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Ask to Join Tf2: The Mercenaries.

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. (Heres the Thing Im TO Lazy To Say Everything.https://pokecharms.com/threads/team-fortress-rp.15912/#post-420796)

    Nito Runs To the Front Lines, With His Scattergun Out, MAking Sure No Blu's Are Near,
    "All Clear!" He Yells, Alerting His Team That There's No Blu's Around, Quickly Using His Cloak And Dagger To Stay Near Their Spawn.

    Meanwhile, Max was Looking at the Batch Of heads In Her Locker, Which To Her was Cotton Candy, "Mmmphhh" She Grunted, Grabbing A Shotgun, which To her was Candy canes, and a Lollipop, which Was an Axe To Normal People,
    "Mmmmphh!" She Grunted, Trying to Tell Her Teammates To Get Going.
  2. Jem Nodded To max, A Cocky Smirk On his face, But Said
    "You Should Get Going To, Ya Lazybones." He Rushed Out, And Climbed a tower, He started Keeping A Lookout With His Weapon.
  3. "Aw, you gotta be kidding me!" Scout said, tossing a baseball up and down (he's using the Sandman). "I was looking forwards to bashing people's heads in!"
    "Now now, Scout." Engineer said, tinkering with his Level 3 Sentry Turret. "Patience is a virtue."
    "Yeah, but it's a boring one." the cheeky Boston boy responded. "You would've figured with all the new mercs BLU's been taking in there'd be an onslaught of folks on the field for us to kill."
    "Violence ain't the only answer, Scout." Engie said. "Despite what your 'father' would tell you."
    "Screw off, Spy ain't my dad." Scout quickly said.
    "Suit yourself." Mr. Conagher responded. "I personally like the peace and quiet. Gives me more time to work on my beautiful creations."
    The Sentry Gun pipped at these words.
    "Aren't you too old to be playing with toys?" Scout said, like a smartass.
    Engie just gave him a look of disappointment.

    Meanwhile, a man was in a small, hidden cave just outside of 2Fort. You wouldn't know it, but it's actually the secret base of the Commando. Security Cameras were set up all around, and he looked through some of them. On one, he saw three members of the RED team through a window - Mr. Conagher, Nito and the Boston Bitch. On another, he saw a new merc up on a sniper perch. He didn't like the look of this. Grabbing his trusty gun, Gemini, he aimed and fired a laser shot at the sniper. It reflected off the wall, just barely missing him. The shot was completely silent. The Commando twisted a knob on the gun, recharging it. There had still been at least five more shots left, but better safe then sorry.
  4. Jem Didn't Jump At The laser Shot Just Missing Him, Instead, he Fired One Grenade At Something In The Distance, An Engineer And A Scout, He Assumed, It landed In A Machine The Engineer Was Using.
  5. A bomb landed in the turret's cannon. Engie was shocked.
    "FIRE!" he shouted! The turret did, and the bomb was shot back out of the base. It hit the BLU base, exploding. "We're under attack!"
    "Finally!" Scout shouted. "Some action!" he grabbed his bat and dashed out.

    "Crap." the Commando said. Aiming another shot, he fired it right at the sniper.
  6. Jem Hid Behind Cover, And Said
    "GOD DAMMIT! I'LL GET YOU!" He Kept Hiding, Muttering "And That's A Promise."
  7. "Tch, Either a Heavy or Something With a Little More Gun" He said, Still Using The Cloak And dagger, Grabbed His Fish, and Walked over their, Stopping To Recharge The Invis Watch, Hiding behind The Unknown Feller,
    "Now Who might You Be, Sir." He said, moving Away, and Hiding Ontop Of The Sentry, Hiding In Plain Sight.
  8. Scout ran up to the platform overlooking the BLU base. He smiled, then jumped onto the bridge. Crossing over, he jumped over to the sniping perch with his bat. Before the sniper could shoot him, he used the Sandman to stun him.
    "I'm right about to beat your freaking head in!" he said before he beat his freaking head in with the bat. "I am the Scout here!" he said, walking slightly back.
    Meanwhile, Engie was placing his Level 3 turret in the middle of the bridge. He then placed a teleporter, and warped right to the exit at the sniping perch. He locked and loaded the Rescue Ranger, aiming it out.
  9. "Well, After This, Time To Visit Scouts Mother.. I need Someone to Save me." Spy Said, Taking a Cigar, "Anyone Know Where The Medic Is?",
    "Right Here Spy, Do You Need Ze Healings?" Medic Said, Grabbing The Medigun, "My Skill Is Vasted On This Team, But I Guess The Healing Isn't as rewarding at the Hurting Either"
    "This Person Doesn't Seem Like a Red Or Blue, Better Just stay On His Sentry, Hope Spy Doesn't Mind I'm Using His Cloak And Dagger" Nito Said,
    "Now, Where's My Cloak ANd Dagger, I Want To camp in One Spot." Spy SAid,

