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That’s right, another Superpower High School Romance (ETC) Roleplay Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Cryronn the Mudkip, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. You all must be very exited to get this letter of acceptance.
    Congratulations, you are one of five-hundred and fifty people entering our first year program in Comet Trail High School!! In this school you will learn about power control and usage, as well as normal studies. Dorm rooms will be chosen by you and you may choose to have a roommate. Comet Trail City is next to camp where you can visit and even go to its stunning beach! School starts Tuesday September 3rd! Remember to be here!
    -Formally, Principal Arthur

    Yeah. I did this. I rebooted an rp.
    Now you must want the rules... Crap Baskets...
    1.Pokecharms rules. Duh.
    3.Have fun.
    4.No, really, have fun.
    5.No overpowered abilities and no more than 3 abilities. Make sure those abilities have balance.
    6.Age must be over 15, under 16.
    7.You are teenagers. You can swear. Keep it to a minimal please.
    8.Put 'Thunder Quack' in your bio if you read the rules.

    Okay so this deserves some explaining.
    I made a High School RP like, 9 Billion years ago, my most successful roleplay ever. However, it slowly fell out of favor, and many important members left. Therefore I have decided to soft reboot the story. Same side characters and you can keep characters you used in the old RP, but also, new characters joining the story is very much allowed! Same overall plot too, I just want a fresh start where people can join and experience my creation... I mean, I’m a lot less edgy than I used to be, so maybe it won’t break my core when I look back in the RP years later!​

    Now for the bio.
    Name(First and last):
    Abilities and Powers: (This is Important. 3 abilities in total, must be balanced with a downside if they’re too strong, and they can be named if you’d like, for easier identification in and out of RP.)
    Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.):
    Relationships: (Can range anywhere from family to friends to crushes, go wild)

    Here’s the first few bios of mine. I recommend your character count per person stays whatever you can manage, I reccomend 1-3.

    Name:Soul Toran
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Soul often sports a dark blue jacket hoodie, a variety of shirts, and usually track pants, blue jeans, and sport shorts as his clothing. He has scraggly, longer, bushy blue hair, that is very deep in color. He has eyes of the same color, and sports a neither tan nor pale skin tone. He’s generally on the cusp of looking younger, but has a sense of maturity. He is 6’ in height, and is very lean with a slightly muscular build.
    Abilities and Powers:
    Blue Inferno- A fire manipulation power that burns blue in color. The fire is very hot, and volatile in some ways. He can use this power, in many ways, using its pressure like a jet, using it like a flamethrower, or propelling himself by making his body into a flaming meteor. It cannot burn forever, and doesn’t burn as long as normal fire, and also while it CAN burn somewhat when near water, it gets significantly weaker. He can also burn himself past certain temperature thresholds.
    Cosmic Hands- Soul has, up to his wrists, see through skin on his hands, beneath that skin laying a sort of liquid of cosmic energy, looking like a blue night sky. This cosmic energy can be released in many ways, but is best utilized at close range. This power scales directly with adrenaline, and is a trait passed down by his mother. This ability seems to be passed down from an alien species.
    Personality: Soul is a generally calm and confident individual. He usually sports a big goofy smile, and has a certain air of comedic presence constantly floating around him. He tends to be bubbly and sociable, and yet in many situations he can be observed to sport a more mature attitude, because he’s a very down to earth person. He has much self confidence.
    Way of Application: He passed the school exam with distinction.
    Relationships: Is Tara's cousin, and also has an older brother named Spirit
    Other: Nada

    Name: Tara Thorn
    Age: Barely 15
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Appearance: Long blue hair in the same shade as Soul’s. Her eyes are a kind of lightning blue, a bit brighter than Soul's, and with added energetic aura. She wears jackets sometimes, but is mainly seen in tank tops and/or long sleeves. She normally wears basketball shorts and Sporty sneakers below the waist. Her body is soft, and generally slim, an honest 5'8" in height, and has a stockier build, with a decent amount of muscle mass.
    Abilities and Powers:
    Blue Flash- A much less powerful version of Blue Inferno. Basically, just look at what I said for Blue Inferno's power, and imagine that, but less so. That doesn't mean it's useless though, as it can burn much hotter without causing significant damage to the user's own body, and burns longer.
    Berserk- Tara's primary offensive ability, she can pour energy into her physical form, increasing its power tremendously while not even adding to physical muscle mass. Its power works at percentages, 1-100% being the power level she can reliably sustain, while going past that begins to warp her personality, making her much angrier and more aggressive. Her skin radiates energy when using this power, starting yellow and going from orange, to red, to purple at maximum overdrive. It is EXTREMELY hard for her to come back down from past power thresholds of 300% and above.
    Personality: She's a bit of a snark, and always loves to tease her cousin. She may be younger, but she acts like she's on top of the world. She's sweet and kind for sure, but she has a layer of edgy sarcasm to throw at anyone. She has a very "done with your shit" attitude when annoyed, but is very honest with herself and others. Tomboy-ish as well, so to speak.
    Way of Application: With slight help from her cousin, she passed in the 81st percentile on the examinations.
    Relationships: Cousin of Soul and Spirit, her father is *REDACTED*
    Other: poyo

    There we go!
    I hope you guys will join me on a second run through this gauntlet! I hope we can get some momentum here, and I hope you all enjoy! I'll try and get up the rp thread asap as well!!! Cheers!
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  2. I’m a little interested, but...is there any correlation between the powers?
    You say we can have up to three, but we don’t really have any history on the world, knowledge of how common supers are, why we’d have multiple abilities, etc.

    Just curious about some lore.
  3. | Korutesu |

    | Korutesu | Previously NotAPokemonRanger

    I call dibs on first OC Sheet!

