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Ask to Join The Amazing Game(Roleplay)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by DeadEdgelord, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. As Christopher had finished his character Leaf he heard the voice from above. He understood everything the voice had said and decided to venture out to see where the trail went. Luckily trees were around so he could grow vines from them swinging around. He stopped swinging once he found a village surrounded by an army of black colored trolls. He decided to help the village by killing these troll swinging around either backstabbing them or electrocuting the trolls to death. There were too many for him to handle so he decided if it was best to let some others help him.
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  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy and Morana had finished their characters. Now Lucifer and Archangel wondered down the path finding the village, they saw someone fighting some trolls and went to help Archangel flying around electrocuting them as Lucifer smoke travelled through several trolls setting them on fire as he did so, they were doing pretty well but they were still more to face. Lucifer called out to Archangel as he threw a fireball into the air, she turned and threw a bolt of lightning splitting it up and creating a rain of fire.
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  3. Diana was done making her character and listened to a voice, probably telling the intro to this, so called "Game". Now she stood in the middle of a forest and looked around her surroundings as she started to walk along the path Dana appeared on.

    A bit further down the path she heard some kinds of screams and clashes of some metal, probably from someones weapons further down the road and noticed that the forest was clearing up and a silhouette of a big group of some kind of a human like species and a village in the background. Dana started to run to go and see what was happening. She saw that it was some kind of a troll army and tree other "players" fighting them. It looked like they were fending them of quite well, but some more help wouldn't hurt. Dana equipped her bow and took an arrow ready to aim. She ran closer, but slightly of the range so she wouldn't be so easily hit and started to repeatedly shoot at the trolls with her bow and arrow to help the other tree "players".
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  4. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    As Lennard finished making his persona, he noticed that he was spawned into a dark place, spotting only a light in the distance. As Chaos walked out of the Cave he had been transported in, he listened to the voice talking to him before skipping around on a path, seeming like a madman for anyone currently watching him. As he walked down the overgrown dirt path, he listened to the sounds of what he assumed to be a battle. Excitedly he jumped up and followed, now dashing more than skipping.

    As soon as he got to a clearing, he hid in the bushes and watched the folk fight the group of trolls. "Ooh, this looks like fun.. let's hop right in!" Chaos had thought, before jumping out of the bushes, rapiers already drawn out. He began yelling taunts at some Trolls, drawing their attention to him, and had begun dancing around their attacks, constantly laughing at the group before attacking them with swift stabs.
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  5. Alice had finished making her character, Alicia within a couple of minutes after a nearby fight broke out. The hybrid creature, which was half human and half rhino unsteadily stood on her feet. Alicia placed her left hand on her face the moment she noticed her physique being awfully small; almost as if the character was perhaps far younger than the others. She gave a deep sigh after a brief inspection of the juvenile features she had: a small, blunt horn and her feet lacking any sort of claws. Alicia clutched the metallic rod with a tight grip, as she toddled her way towards a path that led to a village.

    As soon as the little monster arrived, she noticed a tall elf that appeared to be engaged from a somewhat lighter distance from combat. Alicia focused some of the mystical energy into the rod, as she casted a barrier of light around herself. The small force field would assist in temporarily cushioning harm from incoming attacks.
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  6. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    As Ben finished deciding how his persona should look he heard the introduction to this new world and "spawned" near a dirt road before examining his new body and new clothes. "Looking good." He said to himself before walking down the path trying to find something like a town of village before seeing a combination of multiple different creatures and weapons flying into action "Well this could either end up in flames or be really fun. Let's try both results." He thought before lighting his gauntlets ablaze and punching a few trolls before starting to throw some Fireballs.
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  7. As the rest of the remaining trolls retreated into the forest Leaf started collecting the loot and found a lot of gold. He then went into the village walking around as the villagers rejoiced to them knowing that the heroes have returned. "Returned?" Leaf questioned a villager.

    "Yes returned young Leaf now here take this," the man gives Leaf a potion of swiftness, "use it wisely young one."
  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Yeah, just run! Run before my might! " Chaos laughed triumphantly as he calmed down and skipped into the village. The villagers had given him strange looks, as he was a strange sight indeed. An albino satyr skipping around the place, who gets to see that everyday?
    Chaos skipped through the different shops, looking for anything useful. After some time, he had dashed out of a shop selling potions, quickly putting away the items he 'bought' from his empty wallet. While running, Chaos ran into the villager confronting Leaf, causing the two to fall down. " Hey, Pal, watch where you're standin'. " Chaos jumped up from the ground, rushing to put away the rest of the potions.
  9. As last of the remaining trolls were retrieving back to where ever they came from, Dana put her bow back on her back and sighed in slight relief an noticed all the different beings that were fighting the trolls. The female elf saw two of go to the village, but Dana decided not toto follow.
    "I don't have any money to buy anything, so why even bother going there," She thought to her self and turned away from the village, sat down and started to process every thing that happened in the last 10-5 minuets.
  10. "How rude, no matter, here I'll help you up." Leaf kindly helps the villager up and he gave him some coins. As he walked around meeting other "heroes". He saw Dana sitting alone in the distance not knowing why she had not gone to the village. A vine grew from his hand to the nearest tree branch and he started to run forward until he began to swing. He swung a little too off causing him to roll away from her.

