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Open The Adventure Begins

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Solar 80162, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Please introduce characters like this:

    Name: Rosalina "Rosie" Valentin
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2"
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Long, curly, dirty blonde
    Monotype trainer (which type?): No.
    Pokémon owned at start: Eevee

    Rosalina or Rosie for short, grew up around Pokémon, though only recently started her journey. Her parents worked for Silph Co. and travel a lot, so she never stuck around one place too long. It seemed to be the same routine as always when she moved to yet another new town, in yet another new region. While wandering the woods one day by herself- which wasn't a good idea without a Pokémon to call her own- Rosie stumbled across a tiny, young Eevee stuck in a trap. Once Rosalina managed to free the creature, it happily stuck by her side, and the two trained hard to fight and win battles.

    But it seemed she overlooked something important. Rosalina always got along with Pokémon easily, but couldnt relate or communicate as to people in the same way, making her often come off as awkward or cold. When the young teen made her way into town, she merely tried to keep her head down, and walk past others while her Eevee padded along cheerfully at her side. Rosalina had to just hope that no one would try to encounter her.
  2. Name: Jason Elliot Tyler Thompson "Jett for short"

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'11"

    Eyes: Hazel

    Hair: Wavy, black hair

    Monotype trainer (which type?): No.

    Pokémon owned at start: Ralts

    Jett was getting out of house to go sit outside like usual with his Ralts. "It's always the same out here huh buddy?" Jett asked his Ralts as he nodded. "I wish something interesting would happen." He said as he saw a girl around his age walking with an Eevee and he decided to go say hi. "Um hi, I'm Jett, I believe you're new here, we hvent seen you around." Jett said as he stuck his hand out and his Ralts climbed down to greet the Eevee.
  3. The only thought that ran through Rosie's head was how 'fantastic' this was that someone was trying to interact with her. And of course, that was meant to be taken in the most sarcastic way possible. At least her Eevee seemed happy while interacting with the Ralts. Well, so would Rosalina herself. She never got along with people... Pokémon seemed to be more a part of her element. "Rosalina." She responded with her name, not seeming too interested in continuing a conversation, but her coldness and disinterest was only how she disguised nerves. "Yeah, I'm new. What's it to you?" She huffed, hand running through her long gold curls, icy blue eyes locked onto him as she awaited a response.
  4. "Well it's to me to greet you." Jett replied. "Also don't try to get at me with that kind of tone, becuase were basically the same." Jett said. "You use that coldness to hide your feelings, and I use my attitude to hide my secrets. Anyways what brings you here, Rosalina?" Jett asked.
  5. The teenager raised an eyebrow inquisitively. "Well, I must say I'm slightly impressed. I can't say I've ever met someone able to read me so quickly."
    She hummed and shrugged, glancing down at her Eevee who was pawing at her leg, and with a soft sigh she allowed her pet to climb up to her shoulder. Despite her words, she still never showed any sign of letting up on her harsh attitude. That only occurred once she started trusting people. "My parents travel for work." She finally answered.
  6. "Oh, so I assume you're usually moving on a regular basis." Jett said as he looked at the Eevee on the girls shoulder. "How'd you and your Eevee meet? I'm just curious." Jett asked
  7. Name: Marcus "Jax" Thorne
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'5"
    Eyes: Left eye is an emerald green, while his right is a sapphire blue.
    Hair: Shoulder length, straight, black hair.
    Monotype trainer (which type?): No.
    Pokémon owned at start: Absol
    Marcus looked up from his bench to see two trainers talking. It was rather clear that the girl wanted to be left alone, but the boy seemed hell-bent on starting a conversation with her. Before he said anything, Marcus adjusted his black and green jacket out of habit. It was nice, everything considered. Under the jacket was a white, sleeveless shirt. He wore dark grey, baggy jeans, and white sneakers. Marcus turned his black flat bill hat forward since he liked to switch the way it was facing now and then. He cracked his knuckles out of habit and enjoyed the feel of his nice, black, fingerless gloves. Marcus looked down at the Pokemon sleeping at his feet. Crescent the Absol, his lifelong partner, and best friend. They'd been together for over ten years, now. She was definitely his best friend. Marcus brought his attention back to the pair of trainers talking. "Hey, guy, I think the lady doesn't wanna talk. Don't be that guy, yeah?"
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  8. Rosalina huffed, glaring at both of the boys. Now that there was another person, she only was even more uncomfortable. Her hands trembled subtly, showing only to those who were observant enough how outright terrified she was of social situations. Rosie never typically had this much trouble being invisible in all the previous places she lived in. It had to just be something with these two. She straightened out her orange skirt and cleared her throat. "Thank you." She sighed, rolling her eyes. "At least someone gets it." Rosie sneered bitterly. "And if you must know-" She started again, pale blue eyes fixating on Jett. "I do move around a lot. And I know your next question already because everyone always asks, yes that does mean I don't have any friends. And no, I don't care." She stated, arms crossed over her chest, thoroughly ignoring the question about her Eevee. She just didn't want to reveal more information about herself than need be. Rosalina's trust wasn't so easily earned, but if someone was willing to try and get her to open up, she really was a sweet, smart and funny person. Too bad she never liked to show that off.
  9. Name: Violet
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4'10"
    Eyes: The right one is brown, the other grey
    Hair: Wavy, dirty bond colored hair that covers her left eye
    Monotype trainer (which type?): Ghost?
    Pokémon owned at start: None

