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Open The Adventure for Captain Goldie’s Treasure (Discussion/ATJ Thread)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Imperfect World, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Hi, ladies and gentleman! I would like to get back into Roleplaying, and want to start with Pokémon! I won’t create the RP thread until I am sure people want to join! If it’s your first time here, please post a character profile consisting of Name, Age, Gender, Appearance, Personality, and Current Pokémon (You may add other information if you so choose). After I’ve accepted the character, you may help me com up with a name for the Roleplay, a storyline, or any other important details. This is my character profile:

    Name: Ashley (Ash)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Ash is a light skinned character with extremely short hair, it’s buzz cut on all sides by the top, and her buzz cut sides are dyed black. The tuft of hair on her head, however, is dyed white, with a red streak through it. She has dark brown eyes and a small nose, along with a small mouth. She is around 5’8, and has a longer waist than legs. She has a regularly sized chest. She wears a red, long sleeved shirt with a black half Pokeball design in the corner. The sleeves of the shirt roll up very high and stop right above her elbows. The collar of the shirt is like that of a turtleneck, and makes it impossible to see her neck. She wears black fingerless gloves, of which travel to her elbows, looking as if they connect with the red shirt. Her pants consist of black yoga pants that are tight around the thighs and loose around the calves. The yoga pants are a bit too long, and cover up most of her shoes, but provide the vision of a tad bit of red shoe.

    Personality: Ash’s personality is not too different from what you would imagine due to her looks. She’s a bit shy, and quite a loner, preferring to talk to herself rather than those around her. She swears way too much, and when people question her about it, her main excuse is “Curse words are words some idiot made up and told you not to say.” She holds up the middle finger to anyone who angers her, and likes to smoke cigarettes. However, around children, she is very different. In order to protect the innocence of a child, she tries to cover up swear words and refrain from smoking or raising her middle finger. She can get quite aggressive at times, but once she trusts you, she’ll do anything in her power to protect you, and will be much nicer and kinder to you. She will not speak unless spoken to

    Current Pokémon: Naughty Charmander

    Strengths: Very quick runner, brave in dangerous situations, willing to take a hit.

    Weaknesses: Not very smart, stubborn, high temper.

    Other: Ash is extremely ticklish, and hates this about her. She hates feeling weak, and if she messes up, she constantly holds it against herself. If someone gets hurt, she will blame herself for not doing anything.


    Once your profile has been accepted by me, you can officially reply to this link. However, please do not reply to it if I have not accepted your profile. All character profiles must be posted in the Discussion/ATJ thread, my profile page, or in a conversation in order to be accepted.
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  2. Name: Phoenix Kael

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: His daily appearance is made up by a black blazer with a red collar, black skinny jeans, black shoes and a pair of crimson red glasses. He is 6 feet and 1/2 inches tall and very skinny, weighing 169 pounds. His hair is a dark red, just like a phoenix, which is combed and very well taken care of. He has deep blue eyes, just like the ocean itself. His cheeks are a light pink colour and are at almost every moment of the day. They are also splattered with faint brown freckles. He always stands with his back straight and with his chin up.

    Personality: Phoenix is a very quiet person, with many secrets. Has a mysterious vibe to him that may or may not make other people feel uneasy around him.He rarely speaks nice to others that are not in his small friend group (due to him having high standards) or part of his family. His face usually shows an annoyed or disgusted look, but it can rarely show a smile. He hates jokes and puns, usually insulting the person about their IQ (if he even bothers to speak with them). He is professional and will not be biased if it comes to a situation of choosing you against someone else, instead he will do an informed choice and choose the one that will help him the most (that rule will automatically be ignored if he has a strong bond with one of the parties or if there is a bad person in the respective situation...messy, I know). He likes to be formal at all times and will talk like that. If you get too close to him, he'll gently push you away.

    Current Pokemon: Shiny Talonflame, Umbreon, Ekans

    Strengths: Doesn't take hate words or insults seriously and will just ignore them, physically strong, isn't easily scared

    Weaknesses: Might rush into dangers, won't take advice from people he considers "dumb", very suspicious of everything

    Other: He is part of a rich family from Kalos, which just moved to Kanto. He hates bright colours, but his mum demanded that he will get a colourful Pokemon, since he mostly just likes creepy and dark Pokemon. So, he caught a Scatterbug which has already evolved into a Vivillion, Meadow Pattern. He keeps it at home, so she will be safe. When he comes home and greets her, he shows his rarely seen before "soft side".

    (May have gone a little to overboard with the "Other" section. :'|:D)
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  3. No, no, it’s quite alright! Good to know other information. You’re profile is accepted. Would you happen to have any ideas? (Ex. Roleplay Title, Storyline, How our characters cross paths, etc.)
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  4. Hmmm... Earlier this day I thought about something and I think it may be good for the storyline.
    Like, we would get tricked into entering a room by, I don't what villain and he would trap us like in a puzzle room, or something like that.
    Something like the jiggsaw games.
    But.. That's a little dumb and weird. I mean, if you want.
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  5. That’s quite interesting...I like that idea, and I like the idea of using it in the Role-play! Of course it wouldn’t be able to sustain a full role-play but it could definitely be a situation the group gets stuck in. The villain that got the group in the situation could be a villain that has been against them for a while! Any idea who the villain could potentially be?
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  6. Seems cool! I'm interested.

    Name: Kale Lanthorn

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Kale has scruffy, light brown hair and green eyes. He has a little above average musculature, and stands at 5'5.5". Kale has multiple scars on his chest and back from being attacked by a group of Beedrill, which is mostly covered by his shirt. Kale wears a blue t-shirt with a Blastoise on it, and jeans. He also wears tennis shoes.