    "Why aren't you going to the village?" Leaf said as he walked towards her and sat down having a much grace as a giraffe on stilts, "The whole village is celebrating that we have *returned* I don't know what they mean by that but still even if you don't want to go at least go for the food and other free stuff."
  11. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Sorry 'bout running into you, pal. I tend to not look where I'm going. " Chaos shook the villager's hand as an apology, distracting them enough to successfully pocket and hide their bag of coins. " Alright, if you need help, just say so. " Chaos chuckled and walked towards the woods, making his way back to the Cave he was brought in, before deciding to walk up to the two and introduce himself, seeing as they had just fought together. He approached Leaf and looked at the two. " Greetings, Lads. Name's Chaos. Seeing as the village thinks of us as a group of heroes, we shouldn't pop their hopes so soon and atleast introduce ourselves to eachother before doing so. "
  12. Dana looked at Leaf who sat down beside her just after he stumbled past her.
    "Why? I just need to process everything that has happened the last 10 minutes. You know, stepping through a portal leading to who-knows-where, having to make a some kind of an avatar and fight an small army of trolls just about an minute after everything else," the elf explained and sighed, "I just need a minute or two to think. I'll come to the village's celebration in a bit" she continued.

    But as she just finished her explanation, someone other who was also fighting against the trolls approached Dana and leaf.
    "You're right, we don't even know each other and we should be some kinds of 'heroes' and we did pretty well against the trolls, but we should practice our new powers." The elf said and got up.
    "I'll start with the introducing part. I'm Dana, nice to meet you two." She said with a small smile.
  13. Alicia made her way past the other players and found a small bag that a retreating troll dropped. It was apparent that the troll lagged behind the others. The troll did not bother to engage the little monster, for it thought the composite being was stronger than the other players.

    Alicia watched the troll that rushed into forest with the others. The young creature discreetly picked up the bag. Upon closer inspection, she found some golden coins and a tiny, rusty dagger. The small blade was blunt to the touch, as there was no sort of shine on the worn edge. She decided to keep the loot, as she knew that the coins would likely be put to use if she could find someone to interact with.

    The juvenile decided to make her way towards the others. She took a mental note of an elf that introduced themselves by the name of Dana. Alicia’s body quivered after she took in the sight of everyone’s towering size. She cowered behind the elf, as she hoped that she could avoid a brief session of the dreaded speech.
  14. "Yes that is correct it is weird though when I created my avatar I knew what to do like I have been doing it my whole life," he said not sure if his wording was correct. Leaf saw the little creature behind Dana and curious of what it was he crouched down to look at it. "Excuse me I don't mean to be rude but what are you?' Leaf asked the little creature.
  15. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Alright Dana. Nice to meet you. But I do have one question that still bothers me.. " Chaos crossed his arms and leaned back just a bit, looking to Dana's side, having noticed something that snuck up behind her. " ..I have to ask, what is that hiding behind you...? " Chaos tilted his head sideways, putting on a curious look.
  16. “U- u- umm... w- we- well... u- uhh...” Alicia faintly replied with a rather dubious tone, as she attempted to wipe off some sweat on her face. The little monster recoiled from the elf, as she held up the rod towards her face with a shaky grip.

    “W- what’s going on... w- why am I here like this... and more importantly, is this how I talk here or what?” Alicia thought, as she resisted the urge to cast another barrier around herself.
  17. Dana turned around and saw a creature she hasn't ever seen before. It was some kind of a hybrid between a human and a rhino, but in a toddler sized body. Honestly the sight was a bit odd and slightly cute at the same time. The blue haired elf remembered that the small rhino-human hybrid could make barriers of some kind when Dana was observing briefly about each fighter at the end of the troll fight.

