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The Adventures of Nemesis

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Nemesis, May 2, 2006.

  1. Nemesis

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    The Adventurers of Nemesis

    Part I- Nemesis and the Technicolor Steamboat

    A long time ago, a hero lived among normal mortals such as you and me.
    Residing in the mystical land of Pokecharms, he sought out adventure whenever it may be.
    Fame, fortune and treasure he sought,
    Giants, Orcs and Lepredwarfs, he fought,
    But every story has a beginning,
    So we join our hero at a computer, grinning…

    He moved his mouse over the black text,
    And clicked the button, labelled ‘Next',
    He read the screen quickly, almost super sonic,
    Because it was his favourite Web Comic.

    But his laughter was halted as the door was pushed ajar,
    His mouse went to close the comic, but he didn't get far.
    For at the doorway stood his boss,
    Tall and slender, his arms firmly crossed.
    Nemesis let out a faint croak,
    As he saw the shadow of Doctor Oak.

    "What do you think you're doing?" He roared,
    And Nemesis looked at him, rather bored,
    "Working Sir." He said dismayed,
    Hoping that he would still be paid.
    "You'd better be." The Doctor replied,
    "Because lately you've been a thorn in my side."

    It had started a couple of weeks past,
    When Pokecharms had got some news last,
    The Doctor was angry and cut his pay,
    And made poor Nem do things his way.
    Our hero was discouraged and sad,
    Tired of working for a boss who was so bad.
    Low wages he paid, and deadlines he set,
    All to beat Serebii dot net.

    As the Doctor left the room, slamming the door,
    Something special, Nemesis saw.
    For on the screen was a moving icon,
    An image of Arcanine, the Pokemon.
    Nemesis was shocked, looking for signs of Oak,
    And that was then the Arcanine spoke.
    Deep and booming, his voice was loud,
    "Hello Nemesis," The creature bowed.
    "I have a special mission for you."
    "But first, you will need a crew."
    "A crew?" He asked, completely bemused,
    He had never been so confused.
    "For your ship." The Arcanine barked,
    "Along Pokecharms River, it is parked."
    "A ship?" He asked, "What do you mean?"
    "A boat of rainbows, the boat of dreams!"
    " It may get cold, you will need a coat,"
    "For your voyage on the Technicolor Steamboat!"

    For days he thought of the Arcanines tale,
    A colourful steamboat, he said he would sail.
    It was now or never, he hoped he wasn't too late,
    As he dashed out of the Pokecharms gate.
    High above, in the tower,
    Doctor Oak was just out of the shower,
    He looked down to see Nemesis run,
    He had half a mind to reach for his gun,
    But he was intrigued, why would his old friend be leaving?
    He stared for a while, heavily breathing,
    Until he decided on a plan,
    He was going to follow our main man.
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  2. Nemesis

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    Now he had left, Nem had no clue,
    Where was he going to find a crew?
    Along the road he saw a bar,
    It didn't seem to be too far.
    So he decided, he would look here,
    And if he failed, he could get a beer.

    He pushed the door open and almost choked,
    On the cloud of cigarette smoke.
    Not a sailor in sight, and Nem looked dismayed,
    Although he had caught the eye of a certain barmaid.
    "Can I help you sir?" She said, politely.
    "You're…very posh." Nem stuttered, his cheeks glowing brightly.
    She gave him a sideways smile,
    "I've been told that for quite a while."

    For hours on end, they sat and chatted,
    And all of her eyelashes she batted.
    That was until they were interrupted,
    As her boss walked in and erupted.
    "Get back to work!" He roared,
    And the barmaid looked to him and swore,
    Before getting up and walking through the door.

    Once again, Nem was disappointed,
    Sitting in the bar with the insane and disjointed.
    There seemed no point in being here,
    So he sighed and finished his beer.
    He stepped over a drunk, almost tripping,
    Sending someone's beer dripping.
    From then on, it all went blank,
    As to the floor he sank,
    But our Nem had a hunch,
    That his face had received a punch.

