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The All Hallow's Eve Pokecharm's RP Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zachary, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, I decided to brainstorm and write the Halloween Charm's RP this year and I personally think it's going to be a blast ♥ The plot is totally freaky and everything which I find appropriate for Halloween.

    The plot starts off at a Masquerade Ball in Charms with everyone having a good time, having a joyful time in their costumes and partying hardcore until they see the sunrise... Until a mysterious man appears in the front of the ball room and starts speaking about how every one does not know true despair and fear.

    So he then decides to take it a little bit TOO far and just warps the whole entire forums/city into a nightmare that rival's Silent Hill in creepy, and to make matter's worse, he summons spirits to take the form of everyone's worst fear's. AND I mean everyone's worst fears.

    Thus, all the Fear's escape from the room and every thing goes to hell as the Fear's start rampaging the fourms. Only way to defeat the Fear's is to conquer it in battle.

    I dunno about you guys, but I know my fear very well. So expect a gigantic ass serpent slithering around in one of the forums :x.

    I don't want to divulge too much into the plot but that's the basic outline.

    So discuss your fear's here and what they would be like in the RP along with everything else in this thread :'D
  2. I am so in this, in that note. Although Ethan is more nagged into the Ball cause he really does not like Halloween :x

    My actual fear is that of getting on a bus that never stops. It actually happened to me, and I ended up at the other side of New Jersey at the Palisades Mall D: I actually soiled myself, I am that fearful of getting lost.

    My fear is most likely to manifest itself as an extremely fast nightmare wheelin' bus that zooms across every street and alley of Charms, and would keep me locked inside </3 How I'd get on it~? On that matter, I'd seriously faint the second those freaky spirits comes out and Charms turns into a waking hell, so I'd prolly wake up in it </3

    Lovely idea, Zacky ♥
  3. My biggest fear is being stranded in the middle of the ocean. I'm not quite sure if that would work well, though. I'm also really afraid of ghosts, which would probably make more sense considering this is a Halloween RP.

    So maybe I'd be trapped in a weird cut off part of 'Charms, like a creepy abandoned mental hospital or something, and creepy spiritual stuff happens. Things like that are really scary to me.
  4. Like I said in my previous post, my fear is snakes.

    I have like maybe 3-4 fears including snakes but I can overpower my fear of ghosts, needles, and sketchy kids but with snakes?

    No, so I decided my fear would be snakes. I haven't really decided what form it's going to take. Maybe a gigantic demonic snake that's super fucking huge and it's just slithering around the forums, trying to eat people it comes across, it'll most likely have sorts of different distinction's to it like a combination of all the creepy ass snakes in the world.

    I should mention this but Fear's can be only vanquished by the person which it came from, so you can batter and rampage someone else fear into submission but you can't kill it. You can strike a death blow and it'll just turn to sludge and reform at a later point. You really can't conquer other people's fear's y'know.

    People can team to fight someone's fear if it's too powerful, kinda like mine. I mean it's fucking HUGE because my fear of snakes is legit the one weakness I have XD
  5. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    OOoh, me likey ♥ Totally into this RP if it ever takes place, which I'm sure will :3 Lyn will just attend the ball for fun because omgggggg it's a BALL <33333333

    I'm really scared of heights and the dark. But yeah~ maybe a giant flying bug (because I hate bugs as well) picks me up in the middle of the night and I can't see the stars or the moon because it's a cloudy new moon night. </3 I'm really not afraid of much else, just easily surprised. XD

    ... oh God just thinking about heights makes me wet my pants. D:
  6. This sounds like fun. I love scaring myself and others with on Halloween and what-not. I'm in. If it happens.

    I am deathly afraid of spiders. Ever since I watched Arachnophobia, I literally shriek and run away at the sight of one of the eight-legged freaks. I am terrified of the scuttling, and the fangs, and the eyes, and the venom... oh god someone hold me </3...

