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Private/Closed The Amicca Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Crunchy-Cucumber, Mar 10, 2017.

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    The nameless Umbreon stuck to the outskirts of the small town on the edge of the region known as Potter Town. Today was the annual Starter Scope, a tradition where three students were hopefully chosen by starters from various regions and could start their journey as a trainer. As such, all the children were rowdy today and the Umbreon didn't feel like playing with them and getting stressed out. But, it was always nice to watch the students grow each year, especially when an older kid finally got the starter they couldn't quite get last year. She smiled, resting in the shade of a tree by the house of one of the newer residents, sprawled on the front lawn. She had nothing to worry about here, and the evolved Pokemon was such a common sight in and out of town that she was almost hoping one of the adults would decide to escape the heat with her and stroke her head or back, she loved that. Although... she couldn't help but yearn for a little adventure of her own. She was sixteen and still level 2, surely she had untapped potential waiting to be brought out.
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  2. As Nathan heard the news about the picking for the three starters, he just wanted to shout out it excite meant, but was left empty as he thought that he might not be one of them. When that image popped in his head he slammed his head on his desk. He than started to think of what Pokémon there would be and soon thought of his favorite which is Chikorita. When he thought of that he was once again fired up and shouted " I will be one of the three starters." He then looked around and saw that everyone was looking at him. He than sat back in his seat while his face was beating red from embarrassment.
  3. It was finally time, Sarah had gathered enough money to go to the place she had always dreamed of, the Amicca region. Professor Kukui had recommended the region for her, so that she could enhance her knowledge on Pokemon. Sarah went to buy her ticket at the stand and waited at the harbor for the boat to arrive. After a few hours, the boat finally arrived, and as soon as Sarah was about to enter the boat, Professor Kukui came rushing at her. "Uh, professor, what are you doing?" Sarah asked, pretty shocked. Professor Kukui catched his breath, and told Sarah, "I'm sorry, but I'd forgot to give you this before you left." Professor Kukui handed her an egg. "Woah!" Sarah exclaimed as she was handed the egg, but then Sarah remembered the boat, "Uh, sorry professor, see you when I get back!" Now Sarah was on the boat heading to the Amicca region, only the future knows what will be heading her way.

    Sarah finally made it to the Amicca region, and headed out of the boat to Potter Town. Sarah wanted to know where the professor of the region was at, so she asked some citizens, but they all ignored her. Sarah was getting furious, and decided to go for a walk in the forest nearby, she then noticed an Umbreon out of nowhere. Sarah heard you could find wild Umbreon's on Akala Island, but she never thought she'd find one in the wild in the Amicca region, especially near all of these people. Sarah then got her backpack out, with the egg inside, and got some berries. She tried to get the attention of the Umbreon by whistling.
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  4. The Umbreon lifted her head to the whistle. Hmm, that wasn't one of the kids I'm familiar with, and it doesn't sound like the old baker who snaps at me sometimes...She looked to the glasses wearing girl holding an egg. "Oh, you're new!" She hummed, knowing full well few people had capabilities of understanding her. She trotted up to the girl, sniffing her, she smelled like the ocean and of far off places. "Welcome to Amicca! I know I shouldn't bother trying to talk to you but who cares!?" She grinned, rubbing the girls legs gently.
  5. Sarah just had a shocked face, "OH MY GOSH!" she exclaimed, "How are you talking!? Am I going nuts!?" Sarah then pinched herself, just to make sure she wasn't dreaming, and well... she wasn't. "Wow! This is so cool!" Sarah said, "I've never talked to a Pokemon before. And you're just so cute!" Sarah then reached her hand out with some berries. "You can have as many as you like! I've collected so much from Alola, I'm like the berry queen."
  6. "Oooh! Thank you!" She dove into the berries offered to her, straight for the sourest first. "It's so rare to have humans to understand you, last one who could left years ago! Again, welcome to Potter Town, you came just in time to see the Starter Scope!" Her tail wagged as she looked at the egg in the girl's hand. "Awe." She cooed to herself, internally wondering what was inside, she couldn't identify any egg other than another Eevee, but even then she blanked.
  7. "You're so cute!" Sarah exclaimed. The Umbreon then mentioned the Starter Scope. "Oh, you know about the Starter Scope!?" Sarah asked, "Do you know where it's at, and if so, would you mind taking me?" Sarah then put her backpack back on, and waited for the Umbreon's response.
  8. When Nathan didn't feel as embarrassed anymore he looked out the window and saw an umbreon and a girl. He then saw that the girl was talking to the umbreon and thought she was a bit crazy. He than got out of his seat and went outside. He than asked the girl "Hi and welcome. Just wondering why are you talking to umbreon? It's not like you can understand her or can you?" Nathan asked as more questions began to fill his head.
  9. "Oh I'd be happy to! It's at the school here!" She got up and began her trot to the town. "Try not to mind too many stares, most kids are in school and the adults don't like it when you skip, but I'm sure you'll be fine." She led the way expertly through the streets, walking to a nicely kept building with a large lawn. "Most children I think at this point are just about to be given the letters for this year. Then they'll be herded off for the first test. I may have to leave by the second round though, since they need to catch a Pokemon, I'm a target."
  10. Preston sat at his desk, taking notes for the upcoming test the teacher planned on giving out. Except for the lucky kids who managed to make it out to get their starter Pokemon. The teacher was droning on about the usual basics. In all honesty, Preston wouldn't have been taking these notes if he knew the teacher wasn't giving grades on them. He already knew this stuff. He'd aced the test last year. The boy let out a sigh, wondering who the lucky ones would be to go on their journey this year.
  11. The umbreon sat down by the front gate to the school, "You know, if I'm not mistaken, I think they do allow people like you join the test. Granted, you aren't part of the school, so the process might be different and more complicated. I personally love watching the battles, especially when I see some of the younger kids that I play with sometimes get a partner of their own and have an adventure." She tilted an ear, "Then of course they go and catch one of the local wild Pokemon. I've been caught a few times, but the rules always require me to be released again. Getting out of them is almost too easy now because it's happened so often, its a little unfair to them."
  12. Zailia, after running through the forest she had entered recently, came to a large building. She tilted her head curiously and began to walk towards the gate, before suddenly spotting a human at the gates, and running back into a bush. Her curiosity got the better of her, as usual, and she took the form of a Joltic to accept to get inside the building inconspicuously
  13. Sarah finally made it to the Starter Scope, and thanked the Umbreon. A kid screamed out of the window, and Sarah felt a bit embarrassed. She guessed it was bit weird that she could talk to an Umbreon. "Uh, um... you see... I was just, um," is how Sarah responded until she heard what the Umbreon had to say. "Oh, thanks, but don't worry Professor Kukui already signed me up for the Starter Scope and test, so I think I'll be fine," Sarah responed.