    Later on, Nem awoke'd,
    To find himself absolutely soaked.
    He was out in the rain, it was tipping down,
    But then he heard a soothing sound.
    It was so heavenly, he thought someone would bless it,
    He recognised that accent from Essex.
    "Oh, your awake." The girl said, as she stopped singing.
    Nemesis smiled, his mouth and face stinging.
    "They dumped you out here." She gave her head a shake.
    "I didn't give you my name, I'm Rachel Drake."

    The next morning Nem told her his tale,
    Of the boat he was meant to sail.
    And it was to his surprise,
    When she looked in to his eyes.
    "I believe you." she said, before she started wailing,
    "I've always wanted to go sailing!"
    She held up the money that she had been paid,
    "But can we please get a maid?"

    Together they walked, towards the slave market,
    And Rachel kept them fed with food from her basket.
    She was quite fun, but there was one thing Nem would need,
    For her to stop saying "My indeed!"

    As they walked through green fields, they couldn't believe what they saw,
    As what should run past but a green dinosaur!
    "Hello!" It cried in a voice very cheery,
    A voice which Nem would soon find weary.
    "It's not very often I see people around here!"
    "We should be friends forever, far and near."
    His enthusiasm, Nem found quite scary,
    Not to mention, this Yoshi was hairy.
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  3. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    So together, the three of them walked,
    And all the time, Yoshi talked.
    The two found out this Yoshi didn't like that name,
    He wanted to be called Elliot, Nem found this insane.
    After hours of walking, they reached the slave stall,
    There was one girl left, Asian and tall.
    "I think we'll take her." Rachel said with glee,
    And paid the slave master, his name was Lee.

    It turned out that this slave was called Steph,
    She gasped when she saw them and took a breath,
    She ran at Elliot, who ran away.
    "Well that confirms it." Nem said. "That Yoshi IS gay!"

    Now a quartet, the crew was complete,
    So Nem decided it was time to sleep.
    The four went to an inn, with only three rooms left,
    So poor Yoshi had to sleep in with Steph.
    All that night she tried to stroke his blonde hair,
    He was just glad she didn't sleep bare.

    Meanwhile, the Doctor had been searching,
    When he could have spent the time working,
    For this he felt deep resent,
    Because that was how all his time was spent.
    Like when he was working on a Pokedex,
    That hadn't given him any time for sex,
    Or when he created a virtual pet,
    Even though the pipes leaked and the office was wet.
    Now Pokecharms had so much going on,
    Lots of role players trying to have some fun.
    He would go back and check on them,
    Once he had found his old pal Nem.

    That night, Nemesis tossed and turned,
    For the old days he had yearned.
    Years ago Oak would have been here,
    They would always stop work for a beer.
    That was before Oak had his vision,
    And a shiny Hoppip had given him a mission,
    To make the best Pokemon website anyone could see,
    Even better than Serebii.
    As he looked at the rising sun,
    Nemesis remembered when Oak used to be fun.

    But now Nemesis had more on his mind,
    He had a colourful boat to find.
    There was something else, other than the ship,
    Why had he been sent on this trip?
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  4. Doctor Oak

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  5. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    The next day the four started to walk,
    And it was El that Steph decided to stalk.
    A snake went past, with a slither,
    As the group reached the river.
    "That must be it." Elliot spoke,
    As he pointed at a brightly painted boat.
    In the air some small birds soared,
    As the crew climbed on board.
    Steph looked around and cried with glee,
    "There's only enough beds for three!"
    Elliot let out a sigh,
    But outside, there was a spy.

    Doctor Oak watched as the boat pulled away,
    Cursing a little, in dismay.
    "We could follow them you know."
    Came a voice, "We have a boat we could row."
    Oak looked down, and saw a strange white cat,
    Wearing a stranger red and white striped hat.
    Next to this cat stood a girl,
    Wearing green, her hair in curls.
    She smiled and said "Ahoy Matey!"
    "Want to sail with me? My name is Katie."