    Name: Walnut "Nut" Apeturez
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: He's a very short person, being only 3'7 (omg so short) and has a light brown, messy hair. He normally wears blue shirts, and wears a bandana on his neck. He always carries a gum in his pocket, which is branded as "Thunder Quack".
    Abilities and Powers:
    Gum: Once he chews gum, he can create anything with it. or make it flexible and make it bigger. He can use it to make lots of things, but cannot create anything living, and breathing. But this power has a drawback. He constantly needs to chew gum, and while using his powers, he will lose oxygen depending on how large the gum is, and how far it is. if it is fairly far (7 meters) it will drain his oxygen fairly slowly. He can only eat gum, and if he ate anything else right before he ate his gum, his powers will NOT work. Once food is digested, only then his powers will work. He needs to constantly eat a piece of gum every hour to keep his powers going, and will need atleast 24 Gum per day. His gum can turn into ANYTHING by the way. it can also harden (but means he'll need to eat a new gum to refresh if he wants the gum to harden)
    Personality: He is a very trust worthy person, being loyal to his friends and family. He loves cooking, (even though sometimes he can't eat it) and loves reading books. He stands up to people who try and hurt his friends and not afraid of facing anybody.
    Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): He was recommended to the principal of the school.
    Relationships: Marie Apeturez (Grandmother). Parents (Unknown)
    Other: Each package has 10 gum for one day.
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  4. Name(1st and last): Leo Mactavish
    Gender: Male
    Species: human
    Appearance: Leo stands at 5'7 with sun kissed skin tone, fuzzy hair, brown eyes with round glasses (there will be time he will used eye contacts), wear a white plain t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneaker. Always carries his backpack that contains tools and technologies. He have an athletic body build due to the fact he trained hand to hand combat.
    Abilities and Powers: Leo does not super powers, but should not be underestimate. He only relies on combat experience and the technology he created
    Personality: Leos is a big nerd, but can be a bit witty. He a passive person, but once he is in combat his personality changes to a cold calculated fighter. Not only he cold during combat but also toward people who disrespect him or his closet friends.
    Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): Passed the test with a high score
    Important Traits: He is really calculate when it comes to combat. No mater how tough his opponents are, he is really persistent until he win or lose. Innovative either in his invention or in combat.
    relationship: Jenna Mactivish (foster mom) and Smith (foster dad)
    Others: beside tech he have hobbies such as cooking, making music, and art. His artist name is thunderquack
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  5. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Ohhh another one of these! Yay!
    And this time I have a character I'm actually proud of!
    Name(First and last): Loufe Lupen and O.S
    Age:15 (Loufe)
    Gender: Male x2
    qSpecies: Human turned werewolf
    Straight (Loufe)
    Asexual (O.S)
    Appearance: Thanks to his added wolf genes, Loufe is an intimidating 6'11. However, everything else is far from intimidating, from his wide, almost childlike brown eyes to his lean figure and messy black hair. His werewolf genes also show up in the ears poking through his hair and tail. As for what he wears, he simply wears a grey shirt and jeans, complimented by his black sneakers.
    Once in werewolf form, O.S is HUGE, becoming an impressive 9'6 on his hind legs with a buff figure, pitch black fur, and blood red eyes for further intimidation.

    Abilities and Powers:
    As a werewolf, alongside the increased senses, O.S possesses insane strength, and a healing factor to boot. It's rather simple, but gets the job done. This applies to regular Loufe as well, but to a much smaller extent. Interestingly, O.S lacks Loufe's powers, which are a bit more complicated, possessing psychic abilities, ranging from telekinesis to mind control. However, it's extremely difficult to master due to the mental strain it can have on the user, and his lack of training means Loufe isn't actually capable of doing more complicated skills, leaving him with only a select few of his simpler abilities, like telekinesis and barriers.
    Loufe and O.S will eventually find out they're capable of "transferring" O.S' soul, allowing him to give his werewolf abilities to someone else. What's more, he'll even have their powers as a werewolf! The problem is that O.S isn't very experienced with power beyond "Yeet and Beat", so that'll be an issue.

    Personality: A rather timid person despite his stature, due to his lack of confidence and social skills. As awkward as he is, Loufe is still a kind person, and can hold his own ina fight when push comes to shove. Still, that's usually only if he has no way out. He's also a terrible liar.

    O.S is sadistic, cruel, apathetic, and arrogant, but not inherently evil. O.S simply puts his needs above others, including his current host, and doesn't really find interesting in anything besides fighting and the occasional bullying. He's a very "in the present" person, so much so that he rarely takes the time to remember things, like people and his past lives.

    Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): Completed the test with flying colors, although it was mostly O.S that did the heavy lifting.

    Relationships: Aside from his parents, just O.S.

    Other: O.S is a rather strange creature, being unique among werewolves. He's an old werewolf spirit that spent his hundreds of years taking over some poor sap's body, going wolf, vibing in a forest until his shell dies, and repeating the process. That is, until he ended up attempting the same with Loufe (yes he tried to basically kill a child. He's kinda an asshole). It's unsure whether it was because of his psychic powers, but the two spirits ended up melding, leaving poor loufe with a sarcastic wolf asking him to bite the heads off of everyone he talks to. He was dubbed "O.S", short for "Other Self"

    Probs will edit to add some more, but hope this works for now.

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  6. Psymallard

    Psymallard Previously mallard

    Name: Donald Taft
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human with Fey ancestry
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: Spiky bleach blond hair that sticks straight out in all directions, grey eyes, strong jawline, athletic build, 6'2" bright red trench coat, blue work gloves, blue undershirt, while slacks, yellow rain boots
    Abilities and Powers:
    Levitation- Exactly what you think it is.
    Super Gravity Balls- Spheres of pure kinetic force that cause a shockwave upon detonation. The more number or power of balls he has out can take away his control on Levitation
    Enhanced body- Strength, speed, durability, you get the idea.
    Personality: He believes himself to be the greatest, and no one else will disprove this, unless they beat him in a fight. Very arrogant, loud, and unwise. He doesn't like to use his fists in combat, he prefers to levitate and throw Super Gravity Balls down at his enemies.
    Way of Application: 99% on the exam
    Relationships: His maybe too supportive mother
    Other: Thunder Quack

    Name: Piper Roberts
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human/Werewolf
    Sexuality: Questioning
    Appearance: Short jet black hair in a messy pageboy style, inky black eyes with dark circles around them, pale skin, 5'3", dark grey hoodie, jeans, black vans
    Abilities and Powers:
    Wereshift- She turns into a hulking 7' werewolf which she has no control over when she either gets upset/badly injured or willingly does it, the latter never happens. The wolf form has no thoughts but "kill."
    Arachnopathy- Can transfer thoughts with spiders
    Fog Manipulation- Can summon and control fog, even with low-powered blasts.
    Personality: Cynical, sarcastic, and overall frustrated with her life. She hates her powers and isn't open to making new friends.
    Way of Application: Recommendation, her former teachers saw potential if she honed her powers
    Relationships: Spiteful father and bright-eyed younger brother.
    Other: Thunder Quack

    Seems I'm a little late with the werewolf character but I hope she's different enough
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  7. Ok listen she was made in the previous rp in which I had the age set to lower, I shalt change. But whatever, you can be accepted.

