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Open The Adventure through Alola

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Rebel8178J, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. Welcome to the roleplay remember to follow Pokecharms Roleplay rules when doing any roleplay that way the roleplay can stay up and everyone is happy.To get started fill out your character sheet.
    Name:Trainer name
    Gender:Male or Female
    Personality: your character traits
    Appearance: how your character will look
    Goal:your characters goal
    Pokemon:your pokemon you have(you dont have to start with one since your character will obtain one,also if you do start with a pokemon you may have a back story on how you met the pokemon.PS no lengendarys they are supposed to be well legendary, or full evolved pokemon only basic pokemon to start, also no shinys unless you can give a valid reason why and if you do a shiny only have one)
    Home Region-The region your character was born at
    And thats all you need to do then enter the world of Pokemon RolePlay and if your wondering yes Romance is allowed just dont go as its called in pokemon "Breeding"

    (My Character Bio)
    Personality:friendly and likes to make friends with both trainers and pokemon
    Appearance: Green eyes,dark brown hair,white skin,wears jeans,gray and green sneakers and green shirt with a gray hoodie
    Goal:to be a very good pokemon trainer
    Pokemon:doesn't have one yet
    Home Region:Unova

    It was an awesome day in Alola after Mike had moved from the Unova Region he felt like it would stink in Alola but he loved it.Today Mike was getting his first Pokemon he saw many before but he thought it would be awesome to own one.As he walked to Prof.KuKui's lab to get his first pokemon.Mike wondered if anyone would join him on his journey.
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  2. Name: Travis
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Easy going and loves to battle.
    Appearance: Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Olive Skin, White Shorts, Red Sneakers, Black and Blue Hoodie, Red Pokeball T-Shirt and Black Cap.
    Goal: To explore other regions and meet new people.
    Pokemon: Galvantula ( Met as a Joltik in the Chargestone Cave )
    Home Region: Mistralton City, Unova.


    Travis stretched his arms out as he got off the plane at Hau'oli Airport. His 12 hour flight from Mistralton City had left him tired but had not dampened his mood. He had heard stories about the fascinating Alola region and since he had completed his travels in other regions, decided to start a journey here. He had left his Pokemon back with his father in Unova apart from his Galvantula, who was his trusty companion and who had accompanied him on his travels through other regions. He entered the airport itself and a woman approached him,
    "Hello there, are you here on invitation from Professor Kukui?"
    "Yes, my name is Travis,"
    "Welcome to Alola, please have your letter ready to present at the lab to receive a Pokemon of your own,"
    "I will, thank you so much."
    Travis left the airport where a minibus was parked outside. There were several people his age entering the bus. (They must be starting out aswell) he thought to himself. He walked towards the minibus, anticipating the adventure to come.
  3. Name: Eryn
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Brown eyes, somewhat curly, light brown hair, light skin, her hair reaches the top her shoulders, she wears a white t-shirt with a black hoodie and dark blue shorts
    Goal:Traveling and meeting many people and pokemon as possible
    Pokemon: Cyndaquil (she got him already from the professor in Johto)
    Home Region: Cherrygrove city
    (Btw my spelling and grammar is not the best so if I make any mistakes i´m sorry and i´m not the best at rps but i try my best)

    Eryn steps out of the alolan airport. She looks around and sees so many people some of them maybe in her age an of them have their Pokemon beside them. She also sees many different Pokemon. A lot of them seems to be wild. she takes her invitation letter out of her pocket and reads i through ones again. It says there should be a minibus nearby that will take them to the She sees the minibus up a head so she walks towards it. Eryn sees that there´s a lot of other people around her age. She sees a buy with blond hair and walks up to him.
    "Hi! I´m Eryn and i´m starting my Pokemon journey here at Alola. Are you starting as well?" she asked smiling .
  4. (Sorry I forgot the personality! Personality: Competitive ,likes to explore and help other people. Again i´m really sorry!:'|)
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  5. "Hi Eryn, my names Travis and this is my partner Galvantula. We traveled here from Unova and yeah were gonna start our Alolan Journey."