    Nemesis walked round the boat, it was almost like a house,
    It even had its own driver, a cartoon mouse.
    Nem was slightly worried that the boat might sink,
    But then Steph the maid brought him a drink.
    Up on deck, he pondered what this all might mean,
    As the boat poured out steam.
    A piece of straw, he started to chew,
    As he looked over his motley crew.
    There was Rachel, the ex-barmaid,
    She still had some of the money that she had been paid.
    Elliot, the green dinosaur,
    Even though he had a pathetic roar.
    Then there was Steph, last but not least,
    Making bread with some yeast.

    Oak watched sadly as the steamboat pulled away,
    His own little rowboat started to sway,
    Himself and Katie had started to row,
    Whilst the talking cat sat on the starboard bow.
    The steamboat was faster, to fast to measure,
    And then Katie started to talk of treasure.
    "Legend speaks of this old rascal,"
    "Who hid some treasure in a castle."
    "And I wouldn't mind bettin'"
    "That, that is where the steamboat is headin'"

    Night had fallen, and all was dark,
    There were no fish around, not even a shark,
    Even still the steamboat chugged away,
    Destined to sail night and day.
    But, whilst the team were sleeping,
    A dark figure was a-creeping,
    He knocked gently on Nemesis' door,
    Who opened it and gave a roar,
    "Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!"
    Quoth the Raven, `Nevermore.'
    It seems his words were quite apt,
    Since at his door a Raven sat,
    Half man half bird,
    The figure seemed quite absurd.

    "I know what you want." The Raven let out a caw,
    "And you will not get it, Nevermore."
    Nemesis gave him a piercing look,
    And his tightly clenched fists shook.
    "So my mistress, she has sent me,"
    "To stop you getting her treasure of plenty."
    "Treasure? I do not know what you speak of,"
    "So leave my boat and bugger off."
    "For your excuses," The Raven said, "I do not care,"
    "And you do have really stupid hair."
    Nemesis glared at the figure, filled with emotion,
    And they started to fight in slow motion.

    The pair of them fought, with fancy camera tricks,
    Stolen straight from the Matrix.
    Kicks and punches, Nemesis parried,
    Dodging the staff that the Raven carried.
    The beast clawed at him, leaving a sting,
    Before Nemesis pulled a feather from his wing.
    The fight continued on to the gantry,
    As Steph walked out from the pantry.
    Now on deck, the two foes fought,
    Nem unaware of the treasure he was meant to have sought.
    Dodging high, and dodging low,
    Nem struck back with a fatal blow,
    Sending the Raven flying high,
    He left the ship, towards the sky.

    Suddenly the rowboat started to shake,
    So that Oak and Katie were both awake.
    The bird fell towards the boat, made of wood,
    "Oh no," Oak said, "This can't be good."
    Soon the trio were thrown in to the air,
    Which gave the Cat quite a scare,
    Flying almost like a wren,
    Katie cried, "We're blasting off again!"

    The next day, the sky was bright,
    And Nem had recovered from the fight,
    The crew stood on deck peering,
    Apart from Steph, who at Elliot she was leering,
    On the horizon they could see a tower,
    The mouse said they could be there in an hour.
    Nemesis smiled with glee,
    "Maybe this is my destiny."

    And this my friends is the end of this tale,
    For on to the castle the ship did sail,
    Full of suspense, action and fear,
    The story will continue here…
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  6. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
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    Posh... Barmaid... Riiiiiight... I could find a number of faults with that view, but it's funny, so I won't. :p Nice view on teh Doc there, never really thought of him as Team Rocket material myself. Brilliant way of putting Steph and El together. ;) 10/10!
  7. Nemesis

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    Nemesis and the Golden Orbs

    The small team bid farewell to the mouse,
    And looked up to the castle, taller than a house.
    They looked back at the vanishing boat,
    As they crossed the bridge over the moat,
    Nem looked up to the door, sturdy and tall,
    And gave the handle a hard pull,
    The door then opened with a mighty creak,
    And inside the castle, the four did sneak.