    She wears a gown that is a dark purple at the top, and darkens to black the further down the gown went.


    Sara approached the three, covering her own wrist with her hand.
    "Uh, I-I think she wants to be left alone..." She said nervously, looking at the ground.
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  10. Jett groaned and then looked at the two had joined the conversation. "Look I know she wanted to be left alone, I just wanted to have a chat with someone new, to learn who they are." Jett said. "And if you know that she wants to be left alone then why did you two come along. If she's not uo for a coversation then don't add to the problem." Jett said as he walked back the way he came, going back outside of his house.
  11. Rosie scoffed, with the faintest hint of a smile tugging her lips. "He has a point." She stated, looking between the two somewhat smugly, expecting them to leave because of that... but they weren't. That confused her greatly, and she started to panic internally.
  12. Sara kept her eyes at the ground and whispered a 'sorry', then turned to leave.
    By now there was a faint trickle of blood coming from under her hand where she was holding her wrist.
  13. "I've been chilling here for the past couple hours," Marcus answered. Woken by the commotion, Crescent the Absol let out a yawn and say up. Marcus rubbed the back of his partner Pokemon's neck. "About time you woke up. I swear you're lazier than I am." Marcus murmured. He turned his attention back to the girl, not noticing the other one bleeding. "Anyways, I just intervened 'cuz I thought I might end it quicker. That's all I have to say." Marcus leaned back on the bench with his hands behind his head, relaxed.
  14. "Well then..." She mumbled, about to merely continue walking, not making much note of anyone besides her Pokémon. It seemed to be the only thing she cared about. Rosie was on her way, when she heard a shrill voice cut through the air like a knife. Her mother, calling her name and harshly demanding her return.
  15. Name: Brady(BB Gun is nickname)
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: a honedge egg and buizel
    Appearence: red hair and golden eyes a gray t shirt,yellow shorts,red shoes
    Height: 4'3
  16. "Uh..." Sara said, looking at her wrist.
    "D-do you have anything I can use to cover up my wrist?" Sara asked to anyone who was willing to listen.
  17. * pulls out bandage* here you go * puts bandage on her wrist* well I should go now but later * walks off*
  18. Name: Liam (or Lucas) Williams
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'6
    Eyes: Both are brown
    Hair: Crazy Ginger hair.
    Monotype trainer (which type?): No.
    Pokémon owned at start: Pikachu

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