    "I had no idea that someone was behind me." She answered Chaos and looked at Alicia in both confusion and curiosity. The blue hired elf heard the rhino-hybrids attempt of reply to Leaf. She assumed that Alicia was uncomfortable being around in the group of three, so Dana took a small step back to give the rhino-hybrid some space so she might feel a bit more comfortable,
  18. "It is ok for your shyness, we are of what the internet has told me. in the Unknown Dimension." He said to Alicia with the kindest voice he could like he was talking to a toddler. " I believe your voice changed for your type of character, otherwise I do not know." Lea decided to follow Dana's lead and step back a little not wanting to cause more stress to the small rhino hybrid.
  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Lucifer walked up to Archangel "nice one Arch, I am loving this" he held out his fist, Archangel responded by bumping fists, "yeah this is great". They turned and saw the group of people, they walked over, probably looking like an odd pair. But they reached the group and Lucifer raised his hand in a wave and said "Hi there, my name is Lucifer and this is my sister Archangel. Well those aren't out real names but...anyway call me Luci" Archangel shook her head with a chuckle, "yeah those are the names we chose, call me Arch" she did a little wave.
  20. Alicia's grip slightly loosened on her rod, as she took in the lengthy sight of the other players. The little monster quietly tapped her horn and gave out a silent series of deep breaths. It was apparent that the young creature was not ready to speak in front of the others. She decided to remain a safe distance from the group while she fidgeted with her rod for a brief moment.

    "Guess I'll have to live like this until we can do something about it. I already did this upon myself, so I'll have to find a way to fix it... that is if there even is one that I can find soon," Alicia thought, as she emitted a deep sigh a split second later.
  21. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Oh, hello there. " Chaos looked over to the two newcomers. " I'm Chaos.. " Chaos pointed at the Elf sitting down. " That's Dana. And that's about all I know. " Chaos finished the introduction. He had turned back to look at the small humanoid creature. " Seeing how magical this world appears to be, there has to be some sort of aging spell or growth potion to help you with your size. But I doubt we can acquire any of the two alone. It's probably for the better to stick together for now. " Chaos noted, tapping his left hoof on the ground and looking around. He examined his surroundings, looking on where to wander off to. " Question is, in which direction should we wander off into? "
  22. "Sorry that I did not say before but my name is Leaf, I was not sure to trust anyone here yet." He then extended his hand to Luci but a loud and sudden rumbling came out of nowhere causing Leaf to try to balance himself. A giant man appeared as a hologram in front of them and in front of other groups in a red cloak not showing any part of his body.

    The man then opened his mouth to speak, "Hello young heroes I am Chessmaster and welcome to the Amazing game. I would like to tell you that all of you in groups are perfect for something great I'd like to add." he bellowed. "If you think are better for a solo pursuit for a new world please step out of your group. If you would like to be in a group pursuit stay where you are and choose your group name. This will be your clan name."

    Leaf doesn't step out. "I guess I'm up to being in a group anybody with me?" He then doubts if any of them would even stay and not step out. He then thinks to himself they won't step out they seem like very nice people.
  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    " Well, It's probably best I'll stay in the group for now. I'll be in your 'clan' then, Leaf. " Chaos stated after letting Chessmaster finish his speech. " Don't expect me to brighten up, though. We're allies, not friends. " Chaos walked around, looking back at the Village, then at his surroundings. He soon walked back to the Group. " I reckon I could scout a bit, see if there's anything interesting around us. I'll do so once we declared who is in the group and who goes alone, though. "
  24. "It's probably for the best that I'll stay in the group, for now at least. If I stumble upon enemies, I probably won't be able to fend them of all with my bow and arrow.." Dana thought to her self as she listened to the cloaked hologram speak and then Chaos then after.

    "I'll also join the 'Clan' and i totally agree with you, Chaos," She said after the satyr spoke, "Some of us might be able to fend them self, but not everyone." The blue elf continued, crossed her arms and stayed in the group that everyone were currently in.
  25. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Luci shrugged "hey why, not me and Arch will stay too, not like we would be solo players anyway", he nudged Arch on the shoulder, she playfully punched his shoulder and said "yeah sounds good to me". She turned back to where the man, Chess master, had been a chill went up her spine, "hey didn't that guy say we had to name our clan." She looked around at the group expectantly.
  26. Noir came to the village, where he saw a group of players and a hologram of some guy "What it can be... Some sort of the event at the beginning" He thought then he came to the group.

