped into a hyena, flexing her sharp claws. She snickered, throwing a swipe at her guard as the handcuffs snapped off. He got a face full of claws, which raked into his skin deeply. The laughing dog fought off as many guards as possible, growling through her muzzle and swiping furiously. However, she felt an impossible pain in her back, causing her immediately to change back. Panting, she grew dizzier and more pained by the second. They had stuck a needle in her back, causing her to groan painfully. The same tint of wolf was heard straining in her body as she passed out. She was a mess, covered in blood on her hands, and blood leaking out of her muzzle dangerously.
  27. "That went well..." Lucas muttered cynically, loosing his grip on consciousness as he watched Lis' valiant attempt. He coughed again as the shapeshifter went down. He groaned, struggling to stay awake.
  28. Nathan opened his eyes and saw the guards holding everyone.He struggled onto his knees.He touched his eyes.He could feel tears.He was in so much pain.But,that didn't stop his anger.He summoned Toxin."What's happening?"the cloud asked.Nathan just nodded and Toxin expanded.He transformed in a gauntlet like the ones the guards had.It solidified and went to a guard that wasn't paying attention.Toxin punched him in the back of the head.The guard was knocked out cold.Blood trickled from Nathan's face.There were ugly cuts.Two guards noticed the attack,but went for Nathan.He sat there on the ground and didn't do anything.The guards came over and cuffed him.He was too weak to do anything.One guard slugged Nathan on his shoulder.But,he wasn't done,yet.To make one more escape try,he transformed into water.He slid over to the middle of the room.The guards looked at the puddle-form Nathan.They laughed at his puny form.

    "I will drown you,like I said,"Nathan muttered.The tiny puddle soon grew into a beast-like creature.His legs were made into a vortex,now and Nathan was ten feet tall.Nathan grabbed a guard and water consumed him.He put the guard,still drowning in a bubble."Anyone else?"Nathan roared.His voice sounded demonic.The guards charged and Nathan shrank down to their size and fought the guards.
  29. Ashley watched the others get beat up in shock. She clenched her fists. Air began to swirl around her feet. Why? Why are they doing this? WHY??? She thought, enraged. Flames began to form as well, encircling Ashley as the air whipped the girl's ponytail around. Several guards backed away, but it was too late. Ashley had seen people getting hurt for no reason. A tornado of fire began to rotate around Ashley. She ran at a group of guards, burning them severely and sending them flying into the walls.
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  30. Lucas groaned in pain again, sitting up and witnessing Nathan's escape. He stood, and, as Lucas expected, a guard came at him. Lucas simply dodged the charge, allowing the guard to tumble into Ashely's inferno. He outstretched an arm to Lis, expecting her to take it.
  31. Lis' consciousness was flickering with temptation. It dare her to sleep, but she was refusing to give up easily. Her mouth was dry and left with the metallic taste of blood. Coughing violently, she saw Lucas down on the ground with her, looking as pained as she. He reached his hand out, expecting her to take it. She did. For a moment, she wanted to die there. But she had to go on. So she stood up with him. Lis knew she couldn't shapeshift in her state, so there wasn't much to do. Desperately, she wanted her muzzle off. As most of the guards were down, she shakily reached her mouth with her free hand, grabbing the muzzle and wiggling it. Slowly, it came off, and she tossed it aside. Looking pathetic, Lis let go of his hand and got on her knees and hands, retching out the blood that was draining in her throat. Her hands were dried red, and there were viscous cuts on her neck.

    After getting rid of the blood, she felt warm tears down her face. Not because she was sad, but because she was in fear and pain. The dirty and bloody girl weakly pulled her now ripped jacket off to examine her wounds. Tossing it aside, she saw blood running down her left arm. From the chain, she thought. She looked at her jacket, picking it up and desperately trying to rip it. Using her sharp canine teeth, she managed to remove part of the sleeve, tying it around her cut and sighing with defeat.
  32. Lucas coughed violently, almost falling over by the fit. He leaned against the wall, watching Ashley and Nathan viciously attack the guards. Lucas slumped, sitting against the wall, and aiming his gaze toward the ceiling.
  33. Lis, seeing Lucas fall against the wall, willed herself to crawl towards him. She sat beside him, taking his hand. Not to comfort him, but to comfort herself, as she was in the worst state she'd ever lived in. His hand was warm, and she was going to apologize for her cold, bloody one, but she began a fit of violent hacking in her opposite elbow.
  34. Nathan transformed back to his human form.He was extremely tired.He couldn't stand and fell over.He started to breathe heavily.He stared at his hands.They were shaking in...fear?He felt his eyes.They had tears he wiped his eyes.But,that didn't do anything.He turned his back to the original entrance.He saw the main lab on the top.As he watched it,he became to cry.He didn't know why,but he just started crying.He silently laid there as Ashley was kicking ass.But,no.He sat there like a little pussy and cried.
  35. Lucas groaned, slightly pulling away from Lis, as he did not exactly like her touch. He coughed violently into space, slumping exhaustively against the wall.
  36. Lis had felt Lucas' disturbance when she touched his hand, so she pulled it away, a slightly hurt look on her face. She swallowed dryly, pulling her knees close to her chest with her red hands. Burying her face in her legs, she quietly cried. The ribbon in her ponytail was almost as defeated as she, and her hair was in partial wisps. Miserably, she looked at Ashley, who was bravely fighting off the few guards that were left. Lis would've helped, but she was drained of blood and energy.
  37. When the last few guards were either burning alive on the ground or thrown against a wall, the wind slowed to a halt and the flames separated. Ashley stood, panting. She looked at her fellow prisoners. They were hurt and scared. Ashley's strength wavered for a second; the fire-nado had really drained her energy. She took off her jacket and walked over to Lis. She placed the jacket on the girl. "Use this to keep yourself from bleeding out," she said, a worried expression on her face. Please don't die, please don't die...
  38. When feeling the jacket over herself, Lis weakly looked up at the girl. “Thank you,” she murmured raspily. The jacket warmed her drained body, calming her down as she heaved a sigh in her knees.
  39. Nathan got up and looked around.The scientist ran away and the guards were either dead or hurt.Nathan wiped his face.He got up,but his legs were sore.He walked over to the others and sat down in front of them."So,"he said,his voice hoarse,"Are we doing introductions?"
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  40. Lucas groaned, his head rested on his chest. He coughed, covering the small amount of blood with a jacket sleeve. "I have no need. I already know all of your names. You can address me as Lucas." Lucas said in a hoarse voice, clutching his arm in pain.

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