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Open The Akrew Island RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Maxthegamefan, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Welcome to Akrew Island! The new region in Pokemon World! That's a perfect place to meet new friends ,explore places and have fun!
    Rules: 10 basics! (... Better follow them!)
    1.You can have name (or Nickname)age,6 pokemons,items,bagdes and friends met in towns!
    2.You can have starters pokemon but you CANT HAVE AN LEGENDARY
    3.No violence and blood (But little scratch will be ok!)
    4.No bulling, phishing and swearing
    5.Remember you can always heal your pokemon at Pokemon Center
    6.Aloa forms are allowed
    7.No terrorist attacks (wait is that possibile in Pokemon World?)
    8.No 'God cheating' like teleportation
    9.Team Rocket and Plasma are allowed but you cant join them!
    10.Have fun!


    Height: 4ft. and 9in.
    Pokemon: Squirtle Raichu
    Items:4 pokeballs,2 potions
    Appearance:Brown straight hair brown eyes, The yellow shirt, orange jacket and dark blue jeans
    Info:When i started in Kanto I picked squirtle for starter but my personal favorit was Raichu. I find him on the one road. He wasnt okay. I took him to nearby Pokemon Center.And later we become best friends!
    Now:I took plane on Akrew Island from Kanto. I heared there's an new leader on capital city!
    I want to be an champion on Akrew League!
  2. Name: Lucy
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'7
    Pokemon: Braixen, Eevee
    Items: 5 PokeBall, 4 Potion
    Appearance: Black long straight hair, black T-shirt, white shorts, silver sneakers, red shoulder bag, white sunglasses
    Info: She started her journey in her home region Kalos where she recieved her starter- Fennekin, Her ever first caught Pokemon is Eevee which she carry otuside her PokeBall. Her Fennekin evolved when she was battling Korrina.
    Now: I took plane on Akrew Island from Kalos
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  3. Name:Adrian
    Items:4 Great balls, 2 Pokéballs 5 potions
    Appearance:black hair,shaggy,kinda looks like bed head
    Wears black T shirt, Blue jeans and wears a black jacket all the time even in the heat,grey bag
    Info:From the Kalos region,couldn't receive a starter Pokémon and caught a ralts who He named kyu who grew up to become a gardevoir
    One year later caught a riolu who always sits on his shoulder
    Now:took a plane to get to Akrew Island
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  4. "We are almost there!" Lucy shouted when she saw Akrew Island from plane.
    "Vee-vee!" Eevee was jumping in Lucy's leap.
    "I can't wait to land and explore whole island." Lucy smiled
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  5. "Well riolu a brand new island this is gonna be fun I can't wait to meet the people there " riolu is happily asleep in my arms and I smile "of course your asleep now of all times hehe"
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  6. When plane lands, Lucy and her Pokemon went tonearest PokeShop where she bought PokeBalls, Potions and some Berries.
    "Okay, we are ready for our journey." Lucy said to her Pokemon
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  7. plane lands on Akrew island and he prepares his stuff and starts walking with his riolu on his shoulder "well we're running low on poke balls let's get some at the Pokéstop riolu" he smiles as his riolu smiles happily and is humming while riding on his trainers shoulder
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  8. "This Island is so beatiful!" Lucy exclaimed looking at Island's beach and city.
    Her Braixen nodded and let wind messed her fur.
    Eevee was on Lucy's shoulder and enjoying the view.
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  9. After shopping for what he needed He happened to notice a excited looking girl looking at the islands beautiful view and noticed she had a Braine on her shoulder,being his lonely self,he decided to approach the girl
    "Why hello there it's a very good sight isn't it?"he smiled as his riolu said "riolu!" Very happily greeting the new trainer he met.
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  10. "Hmm..you talking to me?" Lucy asked confusedly
    "Xen?" Braixen asked
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  11. He chuckled slightly before responding "yeah I am,it's nice to meet you my names Adrian and this here is my riolu" he said while holding out his hand to shake your hand .
    "Rio!"his riolu said as he bounced slightly on his trainers shoulder happy to meet someone new,
    "So what brings you here to akrew island?" He said as he smiled warmly.
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  12. Lucy took Adrian hand and shook it.
    "I'm Lucy and this is my Braixen and Eevee." Lucy showed on Braixen who was standing beside her and Eevee on her shoulder.
    "I came here to meet new friends, catch new Pokemon and explore." Lucy smiled to Adrian "I like your Riolu."
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  13. He smiled happy to meet someone new "I'm here for pretty much the same reasons and kyu is in her pokeball right now since she doesn't really feel comfortable talking to new trainers,she's my gardevoir by the way"He smiled
    "Riolu!" The riolu said as he had a little blush on from the other trainers complement
    "I also like your braixen and eevee,They both are pretty cool" he said as he looked at the eevee on her shoulder.
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  14. Age:14
    Height: 4ft. and 9in.
    Pokemon: Absol,Umbreon(with red circles around the body),Rowlet
    Items:12 great balls,20 super potions
    Appearance:black hair,white t-shirt,green jacket,black pants,grey sneakers,orange bag
    Now:I came here to be the best trainer!

