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Ask to Join The Amazing Game(Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DeadEdgelord, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. A portal had arisen in the real world and many of the humans of earth were afraid to go through this mysterious portal. A group of selected people was to go through this portal. They entered and were trapped inside and the only thing the humans on the outside were to send others in and send supplies. while inside this other dimension, the selected group had to make another persona of themselves with powers and different skills. They changed into this persona that they made, which one had mistakenly made himself a female. That was 100 years ago and the group escaped this dimension with no clue why the portal was open. It is now the year 2205 and the world is about to die so all of the population of the world went into the portal. They each made a persona of themselves and as all of them finished, a voice from above told them if they win his amazing game A long trail with monsters and dragons. If you die you will come back when someone beats the game. When they do a new earth will be created to start a new life on

    Any Questions? Please do ask.
    All Pokecharms rules apply
    Relationships are allowed nothing too explicit there are children on this site.
    Don't make an overpowered character. It saves me time, I don't feel like arguing with someone about it.
    If there is a fight between two characters and it is undecided please let a third party decide.
    Let two people post before you post again if you need to add something edit your post.
    This game is very medieval times so there are no guns.
    Game Name: Optional)
    Game Gender: Optional)
    Game Species: Human, Merperson, Demon...)
    Skills: (Strength,Charisma,Agility,Intelligence...[Can only pick one, and there is more])
    Personality: (Comes from the person themselves)
    Game Appearance: (optional if you don't look different from what you do in the game)
    Outfit: (Please don't give yourself op armor)
    Class: (Healer Wizard, Knight...)
    Starting Weapon: (Sword, Bow, Magic Staff...)
    Element: (Water, Fire, Electric, Sky, Machine, Earth, Light, Dark, Death, Life [2 Max])
    Small Powers: (2 Max)

    My Bio:
    Name: Christopher Collard
    Game Name: Leaf
    Gender: Male
    Game Species: Human
    Skills: Intelligence
    Personality: Mostly Optimistic, He really like joking around and doesn't really like being serious because if he becomes serious he lets out emotions he tries to hide.
    Appearance: Brown Hair Blue Eyes really generic looking
    Game Appearance: Emerald Eyes, Grey hair, Tan Skin.
    Outfit: Wears a green mask and a green trenchcoat with a gold zipper
    Class: Thief(Being able to steal has a small dagger and being able to make small potions)
    Starting Weapon: Dagger
    Element: Life, Electric
    Small Powers: Being able to summon vines near any tall plants to swing on them and being able to shoot green electricity from his hands.
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  2. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    This seems like it could be cool.
    Name: Benjamin Crest
    Game Name: PyroManiak
    Gender: Male
    Game Gender: Male
    Game Species: Half-Wolf (I.E. Human but very hairy)
    Skills: Crafting
    Personality: Pretty Wacky, Outgoing, and really trustful
    Appearance: Black Curly Hair and Regular Dark Brown eyes.
    Game Appearance: Tall, Hairy, Green eyes, Tan skin, Scar over right eye and Nose.
    Outfit: Black jacket, A Red Shirt, Black Pants, Sunglasses, No shoes.
    Class: Brawler
    Starting Weapon: Gauntlets
    Elements: Fire and Machine
    Small Powers: Can produce small amouts of fire from his finger tips or palm.
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  3. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Bellamy Blake
    Game Name: Lucifer
    Gender: Male
    Game Gender: Male
    Game Species: Demon
    Skills: Agility (I'm pretty sure agility makes things like parkour easier and makes you slightly faster, correct me if I'm wrong)
    Personality: Can be kind if if he wants to, but in a fight he is ruthless and destructive.
    Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, tall, lean yet muscular.
    Game Appearance: Black hair, red eyes, 7' 2", lean yet muscular, grey horns and claws.
    Outfit: Black suit and tie, black shirt, black loafers and a black fedora with holes for his horns.
    Class: Sorcerer
    Starting Weapon: Magic
    Element: Fire, Dark
    Small Powers: Pyrokinesis and Smoke Transformation (Similar to the ability of Reaper from Overwatch minus the teleportation.)

