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Teenage Years

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Yoshimitsu, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Yoshimitsu

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    Warning: This is VERY long. Comes to 37 or so pages in size 8 font, Verdana xD

    Scene 1, on the school field, beneath the trees.

    Nicola: So, believe it or not, that's why Jonny dumped Bethy.

    Jake: Nah, that's not right. I know guys like that, and he is definitely not one of them.

    Sarah: I'm not sure, Jake. It's not always who you expect who turns out to be.

    Jake: I know, but he's just a bit too… Well, y'know.

    Damien: Jake has a point, yeah? Who would've thought Jonny was?

    Lucy: Shame, really. He wasn't bad lookin'.

    Nicola: You wouldn't have had a chance. I don't think he'd like anyone that butch.

    Cody: Butch?

    Jake: Masculine. Y'know, like how a guy acts and stuff.

    Cody: Oh, right. So Lucy had no chance anyway.

    Lucy: Oi, watch it Cody. You're a friend but I'ma not takin' any rubbish off anyone.

    Damien: Leave the kid alone, Lucy. Just ignore her, Cody, alright?

    Sarah: Lucy's harmless anyway. We all know she has a soft spot for the weak boys. Better watch out, Cody.

    Nicola: (Giggles) Yeah. She likes to hit them, they usually fly further. (Winks to Cody)

    Cody (Shifts away from Lucy): R-right...

    Jake: Ahh, ignore Nicky, she's only messin'.

    Cody (Laughing nervously): Alright, I'll keep it in mind anyway.

    Lucy (Laughing): Nah, don't worry, Cody, like I said, yer a friend. I don't hit friends, end of.

    Cody: That's good to know… Mum warned me, saying northerners were a bit…

    Damien: Oh yeah, you're not from around here, are ya? What's your old school like?

    Cody: Oh um… It was ok. Lot of people, not enough staff. Most of the staff left after a year. Most of my class were… well, monsters. Glad we moved up here. It's a bit colder but it's a lot nicer.

    Jake: Didn't you come from an all boy's school? Somewhere in Essex or somewhere like that?

    Cody: Uh… yeah… All girl's school down the road.

    Jake: Mmm… I'da loved that. There aren't enough gay boys up here, mighta been more there.

    Sarah: They'd all be straight. Just to spite you. What happened to being bi?

    Jake: Oh, I am. (Grinning). You just don't get enough guy action around here though.

    Lucy: S'all about action with you, innit?
    Nicola: He's a guy. What did you expect?

    Damien: (Suddenly points to Jake's arm) Where'd you get that bruise from?

    Jake: (Adjusts his sleeve to hide bruise) Uh… nowhere…

    Sarah: Oh please, if you're going to lie, at least say you full, or were hit by a bike, or got in the way of a rampaging elephant, don't just say "nowhere".

    Lucy: Have ya been in a fight or somethin'?

    Jake: No, s'nothin'. Just the family giving me a hard time. Y'know, whole alternative thing. They found out I'm bi the other day, and gave me hell for it.

    Lucy: Want me to sort 'em out for you?

    Jake: Nah. They'd just give me even more grief, knowin' them.

    Damien: Dude, can't you go and live somewhere else? My mum's always tellin' me how she'd adopt you. The whole town knows about what your family do. 'Sides, my mom's in love with you. She thinks you're "really cute".

    Jake: They'd track me down anyway. Trust me, I'm handling it alright.

    Sarah: If you say so. I do think you should report this to the child care services. Wouldn't a foster home be better than where you are?

    Jake: Doubt it. They might turn out to be the same. Anyway, I'm still here, right? I'm living. That's enough for me. (Forces a smile) So, how's school work goin'?

    Damien (with slight reluctance): Eh. You know how it goes. Piled up with homework, just the week after we've finished out exams. Gits. We need a break!

    Nicola: I know! Y'know, Mrs Smith's on the prowl even more now, catching people's uniforms more. She tried to catch me for my hair, but I blagged it. "The sun must have dyed it, miss! I swear I haven't!"

    Lucy: Daft woman. You went from brunette to bright blonde! There's no way she could believe that. She must be senile.

    Damien: I dunno, I'm not complainin'. Might go blonde m'self.

    Sarah: Damien, dear, your hair is blonde.

    Damien: It's not that blonde. Could be brighter.

    Cody (quietly, slight grin): Only if you want to look like a streetlamp.

    Jake: A gem of wit! Wonders never cease, eh? Y'know Lucy'll be nicer to ya if you can come out with stuff like that right back to her.

    Lucy: Or I'll snap him like a twig for back-chattin' me.

    Damien: Like you could snap a twig. (Wink to Lucy).

