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Open The 3 Forces Sign ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ScaldingPhoenix, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Welcome to Trinity city, you have joined a program to be apart of the new defenses and protection of the city. Their are three teams for you to choose. Sentinel’s, crisis, and Fire-Warden’s. The sentinel’s are like the police. Crisis are paramedics. And finally fire-Wardens are like firefighters. Crisis and fire-wardens will work together a lot and live in the same station.
    In the beginning you will have a short time to meet each other before your first job. I will control what emergency’s happen every so often, like robberies, or house fires. There are many more but those are just examples. Since these are like rolls in real life we will have stuff like cars we can drive to get their fast but only to get there, you have to rely on your moves to handle the situations.
    Normal pokecharms rules
    Swear wods will be allowed but don’t over do it.
    Romance is a no go for right now.
    I’ll add on more rules if something happens that I feel shouldn’t.
    Bio frame sheet:
    Back story: (why you decided to sign up.)

    Fully evolved Pokémon are recommended but ask if you are using a Pokémon with no evolutions to see if I will allow it. To keep the theme of three, only three will be allowed on a force so only nine will be able to join. After that, no one else is allowed unless if I decide to open a new occupation. Have fun!:D
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  2. With team you mean the Sentinels, Crisis and Fire Wardens right?
  3. Correct. Probably should change that to force.:'|
  4. That would make sense, I was a bit confused by that. Glad to see that the confusion has been solved
  5. Name: Nigel
    Species: Rhyperior
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Force: Fire-Warden
    Personality: Often crossing the line between brave and reckless, Nigel often enters burning buildings without a second thought. He is incredibly strong, capable of lifting burning beams by himself. This doesn't mean he can't be gentle though, he can pick up children that are wounded with surprising care and tries to make them feel at ease. Because of his incredible resistance against fire and his generally thick skin, he tends to ignore wounds that he has, saying that he can "sweep another buildin'.". He tends to let insults aimed at him slide off, very rarely feeling down in the dumps and when he does he picks himself up within a day or so. But as soon as anyone insults the Fire-Wardens, the other two forces or his friends, he gets defensive and somewhat agressive.
    Appearance: Nigel is a regular Rhyperior, although the smaller horn on his head has been chipped and left without a point.
    Back story: (why you decided to sign up.) Nigel always wanted to help people, but his appearance did not work in his favor. He was too big and rough to be a Crisis and too slow to be a Sentinel, which left him with the Fire-Wardens where his natural talents really shone.
    Other: He isn't that used to being liked, and always acts surprised when others greet him instead of get intimidated.
  6. Nigel has been accepted and officially is apart of fire-wardens. Only two more spots for this force.
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  7. Beacon will not be in the direct action of everything, but can be switched over if someone leaves or we don’t have enough
    Force: Caretaker(she is going to be the one calling in and giving the emergencies)
    Personality: Cheerfull, and curious. Beacon likes to help in anyway she can. When she starts talking it’s hard to get her to stop, she can get easily side tracked or distracted by minor things.
    She may not be able to help in the field but working at base is what she is best at.
    Appearance: She wears a head set to be able to give advice and information to the forces. The bulb of her tail and forehead are green but everything else is natural coloring.
    Backstory: beacon had always wanted to help people at a young age, when she heard about the three forces, she immediately tried to join. But she was rejected. But she begged and begged and was instead given a job of care taker of the team and station. She took it and prepared to meet the others she will be working with.
    Other: Her tail will glow when she is embarrassed or nervous.
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  8. pluveon

    pluveon Previously DreamyVictini

    This is a really creative idea, I wish it got more attention...
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  9. Thanks, I don’t know why it didn’t...
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  10. Name: Damian
    Species: Gallade
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Force: Sentinels
    Personality: A very calm and laid back individual, Damian might not seem like the kind of guy who takes his job seriously. However, when he does get an emergency, he becomes a lot more serious (Albeit a bit informal). Despite his almost carefree attitude, he's a loyal individual and a caring husband who loves his wife, Rhonda very much. However, he can't stand failure no matter how minor it is.
    Appearance: He wears a brown leather jacket with fur linings and the Sentinel badge (Provided there is one). He had a gold ring on the middle finger of his right hand that proves he's married.
    Backstory: Damian had always wanted to be a Sentinel ever since he was a kid, he admired how they risked their lives to keep the land as peaceful as it can be alongside bad people facing the consequences of their actions. He tried whatever he could to learn more about the law alongside the best way to handle situation (Whenever he wasn't being lazy half the time). Sometime in high school, he met a female Lopunny named Rhonda who quickly fell in love with Damian and vice versa. After their graduation and wedding, Damian decided he was ready to join the Sentinels he used to admire and protect his home from those who would harm it.
    Other: He has a sweet tooth and a few candies that he hides in his jacket.