    "Hello, I'm sorry that I bother you but... Is this some sort of the game event. Or it is normal here that giant holograms came out of nowhere" Noir said, He was trying to be funny, at least he tried. "Please, forget about that last sentence" He quickly said and he waited for reply.
  27. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Chaos turned to Noir, his arms crossed. " Well, that hologram thingy just showed up and basically told us to create a clan.. only trouble is that we need to declare who will be a member, and what name we'll have.. speaking of which, would you like to join the group? " Chaos tilted his head and scraped across the ground with his left hoof, awaiting a response.
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  28. "Clan..." said Noir, he thought for a while. Then he looked at Chaos and responded "I don't have any plans so, why not. I can join to this Clan. What's the name of the Clan" Noir asked Chaos. In the same time He looked at the Hologram guy and at the group.
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  29. Leaf looks into the sky thinking of a name and then looks at everyone, "How about The Hounds of Justice," he pauses, "Wait that's taken how about Empire of Tomorrow," He said while making waving signal accidentally making electricity appear in the wave.
  30. "Empire of Tomorrow..." Noir repeated the Clan's name after Leaf. He sat on the ground and he looked at the others with his purple eyes "Oh, I didn't introduce myself, did I. I'm the Marauder, my name is Noir" said Noir. "I hope that, I will be a helpful ally for you"
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  31. Alicia decided to stay with the group, as she knew that a little monster like her would likely last only an hour in the gaming realm. The young rhino quietly patted her head for a brief moment. She was as silent as the gentle breeze that gently cuddled her juvenile body. She gave a slight nod in response to the suggested name of the clan, though she recoiled away after she saw some electricity soon after.

    “Man, definitely should of not hit confirm yet... because I think I’m gonna probably be stuck like this forever. I can hardly talk, let alone walk around. Hopefully there won’t be some old nanny that thinks I’m a baby or something,” The young monster thought, as she somewhat eased her grip on the rod a minute later.
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  32. DracoTalon has ‘spawned’ in this world, on a pathway. She took a look at herself. She smiled as she wagged her long dragon tail, and fluttered her wings. “Wow, so that’s why they call this ‘The Amazing Game’.” DracoTalon then spotted a small group of people, and walked towards them. “Helloooo people! What’s going on in here?” She appeared very excited to met new people.
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  33. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Chaos walked up to the dragon humanoid, scraping against the ground with his hooves. " We're currently deciding who stays in the group and who goes alone. If you want, you could join us, we're still accepting any newcomers. " Chaos' Ear flicked as he moved his arm to the dragon, holding out his hand for a handshake as a greeting.
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  34. Leaf looked at the half dragon. "You know I may seem fine but I'm just hiding my amazement and you there set it out," he pointed at DracoTalon. "As Chaos said, feel free to join, the name's Leaf by the way." He then looked at Alicia, "Alicia, Off of what I found on the internet there is a potions dealer in the next town we just have to beat the first boss the Truthmaster." He kept talking, " The potion dealer is one of the only dealers to have an aging spell."
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  35. Her dragon tail wagged, and DracoTalon shook Chaos’ hand. “Hmm, I’m interested in joining, and the names DracoTalon.” She smiled. “And thanks, Leaf.” Her wings fluttered, and she hovered in the air for a split second, before landing on the ground softly. DracoTalon listened carefully to what Leaf had to say. “So we have to defeat the first boss? I hope it won’t be hard.” She hadn’t fought before in this game, and DracoTalon was planning on practicing soon.
  36. Noir listened carefuly to Leaf then he asked "Leaf, Do you know something about first boss, the Truthmaster. Any information that can help in fight with him"

    While He was saying the question, He took off his gray mask and started to think about that He didn't fight before here. Still, he wanted to know something about the first challenge for the Clan, he just joined.
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  37. “S- sp- sp- spell... w- wa... sp... ell?” Alicia babbled in response, as she had a perplexed look towards Leaf in response.

    “That doesn’t sound really safe for me. Not only would my special area be showing, but well... I don’t know. It’s not too bad and can be worse, and I have a feeling that he could be maybe lying about that,” Alicia thought, as she slowly toddled towards Leaf.
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  38. "The only thing I really know about the boss is that you can't tell a lie near him or else you will be turned to stone." Leaf then sat on his legs getting about Alicia's level.

    "It's, in its only plausible form, a gas that when a child gets a single particle in their mouths or noses it causes them to age faster, about 2 years a day until you become full grown," he then got up, "there is just one bad thing you will be extremely hungry."
  39. "Uhh... I... I n- no- not... k- kn- know... a- a- a- ab- ab- abo..." Alicia replied, before she suddenly cut herself off to regain some concentration.

    "A- ab- ab... out, t- th- that," Alicia added, as she slowly backed away at the thought of possibly starving until her demise.

    "So, I get older... but I'm gonna probably have so much more pain than just a simple needle. Is that really worth the risk of going through all that just to be an adult? I don't even think I'm ready for being a teenager yet!" Alicia thought, as a tear fell from her eye.
  40. "It won't be that painful, and plus I think it is better if you do, your power level will increase." he started walking towards the village slowly, "We are going to need to be one of the first people to beat the boss to get the most gold."

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