    Travis looks down at the Pokemon next to Eryn, "Isn't that a Cyndaquil?"
  6. "Wow cool! Yea that´s my Cyndaquil. I got him from the professor in Johto" She says and pets her Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil walks closer to Galvantula and waves. "Cyndaquil!" He says happily.
  7. "Van!Galvan!" Galvantula nudges Cyndaquil with its head and looks up to Travis. "Go on then, you can play with Cyndaquil until we're ready to leave. The two run off to play on the grass. "So which Pokemon are you hoping to get from the professor today?"
  8. "Hm... I´m not sure yet... maby Rowlet, no, Litten! no, Popplio! ugh i can´t choose. how about you? do you know what pokemo you want?" Eryn asks while she looking at her Cyndaquil and Travis´s Galvantula play on the grass. It seems that they are playing tag and Cyndaquil is running away from Galvantula and other way around.
  9. "I already know I want a Litten. I was battling in a tournament back in Unova and my Conkeldurr was sent flying by an Incinerorar. The size and power it has, I knew then thats the Pokemon I wanted to choose." Travis turned to hear an announcer speak out.
    "The bus leaving to Iki Town will be departing in 5 minutes. Can all trainers please make their way to the bus."
    Travis called over to Galvantula then turned to Eryn, "Shall we?"
  10. "Yea! I´m so exited! I just cant wait to get started!" She says exited. she then turns to Cyndaquil and picks him up and steps inside the minibus.
    She sits down by the window to get a good view when they are on the way to the Professors lab.
  11. The scenery in Alola was unlike anything Travis had seen before. Lush, abundant groves and forests with white shores and glistening oceans. Pokemon were visible all around as well, species unknown to him. The minibus to Iki Town drove for 10 short minutes before arriving. The town was small, with thatch roofed buildings and a center stage, presumably where Pokemon battles take place. Travis stepped off the bus with Eryn and called out Galvantula from its Pokeball. It stretched out before scuttling to hang from a nearby palm tree. The other trainers were filing off the bus and each of them seemed to share the excitement and anticipation building inside Travis. The bus then drove off, revealing a tall man with glasses and a white lab coat stood with a large man with white hair and an open yellow shirt.
  12. Eryn puts her Cyndaquil down on the ground. The bus trip was short but Eryn saw so much new things. There´s so much to explore in Alola
    Eryn and Cyndaquil look around the place curiously. When Eryn turn around she sees the bus leave and behind there´s a man standing behind.
    "Do you think that´s the professor?" She asks Travis curiously.
  13. "I think we're about to find out" Travis replies as the tall tanned man in the lab coat introduced himself.

    "Greetings Cousins, Welcome to Alola! The names Kukui and this here is Hala, Kahuna of Melemele Island. You're all here for one reason. You want a Pokemon. Well I can help you with that. But I want something in return - a completed Pokedex. Whats a Pokedex you ask? Its this device that records the data of Pokemon you capture. Not only that, but there's a special Pokemon called Rotom which lives inside your Pokedex. It will give you tips along your journey and also acts a map. I want you to fill it up with all kinds of Pokemon that learn all kinds of awesome moves. Think you can do it? Anyway, the starters are over here. Come up and pick the one that you want along with your Pokedex."
  14. "Oh no! i still don´t know what starter i want. Do I want the Rowlet? Litten? Popplio?"Eryn thinks quietly to her self. Cyndaquil looks up at up at his trainer happy.
    "Well i have Cyndaquil already so maybe i wont pick Litten. So its between Popplio and Rowlet."She thinks while smiling a small bit to Cyndaquil. He seems to be happy to know he´ll soon get a new friend and a team mate.
    "So Travis. Still going with Litten?" Eryn asks Travis
  15. "For sure. As I said I've had Litten on my mind since I landed in Alola. Come on I can't wait any longer!"

    Travis and Galvantula walk over to the Professor with Eryn and Cyndaquil. "Hi Professor, my name is Travis and this is my partner Galvantula. Could I please have Litten as my starter Pokemon?"