    Nicola: Alright children, break it up. We'll have no rough housing in front of the new kid. Or d'you want to ruin our image for him?

    Sarah (Checking her watch): Oh, it's already end of fifth period. So do we go to RS and think up some silly story, or just go?

    Jake: Just go, can't be arsed with Elderson t'day. When've we next got RS?

    Cody (checking timetable): Tomorrow second period.

    Damien: Alright, meet ya here again tomorrow then. See ya guys.

    (Exit: all)

    Scene 2, in the classroom.
    Just before the start of class
    Cody and Sarah are sat on the desks next to each other
    Nicola is with her 'popular friends'
    Jake is sat in his seat drawing
    Lucy is sat on the desk next to Jake's
    Damien is sat on Jake's other side

    Damien: So, whatcha drawin' today?

    Jake: Dunno, haven't decided. Looks like a dragon so far though, doesn't it?

    Lucy: You're too into all that fantasy crap, I say. There's a world outside yer sketchpad.

    Damien: Yeah, but if he tries to muscle in on my territory I'd probably hurt him. Or something like that anyway.

    Jake: Yeah, there's a reason I don't go outside often. It usually ends in Damien 'accidentally' hurting me.

    Lucy: Ahh, you're terrible.

    Sarah: So you don't have to re-sit the year?

    Cody: No, I was in the top of my classes in my last school. Didn't have many friends, so I spent most of my time studying…

    Sarah: That's not at all healthy. Social interaction makes the world go round.

    Cody: Yeah, but I… well, I was… a little odd.

    Sarah: Isn't everyone, though? So how were you odd?

    Cody: Well… if there was a lesson I didn't like, I skipped it and spent the lesson on the school field, even in the rain. I never sat with anyone in lessons. I spent most of my time being silent.

    Sarah: Like I said, that's not healthy at all. A little social contact can work wonders. How come you never talked to anyone?

    Cody: I dunno… I was afraid people'd just pretend to be my friends or something… Like they actually didn't like me.

    Sarah: Aww, that's horrible. I'm sure people weren't like that. You have us now, though. And we're not fake like that, I can promise you that.

    Cody: Yeah… thanks.

    Nicola: You mean he found someone that quickly?

    Popular #1: I heard that's why he dumped her.

    Popular #2: And his new other half is really cute!

    Nicola: So how long's that been going on for? It's awfully sudden.

    Popular #2: Well Bethy said that he'd been acting weirdly for about a month, so we figure that's when he figured it out.

    Popular #1: But he only started avoiding her for about a week before the break-up, so maybe that's when he found the guy.

    Nicola: How's she handling it all?

    Popular #1: You know Bethy. She moved on to another guy after five minutes of moaning. She's stalking Damien now.

    Nicola: I'll tell him to watch out then. (Catches Damien's eye)

    Damien: So, got any plans after school?

    Jake: Oh, the usual. Hide in my room and probably scribble in my sketchpad some more.

    Lucy: Now that's no good. Come have a bit of fun with us.

    Damien: I've got a free house for a few hours. Wanna come round? Mum restocked the fridge too, so we're full of food.

    Lucy: I'm for it, yeah.

    Jake: Alright, yeah. Straight after school?

    Damien: Yep. I'll tell Sarah, Cody and Nicky. (Gets up and approaches Sarah and Cody)

    Sarah: So what'd you take for your options, then?

    Cody: Drama, Geography and Music. I was top in my class at Geography and Music, and I just liked my Drama classes. We had a really good teacher.

    Sarah: Oh yeah, you're in my Geography. Are you in Jake's Drama class? What's it like?

    Cody: It's really good. Everyone's really good at acting in it.

    Sarah: Sounds fun. I'll stick to my academic subjects, though, thanks. Geography, Sociology and Business Studies.

    Damien (sits down next to Cody): Heya. Jake and Lucy are coming to mine after school. Free house, food. You in?

    Sarah: Of course. I don't have anything better to do. Cody?

    Cody: Y-yeah, sure.

    Damien: Good lad. Alright, gotta go ask Nicky. (Walks off).

    Sarah (looks at Cody): What's wrong?

    Cody: N-nothing… It's just… No one ever invited me round at my last school.

    Sarah: Cody, dear, this is what having friends is about.

    Nicola: It's a shame. He really was good looking.

    Popular #1: I hear the other one's quite nice too.

    Popular #2: Someone said it was Peter Morson though.

    All three: Ewww!

    Nicola: (pause, thinking) I doubt it. Jonny has standards.

    Popular #2: Uh oh, the meathead's coming over.