    Name: Morana Blake
    Game Name: Archangel
    Gender: Female
    Game Gender: Female
    Game Species: Angel
    Skills: Strength
    Personality: Kind and Caring, But like her twin, she is ruthless in battle.
    Appearance: Long brown hair, green eyes, shorter than her twin, rather skinny.
    Game Appearance: Long blonde hair, gold eyes, 6' 9", Skinny and slightly muscular. She also has pure white wings.
    Outfit: She wears a beautiful golden dress, gold heels and a gold pearl necklace.
    Class: Warrior
    Starting Weapon: Angelic Sword
    Element: Electric, Sky
    Small Powers: Can shoot lightning from her hands and can fly.
  4. Yes you can have crafting being a skill also accepted all three are accepted
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  5. Name: Diana Robinson
    Game Name: Dana
    Gender: Female
    Game Gender: Female
    Game Species: Elf
    Skills: Charm
    Personality: Diana likes to explore and learn new things, but usually keeps to her self. She's quite loyal and doesn't always think ahead
    Appearance: She has dirty blonde hair that's quite straight and reaches just past her jaw, hazel eyes and she's 5,7 feet tall. Diana usually wears a white t-shirt that has two black stripes, a dark blue hoodie and a normal pair of jeans
    Game Appearance: In the game Diana has light blue hair in a braid that goes a little bit past her shoulder, has the typical pointed ears of an elf and she's about 6 feet tall. Her eye color and facial features look otherwise same as she looks in real life
    Outfit: She has a light turquoise hood with white/light gray accents, a common white shirt and dark brown leather pants
    Class: Archer
    Starting Weapon: Bow and Arrow
    Element: Water and Light
    Small Powers: Can manipulate small amounts of water, freeze it for a limited amount of time or heal small wounds with the water
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  6. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Name: Justin Redwood
    Game Name: Zyke
    Gender: Male
    Game Gender: Male
    Game Species: Elf
    Skills: Intelligence
    Personality: Full of Wonderlust; Excited about the new world; Enjoys the company of others; Careful at times
    Appearance: Red hoodie and sneakers; black eyes and hair; black jeans and t-shirt
    Game Appearance: brown hair; green eyes; 5'7"; pointy ears (cuz elf duh)
    Outfit: Leaf Robe; Leather leggings; Jade ring (increases life spells effect by 5 percent); green t-shirt
    Class: Wizard
    Starting Weapon: Wooden Staff
    Element: Earth, Life
    Small Powers: ability to grow plants as he touches them, ie making a flower bloom
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  7. Change the personality to a less Gary stew/mary-sue you are still accepted just try to change it to something different optimistic is ok but kind and friendly it is just kind of to overused and bad in a way. Notice this is just constructive criticism don't take it like I'm yelling at you. I'll start the roleplay in the morning.
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  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Name: Lennard Whitecastle

    Game Name: Chaos

    Gender: Male

    Game Gender: Male

    Game Species: Satyr

    Skills: Charisma

    Personality: Introvert, stubborn, and remains calm in most situations. In battle, he tends to dance around, dodging and attacking, with the goal of making the foe drop their guard by making them angry, as he will taunt and laugh at his opponents.

    Appearance: Blue eyes and brown hair. Usually wears a black overcoat with matching pants and boots. Under the overcoat he wears just a simple white shirt.

    Game Appearance: He has white hair and fur, aswell as red eyes, as he is an Albino. He has pale skin and long hair, going nearly down to his knees.

    Outfit: A brown jacket most nobles would wear, with golden lining and a red shirt underneath, aswell as a red scarf over the collar. Underneath he wears just a simple leather chestplate to keep his speed up without his armour weighing him down.

    Class: Illusionist/Trickster

    Starting Weapon: Dual Rapiers, with magical cloth attached to the handles to make his attacks harder to follow, and to also add fancy effects to his attacks.

    Element: Sky, Light (I assume Sky includes Wind, otherwise just Wind and Light.)

