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Ask to Join Testing, Testing, 123 (Suggestions and Interest Taking)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Barefoot_Kittens, Jul 24, 2019.


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  1. Well, I certainly haven't gotten better at introducing ideas. This idea is kinda odd, and it may be hard to manage- but bare with me and I think we can make an awesome RP! The basic outline of the Rp, which I'm still working out, is that all of the characters are in the music industry (more specifically singing). Every character in the RP is a world famous singer, or they are trying to be one. Your character can be a lone diva or they can be involved in a charming band. They can be backstabbing, money loving jerks; or they can be in it just for the love of music. It's whatever you make of it. And yes, I'm aware how terrible this sounds so far- so I may need a little help to start us off. If anyone has suggestions or critique, be my guest :D. It will be a very free and open-world RP, where characters can basically do whatever they want- but let's try to have all of our characters interacting as much as possible.

    • The normal Pokecharms rules apply.
    • If a battle/contest is to occur between two participants' characters, please discuss who's going to win in the battle through private messaging.
    • Romance is allowed; don't make it awkward.
    • Swearing is fine as long as it's Pokecharms friendly, and only occasional.
    • Write proper length paragraphs (5-10 sentences at least) with correct grammar punctuation. I can't stress this rule enough.
    • You may have more than one character- but don't over do it. I expect all of your characters to have equal spotlight if you control more than one.
    Stage Name (Optional):

    Fan Base Level (Low, Medium, High):
    Appearance (Detailed please):
    Stage Costume (Optional):
    Personality (Detailed please):

    Band Name and Members (Optional):
    Love Interest (Optional):
    Rivals (Optional):

    For now I would just like to know if anyone would be willing to join this thread- and I'll take nay suggestions or critique.
  2. Ok so you mentioned battling, there is no pokemon in this RP. Also I would love to take part in this.
  3. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    So, first of all
    Yes yes yes anddd yes
    I love this idea i wanted to do that myself!
    Ya beat me to it,
    Questions :
    How will we handle sing-offs?
    I want my character to be a rapper
    How about our characters? How will they meet? Do they meet?
  4. By battle I meant sing-off. I couldn't think of the words- but now I'm imagining the characters dressing as pokemon and just straight out fighting each other on stage. Thanks for showing interest!

    Hooray, glad to see you in a different RP of mine! I also may or may not have read your mind to steal this idea form you. This RP will be very character focused and driven, so I imagine sing-offs will just be one or two long posts. Basically each person will post their characters singing/rapping their heart out- or taking turns with a few verses sung per post (make sure to describe what the character is feeling as they sing). Then at the end the winner will be determined, it should be determined through private messages. Rappers are fine, also gives some variety to do duets or whatever you call 'em. And the characters can meet many different ways. They most likely know of each other because they are all competing to be the worlds best singer or whatnot. They can meet through their producers forcing them to make a song together, or maybe they play at the same festival and run into each other. They can also meet just because they are friends (maybe they were friends since childhood) or they are developing a romance. Legit anything can happen. Of course, I'm still working out the kinks- but I'll try to answer any questions as best as I can.
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  5. You could do something like how the voice does their battles. You could have a couple people be the judge. You would have two people sining one song in a duet and whoever sings it better would be the winner. Though now that I think about, it would work that well in a RP stand point.
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  6. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Alright, thanks for answering my questions, i'll make a bio later today or tomorrow
  7. Hmm.. this could be fun!

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