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Teh Shiny Arts of Tun

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tunolipede, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. [move]Come one, come all, to the (kinda) magical, wonderful(ish) display of Tun's Artwork! ... *cricket cricket*[/move]

    Righty-ho, here I am, and I guess this is my gallery of work. I'm Tun aaaand I've been drawing for a while C: Most of these drawings will be done on my Acer Netbook, by, not tablet, not mouse, but TOUCHPAD. (And probably on MSPaint)

    So here we are:

    My siggy:
    Well, it's just me ... being me ... with my nickname ... nd stuff.

    The full version of my sig:
    Heeeeyy its me again! : D With fadey/scribbley arms. C:

    Dang, I wish my Graphics Tablet could connect to my netbook. D:
    If you're/I'm lucky, my brother might (for once) let me use his Graphics Tablet on the home computer - which makes for BETTER art! (which would be better for everyone's eyes ;))

    Yeah, I guess I take requests, though Im not sure anyone would want my art. But anways, heres my status:
    REQUESTS: Open - free space : 3
    Current requests:

    Completed requests:
    Pixel - signature to the style of mine.

    SO YEAH! Come back later for more "art". ;)
    (comments plz.)
  2. Yeah, I like this small amount of art Tun! (I dunno why your arms are dissolving though...) Keep on arting; I'm looking forward to the rest of your art, if it comes.
  3. Nim


    I think that looks really good Tun. I love the way you put so much detail in the hair. Good work and keep it up. Id love to see more. :)
  4. Hee, thanks. ^^ I didnt' notice those replies earlier on. xD Well, my graphics tablet isn't working, but I have some sketches from a while back.
    Iiiiit's ...
    Just a lil' charrie I made a while ago.
  5. I love your touchpad drawing and (even though you totally stole my art thread's name) I am looking forward to any more art you happen to upload!
  6. .__.; Sorry about the whole name-stealy thing. I've skimmed through your thread before, and came across the name a fair few times, but I can't say I thought of your topic name as I created this topic. >3> But ah well - I can change it if you like. (It's just that it matches my sprite thread :x)

    Thank yaahhh . C:
  7. You have a cool thread. I love the style you have with people. Teh colors are magnificently fun to look at. I love that shade of blue.

    What kind of requests are you looking for? I might want to make one, but I want to know what they entail.
  8. Thaaaanks. x3 I always like the colours to be fun, and not too bright and bold buuut enough to look good. C: Aaaaaand that shade of blue is my favourite colour. I 3
  9. Hey agaaaiiin ~
    Here ya are, Naanny:
    Hope you like it. ^^
    Oh, and sorry about the "Naanny" bit - I couldn't find Script on my netbook, and I just found that font quite suiting. x3

  10. Ohmigoodnees, I squealed upon seeing this
  11. Nyee, Thankieess ~
    Also, you're welcome x3 I'm happy you like it ~

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