    "Of course, here take Littens Pokeball and your very own RotomDex. Have fun on your adventure!" Travis then steps to the side revealing Eryn with her Cyndaquil. The Professor turns to greet her "And what can I get for you lil' cousin?"
  16. Eryn thinks about it for a little while and then she knew what pokemon she wanted"
    " I think popplio would be great" she says when she finally decided. Cyndaquil was very curious about Popplio. What does Popplio look like? What type is it. Is it Friendly? Do they like to play?Those were the things Cyndaquil was wondering about.
  17. Travis and Galvantula walked out of Iki Town with Litten sat on Galvantula's back. ''Ok, first destination is The Verdant Cavern and the Normal Trial." Travis turned to Eryn before he left. "Want to tag along?"
  18. As Mike was walking to the professors place he wondered if Litten or Rowlet would be his partner he guessed Rowlet since he loved ghost types just never really thought much of the others but he still had this one question would he be going alone?As Mike walked in he asked for a Rowlet and luckily there was one still actually he came early so he kinda startled the professor then Mike walked out and headed towards the normal trial hoping it goes good.
  19. "Well if it's ok for you I'll come" Eryn says walking right behind Travis.
    "Quil! Cyndaquil" Cyndaquil asks his trainer.
    "Huh? Do you want to see our new friend?" She says and the Pokeball opens and there was Popplio.
    "Hey Popplio. I'm Eryn and this is Cyndaquil. I'm your new trainer" she says smiling to Popplio. The seal pokemon seemed to be cofused for a second looked around and saw Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil walks closer and waves to his new friend.
    "Popplio?" Asked Popplio Cyndaquil.
    " Quil quil Cyndaquil" said Cyndaquil back, giving a big smile to Popplio. Eryn Smiled at her pokemon knowing that they´ll get along.
    "So... Before we head out would you like a battle?" Eryn says with a with a little smirk on her face.
  20. Sorry if I'm a bit late

    Name: Julie
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: long light blond hair, pale green eyes, wearing a pale pink solid lace sleeveless knee length A line dress, with pale pink wedge sandal, white floppy sun hat on her head
    Personality: calm, very kind, doesn't get angry alot
    Goal: to find perfect Pokemon to beat her mother with
    Pokemon: Absol
    Home Region: Sinnoh
    Julie walked out of the plane and smiled "ah I'm finally going to beat mom in a contest once I get unique Pokemon from here" Julie thought to herself as she walked up to a long black private Limo that was waiting for her, once she got in the Limo drove her to Iki town so she could talk to the professor, once she got her Pokedex from the professor the girl walked in the direction of Verdant Cavern but on her way there Julie spotted two other trainers about her age and decided to walk up to them
  21. Cyndaquil and Popplio were talking to each other as Cyndaquil noticed there was another trainer walking towards them. Cyndaquil turned to his trainer and poked Eryns leg. Eryn looked down at her pokemon.
    "What is it Cyndaquil?"
    "Cynda cyndaquil" He said pointing at the direction of the trainer walking towards them. Eryn looked and saw the other trainer. She turns back to Travis
    "I guess we are going to have our battle later then"
  22. Julie walked up to the trainers and smiled, "is there a chance any of you know the way to Verdant Cavern?" the girl asked, but as she was asking the other trainers her Absol popped out of her Pokéball before looking down at the tiny Cyndaquil with its red menacing eyes
  23. "Well im not really sure howbto get to Verdant Cavern but i think Travis know where it is since were going to go there" Eryn says as she sees the girls Absol pop out of its pokeball
    "You have an Absol ?! Thats so cool!" Eryn says excited. Cyndaquil on the other hand looks at Absol already a bit intimidated but when the Absol looks back Cyndaquil gets scared and goes behind his trainer.
    "Its ok Cyndaquil" Eryn says picking up her pokemon calming him down by petting Cyndaquil.
    "By the way i'm Eryn and this is Cyndaquil and Popplio" She says whit a smile
  24. "Nice to meet you Eryn I'm Julie and your Cyndaquil doesn't have to be afraid sense Absol may seem scary but she's very friendly" Juliet stated as her Absol looked at the Cyndaquil with more gentle eyes
  25. Cherry flew Tio across the island , until Tio saw some trainers. He glared at them and Cherry flew him down. He jumped off elegantly "Hello." He Stared at them curiously. He thought to himself ( Maybe this is where I can catch a pokemon) he shrugged his shoulders.
  26. Cyndaquil looked much less intimidated than before and wanted to go down. Eryn puts her Cyndaquil back down on the ground as she notices another trainer with a Charizard
    "Hello there!" She says happily.
  27. "My names Tio !" Exclaimed Tio as he gently petted cherry his Charizard
    "I am from Pallet town in Kanto! " He continued. Cherry smiled at cyndaquil
    because they were fire types.
  28. Nice to meet you Tio. I'm Eryn and this is my friend Cyndaquil" said Eryn. Cyndaquil smiled back to Tios Charizard and blew some flames out of his back
  29. Meanwhile, a Riolu was nabbing on Tio foot . "Hey little guy." Said Tio " I will call you Rio." He continued. Suddenly, Rio touched Tio Great ball and got caught wow.... "Come on out Rio." Said Tio "Wanna have a 2 vs 2 battle?"
  30. OOC: just to get it clear if Eryn accepts the challenge would it be Tios Charizard and the newly coughed Riolu vs. Eryns Cyndaquil and Popplio?
  31. OOC: well Tio has a fully evolved Charizard and that I assume it has pretty much battle experience and because Eryn does have first stage pokemon it would pretty much have a result of Tio winning the battle even if the newly coughed Riolu doesn't have that much battle experience. I'm perfectly fine if Tio wins the first battle
  32. Yeah, I'm Late =_=