    Personality: Kale is the type of person that is always willing to give anyone in need a hand. He enjoys traveling and going to new places, even at the risk of encountering bug Pokemon. Oh yeah, he has a phobia of bug Pokemon. But he tries not to dwell on that, since his desire to see new places outrank that. He also enjoys being a Pokemon trainer, and battling Pokemon. He's in the middle of doing the gym challenges. However, his parents would prefer him to stay in the dojo and focus on honing his fighting.

    Current Pokemon: Shine the Emolga, Nina the Nidoran Female, Slate the Onix

    Strengths: Martial Arts, Extroverted, Loyal

    Weaknesses: Terrified of bug Pokemon, easily tricked.
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  7. Awesome! You're profile has been accepted. Any ideas for a name, storyline, events, villain, etc.?
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  8. hmm... well, Team Rocket is always a go-to villain group since we are in Kanto. But they might be a bit overused. Maybe for a plot, Pokemon have been mysteriously disappearing?
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  9. That could work.
    But it seems a little generic...
    Maybe we could combine your idea with my idea.
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  10. Oh! I got an idea! Our characters could stumble across a treasure map!
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  11. That could work.
    But my character is rich. So, in case this will be the plot, I better find a reason for him to tag along...
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  12. I like those ideas. Maybe they find this treasure map and it promises to lead to something rare, like a Pokemon Fossil, or an ancient instrument, but what it REALLY does is trap them in the room, having them later figure out that it was the villain.

    Maybe we could create a special grunt from Team Rocket for the villain, similar to the roles Jessie and James play in the anime?

    The map could start them off on their journey, everyone stumbling upon it, fighting over it, promising to work together and traveling across the region with it, the map getting them into multiple strange fixes? It could help our characters explore the region and have a main storyline!
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  13. That sounds awesome! I'm down for it.
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  14. But Team Rocket is a bit overused... Maybe our villain could be this guy that's obsessed with finding the treasure as well, and has a sort of mercenary force backing him up or something?

    Maybe the treasure is pirate treasure! Pirates are cool...
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  15. What should the name of the Roleplay be? Something to do with a map, maybe?
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  16. Ooh, yes! I like the idea with the villain. Maybe the person could be someone who we met and thought was our friend, but turned out to be the person trying to get us?
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  17. Yeah! I'm thinking kinda similar to Roarke from the Atlantis Disney movie.

    For a title, maybe something like "The Adventure for Captain Toxica's Treasure" or something. Just the first pirate name that came to my head XD
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  18. This could really work!
    Wow, you guys have a lot of good ideas!
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  19. Name: Torrey

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Torrey rocks a white long sleeves shirt under a worn out, navy blue short sleeved jacket with a hood. He wears black cargo pants that are also worn out. His is a short, jet black, and often quite messy. He skin is light and his eyes are a milky brown. He carries an red, single strap backpack.

    Personality: Torrey is very paranoid when it comes to people. He had often been taken advantage of most of his life, sometimes resulting in near death. Torrey keeps to himself, only trusting his Dewpider. Torrey often does his best to avoid human interaction altogether unless he falls into a situation where it's necessary. Though he may give off a cold first impression, Torrey is kindhearted to anyone he might consider worth any trouble.

    Current Pokémon: Dewpider

    Strengths: Hiding and avoiding trouble, irregular persistence, and immediately being able to connect with Pokemon are Torrey's greatst strengths

    Weaknesses: Torrey isn't well nourished so any extensive physical activity will quickly exhaust him. Any form of negotiation, leadership, or morality is lost upon him as well.

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  20. Your profile has been accepted.

    I like the title...but I was wondering if there may be something other than a pirate, or maybe a slightly more casual name for the pirate?
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  21. If you want a more casual name for a pirate.... Goldie.
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  22. I like that name.

    “The Adventure For Captain Goldie’s Treasure”

    Like it, or no?
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  23. It's nice, it's got a dog ring to it.
    I specifically said Goldie because I think there would be a lot of gold. XD
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  25. Alright, I’ll set up a roleplay thread and change the discussion thread title!
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  26. It’s ready!! Click here.
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  27. Question! Is this Kanto in FireRed/LeafGreen, where Cinnabar Island is fine? Or Gold/Silver where Cinnabar Island has been erupted?
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  28. FireRed/LeafGreen, where Cinnabar Island is fine.
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  29. Sorry I haven't posted. I didn't get any of your notifications.
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  30. Name: Robert

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Robert has dark brown eyes, black hair he has stand up a bit, and light-tanned skin. His height is 5'6. He wears a dark green long-sleeved shirt, grey scarf, blue jeans, and black running shoes. He also has a black backpack.

    Personality: Robert is bit shy at first since he hasn't been anywhere outside of the Sevii Islands before. But once he has adjusted to the big region, he can be kind, caring, and supportive. Always up for any type of adventure since he is still in the early stages of his journey. He also cares about Pokémon very much.

    Current Pokémon: Misdreavus

    Strengths: Loyal towards his friends and is willing to take a hit for his Pokémon if necessary.

    Weaknesses: Being intimidated by the entire region at first. (Yeah... can't think of anything for strengths and weaknesses. Sorry.)

    Other: Robert is from Five Island, from the Sevii Islands. When he got lost in the Lost Cave one day, Misdreavus found him and helped him find a way out. After that the ghost-type followed him home and became his first Pokémon. Robert also has an older sister he looks up to.
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  31. Your profile has been accepted.
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  32. @Captain Cardboard , have you received notifications? I cannot continue without your reply.
  33. On another thread he said that he won't be able to reply for about two weeks.
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  34. Oh, I see. We may just have to put it on hold until he gets back. My mistake.
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  35. So @Captain Cardboard , will you return now that your break is over?
    I really want this RP to continue...
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