    Small Powers: Using his elements, he can make mirages of things or increase his stealth/speed. (Light: Stealth; Sky: Speed)
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  10. Name: Her name is Alice Bell.
    Game Name: Her game name is Alicia.
    Gender: Female
    Game Gender: Same as her gender.
    Game Species: She is a hybrid of a human and a rhinoceros.
    Skills: She has the skill of Intelligence.
    Personality: Alice tends to be the quiet person when it comes to the conversation, as she is not usually the first to initiate or put an end to a formal discussion. She prefers to do things as quickly as possible and alone to get her everyday tasks over with. However, even with her quick pace at work, she tends to be clumsy, which resulted in her persona being a lot younger than it should be in the gaming world.
    Appearance: Alice stands at a modest height of sixty-two inches. She has short, brown hair, fair skin tone, blue eyes and a small mole on her left cheek. She wears a cloudy gray, one piece, slip dress and has on a pair of snowy white high heels.
    Game Appearance: In the gaming world, Alice stands at a short height of only around two feet tall. She has a small, silver gray body that resembles that of a human toddler's. She has a somewhat big head in proportion to her body, as a tiny, blunt horn can be seen above her small nose. She has small, gray eyes and has only a couple of baby teeth in both rows of her mouth. She has five small fingers on each hand, as her somewhat big feet have three toes each; the toes appear to be lacking claws however.
    Outfit: She wears a tailored, pale yellow silky robe and has on a pileus hat that is in a more moderate shading. She is often seen wearing a pair of tan, linen gloves and a pair of piloi socks in the same shading.
    Class: She is a healer.
    Starting Weapon: She has a small, metallic rod tipped with a white gem that allows her magic to be controlled to a somewhat better degree.
    Element: Life/Light
    Small Powers: She can cast the basic spells of a healer, such as mending minor wounds and projecting barriers to partially cushion imminent damage.
    • The game appearance for Alice derives from an obsolete myth about a creature that was half human and half rhinoceros. (Area of what is now known as UK.)
    • The pileus has been first made by the Greeks around early 400 BCE.
    • Gloves were worn since the 13th century. (Mostly of linen or silk.)
    • Piloi socks originate from the 8th century and are made of matted hair or fur.
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  11. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    sorry im bad at thinking of that kinds of things, i changed it is it good now?
  12. its fine accepted
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  13. Name: Gauche Speeno
    Game Name: Noir
    Gender: Male
    Game Gender: Male
    Game Species: Human
    Skills: Agility
    Personality: Calm and quiet person. Protective, He avoids unnecessary fight and his main weakness is that He feels uneasy around the girls.
    Appearance:Tall, well-builed, He has short, silver disheveled hair and purple eyes. In
    Game Appearance: Similar to his Real Appearance.
    Outfit: He wears grey mask and black leather robe with a red flower mark on it.
    Class: Marauder
    Starting Weapon: Shortsword with black handle.
    Element: Dark, Electric
    Small Powers: He can lead electricity through his sword and shadow travel (He can travel between two places without light but it consumes great amount of energy.
  14. I like the balance of the second power accepted, anyone that joins or that are just starting to roleplay don't start how all the other people started. Start in any way besides that.
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  15. (Hope I’m not too late to join)

    Name: Otis Russell

    Game Name: DracoTalon

    Gender: Female

    Game Gender: Female

    Game Species: A hybrid of a human and a dragon.

    Skills: Agility

    Personality: Kind and hopeful, but is impatient and cowardly. Absolutely loves all fruits and vegetables.

    Appearance: She has long brown hair, with hazel eyes. She wore blue glasses, a white fluffy sweater, red sneakers, and blue jeans.

    Game Appearance: She looks almost similar to her normal appearance, except she has dragon wings, a dragon tail, with a few scales on her body.

    Outfit: She has some kind of a dress, that only one strap that goes on her shoulder, she also wears brown sandles, and her dress is a green color.

    Class: Healer

    Starting Weapon: A magic staff

    Element: Sky and Life

    Small Powers: Can control plants to do her will, and she can fly really well.
  16. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Quick question; I assume Charisma includes being able to convince/lie to others better than most, but what else does it include?
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  17. Seducing, intimidation? idk really :p, but in my oppinion lying and convinsing definitively would include to charisma
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  18. @OtisRolePlays Accepted, @Deathstalker62 Yes that does include not being detected of lying unless if encountered by a master called the Truth Master. Don't experiment, wouldn't want to have any main characters turning to stone. I do agree.
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  19. Thanks, can you tell me what is going on in the RP right now?
  20. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    @OtisRolePlays We're currently gathered near the starting village, discussing who joins the clan and who stays alone.
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  21. We are currently still waiting on the response from @Kiraru
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  22. Oh okay, thanks for telling me!
  23. I will not being responding for the next 40 minutes
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  24. Oo... I should get to the RP since I now suddenly got a barrage of notifications after that tag...
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  25. Welp Like most roleplays this died Rest In Peace My creation.
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  26. NO! This RP must be alive! We can revive it, people!
  27. Aww, okay... I guess this was really dead anyway...
  28. I am death so I declare it dead.
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  29. Ooooof rIP this RP then.

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