    Name: Ka'eo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Personality: Funny and Nice
    Appearance: Blonde Hair, Red Charmander Shirt, Jeans, Spiritomb Sneakers
    Goal: Make Friends and Become the World Champion
    Hometown: Celadon City, Kanto
    Pokemon: (Kanto) Charizard Lv.75, Nidoking Lv.73, Magnezone Lv.74, Sandslash Lv.75, Blastoise Lv.75, Ivysaur Lv.87
    (Alola) None yet '-'
    Ka'eo was happy to enjoy the warm skies of Alola. After the intense adventures of Kanto, Ka'eo was excited to start anew. Kai packed his bag to set off. His mom wasn't sad about him leaving because his Charizard's pokeball was in his backpack, knowing fly, enabling Ka'eo to always visit his mom. Ka'eo set off on his brand new adventure!

    btw Ka'eo has some lore. Here is the regions he visits in order:
    Kanto: 11 years old
    Alola: 12 years old
    Sinnoh: 13 years old
    Unova: 14 years old
    Hoenn: 15 years old
    Johto: 16 years old
    Kalos: 17 years old
    (World Champion Holder 18 years old - 43 years old, beaten by his son. Ka'eo's team | M. Charizard Y Lv.100 | Greninja Lv.100 | Sceptile Lv.100 | Lucario Lv.100 | Exploud Lv.100 | Magnezone Lv.100

    What island are we on?? Just wanna catch up with you guys

    Ka'eo took the 30 second walk that is going to Professor Kukui's lab. Kukui was very happy to see Ka'eo.
    "Hey! Ka'eo! It's an honor meeting the Man to champion!" Kukui said excitedly.
    "Thank you, but still treat me like a kid. It can get a little annoying when everyone is treating you like a rockstar. I just wanna be treated like a normal kid that had a dream, you know?" Ka'eo said.
    "I know what you mean," said Kukui, "But we should get on with it. Choose your starter."
    "Rowlet all the way, and it goes great with this Squirtle that I brought from Kanto!" Ka'eo replied excitedly.
    "Rowlet it is. Your attitude is great, kid. Have the same through the region, and you can call yourself a two-time champion!" Kukui said finally.
    "Goodbye!" Ka'eo waved to Kukui as he went on with his journey!

    Ka'eo's current team:
    Rowlet Lv.5 MALE
    Squirtle Lv.5 MALE

    By the time Ka'eo left Kukui's lab, it was sunset. He saw the big Ten-Carat Hill with a Trumbeak family flying around the opening. Suddenly he heard a yelp and a whine of a dog. Ka'eo say a thug-like kid kicking a Rockruff! Kukui ran outside. He looked angry as soon as he saw the kid
    "That kid is hurting a Pokemon!" cried Kukui. "This is unacceptable!"
    They ran after the kid who left the Rockruff, hurt and whining.
    "Hey!" Ka'eo yelled, "What are you doing to r Rockruff?!"
    "Oh no," the kid sighed, "Two random guys I don't know. What are you gonna do, lecture me about the 'importance of Pokemon'?"
    "Actually," Kukui said, "We have a better idea. Go Pikipek!"
    "Ok, a my first fight in Alola. Go, both of you! Rowlet and Squirtle!" Ka'eo said happily.
    "Just what I needed," said the kid, "Go Torracat!"
    And so they fought. After a while, Ka'eo and Kukui's team were tired, and Pikipek fainted. Torracat was barely touched.
    "Alright, Rockruff, let's Go!" Kukui said.
    "Professor, it isn't looking good out here. I think we need an ultimate attack!" Ka'eo said.
    "You're right," said Kukui, "Let's do it."