    So are you, @Psymallard welcome go the show.
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  9. This does seem interesting, I may consider making a bio or two. However, I don't know much about this aside from what's in the title and intro post. How does the RP, or how did its predecessor, function?
  10. So...any update on that lore? Lol
  11. Hey, sorry, I was busy.

    The lore behind powers is left pretty vague. For instance we have several werewolves, and Soul's power is infused with alien DNA. My idea is that the powers are widespread, and their origins come from fantasy creatures or aura. Say, fire powers granted by having a strong triumphant fiery aura, while powers like werewolf stuff come from... actual werewolf species. Sometimes genetics has a role, specifically with stuff like species-based powers (werwolves, vampires, ETC), however many other powers, say Soul's Inferno and Tara's Berserk come from their own wills via random mutation. The "up to three" rule is for balancing sake for Out of RP, it has no in world reason, though a common thread is that the more powers a person has, the weaker the individual powers are, or in special cases, are absolutely unrelentingly powerful and usually end up killing the user of said power.

    Well, its basically we mostly focus on special events, be it villain attacks or School festivals/dances, and sprinkle in individual school days. Its much more interesting to focus on such, though there will be events where you can train, to show off a more natural growth of your powers.
  12. Sounds pretty fun, really. I'll definitely consider joining, then. I actually came up with a cool power recently anyways, so this will be a nice way to test it out. :)
  13. So I’m working on an oc, and one of his powers involves decelerated aging.
    I was wondering how I should tie that in.

    Like- would the school prefer a 30 year old who looks 15, or a 15 year old who looks 7 1/2?

  14. hmm maybe rejoining, but depends on the pacing
  15. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Time to re-add the brothers!

    Name(First and last): Marcel Cromwell
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: With sharp teeth and demon horns Marcel also has medium length crimson hair that covers his left eye. Both eyes different from one another the left eye is Pale white, meanwhile the other one, Dark for the main eye and red for the irises. A sharp pupil can be found in the center of the eye. A large X shaped scar can be found across his face (More on this later). For his outfit, this is his reference
    Credit: Gacha Club by Lunime
    Abilities and Powers:
    Brimstone Demon: One of Marcel’s main form of offense. His demon form is quick and adds power increase to his main Brimstone spells. His appearance changes drastically during this form. It is limited for the time being because if he strains it to hard there will be deep red marks along his face and body.
    Brimstone Spells: A range of spells with variety depending on what type of battle is needed. For range he has his basic Brimsoul shots, One of his more deadly spells is Brimstone Descent. He changes into a fiery ball with sharp demon horns and descends on the opponent. After that an explosion occurs not harming Marcel but doing damage to say the least. Also limited in the way that it would use some of Marcel’s energy
    Personality: Marcel seems to be like a cold and ruthless individual on the exterior, but that is quite the contrary. Once you open up to him he becomes more of like a friend who will defend anyone. Kind and somewhat quick witted. But turn Marcel the wrong way and he is willing to forego all kindness in form of Anger and a form of “Ballistic” arguments. (Spot the pun). However because of his heritage he can sometimes be a bit too confident. But he tends to hold that side back more often than not. He just really wishes to impress people
    Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): Completed a test with exceptional skill
    Relationships: Porco Cromwell (Brother) (He’ll be introduced in a little bit
    Other: Marcel’s two different themes (One for character overall and battle are as follows
    Feeling Good: Overall Character
    Improbable Outset/Madness: Battle theme
    Thunder Quack
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  16. @Mystic Zander well under conscience I probably couldn’t have either of those options dating anyone in the school-

    Also, come on @MarcelGalliard790 , you forgot something in your bio, I can’t accept yet..!

    @Foxex I’ll try and keep it running smoothly, but let’s be real, you guys have to stay active too just the same
  17. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    I think I added it Cryronn?
  18. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    I haven't role played in forever, tell me if I need to change anything.

    Name: Oliver Lewis
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Sexuality: Asexual

    Appearance: Oli usually wears monochrome clothing with a white/simplistic designed shirt underneath, and black slacks with some kind of sneakers. He has light green curly hair, light skin and blue eyes. Oliver's on the slimmer side, being 5'9 and slightly below average weight.

    Abilities and Powers:

    Slime - Oliver is able to make, control and turn into slime. He's also able to make slime either slippery or sticky, as well as condense or loosen it. Water is effective at breaking it down.

    Shapeshift - Oliver is able to morph into anyone he makes physical contact with, turning into their current state and is able to use any of their powers, as well as Slime and Symbiosis. He can change back whenever he wants within the time limit of an hour, when he's forced back. He keeps his own vocal chords, which is the only distinction. Other than that, it's a near perfect replica.

    Symbiosis - Oli's able to give people one of his powers that he has at the time, even when morphed. A green aura can be seen around the person Oliver gave the power. He's able to take them back at any time, and the power disappears if Oliver morphs back.

    Personality: Oliver is a kind, persistent and trusting individual. Despite having a can do attitude, he's rather sensitive and doesn't work well under pressure. Oliver's somewhat of a perfectionist, sometimes getting upset at the littlest of things. He tends to not think out his decision making, and can sometimes lack common sense. Oliver also tends to ramble when he finds interest in something. He's rarely angry, being more of a calm person and loyal.

    Way of Application: Completed the test with a high score.

    Notable Relationships:
    Ori Lewis (Twin Sister)
    Owen Lewis (Elder Brother)
    Aurora Lewis (Mother)
    Diego Lewis (Father)

    Other: Oliver's the older twin by a few minutes, and both of them are African-American. He's also not a big fan of water.