    Damien: Nice to see you too, girls. Nicky, my house after school? Everyone's going.
    Nicola: Yeah, I'll come. How long for?

    Damien: However long. Free house for most of the night. Should be good.

    Nicola: Straight after school?

    Damien: Yeah.

    Nicola: 'Kay, gotcha.

    (Damien bows and walks off)

    (Bell rings, teacher walks in. Class get to their seats.)

    Teacher: Morning, class. Today's lesson is about Trigonometry.

    (Class groans.)

    Scene Three, aka music references ahoy.
    Damien's house
    Everyone is sat in Damien's lounge
    The TV is on the music channels

    Nicola: Which channel?

    Damien: Smash hits, definitely.

    Sarah: No, go for B4.

    Jake: Scuzz or Kerrang, I'd say.

    Lucy: Is the Galaxy Chart on today?

    Nicola: Not for another two hours.

    Sarah: What about MTV Flux? They're pretty varied.

    Damien: Ugh, too varied for me. I'm never putting that channel on, not since they put Barbie Girl on.

    Nicola: Three times in an hour, wasn't it?

    Damien: Something like.

    Jake: I always liked the micky-take. Ugly Girl was a classic.

    Sarah: I heard one where two guys slated Barbie because they fancied Ken. It was alright.

    Jake: I heard that too. Bloody awful, my ears bled for weeks afterwards.

    Damien: Hey, who put the Box on?

    Nicola: What? McFly were on!

    Sarah: I didn't know you liked McFly, Nicola.

    Nicola: Not really, just a couple of their songs. Could be from spending too much time with you, though, Sarah.

    Damien: Yeah, that's great but can we get this channel off before someone like Elliot Minor come on?

    Cody (Quietly): I like Elliot Minor.

    Jake: The kid has good taste. (Grinning)

    Lucy: No he doesn't. We have to wash the emo off him with a hose now.

    (Cody looks shocked)

    Damien: We tried that with Jake, but it di'nt work.

    Nicola: He was too far gone to be saved.

    Cody: I don't see what the big deal is…

    Sarah: Oh? What does that mean?

    Cody: It's just a haircut and some clothes, isn't it?

    (Everyone pauses to consider this)

    Jake: I think Cody should pick the channel.

    Sarah: For breaking all our brains with rational thoughts.

    (Everyone laughs, Cody just smiles)

    Damien: Alright Code, what channel?

    Cody: (Pause to think) Three six one.

    Sarah: Three six… Fizz?

    Jake: Fizz?

    Sarah: Two channels down from Scuzz. They play a good variety of music.

    Nicola: I had Fizz on the other day. Really good music, actually. Nice choice, Cody.

    (Cody smiles, embarrassed)

    Jake: Isn't this Funeral For A Friend?

    Lucy: Sounds emo enough.

    Sarah: I quite like them, actually.

    Jake: Their older stuff was better.

    Nicola: Everyone says that about popular bands nowadays.

    Damien: What d'ya mean, Nicky?

    Nicola: Think about it, Green Day got really popular, but all their fans said he older stuff was the better. It's the same for loads of bands, FFAF, McFly, MCR…

    Sarah: Everybody loves MCR's newer music though.

    Nicola: Yeah, but still.

    (Damien's stomach growls)

    Damien: Food'sa calling!

    Jake: I'll help. I'm starving.

    Lucy: Yeah, me too.

    (Exit: Damien, Lucy, Jake)

    Sarah: So, what's happening with Damien and Lucy?

    Nicola: You what?

    Sarah: Damien and Lucy. Don't you think they're flirting, just a little?

    Nicola: They're always flirtin'. No, Damien's going for Bethy, I think.

    Sarah: Bethy? The one Jonny dumped?

    Nicola: Yeah, that Bethy. I was listening to them in History. It was, like, Flirtsville there.

    Sarah: I hope that's as far as it goes. Damien can do so much better than her.

    Nicola: I don't reckon it will. Bethy's got a thing for that guy in Dami's P.E. class.

    Sarah: The dark-haired one? Who's more brawn than brain?

    Nicola: Yeah, him. Complete idiot. Bethy's type, definitely.

    Cody: I think I know who you mean… he held up the dinner queue for about ten minutes when he was trying to pay. Couldn't add his money together right, but he refused help.

    Nicola: Probably stolen cash too.

    Sarah: He's a brute, forcibly taking money from younger, weaker or smaller people than him…

    (Cody gulps)

    Nicola: Don't worry, Code. He's terrified of Damien, and he knows you two are mates.

    Sarah: Remember when he tried to pick a fight with Jake?

    Nicola (Grinning): Oh yeah, he was insulting Jake's drawing. Jake just laughed at him.