    In the middle of the river, the other trio were swimming,
    The water was cold and the wind was stinging.
    Oak was just glad that he wasn't dead,
    Whilst Katie swam with the cat on her head.
    He couldn't believe Nem was doing this,
    After all he had done, it was taking the piss.
    Seeking treasure worth money in which he could roll,
    By finding the Orbs, made of gold.

    Inside the castle, it was dark and grimy,
    The floor was cold and the walls were slimy.
    Chandeliers hung high on the ceiling,
    And they all wondered with what they were dealing.
    Steph was nervous, holding Yoshi's hand,
    Whilst Rachel fanned herself with a Grand.
    The doors in the room seemed to be locked,
    But Nemesis was not shocked,
    If you were to just let intruders in,
    You may as well throw your treasure in the bin.
    Rachel yelled, "Look over there,"
    As she pointed at some stairs.

    As the stairs, they descended,
    On candlelight, they depended.
    Steph let out a cough as the stairs started to spiral,
    And Nemesis hoped that it wasn't viral.
    The stairs curled, round and round,
    As the four continued to go down.
    At last, they all reached the bottom,
    To see a large door, wooden and rotten.
    They opened it, and what a sight to see, a scientist dressed in PVC.
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  8. Oh my god. This is awsome! MORE!!! MORE!!! ;D
  9. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    The scientist did seem quite mad,
    Standing in a darkened lab.
    She gave our heroes a silent wink,
    As they looked at her dress, black and pink.
    She looked at them, mouths open wide,
    And she spoke, giving a sigh.
    "I'm sorry, have I done something wrong?"
    "I am Professor Baratron."
    "To meet you is a pleasure,"
    "But you shall never get my treasure."
    "I don't know what you mean."
    Nemesis growled, sounding mean.
    "The Golden Orbs," she said, "In this tower."
    "The ones that give you ultimate power."
    "When I saw your boat, I was seething,"
    "So I sent my Raven to stop you thieving,"

    "You made that creature? Are you insane?"
    "That half man half bird, it's inhumane!"
    The whole group then got a scare,
    As another figure appeared, covered in hair.
    He looked scary and very mean,
    And was hairier than the dinosaur that was green.
    "And this here is my toy,"
    "I call him Richard, or The Boy."

    "For years we have tried to get those balls,"
    "But they are protected by the castle walls."
    "And it will piss me off just a little bit,"
    "If you four beat me to it."
    "So I prepared for when you reached the wharf!"
    "And created my servants, behold the Lepredwarf!"

    Baratron and Richard left the room,
    And the team were left with her goon,
    A midget dwarf, if you will,
    Looking at it made Nem quite ill.
    Steph was scared, her hands were shaking,
    And Elliots tail was aching,
    Behind the Lepredwarf, who wore a pointy hat,
    More tiny creatures, in cages sat.
    As if by magic a hundred cages opened,
    And the main door closed behind them,
    After recovering from the fright,
    Nem and Rach prepared to fight.
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  10. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
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    So as to not be a hypocrite [1],
    [size=30pt]this is excellent! We want more!![/size]

    [1] I was really annoyed with Sean from real-life Freezepop for a while because he didn't comment on my SimFreezepop story ;) ;D
  11. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Yeah, I'm with baratron on this one. This story = t3h win
  12. This should be published! I'd pay for literature this good!
    [glow=red,2,300]MORE! NOW![/glow]
  13. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    In the water, Doctor Oak did paddle,
    As the cat sat on Katies head like a saddle.
    Soon enough, they reached the land,
    And walked along the beach, playing in sand.
    Soon enough the moon was in sight,
    And they decided to settle in for the night.
    All night long the cat did snore,
    It sounded like an Explouds roar,
    So the Doctor wandered off,
    And lay on a blanket, very soft.
    He closed his eyes, and started to dream,
    But all was not as it seemed.