    Name: Orianna "Ori" Lewis
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Appearance: Ori has light green, shoulder length curly hair, blue eyes and light skin. She is normally seen in blue jeans, black sneakers with jackets or hoodies. Once Starlight is active, her eyes develop twinkles and stars in them, making them brighter. She has an average build, being 5'7 and average weight.

    Abilities and Powers:

    Gravity: Ori can affect an area or a singular person/object's gravity. What she usually does with this is increase gravity to the point where it's near impossible to stand, or decrease it to push heavy objects with ease or make others float uncontrollably. Ori is immune to area gravity, and can revert Gravity's effects at any time.

    - Ori can control and make ice, as well as turn any water into ice. Due to this, she's immune to any cold.

    Starlight - Normally, Ori's only able to summon stars to shine lights, a regenerating pulse and usuable as a weak, small and warm projectile. However when the moon is visible, it's much more stronger. She's able to summon larger stars capable of shooting light beams and better healing. The stars are effected by Gravity, can shatter, and Ori has a maximum of 5 whilst it's night, but infinite at day.

    Personality: Ori is more laid-back and lazy, but is determined and serious when she puts her mind to it. Ori tends to not pay attention, and is usually patient with a neutral demeanor, yet still friendly on the inside. Whilst still being intelligent, she can be sarcastic and likes to tease people at times. She enjoys reading and maths, and shares her love of music with her older brother. Ori is quite cautious, rarely aggressive, and more nicer to those she trusts. She's also self confident.

    Way of Application: Recommendation.

    Notable Relationships:
    Oliver Lewis (Twin Brother)
    Owen Lewis (Elder Brother)
    Aurora Lewis (Mother)
    Diego Lewis (Father)

    Other: Ori knows how to play a few instruments, such as keyboard and bass guitar, producing mighty Thunder Quack from amps.

    Name: Leon Carter
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Ghost
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Appearance: All of Leon's appearance appears to be a teal color, with a ghost tail. He has a lighter shade of a teal aura surrounding him, causing very brief afterimages. He has neat hair and would be 5'4" if he wasn't floating. Leon appears to wear a coat over a buttoned shirt, as well as shorts.

    Abilities and Powers:

    Ghost Physiology - Leon has a ghost-like appearance, powers and weaknesses.

    • Levitation - As a ghost, he's always floating.

    • Intangibility - Unable to interact with physical matter, meaning he can't be harmed by physical or grounded attacks, as well as can go through walls. He can turn completely invisible, however is unable to talk and fully can't interact with anyone or anything.

    • Light Aversion - Weak to light-based attacks.

    • Power Dilution - Dampen someone's powers. This can be visually seen by a teal aura surrounded them. Whilst linked to someone, Leon is only visible to them and only them for the time being. It's possible to break the link by going far enough away from him. This doesn't work on those who use their species' abilities.

    • Object Possession - Able to possess inanimate objects, no matter the size. He's also able to manipulate it to his will. For example, he would be able to roll around as a ball, drive as a car or write as a pencil. Leon's able to stop possessing the object at any time, and any damage to the item correlates to Leon.

    Personality: Leon isn't a very social person, only wanting to be near a few people he trusts at most. He's pessimistic and cynical with a habit to apologize. He's doesn't have much confidence in his abilities, despite him being on the smarter side, and can be quite determined towards goals. Leon doesn't have much of a sense of humor, and despite this, isn't very serious. He's not completely against making friends, however he isn't a fan of loud noises or loud people.

    Way of Application: Recommendation

    Notable Relationships:
    Giselle Carter (Younger Sister)
    Diana Carter (Mother)
    Claude Carter (Father)

    Other: Leon was resurrected by a friend sometime after he had died. Due to these events, he has aquaphobia. He and his family is from France, and knows how to speak French.
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  19. smoothly sure, just the progress is super slow, like in the OG, when I joined, it was the day of the dance, and that was back in 2019 i think, and until now i don't think the dance was ever finished. It fine, i'll dig around to see if i can find my old character, might make another new one
  20. Name: Emma G. Evans

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Sexuality: Straight

    Emma is caucasian, with chocolatey brown hair that is long enough to go past her shoulder blades. This is often done up in a braid or ponytail to keep it out of the way. Her eyes are hazel and very expressive. She's thin and fairly fit, although not visibly muscular. She stands at around 5'2.
    She favors plain clothes, whether they be t-shirts or hoodies. Most often blacks, greys, or whites, but with the occasional solid colored shirt and one or two graphic design tees. She sometimes carries accessories such as headphones, a watch, or a backpack. She dislikes wearing heels for the most part, and is almost always in tennis shoes, or occasionally boots.

    Abilities and Powers:
    Disk- This power manifests a disk made of energy, which is closely linked to the user’s mind. It is directed by the user, and its speed, size, gyration, and rotational speed can all be controlled mentally. It has some limits of course. Most notable are its maximum and minimum sizes, with its smallest possible size being about an inch and largest being 6 feet.
    While highly durable, it is not indestructible. If it is shattered, it will at best cause severe migraine-like pain, or more likely cause the user to black out. The shattered disc will reform over time, and the regeneration period is determined by how badly the disc was shattered.
    The disc has many uses, both for Offense, Defense and Mobility. Offensively, it can cut through most things when sent spinning at high speeds. Acting like a buzz saw, it can potentially shear through metal or concrete. As a downside, this power has to be managed carefully to avoid lethal damage. It can, of course, be used to merely batter opponents by not spinning it.
    Defensively, it can be angled to shield from attacks, whether it be from physical blows, to volleys of flames, to bullets. This has to be used carefully, though, to avoid Shattering.
    For mobility, the disk can be ridden like a hoverboard or simply sat on a circular flying table. :p It could also be used as an elevator to scale buildings, or as a medical stretcher for the wounded.

    The disk will always remain circular, but its size is malleable to the user’s will and its color changes based on their emotions.
    (I may make a list of the colors and associated emotions as they come up.)
    Finally, ease of control and durability of the disk are affected by the user’s mental state and, to a lesser extent perhaps, the sleep (or lack thereof) the user has recently had.
    Current maximum distance the disc can go from the user is about half a mile.