    Meanwhile at The Blu Base
    "MmmmPhhh!" Max Mumbled, Trying To Push Soldier Out, With the Help of Pyro,
    "GET A HAIRCUT HIPPIES!" Soldier Yelled,
    "Mmphh!" She SAid, Which was Easily Translated to
    "I Wouldn't Be Talking Soldier Boy, get Out Their, before I Burn you To a Crisp." Max Said,
    "Y--Yes Ma'am" Soldier Said, Rocket Jumping To The Sniper Nest.
    #9 Sunlight Isekai Overdrive, Mar 20, 2017
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
  10. "Medic! I need your fancy new shield gadget!" Engie said, seeing, the approaching Soldier. "Spy! Do something useful!" The Sentry Gun fired at Soldier.
    Scout hopped down and whacked Pyro in the head with the Sandman Bat. "BONK!" he shouted as he hit it. He then whacked him again, then ran away and took out the Scattergun to try and disrupt him even more.

    "Just great. They're fighting. Knew I shouldn't have taken that warning shot." the Commando said. He went back in, and grabbed his two other weapons. He revved up his bike, and drove out.
  11. "I'm On Ze Way!" Medic Yelled, Running To The Engineer, "Vhat Is It My Hard hatted Friend?"
    "Fine." Spy SAid, Disguising as Max, And Pulling Out His Dead Ringer.
    "Well, That's Great, Time To Go" Nito Said, Running Back to the Base.

    "AGHHH" The Soldier Yelled, As The Sentry Bullet Hit Him, Shot a Rocket To Disrupt the Sentry Rockets, And Hid Behind Cover,
    "Mmphh!" Max Yelled, Grabbing The Quick Fix, That She Found On The Ground, And Healed The Soldier,
    'MMM MMMMPH!" The Pyro Mumbled, Shooting a Flare At The Engineer, Then One At The Sentry, That Didn't Do Much Damage To the Sentry, but Burned the Engi.
  12. Engie jumped into the water. "Protect my Sentry with your fancy shield thing! Don't worry about me!" Engie said.
    Scout kicked Max's hands, forcing her to drop the Medi Gun. He tossed it to Medic. "Hey, Doc? You lose this?" He then went over and clonked the Soldier over the head. "I don't know about the stripes, but you're sure seeing stars!"
  13. The prestigious figure of a man with a medium-sized bird perched on his wrist laid in wait, peering out from one of the several windows fronting the monstrous Builders League United factory. It was mounted into a worn, metallic wall, overlooking much of the battlefield from a protective vantage point. Ander took in a deep breath of the stale, factory air and unsheathed his gun from its holster and weighing it in his hand. He dismissed his falcon, an occasionally affectionate creature called Claude, and aimed directly ahead of himself, firmly shutting his left eye. He pulled the trigger in three quick shots, shattering the window into countless shards.
    The Dane called for his bird and stepped through the doorway he had created for himself, whistling in appreciation.

    "I'd almost forgotten it," he mused to the falcon, who stared impassively to the battlefield, searching beneath his wing for stray feathers. "The thrill of the hunt, that is. Hadn't you missed it, Claude?"

    The peregrine lifted its head at the sound of its name, cocking its neck at its master without understanding. He pecked at Ander's cheek with what might've been sentiment. The Dane ran his fingers through its feathers, chuckling lovingly.

    "Alright." He exhaled deeply, stepping closer to the edge of his allegiant's rooftop. "It's time to get paid."
  14. The Medic Flicked a Switch, Revealing A Huge Red Shield, Blocking The Sniper Shots,
    "I can Get Used to Zis." The Medic Said.
    "Oi, I'm Back, What I Miss?" Nito said,
    "Dear God, What is THIS now, Who Let Doc Have a Shield, Makes Him Even more Crazy Then He is." Nito said, Grabbing His Scattergun *Currently Not the Bo killer, Sense They Haven't Came Yet.*, "Lets Get This Over With.".

