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Open The Alola Region!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ombree, Jul 3, 2017.


Should we travel in...

  1. A few Mini Groups

  2. One large group

  3. Two medium sized groups

  1. I'll probably be starting the Rp later today
  2. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Do you have any requirements for how long our posts must be?
  3. At least one paragraph long. And god I really hate turning down people who want to join, it makes me feel so guilty and bad.
  4. The requirements should be easy for me to abide by since I write probably a bit too much for what I should be writing for posts... (And well, RP samples are good to measure experience for the most part.)

    Here's mine for example:
  5. You still have room for one more?
    Name: Mikaela Jones
    Age: 14
    Trainer Status: Pokémon poacher

    Personality: Mik is an introverted cynic, she doesnt trust people easily but doesnt like being rude to others even though she ended up hurting there feelings because of her bluntness. She cares a lot about her Pokémon and family, she's extremely self-less when it comes to them but she is not that self-less or kind towards others. She only catches and sell Pokémon towards trainers who are professional and unabusive.
    Appearance: Messy copper chin length hair, passive amber eyes, pale complexion, a slim form with an average height. Green jacket, plain white tee, brown shorts, red boots and black gloves.
    Goal: To get her family out of poverty

    Home Region: Sinnoh
    Hometown: Snowpoint City

    Likes: Her family, her Pokémon, reading, part-time jobs
    Dislikes: Hunting (but it is necessary), crowds
    Other: Ivy. She doesn't have a choice in being a hunter.

    Species: Rowlet (if you allowed it)
    Shiny?: (Can he?)
    Personality: A naive little guy that loves Poképuffs. He is extremely loyal towards Mik and often comfort here after a hunting or a 'cleaning'
    Other: He carries a small pouch in his neck to store berries and such.

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