    Personality: While fairly laid back, Emma is a tenacious person who can do whatever she puts her mind to... provided she stays focused on it long enough. She enjoys music and art, and loves a good book. She also enjoys video games and puzzles. She's pretty mature for her age. If she feels like she understands a situation or argument well enough she'll try to act as a mediator, and if someone she cares for is feeling down she'll go the extra mile for them, whether that's giving a small gift or just being there as a shoulder to cry on. That said, she does love a good prank as long as it doesn't hurt someone too much.
    She's fairly intelligent, with good grades and problem solving skills, but she's a bit oblivious when it comes to street smarts or combat awareness. She can learn, of course, but she has no prior experience.
    Her favorite comic series when she was little was 'The Fantabulous Adventures of Captain Thunder Quack', and to this day she keeps a little keychain with Captain TQ on her backpack.

    Way of Application: Completed Test.

    Relationships: As of the start of the roleplay, she has fairly healthy relationships with her parents and younger sister, Addie. No romantic involvements yet. She has a few friends from before school that she talks to over the phone.

    Other: DERP

    Name: Alex Sparrow

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Sexuality: Straight

    Appearance: Alex is caucasian, with black hair and eyes, and tanned skin. He is well toned, and moves with an easy grace and balance. He's also a little small for his age, around 5'1, and a little on the thin side.
    He favors function over fashion in his outfits, and likes comfy clothes. His regular outfits consist of soft tee shirts and blue jeans, and occasionally a baggy sweater with the logo for a martial arts dojo on the chest. He wears tennis shoes, which are well broken in, and have certainly seen better days. He practically never wears any accessories unless it's necessary.

    Abilities and Powers:
    Lightning Reflexes- Gives the user incredibly quick reaction time and movement. Fast enough to catch a bullet midair. The ability to use Quick Reactions is very instinctual in nature, but can also be manually activated with focus. Another feature of 'Lightning Reflexes' is a gathering of electricity with each movement in Quick Reaction. This can be built up throughout combat and then released, whether as a tazer type blow or, eventually, a coat of electricity hovering above the user's skin and shocking anything that grazes the user.

    Counterblow- Gives the user a type of combat instinct, allowing them to effectively analyze an attack as soon as it is launched and quickly find a counter. This lets the user utilize each move their opponent makes to their own advantage. Example: A blast of energy directed at the face? Counterblow tells the user which way to roll and dodge in order to get better cover or get closer.

    Personality: Despite decently good looks and great grades, he's never been popular in any of his past schools. He tends to be a little cold and standoffish, hiding his finer qualities for those who seek them out.
    Beneath his bland facade, he's a pretty good person, loyal and sturdy. He's passionate about martial arts, and has a hobby in magic tricks. He's a huge softie for cats, and loves bagels and donuts. He dislikes thunderstorms, despite him having no problems with the electrical aspects of his Lightning Reflexes power. He also dislikes being touched by anyone unless he's given them permission.

    Way of Application: Completed the entrance test.

    Davina Sparrow - Mother - Fairly close, but with distinct boundaries.

    Donald Sparrow - Father - Deceased, due to a car crash when Alex was 3. Alex looks up to his father, or what he can remember at any rate.

    Jasper Sparrow - Older Brother - They do not get along particularly well.

    Kaydee Knight - Friend - One of the few friends he made in previous schools, a mute music enthusiast.

    Other: DERP

    He and Kaydee used to play a Multiplayer 'Captain Thunder Quack' game during middle school.

    Hopefully this will be good enough! I had fun making these two. Please let me know if there's anything I need to change.
  21. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    I blew up the factory one time with her!

    Anyway, @Cryronn the Mudkip mind if I reserve s pot. I'm currently in the middle of writing posts for other rps.
  22. @MarcelGalliard790 and @RenzFlintrock accepted!

    @Foxex the reason for that was the rp was already dying, and many of our OG’s left, leaving the story to slowly drive to a halt. Hopefully with a new cast we can have a pretty consistent post stream.

    @Schrift you now have a spot.

    Aight everyone imma try and get up the rp channel later today!
  23. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Edit: Link to Shadow Walker reference died, replaced with a new one to the same gif.
    Name: Jay Blackmore

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human/Shadow

    Sexuality: Straight

    For his Shadow Form, he simply is a walking, human-shaped blob of goo-like dark energy, 5'7ft in height. For Reference, imagine a more human-shaped Shadow Walker from Drawn to Life.

    For his human form, Jay is the same height as his shadow form, but with the palest caucasian skin, ocean-blue eyes and hazelnut-brown hair. Jay's got an average slim, kinda slender body, though he does have freckles and strange, visible dark veins all over his body. These veins stem from the darkness inside him and, although not all-too present, he cannot change how they appear through colours. For clothes, he usually wears a light-grey turtleneck sweater or a dark-grey hoodie with a white long-sleeve shirt underneath. As for pants and boots, he either wears navy-blue or black jeans, with black-grey striped socks and dark-brown shoes on. In addition, he also wears a dark-brown leather belt with an iron strap through either of the jeans.

    Abilities and Powers:
    Monochromatic Touch - On physical contact with something, Jay can drain the colour of the affected area, as well as re-inject colour into it. When something is drained of colour, it loses its functions and becomes completely still, akin to a statue. Beings that are drained of colour will not die from this, but are rather put into a state similar to being petrified. When something has colour injected into it, it will be re-vitalized and brought back its functions, or in a sense, 'back to life'. The weakness to this power is that Jay cannot control it; only toggle on whether to drain or re-inject. The second weakness is that it only directly affects the area Jay makes contact with - spreading no further than the object/part/area he's making physical contact with, yet in that specific area, it drains quickly with prolonged contact.

    Shadow Person - Jay himself is an entity made of darkness, specifically darkness converted into dark energy, though his is represented as a liquid-like vantablack goo that makes up his body. As such, he can vanish and re-appear within dark spots in a 20m radius around him and he is also physically and mentally stronger in darkness, though when exposed to varying amounts of light, he will be weakened depending on the brightness. Jay can also inject a portion of drained colour into himself, which will remove this power temporarily and give him back his human image. This would make him average strength regardless of light level, in exchange of not being able to teleport within dark spots. Though, regardless of his form, he still has his human weaknesses, such as the need to eat/drink and being able to get sick or the need to breathe.