    Spy On The Other hand Had a Hard Time Trying to Avoid Max, Who Was On The Sniper Nest Healing Soldier, And Heading On His Wa y To Backstab Max, For the Soldier Next.

    meanwhile, Spy's Knife Hit Max's Fire Tank, Which Alerted Both Max and Soldier,
    "SPY!" They Both Yelled, Burning Spy And Putting Shotgun Shells in, Spy's Dead Ringer Helped Him Survive.
    "MmmmMmmPhh!" Max Mumbled, Which Translated to
    "Burn In Hell You backstabbing Double Nosed fat Snake."
  15. Jem Longarm Has Being Efficient, He Was Tired Of Going Soft, He Launched 20 Bombs To The Reds, And Started Going For The Intelligence Of Red Team, Eyelander In Hand.
  16. Scout saw the man running for the intel, and watched as the explosives harmlessly hit the shield of the Medic. "I know you need some Intelligence, but you're not taking ours! Get your smarts another way!" He said, hitting the sniper with the Sandman and bonking him on the head with the bat.
    Meanwhile, Engie was finished what he was doing. He tapped his earpiece, and activated the coded signal that only RED soldiers could hear. "Spy! I destroyed my old teleported exit and built a new one in the base, right next to the intel! I'm taking it now, but if they get it back there make sure to use it! It's hidden, so they won't find it!" As soon as Engie grabbed the Briefcase, the Administrator's voice rang out.
    Engie, smiling, dashed back into the water before anyone came and saw him. He swam back to the RED base.
    "Good 'ol Engie!" Scout said, whacking the sniper again.

    The Commando drove up to the bases, but decided to stay back. He'd wait for things to calm down, then move in.
  17. "Well, This is a Change Of Pace, It'll Be Fun!" Nito said, Going Through the Sewers.
    "Good Work Engi!" The Medic Yelled,
    Spy On the Other Hand, Was Getting The Dead Ringer to Recharge, "Curse You Long Recharge Times."

    Meanwhile, Max Went The Other Way, She Needed to Stop the Engi From Getting The Intel, She Left the Medipack and QuickFix, and Ran To The Sewers, Running Into Nito On the Way,
    And as Nito would do, he Just ran away.
    Nito yelled, Throwing Rocks At Max as He Ran.
    "Mph!" Max Grunted, Trying To Keep Her Balance as the Rocks Hit her, Grabbed The Oversaw, And Threw It For Nit's Hand, As It Did Hit The Hand, It Went According To Plan For Max, because It Sticked Onto His Hand,
    "tch.." Nito Grunted, As The Ubersaw Hit, Quickly Followed By The Close Call Degreaser, Nito Then Ran Back to The Red Sewers, Through The battlements, and To The Resupply Locker, Pulled The Ubersaw Out, And Put Cloth Around It.
  18. Engie swam up through the RED sewers, and arrived at the location he was supposed to drop the intel. He slammed it down, and one point went to their team. "The next briefcase is up! Anyone want to go and grab it?"
  19. "I got It!" Nito Said, Running Out Of the Spawn, And Jumping On The Bridge, Shooting The Soldier With His Black Dahlia Pistol, The Soldier Screaming,
    "I'll Get Their First Boston Maniac." Nito said To the Scout, Throwing a Baseball at Him, and Running to the Intel.
    Spy's Dead Ringer Recharged,
    "Finally, Off To the Intel!" Spy said, Pulling it out and Jumping off the Area He was Hiding,...
    Spy Feign'd His Death!
    "FAAAAAAAAAAA" The spy Yelled.
    "Oh, Stop Whining, It Vill Recharge" Medic Said.

    Meanwhile, Max was Heading to the Intel, Making Sure No One Got the Intel Once Again.
    "MMMPPHHH!" Max Yelled, Thinking She Had A Rainblower, And That Burning The Spy? She Just Thought The Spy Tried to Smack Her with a Lollipop.
    "Mmphh....." Pyro Mumbled, Cringing and Facepalming at the Same Time
  20. "Tough luck, pallie!" Scout said, dashing into the intel room and snatching the briefcase first. "BOOM! And that's why I am the- crap." he said, noticing the two Pyros.