    Other than spiders, fire is quite unsettling to me. I had an experience with catching myself on fire before... *shudder* It was scary. I mean, I put up with fire and I allow candles in my room, but getting too close, touching it, dropping something in it and having to retrieve it... Horrifying </3.

    So, expect a giant flaming spider to roam around, spitting flaming venom. Did I also mention I'm slightly claustrophobic? Yes, that too. Lock me in a closet with the creature if you have to. Should be some jolly-good fun, right?
  7. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I'm interested in joining this RP when it finally comes to fruition. I just hope that you know that my fears are quite gruesome, and involve death on a large scale. I am also scared of pain to be honest, whether it be falling from great heights crashing to the ground or gasping for air as my lungs fill with water.
  8. Sooo this is an awesome idea.

    Uhh most people know, I have a HUGE fear of spiders. I start sobbing and having a panic attack if one is close enough to me, and if I see one even quite a distance away, I freeze up.

    I have tons of other fears..like way too many. But spiders are the worst. That and death itself.
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  9. Oh dear gods another one. Please don't try to kill me again.

    I'm not sure whether to take part or not. Because my main fear is stage-fright, and I don't know why this masked man would stick me on a stage while you guys are crowding around waiting for a performance when there is a giant snake slithering around. Alternatively, I have yet to realize this as a proper fear, but I can never stop moving. I always have a need to be moving, whether it's something like drumming fingers, or running full-speed even when I'm very early, or even just twitching my eyebrows. And I have no idea what I would do if I couldn't move. Should be a bit easier for me to work with. Then I can spend half the RP just trapped in suspended-motion. :3
  10. This sounds awesome to me~

    My biggest fear? Being trapped somewhere, with no humans around, and starve to death in the lonely dark. That leaves the problem of how that fear would become real- Unless I'd have to fight some kind of TARDIS kirby-demons who can suck me up and have a personal dimension on the inside full of darkness, where they can trap me?

    Also, a general problem is that it might clash with the SSBB RP; Would this RP take place before that one, even if both RP's roll at the same time?

    (And the idea of a skyscraper-sized snake crawling around 'Charms is awesome too- As long as it won't get to Gerbolia <<)
  11. How would it clash with it at all? It's not even apart of what canon SSBC is :p If anything this is probably going to be earlier(If RX magically posts it tonight) so any fear of clashing with it AND having two major RP's to respond to is probably 1% to 0%

    And locations like those in SSBC, I dunno if they should be in this RP or not but if you want, I can talk to RX about it and see if he would allow it since it was his idea in the first place.

    (Also Secad, those kirby demons sound badass :3)
  12. *laughs* I am so glad people like the 'Charms world RPs. I think my ball gown will be a knee-length prom dress just to be different. XD

    As for my greatest fear, mine would be sort of hard to do. I am afraid of losing my intelligence, be it in some traumatic accident or just magically. However, a more tangible fear would be one of being in the dark with no one around, as I cannot see what could be there to hurt me. That's why I hate some dorm room designs--I'm isolated with not chance of quickly getting to someone else. To bring this into the RP, random rooms could be converted so they were pitch black, no matter what light source tries to reveal them. As for the alone part, it could cause the other people in the rooms to become invisible, intangible, and undetectable to the person. For the 'hurting' part, I can imagine all our nasty critters (big snakes, spiders, etc.) being in there.

    Also, Natsu, that's not Secad. XD That's Mio. I do agree, however, that Gerbolia must not be touched.
  13. Had a think about what scares me the most, and I think my greatest fear is probably being in the dark of night, by myself, walking around. I look around pretty much all the time I'm out at night, afraid something's going to leap out at me.