    Dark Defender 'Shade' - Jay has a separate guardian entity within him that comes out in times of need or danger that he calls 'Shade'. This entity is formed from the dark energy Jay is made of, and when hidden, takes place as his own shadow. This entity can take up any form, but it can only perform attacks if enough Dark Energy/Darkness is stored within Jay. The entity, as well as Jay, can draw in surrounding darkness into their bodies, which will be converted into usable dark energy for the Dark Defender to use, though the Defender cannot store its own energy and any darkness it absorbs will be transported into Jay. This dark entity is also able to take the form of the shadow of a being, which will result in it having copied their powers, traits, weaknesses and memories, as well as their physical and mental capabilities adding them onto its own. In addition, any damage Jay takes is copied onto Shade, but not vice versa. As with himself, Jay can give life to Shade by injecting him with absorbed colours. This will also make his shadow imitations perfect.

    Personality: As a Shadow, Jay cannot actually talk as he lacks the vocal chords to do so. In order to talk, he uses body language, hand gestures and facial expressions to express himself. Regardless of what form he is however, his curiosity and kind, as well as shy and paranoid behaviour shows either way. He's usually careful around people and beings in general, trying to avoid making any direct contact in every way if he is in his human form. While in his shadow form however, he is less careful, as he does not have any colour to dispense compared to his human form, in which he can accidentally dispense the colour that makes up his form. To add, in his human form, he can talk as the added colours give him that function back.

    Way of Application: Completed the Entrance Test with the help of Shade

    Jane Blackmore - Mother, average parent-son relationship.
    Wayne Blackmore - Father, kind of average. His father is on a lot of business trips due to his work, leaving little time for Jay and Wayne to bond.

    Other: For comparison on how Jay looks with Shade out, see this image of Blackmore from Castlevania as a Reference*. Also, Jay still doesn't know what exactly a Thunder Quack is, despite having heard of it so many times now.
    *Not what Shade's regular form looks like - just a reference for his position.
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  24. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

  25. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    *insert Mario voice* Here we gooooooo!

    Name: Guinevere Hunter Quinn (she goes by Hunter because “Who exactly in their right mind thinks Guinevere is a good name for a child?”)
    Age: 15 and two months

    Gender: Female
    Species: Human, though sometimes debatable; you’ll see what I mean when we get to powers
    Sexuality: Biromantic

    Appearance: Badly cut short white hair that reaches to her chin at the longest point. It has a tendency to get in her eyes, especially on the left side where the bangs are longer. Her eyes are a deep, dark blue that look almost black, a stark contrast against her pale skin. Her eyelashes are light in color. In terms of body type, she is approximately 5’6” and rather on the underweight side of the spectrum. She wears an eyepatch over her left eye, as that is the one that sees spirits, and covering it helps to diminish the whispers in her head.

    When possessed by a spirit, her form varies; however it always takes the form of purple-black smoke with bones that show the form of the spirit possessing her, mostly by the front part of the skull and arm/leg/wing bones.

    Abilities and Powers: The three abilities kind of mesh into one because they all go hand in hand... but anyways, let’s go:
    Whispers: Hunter possesses the ability to both see and hear spirits. When she was younger, this ability was the only part that had manifested, and she didn’t know what was happening or why. She could see things that no one else could, and the whispers kept her up at night. Hundreds of spirits, each speaking their native language, each vying for an audience with her. Spirits without physical form were quieter, while those with one seemed almost deafening at times. Later, Hunter found that if she closed her left eye, she couldn’t see the spirits, and the whispers were decreased by about a quarter; after making this discovery was when she started wearing the eyepatch.
    Medium: This power was what Hunter later found out was why the spirits were hounding her. She had the ability to act as a medium between the restless spirits and the next life. They could pass on on their own, of course, but by staying behind past their time, they made the process much more difficult. However, there are a few people known as Mediums that, if possessed by a spirit for a short time, will allow that spirit to have a fast track to the afterlife, instead of staying behind in the form of an animal or ghostly apparition. Hunter’s mental fortitude had to be built up to avoid suddenly being taken over like she was when she was younger.
    Possessed: There are two ways Hunter can slip into her possessed form: losing control, or allowing it. If she loses control over her mental barrier, the whispers will become unbearable as the spirits fight each other for possession of her body. During this time, it will appear as though the girl is having a seizure, and her eyes will glow bright red. When one spirit is victorious, her body will turn to smoke and bones, and the spirit will often go berserk before passing on in about two to five minutes. When she allows herself to be possessed (usually by one of her grandparents, who chose to stay behind in animal forms) it’s a much smoother transformation. The spirit leaves the animal body it held, enters Hunter’s body, and takes control smoothly, allowing itself to be directed by Hunter’s consciousness.

    Personality: A strange combination of intro and extroverted. She tends to be loud and sometimes obnoxious, always sarcastic, but on breaks she tends to keep to herself. Side effect of the spirits in her head is that she’s just a tad unstable mentally, extremely volatile, an insomniac, and more than a little depressed. While she has tried self-harming and attempted suicide once, the spirits stopped her by taking over her body each time. Eventually, she turned to more proactive ways of blocking out the whispers; engaging in various extremely loud activities. Sports? If it’s loud, she’s done it. Pranks? Does it involve loud noises? Screaming for no particular reason in the middle of class? A little ashamed of that, but yeah. It wasnt long before she joined a rock band being put together in her neighborhood as the main vocalist. The only people who she’s really opened up to are the spirits of her grandparents (which reside in the bodies of a hawk, a wolf, and a cat in case you couldn’t guess from the relationships section) and her band members (which are up for grabs, feel free to make ocs for it).

    Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): She and her band were offered a pass into the school after the principal came to and liked one of their performances that usually took place at a park near the school.