    "MEDIC!" Scout yelled, dashing out of the BLU base with the intel in hand. He tripped over one of the legs of the sentry, and fell face-first to the ground. He skidded right next to the Doctor. "...little help...?"
  21. Jem had Taken The Intel, he Had just Snuck In, And Stole it, He heard the Voice, Shouting
    "WE'VE TAKEN THE ENEMY'S INTELLEGENCE!" he Ran, And Hoped Into The Sewers, He Ran More.
  22. Engie was in the sewers, with a shotgun in hand. "I'm guessing we won't be doin' this Texas style." He said, shooting . As soon as the thief was in range, he smacked him with his wrench and grabbed the intel. "Enemy in the sewers! Someone get down here!"
  23. "Alright!" Nito Yelled, Running Back Down to The Sewers,
    "This Seems Important, Who Do You think he Is?" Nito said, Once More...

    Max On The Other Hand Was Chasing After The Scout,
    "MMMMPH!" Both max And Pyro Yelled, Looking at The Shield Medic Made,
    "Danke" The Medic Said, Grabbing The Crusaders Crossbow In One Hand, And Shooting It at Pyro, But Alas, Pyro Air-Blasted It, Hitting The Shield.
  24. Jem couldn't Get Up, However, A Bomb Fell out His Pocket, He Muttered
    "Oh Poop." It Blew Up.
  25. Engie dashed out of the way, pushing Nito to the ground. The explosion rang out, but didn't do any damage to the RED mercs. Well, unless you count their eardrums.

    After being healed by Medic, Scout gave a thumbs-up and ran into the RED base. Getting to the intel dropoff, he slammed it down right next to the briefcase Engie had brought back. "Time to pull your weight, Spy! Get the damn briefcase!"

    The Commando was watching from afar, having taken out some binoculars. "Heh. Looks like RED's winning. As soon as the battle's over, I'll come in and start the talks. Engie, Spy and Medic should be reasonable enough to convince. The problem will be the BLU team..."
  26. Jem Had Survived The Explosion, He hid, And Contacted His Teamates
    "Guys, Requesting back Up." he Slowly Snuck out, And Shot The Engineer In The back With His Missile Rifle, Thingy, It Caused An Explosion On His Back.
  27. An explosive was shot towards Engie. It surely would have killed him... if his Shoulder Sentry hadn't shot it before impact. It exploded, and Engie was flung back. "Thanks, pal." Engie said, patting the turret's head. Turning around, he pressed it down, and it began to shoot rounds after rounds at the intruder.
  28. Jem Ducked Undercover, And Blew up the turret, then Shot Another 3 Explosives At The Engie, he Then Said, After Ducking Behind Cover
    "TAKE THAT!"
  29. The Sentry... wasn't able to be exploded that easily. It was made of the strongest metal around. The Sentry blasted the three explosives out of the air. Engie ran up and grabbed the gun, breaking it against the wall. "I'd advise you leave. WITHOUT our intel." he said.
  30. Without Engie Noticing, Jem Snuck Behind, And Stabbed With The Eyelander, He Said
    "You Should Shut Up." he Destroyed the Turret, And knocked Over Nito as He Entered the red base, he left An Explosive Outside.
  31. Once again, THE TURRET'S NOT THAT EASY TO DESTROY. At most, it knocked the turret's calibration off balance. Using a hands-on method, Engie blasted the explosive with the turret. He then ran up, clonked the intruder on the head, and tossed him back into the battlefield. On the BLU side, of course. Engie then went back and brought Nito right next to the intelligence in the RED base.
    (No really, stay out. And stop trying to destroy the shoulder turret.)
  32. "Woah Woah, That Was Awesome! This Day Just Keeps Getting More And More Painfull."
    Nito Said, Holding His Ears,
    Medic Was Still using The Shield, Of Course He Set A Meem CardBoard Box To Hold The Medi Gun, And Started To Relax,
    "go To Hell Scout." Spy SAid, Just The 4 Word Man.

    max On The Other Hand WAs Actually Going Stealthily, Making Sure She Didn't Make Any Noise..

    ((Im Tempted To Get The Grey Mann Dialouge Now.

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