    Grey was walking in him absol when he saw Lucy and adrian chatting, the Umbreon quited of his pokeball and pulled Adrian pants "umbre? (can you give me berries?)"
  15. He looked down slightly annoyed at being interrupted with his lovely hat but then immediately went back to happiness after seeing the umbreon
    "Hmmm let me guess you want a berry little one? I have one left but I'll buy more later" he said as he digged in his pockets and found a sitrus berry and gave it to the umbreon
    "Where's your trainer little one?"
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  16. "Oh, what a cute Umbreon." Lucy said
    "Vee." Eevee waved to Umbreon
  17. "So ummm anyways would you like to join me to explore akrew island?"he smiled "most of the time on these journeys I go alone but lately I've been lonely so would you?"
  18. "Sure." Lucy smiled "I love to travel in teams."
    "Vee!" Eevee exclaimed happily
  19. He smiled back happy with her enthusiasm
    "Well where would you like to go first?"scratches the back of his head and chuckles slightly "cause I lost my train of thought and am lost now"
  20. "You think I know where to go." Lucy said confusedly
    "Vee." Eevee put her ears down
  21. He looked down slightly embarrassed
    "Well I mean I thought you had a plan on this journey of what to do for the first day hehe sorry" he rubbed the back of his head embarrassed
    "Rio"the small riolu on his trainers shoulder imatated his actions
    "Let's just walk around and look at the sights and see new things mmkay?"
  22. "Why not? It's always fun to explore." Lucy smiled
    Braixen and Eevee smiled too.
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  23. "c´mere umbreon!" he said looking angry running in Lucy and adrian direction "never Escape of the pokeball without my permition!"grey said angry "umbre......."
  24. "This is your Umbreon?" Lucy asked boy who was running toward them.
  25. "yes he is my umbreon" the umbreon pulled the gray pants and grolwed "UMBRE!!!" the umbreon growled angrily "okay okay umbreon don´t need growl!"
  26. "I'm Lucy." Lucy said "This is my Eevee and Braixen." Lucy showed on braixen who was standing beside her.
    Eevee waved from Lucy's shoulder.
    "I like your Umbreon." Lucy said and pet Umbreon.
  27. "thanks and i´m grey" he said pulling one pecha berry of his bag and giving to his umbreon making the circle around the body more red "why in the world your circle stayed more red than normal?" Grey asked to his umbreon "bre" the umbreon awnsered
  28. He appeared to be standing there very confused at what is happening
    He walks up to the new trainer
    "Hey grey,the names Adrian and this is my riolu who's on my shoulder"
    "Rio!"chirped the riolu happily
    It appears the trainers other pokeball is vibrating very violently
    "Oh umm do any of you happen to have tape?"he says as he struggles to contain the Pokémon inside
  29. "well, let me see......" he said looking at his bag but no founding nothing "Sorry man nothing here" he said looking at the trainer pokeball curious
  30. "Well..." Lucy said and looking at her bag. "I don't have any tape. Sorry." Lucy said
  31. The ball is shaking more violently as he struggles to contain it
    "Ummm can you guys like take a step back if she gets out please?"he says scared a bit
  32. (can ya post your form and THEN post in the roleplay?)

    "okay" he said picking the umbreon and giving some step back "Watch out Umbreon I feel something is gonna happen" the Absol jumped in the Grey front and growled "SOL!" "ah come on Absol not that bad"
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  33. "Okay." Lucy said and step back "Come Braixen." Lucy said and Braixen walked to Lucy.
    Eevee covered her eyes with her ears.
    "Xen?" Braixen asked confusedly
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  34. Name: Ethan
    Age: 15
    Pokemon: Buizel, Heracross, Toxicroak
    Items: 5 quick balls, 5 poke balls
    Appearance: Black spiky hair, Denim jacket, Red shirt, Pokeball cap, Black eyes, Belt with pokeballs (kinda looks like Ash Ketchum.)
    Info: Was born in Hoenn he picked Treecko as his starter and came fifth in the Hoenn league and traveled to Akrew island to become stronger.
    Now: Getting off his boat to go explore the island and win the Akrew island league.
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  35. " Guys you ready we're getting near to Akrew island, I can see it Akrew island, Wow!" Ethan was not only excited to get to the but to meet a friend too. He previously traveled through Johto with her and enjoyed it so much, But maybe his new adventure could that one hand down.
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  36. "Oh my g-"the pokeball released a blinding light that can be seen miles around and you all feel a hard breeeze coming from the ball
    "Guys you might wanna hold on to your Pokémon!!"
  37. " Aah! Where's that light coming from?" The light was immensly bright Ethan could still see it from miles away.
  38. The pokeball repeased a Pokémon and the light seemed to have vanished and you see a gardevoir standing there
    "Gardevoir"it says annoyingly to its trainer
    "Hey kyu that's no way of a proper interest now these guys think your dangerous or something,I'm so sorry you guys this is kyu and I kinda didn't want her out for this very reason when she's released it causes a lot of energy to be ex-""riolu!" The riolu said after bored of his trainers long conversation
    Adrian sighs "ok she's very unstable that's all I'm sorry that happened"
  39. Ethan saw Adrian " Hey over there what's going what is that light?"

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