    Ultimate Attack Plan:
    Squirtle uses Water Gun. Rockruff uses Rock Blast into the Water Gun to launch at Torracat. And for extra damage, Rowlet will use Leafage around the Water Gun.

    They do the ultimate attack. The Torracat faints immediately, and the kid runs away.
    "Excellent job, Ka'eo!" Kukui said.
    "Thanks!" Ka'eo replied.
    "Wait!" said Kukui, "We need to take the Rockruff to a Pokemon Center!"
    The next morning, Rockruff is healed. They decide that Ka'eo will train Rockruff. Ka'eo has made an excellent start on his journey, his next goal to earn Normalium Z.

    Ka'eos Current Team:
    Rowlet Lv.11 MALE
    Squirtle Lv.11 MALE
    Rockruff. Lv.10 FEMALE

    After receiving Rockruff, Ka'eo set off for Hau'oli City. He saw a man with pink hair talking to Nurse Joy. He went over to talk to him.
    "Hello, sir. Do you happen to be Captain Ilima?" Ka'eo said.
    "Well, yes I am. Are you requesting a battle?" Ilima asked.
    "Yup! Is it ok if we do it now?" Ka'eo asked.
    "Sure!" replied Ilima.
    sry this was a short part i am busy
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  33. BIC: Eryn looked at her Cyndaquil. He gave a determined nod back to his trainer.
    "Sure why not" Eryn said while looking at her Popplio. Eryn didn't know how much battle experience Popplio had if any, but Popplio looked exited to have her first battle with her new trainer.
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  34. Travis let out Litten and Galvantula to watch the match. Galvantula was buzzing with anticipation but Litten curled up and began to sleep on Galvantula's fuzzy back. The sun ahead shone directly on the trainers as they readied their Pokemon for their first battle in Alola.
  35. When Eryn and Tio found a good place to battle, Cyndaquil and Popplio get to their places.
    "what moves does Popplio know? Hopefully she knows some water type moves" Eryn thinks to her self. Cyndaquil on the other hand has had few battles before but a double battle was completely knew to him and somewhat to Eryn as well, tho she has seen her relatives and cousins do double battles before.
    "Ok Popplio and Cyndaquil are you guys ready?" Eryn asks her pokemon
  36. Hey I'm joining and I see I'm late. Hey as they say better late than never.
    Name: Chris solarton
    Gender: male
    Personality: kind,brave,caring,over confident,litte quick tempered,and naive.
    Appearance: black hair, blue eyes, red scarf, white t-shirt, blue jacket, jeans, white socks, black shoes, and has white skin.
    Pokemon #1: gavla (galvantula) female lvl 40
    Pokemon #2: goloso (golosopod) male lvl 40
    Backstory: Chris got galva and goloso as a joltik and wimpod from ex champion Red after Red finished his journey from unova and alola.
    Goal: to become a great Pokemon trainer and make friends.
    Hometown: pallet town kanto.

    Chris finally got out of the boat to melemele island. When he got out of the port he let galva and goloso out to follow him. They decided to watch a battle between a trainer with a charizard and a poplio. Chris thought the charizard was going to win since it was fully evolved.
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  37. "Ok! Cyndaquil use ember on Riolu and Popplio try to use water gun at Charizard!" Said Eryn to her pokemon since it was her first time battling some who wasn't a relative to her, she was a bit nervous, but exited at the same time
    Popplio and Cyndaquil charged their attacks at Tios Pokemon.
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    Unauthorized mega evolution, present tense posts, multiple posts in a row, one liners... Did none of you read the RP forum rules?

    Thread locked. Everyone involved: read the RP forum rules (and the global rules, if you haven't already) prior to posting anything else. Failure to do this will result in action taken against your accounts.

    Also, MegaFlameZard - or should i say CharizardBoy: Sockpuppetting is stupid. Sockpuppeting and using my art as your avatar is downright idiotic.
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