    Relationships: Her band; I’ll flesh them out a bit more if they’re going to be NPCs, but anyone is free to join lol
    Current OC band members:
    @Schrift - Raijin - Percussion
    @Gold The Dragonite - Ori - Bass
    @Godjacob - Zach - Guitar

    Parents: Trent and Winter Quinn
    Brothers: Tim, John, and Grant Quinn (watch me forget all their names in-RP lol)
    Grandparents (spirits): Hawk, Lupus, and Kitten
    Other: Thunder ducks say thunder quack

    Plus her hair is white because of the stress put on her body by the whispers, she’s underweight because insomnia + stress, and her eye is white with black sclera under the eyepatch. None of that really matters but I figured it’d be interesting to add somewhere and I didn’t know where ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Edit: I might draw her later assuming I can stop playing Genshin for the four hours it’ll probably take XD
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  26. @=Nightshade= I read the first sentence and already loved her XD

    Assuming she’s accepted, I feel like she and Emma could be good friends. I already have prank ideas. >:D
  27. @RenzFlintrock the laws are pretty much you can use your powers if no attempt is made at assault or intent to harm. Think of it like pocket knife wielding in public. As soon as there is intent to harm, it is no longer a tool, it’s a weapon. Of course, these laws can be circumvented in training scenarios, self defense, and blood spor- I mean, school tournaments. And of course by heroes.
  28. Alright, just wanted to confirm for my post. Thanks!
  29. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Name: Ryo Kaminari (guess his parents were having a lazy day when coming up with a first name so he took on the nickname Raijin)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Species: Hanyo (half demon basically)

    Sexuality: Straight

    Appearance: Standing at 5'7 with amber eyes and light blue hair, he does seem to stand out a bit. His hair covers a set of horns that hide beneath them, while behind his smile is a row of sharp pointed teeth. It's obvious he's not human the more you look at him, from his horns to his pale skin. Most times Ryo will be wearing a simple black and white hood with a patterning of lightning on the back of it, while on the bottom he wears a pair of shorts and trainers. Though at all times he will always be seen with his set of floating drums, seven in total, each one with a three tomoe symbol on it. depending on how many drums he's using, the ones that aren't being used will be seen floating around his back.

    Abilities and Powers:

    Storm brew: Did you think those drums were for entertainment? Well yeah but they have a second purpose, a much more destructive purpose. By beating the drums in a specific pattern, Ryo can summon storms. These storms last as long as he plays, and each storm is usually just thunder, lightning, rain and maybe hail. He can create complex storms with complex rhythmic beats. The more drums he uses the more violent the storm will be. Though this means he will need to concentrate a lot on his drumming, if anything breaks his concentration and he goes out of beat or rhythm then the entire storm will be halted and 9/10 times it can't be continued. The obvious weakness for his power is the fact that when using it, it will leave him wide open for attack. Anything can throw him off beat, be it a small rock or a train hitting him. This is why this ability is one of the harder ones for him since he has the attention span of a goldfish watching Nemo in french. Though this will mostly come into play later, so far the most he can do is make it drizzle a bit and cause minor thunder.

    Thunder percussion: Ryo's bread and butter is his ability to absorb lightning into his drums and store them there for some time. After a while he can launch out his attacks in bolts of lightning. To some extent he can control the lightning he launches back out. What's the weakness to this? Well for starters, Ryo himself is not immune to the electricity he launches or absorbs. Meaning if he isn't careful he can shock himself. Too much electricity in the drums will physically hurt Ryo aswell, at first it will appear as a headache before it moves onto numbness in the limbs before going towards paralysis. These effects can be released if he releases the lightning quick enough.

    Drums of Raijin: Well this isn't really an ability or power but more of an explaining of what the hell his drums can do. Apart from what I've mentioned above, his drums are always with him. They have a special bond with him, meaning they cannot be separated. Well not easily. They can also change shape to match his needs, as small as a monkey drum but to the size of a concert bassdrum. Though changing size does not change its weight, it will always weight the same. They are controlled telepathically and always remain air born. If any smart ass tries to steal his drums, they will be zapped if the drum is holding lightning. But by luck, if there is nothing inside they can seriously use it against Ryo. The further away he is from a single drum, the more tired he gets until eventually blacking out. A little special thing about the drums that Ryo will almost use to his advantage, they seem to be able to make the sound of any percussion instrument.

    Personality: Considered to be a nuisance by most, Ryo isn't the most popular. He is known for his destructive personality, loving nothing more than to hit his drums and cause havoc. Sure he could've been an upstanding member to society, but where's the fun in that when you don't get to blow shit up with drums. Sure he bottles up his emotions a lot, he finds it hard to trust others, he's a bit of a cunt to everyone but underneath all of that is just a guy who loves drums. Though if there was one thing you must know about him, he is very stubborn and he isn't likely to give up without trying.

    Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): He was part of the band with Hunter, which basically meant he got in with them. Guess you could say his performance was shocking I totally wasn't being lazy and unable to come up with a reason


    Dante Kaminari(he's oni), Miki Kaminari (parents)
    Matabi (his cat)
    Hunter (band mate)
    thunder quack (his chicken because for some reason he thought chickens say quack. He still thinks that no matter how much you try to convince him)

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  30. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Would it be fine for Ori to be part of Hunter's band?
  31. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Sure thing! I’ll add you to the list (:
  32. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Time to introduce the second brother