    Damien (Entering with a tray of food): Then I walked up and started talkin' to Jake.

    Lucy (Entering with tray): I'm pretty sure 'e wet 'imself. He's a riot, though, for a cocky git.

    Sarah: He looks like a fire hydrant.

    Jake (Enters, without tray): Probably has the brains of one too. How come we're talkin' about Richard anyway?

    Nicola & Sarah: No reason. (Avoiding each other's eyes, grinning)

    (Damien looks from one to the other)

    Damien: I'm gonna tell myself you two are planning a surprise party or somethin' like that.

    Sarah: Good plan. (Still grinning).

    Jake: Hey, what time is it?

    Cody: (Check's watch) Quarter past six.

    Jake: What?! Oh, oh no. That can't be right. (Obviously worried, panicking)

    Lucy: What's wrong?

    Jake: Dad said I had to be in by half five… Oh shit…

    Damien: Jake, dude, calm down, just stay here tonight. Mum wont mind and dad's away with work.

    Lucy: Yer dad prob'ly wont mind, Jake. I'd go with it.

    Jake: Are you sure it's alright? You sure your mum wont mind?

    Damien: Nahh, s'like I said, she's in love with you. She'll probably go out and buy you all sorts of shower gel and shampoo and god knows what else.

    Jake: 'Kay… I'll phone my dad later, once he's had a few to drink.

    Sarah: (Stands up) Actually, I'd best get going. Mum wanted me in the house tonight.

    Cody: I'll head off too.

    Damien: Alright, see ya you two.

    (Exit: Cody and Sarah)

    Lucy: You sure you don't want me to sort yer family out? I bet me and Damien could show 'em a thing or two.

    Nicola: That's not a good move. They'd probably just blame Jake again and-

    Jake: Guys, thanks but… Can we… not talk about this? Please?

    Damien: You sure, Jake? You know we'll help any way we can.

    Jake: I know, it's just… Well, I've gotta deal with it myself, I reckon. Thanks for the offers, though. I'll live through it. Only a couple of years now before I can move out, right? Let's talk about something else, 'kay? (Pause) So, uh… What're people doing at the weekend?

    Nicola: Town with the girls. Haven't been with them for a while, and I'm really running out of cosmetics.

    Lucy: Cousins are over on Friday, so I've gotta stay in, at least over Friday night. Nothing planned for Saturday yet though.

    Damien: Considering inviting y'all round again. Mum and Dad are both away for the weekend, its their anniversary. I asked if I could have a party, they said "As long as you clean everything up afterwards."

    Jake: That sounds pretty fun actually. Gonna go ahead with it?

    Damien: Probably will, yeah. I've got four days to tell everyone.

    Jake: Yeah, like that'll be a problem (Grinning).

    (Phone rings, Damien answers)

    Damien: Hello? … Yeah, she's here. … Ok, I'll tell her now. … Ok, bye."

    Lucy: Who was it?

    Damien: Your mum. (Everyone smirks) No, seriously, it was your mum. She says you're tea's gone cold and she wants you home now.

    Lucy: Oh, alright then. I guess I'll see you in school.

    Damien: You best had.

    Nicola: I think I'll go too, then. Don't wanna be stuck with a coupla guys. No offence.

    Jake: Only your "no offence" offends me. (Grinning, winks to Nicola)

    Nicola: Charmin'! Well, I'll see ya.

    (Exit: Nicola and Lucy).

    Scene Four, a late night conversation...
    Jake is on Damien's bed, Sarah is on her bed. They are on the phone to each other.
    This scene can be done with or without the characters on stage.

    Jake: Damien's in the shower right now. I'm sleepin' on the sofa. Like I said to
    Damien, it's just plain rude for me to take his bed.

    Sarah: I'm not sure, Jake. Your room at home… Well, sometimes I'm not even sure if it's fit to be called a bedroom. You sleep on a worn out mattress with no actual bed, and you have a sheet for a duvet.

    Jake: Our family ain't rich though. Dad's the only one with a halfway decent bed. S'bin that way since Mum left us.

    Sarah: Everything started going wrong when your mum left, didn't it?

    Jake: I guess… Dad started drinking more. ..:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />Adrian got rougher. Jeddy got more violent. Everything turned into a war zone, really. The house is always a mess, we barely have enough food to get by. Pretty pathetic life, really.
    (If characters are on stage, Jake falls back on to the bed and lies, legs dangling off the edge)

    Sarah: I don't know how you manage, sometimes. Everything in your life seems so… bleak.
    (Sarah should start gathering books from her desk and put them in her school bag)

    Jake: I try. I have you guys to keep me sane. And alive in some cases.