    In his mind he could see a field,
    With buildings around, he was thrilled,
    Because they all belonged to him,
    As did everything within.
    The Doctor examined his white coat,
    And in the air a Hoppip did float.
    The Pokemon descended down to him,
    And started to shout, and cause a din.
    "All of this could have been yours,"
    "But instead you go out on a boat with oars."
    "But I needed to find out what Nem is doing."
    "If it breaches contract, I will be suing."
    Deeply, the Hoppip sighed,
    And looked up to the sky.
    "An Arcanine gave him his destiny."
    "And he listened to it, like you should listen to me."
    "You need to go back, back to Pokecharms."
    "You can't be rowing, with those puny arms."
    "Your future is being a business bore,"
    "Not searching after legends and lore."
    "No, that is a job for Nem."
    "You shouldn't be following them."

    The Doctor woke with a start,
    And felt the beating of his heart.
    He looked over to where Katie sat,
    With the feline in the Dr. Suess style hat.
    Maybe Perhaps the Hoppip was right again,
    Maybe he should not persue his friend.
    But then again, on the other hand,
    Katie had said that treasure was grand.
    So, he made a decision,
    Planned with all his precision,
    He would ignore the grass type,
    And class his warnings as pure shite.
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  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Hah. From the first mention of the word "posh" I thought "That must be Rachel" ;)

    Why did this die? After taking so long to read this, don't leave me hanging now! :(
  15. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    After a LONG absence...the continuation of Nemesis and the Golden Orbs

    Together the Lepredwarfs let out a squeak,
    As Steph and El huddled together, looking weak.
    But Rachel was ready, to Nem's surprise,
    Surely a bodyguard she could buy?
    As the foes approached Nemesis sighed,
    And Rachel let out a battle cry.
    Any army of mutants against this pair,
    It really wasn't very fair.

    Cries of pain echoed around the dungeon,
    One Lepredwarf even needed a surgeon,
    After Rachel put a heel through its head,
    Really, it should have been quite dead.
    The battle raged on for a good minute or two,
    And it seemed Elliot knew what to do.
    In his hand he held an egg, it was white with green bits,
    He wouldn't say where it came from, but for a week he could not sit.

    The dino threw it like a bowling ball,
    And one by one the dwarfs did fall.
    As the last one's skull cracked on the floor,
    Nemesis expected some more.
    However it seemed his luck held out,
    And they celebrated, and Rach gave a pout.
    Then our Nem turned to Steph,
    And after taking a deep breath,
    Shouted with all his might,
    "As our slave you are quite shite."
    "All you did was hide with the spiders,"
    "Also, you make crap Cider."

    All of a sudden, the door was open,
    And Baratron appeared, she was mopin'.
    "You killed all of my creations!"
    "So now I am leaving to go to my Space Station."
    "But my foes, never fear,"
    "Baratron will always be near!"
    She threw a bomb, which caused some smoke,
    And the gang could hear the scientist choke,
    The smoke soon cleared, and there she was looking a fool,
    So she left via the door on the opposite wall.

    Nemesis looked to his mis-matched crew,
    Although for now they would do.
    Now they had disposed of the scientific rascal,
    They were free to explore the castle.
    He wondered how this would all unfold,
    Had Arcanine sent him to get the Orbs of Gold?
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  16. Yaaaaay you continued this! ^_^ I read it a couple months ago, and it made me laugh...I guessed all the old people from Pokeschool before their names were said. (Yes, I too got the "posh=Cinders" thing...even though it had been awhile ^_^ )

    You should have an army of n00bs, if that would not be too cruel. Just cuz...it would...be...funny...-_-;;

    Ah...this brought me back to the days when either you or Oak wrote that thing about the Pokeschool mods...and Rachel complained because she, in a Scooby Doo parody, was Velma...cuz Velma was orange (because of the Cinders/fire part of her name), and she considered herself more of a red...aaaahhh...those were the days...*gets all nostalgic*

    Anyways! Please continue! ^_^

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