    Sarah then entered the school, it was much bigger than the one in Alola. She talked to the lady at the front desk, and was given a sheet of paper with what classrooms she had to go to. Sarah finally made it to the classroom, and knocked on the door. She was greeted by one of the kids in the classroom. She then entered the classroom, and noticed the kid that talked to her through the window. The teacher introdiced her to the class, and Sarah took her seat.
  14. When Nathan noticed that sarah was in his class he just stared at her. In his mind he was thinking " Maybe he has an ability to understand what a Pokémon is saying. If so then she might try to talk to the other Pokémon. I think I might test out the theory to see whether or not I'm right." As he was thinking he saw an egg in her bag. He then tried to think of what egg that is since he knew a few eggs. Just as he was getting ideas the bell ruined his train of thoughts and forgot most of them that could be similar.
  15. "Hmm... she was a sweet girl." the Umbreon hummed. With a smile on her face, she trotted over to the edge of the greenbelt where the battles would be held later. She crawled her way to a thick bush, before settling down in the small ditch she had dug into it. She peered through the bottom, where leaves and twigs had been cleared so she could watch. "Now, I just have to wait, if I'm not mistaken the tests should be given out right about now." She said out loud to herself.

    Meanwhile, the teachers all directed their students to take their assigned tablets out of the cart they were charging on. Indeed, now that notes and other worksheets were hopefully completed, the real highlight of the year could start. And of course, the difficulty of the test had not changed, and remained as difficult as it had ever been.
  16. The umbreon twitched her ears as she counted down the time. "Hmm they should be finishing up the tests and letting those children know who moves on... which also means they'll be coming down to the grass to start the battles to further weed out who gets a starter this year..." she shifted, tucking her legs beneath her body, settling down more. Waiting in anticipation, she flicked her gaze to the doors where it appeared some of the earlier classes were filing out with students, each one holding a poke ball for the loaned Pokemon they would use in battle.
  17. Preston looked up when the teacher introduced a new girl. Sarah, was it? Either way, he gave her a welcoming smile and nod, before going back to what he was doing. As Preston looked through his test, he thought carefully on each of the answers he would input. When he eventually made it to the end, he filled in the last couple questions, and turned the test in to the teacher. Afterwards, he went back to his seat and relaxed, waiting for the results.
  18. The teacher was finally ready to announce who the students that were going to take the test were. The teacher than said, "All right class, I'm going to announce who the students that are going to be accepted into the test are going to be this year, and please don't get uptight just because you weren't accepted this year, there's always next year. When you're called up please stand. First up, is Sarah." Sarah than stood up. "Next is Nathan, and next is Preston, please stand," said the teacher.
  19. As Nathan heard his name be called he almost shouted. At the same time he was nervous and started to stand up while his legs were shaking. He then started to wonder who the other two people the teacher announced. As he looked around he saw the new girl standing and and a guy standing. He then thought " So those are the other two people who get a starter. As long as they don't choose chikorita then we might get along." As he thought that he then started crying to look towards the girl and couldn't get why she was talking to an Umbreon.
  20. OOC: I moved one of my replies here because it makes more sense in the story right now

    BIC: The teacher complimented Sarah for having one of the best scores in the class, a perfect score basically. The teacher than said, "Now it is time for you students to choose your starter Pokemon." The starters were from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola, and Sarah knew this because she had studied about them beforehand. Sarah thought long and hard on who she was going to choose, but she decided on Rowlet. Sarah chose Rowlet because she thought it was super adorable, and it also reminded her of home. Sarah noticed how the kid that spoke to her earlier was glaring at her, and that just made her feel awkward.
  21. The Umbreon hummed, watching a few more students file out of the building, recieving standard Pokemon to begin the battles. Of course, the scores varied, but no one was eliminated until they were sent out with a single Pokeball in order to catch a Pokemon. "That girl should be close to finished about now..." She got up, creeping slowly to the school windows. She shook out her fur, freeing it from dirt, before using the window sills to climb her way up.
  22. After Sarah got her starter, Nathan went up and chose chikorita. When he held it he tightly hugged it, but let it go when it started to kick. Nathan then apologized to the chikorita. After he did he picked it up again and started to smile with joy. Then he noticed something in the bushes. As he looked he then looked at the girl and started to get curious if she was talking to it to talk to it or if she really understood what it was saying.

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