    Sarah: You're our friend. We'd be pretty bad friends if we didn't help you out when you were in need.

    Jake: I really appreciate it. Thanks a million.

    Sarah: No problem, Jake. Heck, I'm sure even Cody would help you out, even though we've known him for about a week.

    Jake: Ha, I doubt it. Cody is pretty cool though. As far as new kids go, y'know. He needs to come outta his shell a little though, doncha think?

    Sarah: Definitely. He's so… inhibited right now. It might be why he took drama. All that rubbish about confidence building.

    Jake: Hey, it's not rubbish. Y'know Alex? Remember what he was like before year ten?

    Sarah: …No, actually. Why?

    Jake: He was a total recluse. Sat in corners of classrooms and did nowt. Didn't talk to anyone or anything.

    Sarah: So, how's this relevant?

    Jake: Well, if you see him nowadays, he's one of the most sociable people in our year. He's not afraid of making a prat of himself any more, and he started actually talking to people.

    Sarah: Oh. Well… that's…

    Jake: Shocking, I know.

    Sarah: Shocking? More like someone just ran into my with a truck. Repeatedly.

    Jake: Naw, you can't be that surprised.

    Sarah: Well, no. But I am surprised that someone can undergo that kind of change, just from walking about shouting and waving their arms.

    Jake: Oi, I'll be having none of this drama bashing, thank you very much. There's more to Drama than acting like a bunch of monkeys.

    Sarah: Yeah, you're allowed to pull faces at invigilators in exams.

    Jake: Just one of the perks of being a drama student. (Grinning). Reminds me of some of the top things to do in an exam.

    Sarah: That sentence fills me with equal parts of curiosity and pure fear. You find it funny. It must be terrifying.

    Jake: Nah, you'll like this. Wear a white shirt and plain black pants to the exam. Halfway through, put on a mask and cape, stand up and sing "The Phantom of the Opera is here" at the top of your lungs.

    (Sarah laughs)

    Jake: Told ya you'd like it. (Smirking)

    Sarah: It was pretty clever, for you.

    Jake: I am to please.
    (Stands up and bows, even though Sarah can't see him)

    Sarah: You just took a bow, didn't you?

    Jake: Don't be silly. I'm also not called Jake, I'm actually a fifty three year old balding woman called Margery.

    Sarah: Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, Jake. (Rolls her eyes)

    Jake: It also happens to be my favourite. Gotta have a few quirks to ya, I reckon. Everyone has 'em.

    Sarah: Oh really? Well, what are my quirks?

    Jake: Oh, that's easy. You pick up on things that no one else does, and you're the top of your class without being a total nerd.

    Sarah: I'll take those as compliments, then, shall I?

    Jake: Well, yeah. I'm not the type to say stuff like that offensively. As far as I'm concerned, little traits like that are what make people interesting, unique and loveable.

    Sarah: Well one of your traits is that you're too nice for your own good. You trust a little too much. That's not always a bad thing, but sometimes.

    Jake: I know. He was a mistake though.

    Sarah: I know, Jake. By the way, did you phone your dad?

    Jake: Yeah. He didn't answer, though. Jeddy did.

    Sarah: Oh? What did he say?

    Jake: Not entirely sure. Every other word was swearing. Something like "You better effing stay the eff out tonight, or I'll smash your mother-effing face in".

    Sarah: Ah, right.

    Jake: I think that means Dad was too drunk to care, and those two are fine with me not being there.

    Sarah: Well, that's good, I guess.

    Jake: Could be worse. A lot worse.

    Sarah: That's true. At least you're allowed to stay at Damien's.

    Jake: Yeah. Oh, Damien's just got out of the shower. I'll see ya tomorrow, 'kay?

    Sarah: Definitely. See ya.

    (Both hang up simultaneously)

    Scene Five.
    Just before form period
    Everyone apart from Cody is gathered

    Damien: No forum tutor today, Nicky. He's ill or something.
    (Leaning against the wall)

    Nicola: Again? He's never in.

    Jake: I wish our form tutor was never in. He always warns us about global warming, or sometimes he mocks what people have instead of science. Bloody science teacher.

    Nicola: Ours is a drunk. We found a bottle of whiskey in his desk one time. He always drinks that weird looking mixed drink, too, if you notice.

    Lucy: Hmm… Wonder if he'd consider sharin'?

    Sarah: Not with you, Lucy. The whole school knows what happened last time you got drunk.

    Lucy: Hey, I didn't lay a single finger on that kid!

    Sarah: Oh, and I guess it was a ghost that knocked him down the stairs?

    Lucy: He was just as bad. He probably fell down himself.