    Let me know if anything needs changing. (And if you want me to add Rhonda's bio, even though she wouldn't be a major add on)
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  11. pluveon

    pluveon Previously DreamyVictini

    Hey Phoenix, how many more people are needed before we can start? (I may have already made an OC for this but scrapped it because the thread got no attention >_>)
  12. Well victinope, due to the amount of people one for each force could be good enough, and what force are you going to join. It may start as soon as tomorrow.
  13. Is my char accepted (And shall I make his wife's bio?)
  14. pluveon

    pluveon Previously DreamyVictini

  15. pluveon

    pluveon Previously DreamyVictini

    *deep breath* Oh boy.
    Name: Glee
    Species: Espeon
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Force: Crisis
    Personality: Being able to stay calm in every situation, Glee usually doesn't like showing her emotions. She prefers being alone, and she's not very social. She talks in a soothing tone, which calms the injured Pokémon.
    Appearance: She is a normal Espeon, though her gem sometimes seems to change colors. She wears a red scarf.
    Back story: Glee had a harsh childhood. Her parents died at a very young age, from a disease. Somehow, Glee had an immunity to this disease, and survived. But seeing everyone's dead bodies lying on the ground, in a once friendly town, had really scarred her. She joined the crisis force to keep such a terrible event from happening to any other child.
    Other: Her gem changes color in relation to what she's feeling.

    Is this okay?
  16. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Name: Sly

    Species: Ribombee

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Force: Crisis

    Personality: A cheery, optimistic fellow who likes to help others in need. He tends to get in trouble alot accidentally due to his tendency to steal, due to being a kleptomaniac.

    Appearance: His colours are bit more intense than other Rimbombee's, most noticeable by his golden hairs. He also carries two pouches filled with powder to help him in a pinch.

    Back story: Sly was always more of a scout than a fighter. Sentinel wasn't a fitting job for him due to being just a little fly, and Fire-Warden for the obvious fire weakness. Using Pollen Puff and the powder he keeps in his pouches, he keeps folks happy and directs other Crisis members to those in need swiftly.

    Other: Others tend to not see or hear him, due to his size.
  17. Awesome, I've just read it so I'll try and think of a good post I can start with my char, but I'd also like to know if we get called and we request where we want to be assigned?
  18. Sorry if I misunderstand what your saying but Beacon will be the one assigning the emergency’s. You can pm me if you want Beacon to assign you a certain one. If that’s not what you meant could you please explain a bit more.
  19. What I mean is are all the Pokemon set in their chosen force or will that be decided depending on what emergency they respond to?
  20. They are set in there chosen force unless you pm a reason why you want to change. Not all emergency’s will need 1 or 2 forces, some will require all three and I will try to do that to allow everyone to participate.
  21. Name: Stacy
    Species: Zoroark
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Personality: She is really cheerful.She always tries to light up the mood with a joke,even if it's about one of her friends.She uses her Ability to mimc others.
    Force: Sentinels
    Appearence: A normal Zoroark witk a heart choker
    Backstory: When she was just a Zorua,a lot of crimes were happening in her city.Her house got robbed once and she lost her Sylveon plushie.After 3 weeks,the thief was caught and all the items that it stolen were given back.So,she swore that she would stop every criminal that she will ever encounter.She also joined becaused she thought it would be cool to be a "Sentinel"!
    Other: She likes teasing boys when they make a mistake.
  22. Alright, I'll try and get a post up when I can.
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  23. Permission had been granted by the RP creator to use a Pokémon not in its final evolution / form.

    His name is Alvis.
    Species: Mudkip / Mud Fish Pokémon
    Gender: Male
    Age: He is roughly about 19 years old.
    Force: He is with the Sentinels.
    Personality: An officer described Alvis to be a passive, troublesome Pokémon that usually keeps to himself. Alvis tries to put off the concept of cooperation in favor of faster task completion times; which usually ends up having him being dependent on his PDA to an unhealthy degree. He attempts to get as many conversations out of the way for alone time with his PDA whenever possible.
    Appearance: Alvis is your normal, everyday Mudkip in terms of size and physique. He wears a light layering of cloud white, wrapping bandages around his left paw, right leg and chest as a result of sustaining various, burn-related injuries. He is often seen carrying around his sky blue PDA, which closely resembles a mobile tablet.
    Back story: Alvis's months of crime sprees soon came to a screeching halt a day after the third month. He was swiftly apprehended by a Heliolisk outside of a building engulfed by a massive, blazing inferno. Alvis was offered a decision between assisting the Sentinels in the investigation of wanted criminals and other tasks, or serving a long period of time in solitary confinement. After the Mud Fish Pokémon reluntantly accepted the first choice given, he was put in the Sentinels soon after.
    Other: Despite his injuries, he tries to avoid treatments whenever possible due to the risk of being a laughing stock with other Pokémon.
  24. @Kiraru accepted
    Anyone else that is going to join Sentinel has been crossed off and is no longer a force you can join.
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  25. Crisis are basically paramedics, right?
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  26. Yes, it was stated on the first post by the RP creator.
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  27. My bad, guess I got a lil' lazy there.
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  28. Hey it’s fine, asking questions makes you learn more than you could without.
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  29. Wisdom with Phoenix
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  30. I should get working on a status database for lil' Alvis before class in about 2 hours ish.
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  31. Now to think of a good response on what Damian can do before any emergency is given.
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  32. pluveon

    pluveon Previously DreamyVictini

    Wait, I just noticed. After I posted my first message on this thread, people started joining. Something similar to this happens in real life, too. Wherever I go, 10-15 minutes later, more people start coming there. Weird... Has Victini given me luck? :p
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  33. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    If you've been blessed by Victini, I've most definetly been cursed by Giratina with the complete opposite. Every thread I join seemingly dies within weeks, if not days. Let's hope either the curse doesn't take place here, or your blessing will counter-balance my curse, lol.
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  34. In other words, she’s showing our chars to some kind of office desks for them?
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  35. I guess you can say it like that.
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