    So if I do sign up for this, expect a bunch of random things that wouldn't be scary during the day popping up and freaking the bejeezus out of me just because it's the night. Like dogs, clowns, bees...etc.
  14. I dunno how we'd work my fears into it if I happened to join o: I'm mainly afraid of heights and bridges and booaaaats. (Mainly heights and bridges) So like being stranded on a very high bridge? Or being stranded on a very high bridge then plummeting to MY DOOOOM but instead falling onto a boat which will still be pretty damn DOOMish for me D:

    ... I dunno. :V

    THIS does sound really super amazingood, though <33 Because it's like a Hallowe'en ball and all I'd prolly be a Victorian Zombie Masqueradeballperson :> (I'm dressing up as a Victorian Zombie irl) Aside from spooking people out and being all annoying and stuff (seeing as Tunduli is partly ghosty, as you may know if you participated in The Fallout) I'll probably be buying bags of jellybabies and throwing them at people (and hoping they stick)~

    I'm in~! :'D

    AKA Dark Soul, just to point :>
  15. I would be interested in joining this as well, though to be honest my fears wouldn't really translate well into any practical demon that needed conquering. Instead they're all sort of meaningless things that just freak me out to think about. To the point where I'll freeze up and stuff, but they're all psychological stuff.

    So, for the sake of having a tangible creature that needed slaying, I used to be deathly afraid of clowns. Not so much anymore, though they do still creep me out, but they used to just scare the living daylights out of me. So a horde of demon clowns sounds like an interesting thing to overcome.
  16. I approve :D
    One question, when a Fear manifests itself as, my corresponding creature, can I only see it in the manifested form, or can you all see the huge spider/zombie/blade-fingered beast?
  17. Indie, we all can see it and fight it together :) It would kinda silly for me to be fighting an invisible(to everyone else) gigantic snake about the size of a skyscraper.

    Another note, you don't have to have a tangible creature to fight, the Fear is your WORST fear so it can be anything from being on a boat in the ocean or being suffocated to death. They can take monster forms(See Asphyxia from SH5 to see what I mean, here's a link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caYnIHuV ... re=related ) but if they're like dark rooms being alone then yeah, thats okay to use and probably more original then my gigantic ass snake xP

    If you have any questions, just ask them here and I'll answer them.
  18. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    People with similar fears can combine them, I guess. For example, I noticed that several people are afraid of the dark, though Secad doesn't like being in the dark by herself/isolated from others (as does Mio from what I gathered), whereas Silent Dre seems to be more afraid of the night and I'm just scared of the dark in general. Or even me and Tun, because we both hate heights with a passion. She also has other fears, but so do I, so maybe we could both be on a super high bridge in the middle of a moonless cloudy night. Or something~

    I dunno, just a suggestion. :/
  19. I'd love to join. Me in my aweshumsawse Majora's Mask costume would be chatting to you guys, the masked dude'd show up and manifest our fears, and out of my head crawls an itty bitty spider, which soon grows, and gains the abilities to whisper into peoples minds from far away and give them images of their friends dying and them being left alone, and is able to spin webs of pure darkness that trap you in an impossibly tight box. As you can tell I don't like the dark, big furry spiders, enclosed spaces and being alone. And I hate falling and drowning.

    There are going to be a lot of spiders scuttling around charms.
  20. That sounds dandy-o~! :> Being stuck on a super high bridge with Shiny would be awesome ♥ interesting, yupyup ♥ Zacky mentioned that mine/other people's fears might be more psychological than physical, so while Zacky would be battling a giant snake physically, Shiny and I might be struggling to come to our senses and fight off our fears with our miiinndddsssssss.

    ... anyway, I'm going to the ball with Dark. :>
  21. I'm totally up for this RP. Srs.

    I, for one, have a fear for Spiders. I'm okay if they're not moving, but when they make sudden movements, that's when I freak out the most. So yeah, you'll be seeing another Giant creature scuttling around, this time in the form of a motherfucking giant spider. Be afraaaaiiiid :O

    I guess this means I'll be sticking wth Blazi - seems like his fear of spiders is manifesting into smaller spiders - perhaps maybe the small spiders and big giant one can stick together?

    I'm also going to be totally going around, doing the cliche thing - tackling down other peoples fears and saying to them: "You've got to believe in yourself!" e.t.c. e.t.c, because I'm cheesy like that :x
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