    Jake: He might share with me. I'm a quiet drunk.

    Nicola: You're a bloody drama drunk. You got up and started performing Shakespeare, throwin' in a few lines from your play really loudly.

    Jake: I don't remember doing that at all.

    Nicola: You were probably too drunk to remember.

    Sarah: I think we were all too drunk to be held accountable for our actions, to be honest.

    Nicola: I wasn't. I was collecting blackmail on you all.

    Damien: Oh really? So what'd you get on me, then, Nicky?

    Nicola: A girl never tells.
    (Wink and grin)

    Jake: Not until she has to blackmail ya, that is.

    Damien: (Points to door) We're goin' in, Nicky.

    Nicola: We have Miss Walker? (Pause) …Well, ok. See ya, guys.

    (Exit: Damien and Nicola.
    Enter: Cody)

    (Cody approaches the group with his head down)

    Cody: (Quietly) Hey guys…

    Sarah: Hi, Cody… What's up?

    Jake: 'Ere, what's that on your face?
    (Tries to look. Cody backs off)

    Cody: Noth-nothing…

    (Lucy grabs Cody's shoulder and face, and forces his head up. Sarah gasps)

    Lucy: How'd you get that?

    Jake: Nice black eye. You officially look like a panda.

    Sarah: (Strictly) Thank you, Jake. Cody, what happened?

    Lucy: Did someone punch you? Want me to sort 'em out for you?

    Cody: It's n-nothing, I… fell…

    Lucy: Looks like it hurt.

    Sarah: Cody, I don't believe that. What happened?

    Cody: (With uncharacteristic force) Nothing, just drop it.

    Sarah: Cody, please.

    Lucy: Code, c'mon. What happened?

    Cody: Nothing happened! Just leave it!
    (Cody storms off)


    Sarah: I don't believe that he fell for even a second.

    Lucy: Whatever happened must have really shook 'im up.

    Sarah: Maybe he was attacked?

    Jake: I'll go check on him during form. He wont go to form, I'll bet anything on it. Wont wanna be seen, I reckon.

    Lucy: I don't see why he's so bugged about talking about it.

    Jake: I do. I'll check on him.

    Lucy: Let me know if he says anything, alright? I'm headed in now. See ya at break, you two.

    (Exit: Lucy)

    (Sarah gives Jake a scrutinising look)

    Sarah: You know something, don't you?

    Jake: Not for sure, no. I have a hunch though.

    Sarah: What is it?

    Jake: Wont say. If I'm wrong, I don't want anyone to find out and start spreading rumours. I don't think the poor guy can cope with that.

    Sarah: No, I suppose not… (Pause) …Make sure he's okay, alright?

    Jake: You know me.

    Sarah: I do. Don't try to take his problems, though. You can't cope with someone else's problems on top of yours.

    Jake: (Cold) Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

    Sarah: Still not going to tell me?

    Jake: I would, but your form just went in.
    (Jake points to Sarah's form)

    Sarah: You weren't actually going to, were you?

    Jake: Not as such, no. (Smirk)

    (Sarah rolls her eyes, then leaves)

    (Jake goes offstage. Cody is found in the toilets, hands placed on either side of a sink, hunched over and head down)

    Jake: Thought I might find you here.

    Cody: (Has been crying) What do you want, Jake?

    Jake: Just came to check on you. Make sure you're okay. I know there's more to your injuries than just that eye.

    Cody: (Coldly) I'm fine.

    Jake: Don't give me that, Cody, I know you're not. I recognise that kind of bruise. It takes more than just a fall to give you a black eye that bad. I'm not gonna force anythin' out of you, Cody, I'm not like that. Just remember, we're all here for you. And we'll sort it if you want us to.

    Cody: (Long pause) ... I've got a couple of bruises and some cuts.

    Jake: Whereabouts?

    Cody: Arms and chest.

    Jake: I'm kinda surprised you're in school. Did it happen before you got here, on the way or in school, or…?

    Cody: … Just before I got here.

    Jake: So what happened? Were you jumped, mugged or what?

    (Cody turns around and slides down the side so that he's sitting, still not looking at Jake)
    Cody: … I was j-jumped. Not far from school… I'd taken a back route to try to get here quicker, a-and…

    Jake: I can guess the rest. Who did it?

    (Cody doesn't answer)
    (Jake sits next to Cody)

    Jake: It's alright, Code. If you wanna get it sorted in the future, let one of us know and we'll fix it, alright? Just let me know, 'kay?

    (Cody nods. He is crying again. Jake hugs him, then stands up and makes for the exit. When his hand is on the door, Cody looks up).

