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Thank You My Friend

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Reynald, May 15, 2012.

  1. You have always been there for me.

    Before I understood your importance, before I understood anything, you were there. When I was just a baby in the crib, you sat next to me and protected me. As I grew up you became my friend. I said your name wrong but you didn’t care. You just smiled and played with me when no one else would. At night you would lie in my bed and keep the nightmares at bay. Hold back all the monsters that hid in my closet or under my mattress. You wouldn’t let anything harm me. You took beatings. You had to be mended again and again. You still have the scars to prove it. Proof that you will always be caring for me.

    Then I started to go to school. You didn’t mind, education was important. You stayed at home, on my bed, and waited patiently until I got home, worrying the whole time. When the bullies decided to knock me around, you were furious. You kept my head and spirits up. You have always been there for me.

    And then I had to grow up. I had to let go of the care and protection you so willingly offered. Had to learn to face the world on my own. You weren’t mad; you knew it was going to happen. It happens to every child eventually. Yet I didn’t toss you aside to be forgotten. You stayed on my desk, or my dresser, and just watched as I grew up. Always vigilant, always there, always ready to once again give the love and care you had if I needed it. When things got rough, when I had no one to talk to, you would be right there. Ready to listen to me. You never spoke much, you didn’t have to. Even now, years later when I am a twenty three year old adult, you’re still there in case I need you. You’re always right there on my desk watching over me.

    I hope you will always be there. Watch over me until I can give my child to your protective care. So you can give him or her all the love and attention that you gave me when I was their age. So you can watch over them and be there for them when I can’t. Be there for them as they grow up and pass you down to their kids, and so on.

    Thank you, Beemo, for always being there for me when I needed you.

    You will always be my teddy bear.

  2. Rey, that piece was simple but sweet. It actually moved me a bit, probably because my own teddy(ies) are watching me right now. And if that's what your teddy looks like in the picture, then you have one badass teddy bear there. Also, Beemo is such a cute name. I'm sure your snuggly stitched warrior appreciates the gesture as well. :3
  3. Very nice - and short - story. Didn't thing it was a bear at first, so you succeeded in that aspect =) Also, love the artwork you included! Quite good. Yep, this was a nice little thing to read, although I did spend more time typing this than reading it. :p

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