    Name(First and last): Porco Cromwell
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon Human hybrid. But is more of a human than a demon
    Sexuality: straight
    Appearance: With black hair to combat the crimson hair of his brother’s hair. Porco has red irises but normal looking eyes. He does have wings and horns but doesn’t show them unless he gets flared up in anger. His glasses have many different functions in them like having the ability to zoom in on things and adjust to certain vision preferences of people. He usually wears lab coats and button down shirts underneath. His pants are usually just sweatpants but his shoes are custom made. His shoes have little thrusters at the heels of the shoes. He can use this to boost himself whenever he needs to.
    Abilities and Powers: Just like Crazytrainer’s character, Porco doesn’t rely on powers. He relies on his technology. However he has developed two abilities with his tech. Overdrive, Flashpoint, and hyperpoint
    Overdrive: Boost Defense and counters as well as using defending code to his advantage
    Flashpoint: Boost his speed and strength as well as tapping into more code and using it to his advantage
    Hyperpoint: A combination of both but the downside of this is that he can have his stuff overheat and have to cool down before he can use it again. If it is used too much then sparks can show.
    Personality: The intelligent Porco can be a well to decipher person. Calm and confident but not too confident. He can be easy to open up too and talk to. He is a great point for leadership and honesty. He doesn’t get angered easily but he tends to have his fair share of complaints. He only gets upset when something he doesn’t enjoy happens. (Say an almost death or a dumb argument between two others). But if he gets really upset his wings and horns show
    Way of Application(Completedtest/Recommendation/Etc.): Passed with Exceptional intellect
    Relationships: Marcel Cromwell (Brother), Tara Thorn (Crush)
    Other: Like his brother they both have a decent British accent. Nothing too heavy but still noticeable. Thunder Quackstrom
  33. Oooh. I've done a lot of Pokemon RPs on this site but thist'll be the first GRp. I think I'm gonna reuse an OC of mine and give him a sister.
    Name(First and last): Seth Owens
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Sexuality: Gay
    Appearance: He's dark-skinned, brown eyes, and medium-length black-brown hair (which is usually quite messy), with strands that point outwards. He's 5' 9" and he's on the skinnier side. He has one light blue earring on his right ear. He usually wears a red long sleeve loose top, black hoodie, and black jeans
    Abilities and Powers:
    Third Eye: Seth has analytical clairvoyance but he prefers to call it "Third eye". He basically has a GPS in his mind. He can have layouts of a radius of about a kilometer. He can find basically anything within that range. Living or nonliving. The farther it is the harder it is to see and it's less detailed.
    Barrier: Seth can create energy barriers. The barriers are shields that can block just about anything. He can create rectangles, spheres, circles and most simple geometric shapes Of course they're not indestructible. He can create up to about 5 as a max. He can get pretty creative with them and use them as actual projectiles but they're pretty weak. They're for defense at most. The larger the barrier is the weaker it is.
    Telepathy: This works hand in hand with Third Eye as anyone he finds can communicate with his mind. If he uses it too much, he gets headaches
    Personality: : On the shyer side. Seth is selectively mute (due to a case of anxiety when he was younger. Better now thanks to therapy and medication, but still doesn't talk out of habit) and communicates either by drawing on his notepad or with his partner Rosemary. He's shy but he actually does like spending time with people and he's a huge jokester. He physically cannot handle large groups though. He's a great artist.
    Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): Recommendation
    Relationship: Mira Owens (Sister)
    Other: Seth is a supporter first and foremost and doesn't do well in one on one combat situations, though he's not completely helpless

    Name(First and last): Miranda "Mira" Owens
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Appearance: Dark-skinned, brown eyes, dark Long fluffy, messy, hair. She's 5' 5" and a bit more muscular than Seth since she spends a lot more time outside and with people. she usually wears a blue beanie, black glasses, a royal blue shirt, a matching skirt but in a slightly darker shade. she also has dark green shoes and a dark gray jacket
    Abilities and Powers: Her tendency to support others and be friendly has caused her to develop three abilities
    Spirit Link: She can copy the powers of anyone she has a close connection with. It can be friends, rivals, lovers, or family. Mira can only copy one ability of a person at a time. Mira can also only really use a simplified version of powers, but she can use more of the powers the closer she is. (ex. Let's say she copied Seth's Barrier Power. She is very close to him so she can also create up to 5 barriers, but she can't really use them as projectiles or make the geometric shapes that Seth can. They're also not as strong as Seth's)
    Cheerleading: She can increase either the attack power, defense, and speed of people nearby. Cheerleading is connected to Mira's emotions. The more intense the emotion is, the stronger the boost. Doesn't matter if she's angry, scared, happy, of despair.
    Personality: She is very "go-with-the-flow". She is pretty sleepy, and a bit of a troll. She is very friendly though and likes to meet new people. Not necessarily for the purpose of getting new powers (but it's still exciting whenever she gets a new one) but she's generally fun to be around and loves her brother very much.
    Way of Application(Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): Completed Test
    Relationships: Seth Owens (Brother)
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  34. 1st character, to reserve a spot, still on the fence, Bringing back Nemesis Core

    Name: Ani Humeri
    Age: 16?
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human? Appears to be human… yes.
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Height: 5’4 – 5’5
    Affiliation(s): Nemesis Core, Black Eden
    Appearance: Ani is a very attractive young teenage girl of medium height and a small-ish frame. She has long blonde hair, styled into pigtails ending in large curls that hang to the middle of her thighs, with smaller locks framing her face. Her eyes are a sapphire blue.
    Clothing: Ani wears a richly adorned backless white, violet, and purple Lolita-styled dress with matching boots (the platforms resembling skulls with fangs), fingerless gloves that ends half way up her forearms, and a small sing purse. She accentuates with a large violet colored hair bow and a large violet bow at the small of her back on her dress, with the centers being fanged skulls, a collar, and earrings, all with the same fanged skull designs on them. She is also frequently seen with a matching violet and purple colored parasol.
    Abilities and Powers:
    • Superhuman/Supernatural Physical Prowess and Senses – Despite her medium sized height and small-ish frame, Ani possesses immeasurable strength, speed, durability, reflexes, endurance, and senses. Able to handle herself exceptionally well in combat and battles.
    • Regeneration – Ani is able to regenerate from any wound or injury regardless of severity, including lost limbs nearly instantly. Regenerating organs takes longer depending on the complexity of the organ lost.
    • Replication – Ani is able to make replicas of herself to attack her enemies or act as distractions, physically they are exact perfect copies and possess all of her abilities but are much less powerful. Instead they rely on their vast numbers.
    Personality: Ani has a childlike, jovial, and happy-go-lucky demeanor; always smiling, and acting very friendly and even polite with everyone. Ani is a free spirit and will do whatever she wants according to her whims. Her often bubbly behavior and nonchalance towards anyone that stands in her way often puts her at odds with others. She easily becomes bored and will look elsewhere for things to entertain her. In spite of all this, those who pay close attention will notice that she appears to be hiding something… something sinister and ominous.
    Way of Application (Completed test/Recommendation/Etc.): Cheated/hacked the system by Nemesis Core, entering the school as a transfer student.
    Important Traits: High ranking member of Nemesis Core and Black Eden. Sometimes can be considered, insane, sadistic, insanely sadistic, and/or sadistically insane
    Relationships: Thunder Quack, Unnamed Nemesis Core Member (Partner)
    Other: Her parasol is much, much more than it seems… it indestructible in addition to other things. Hardcore Villain but you can’t tell by looking at her.
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  35. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    I feel you, Ani; being polite is hard XD

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