    Cody: It… It was… R-richard.

    (Jake's hand tightens on the handles)
    Jake: Richard?

    (Cody nods)
    Cody: Y-yeah.

    At break.
    Jake and Sarah are away from the rest of the group.

    Sarah: Jake, what's up? You looked so angry in English.

    Jake: I found out what happened to Cody. We were right, he'd been jumped and beaten up.

    Sarah: Thought so. He's fragile enough as it is, he doesn't need that kind of treatment.

    Jake: And Richard did it.

    Sarah: What?!

    Jake: I know. That bastard jumped Cody for no good reason. Probably just to get back at Damien.

    Sarah: We have to tell someone. A teacher or someone.

    Jake: You and I both know that wont work. Richard's a brute. He'll only respond to violence. I'll rip him to pieces myself.

    Sarah: Jake, no. He'll squash you. We should tell Damien.

    Jake: I hate him, Sarah. He's a sadist. He uses everyone just to get at Damien.

    Sarah: I know, Jake. And I know he hurt you, but please. We have to tell Damien.

    (Jake doesn't reply.)

    Sarah: Please Jake! Just leave it to Damien. I'll tell him later, after school. Jake, promise me you wont do anything. Promise me.

    Jake: … Ok, Sarah. If he does anything else to Cody today, though, I will kill him.

    Sarah: Jake.

    Jake: Fine. I wont. I promise.

    Sarah: Thank you. Keep an eye on Cody today. He's so vulnerable right now…

    Jake: I will.

    (End scene)

    Scene Six
    In maths
    Damien, Jake and Sarah are sat next to each other
    The teacher, Mr Johnson, is patrolling, making sure everyone is doing their work
    The scene can have other actors playing students.

    Damien: I've told everyone who isn't a complete git to come round on Friday night.

    Jake: Got any booze?

    Damien: Someone said they'd bring some. It's basically B.Y.O.B, I reckon.

    Sarah: What about music? It isn't a party without music.

    Damien: Music channels, and you should know that I have a bigger music collection than most of the school put t'gether.

    Jake: So who didn't you invite? I know whatcha like, you've probably invited nearly everyone.

    Damien: Am I that predictable?

    (Jake and Sarah look at each other)

    Jake & Sarah: Yes. (Both grin)

    Damien: Well, damn. Anyway, basically everyone in the year, apart from the 'geniuses' in my P.E. class.

    Jake: Did you invite the D.T group and Music geeks?

    Damien: Yep, apart from Richard. He wasn't in when I went into the D.T room. Not that I'd invite the idiot anyway.

    (Sarah and Jake glance at each other. Damien opens his mouth to question this)

    Mr Johnson: How much work have you done, Damien?

    Sarah: Sir… is there any extra work?

    Mr Johnson: Uh… well…

    (Jake swaps his and Damien's books)

    Try tackling the next exercise. So, Damien, how much work?

    (He checks the book)

    Well… Good work. Jake?

    Sarah: Sir, there is no next exercise.

    Mr Johnson: Oh… er…

    (Jake swaps his book back)

    Well, just take it easy for a bit, then. But keep your book open so you look like you're working and I don't get into trouble. Now, Jake? How much work have you done?

    (Checks book briefly)

    Well… yes, good work. Carry on.

    (Mr Johnson walks off).

    Jake: (Grinning) Moron. He falls for it every single time.

    Damien: You think he'd've realised by now.

    Sarah: Especially since your handwritings aren't even similar. And Damien has about a third of the work in his book.

    Jake: How did he even get a job here?

    Damien: Probably how I'll get my first job. Through threats and sexy intimidation.

    Jake: Someone else must have leant him their sexy, then taken it back.

    Sarah: Must have. I've seen sexier dead fish than him.

    Damien: By the way, don't think I missed your little look earlier. What was that about?

    (Jake looks hesitant, Sarah glances at Jake)

    Jake: Well…

    Sarah: It's…

    Damien: What? What is it? (Pause) … Is it about Richard?

    (Jake looks away)

    Sarah: Damien, have you seen Cody recently? Like, at all today?

    Damien: No, he wasn't around at break. Why?

    Sarah: Well… he has the worst black eye I've seen since that kid ran into the pole on cross country, twice.

    Damien: (wincing) Jeez, how did he manage that? Was he in a fight or something?

    Jake: Not quite.

    Sarah: Er… well, he was hit, that's for sure…

    Damien: What does that mean?

    Jake: That foul, irritable, miserable bastard Richard jumped him for no good reason.

    Damien: What?!

    Mr Johnson: Damien! Quiet down!

    Damien: Sorry, sir. What do you mean, Richard jumped Cody?

    Sarah: Damien, Cody came into school just after you and Nicola went into form. He wouldn't look at us properly. Lucy got him to show us his face, and it looked like someone had painted all around his eye with black paint. He wouldn't tell us what happened and stormed off. Jake went to find him during form to find out what happened.

    Jake: He was a mess. He looked terrible. And I don't mean physically. Whatever Richard did, it shook Cody up something horrible. He wouldn't look at me when I asked him what happened. He wouldn't look at me when he told me. He couldn't tell me who did it at first, he just… it looked like he'd given up. He sat down with his face in his hands. Just when I was leaving, he told me who did it.

    Damien: … that sick bastard. What the hell did he attack Cody for?

    Sarah: Damien, isn't it obvious? He's doing it to hurt you! Everything he's done has been to get even with you for some stupid reason. Don't you remember what he did to Jake?

    Mr Johnson: Still working, I hope! Sarah, try exercise 26C.

    Sarah: Yes sir. (Sarah opens her book but doesn't even pretend to be doing the work)

    Damien: He's… ugh, I can't think of a word to describe him. Just because I beat him at everything, he attacks my friends?

    Jake: If he lays another finger on Cody, I'll kill him myself.

    Sarah: Jake, no. He'll rip you to shreds. Damien, what are you going to do? Telling the teachers wont help. Cody isn't strong enough to stand up to Richard.

    Damien: Jake's right. If he so much as thinks about hurting my friends again, I'll sort him out.

    (Bell rings)

    Mr Johnson: Alright class, off you go.

    (Exit: All.)

    Scene Seven.
    Sarah and Cody are on the phone to each other, in their respective bedrooms.
    Jake can be on or off stage at this point.

    Sarah: So how's your eye?

    Cody: 'Bout the same. Still black as coal and hurts when I blink.

    Sarah: Have you tried putting ice on it? Or some cream of some sort?

    Cody: Yeah… It didn't help much. Made it sting a bit.

    Sarah: I'm surprised it hasn't faded, just through the day. He must have hit you harder than any of us realised.

    Cody: Could be worse. Nothing's broken. Bruised a bit, but not broken.

    Sarah: So, how much damage did he do?

    (Cody doesn't answer)

    It's okay, you don't have to tell me. Jake's worried about you, though. How understands just how you reacted.

    (Cody falls back on to his bed)

    Cody: It's just… it came as… a bit of a shock.

    Sarah: I'll say. It isn't every day you get assaulted. Jake told us what happened, by the way. I hope you don't mind.

    Cody: No, it's okay… Just… don't much wanna talk about it right now.

    Sarah: Alright Cody. (Pause) Oh, I gave Jake your number so he might phone later, just to make sure you're okay. Is that alright?

    Cody: Yeah, it's fine… you guys are really nice.

    Sarah: Well, thank you. We try. Looking after each other is what friends do, after all. Which reminds me, you have Geography homework. Mr Grant said it's detention for anyone who doesn't do it.

    (Sarah sorts through some books to find a sheet)

    Cody: Really? Like I don't already have enough homework… What's the work?

    Sarah: Just a sheet on weathering. You can copy mine, so don't worry.

    Cody: Thanks a million, Sarah. I don't know how I'd keep up with all my work if it wasn't for you.

    Sarah: Don't worry about it. Like I said, that's what friends are for.

    Cody: Thanks…

    Sarah: Anyway, I've got a few things to do before tomorrow. Phone me if you need someone to talk to, okay?

    Cody: Okay… thanks again, Sarah.

    Sarah: No problem. See you tomorrow.

    (Sarah hangs up and goes offstage
    Cody sits up, puts the phone beside his and buries his face in his hands
    If Jake is on stage at this point, he should dial and phone Cody.
    The phone rings. If Jake is offstage, he should come onstage with the phone to his ear.
    Cody answers the phone)

    Cody: Hello?

    Jake: Hey Cody, it's Jake.

    Cody: Oh, hi Jake.

    (Cody swings his legs on to the bed)

    Jake: So how're you holding up?

    Cody: I'm okay… just been talking to Sarah.

    Jake: Ahh, yeah. Sarah's really nice. She's always there to talk to, that's one thing I learned about her. She gets a lot of grief 'cause she's so smart but she's really a lovely person.

    Cody: Yeah… you all are.

    Jake: We try.

    (Cody laughs)

    Jake: What's funny? Dammit, I was beings serious for once!

    Cody: No, it's just… Sarah said the same thing.

    (Jake laughs)

    Jake: That doesn't surprise me. Me and Sarah are like twins. We're always on th'same wavelength.

    Cody: That's really cool.

    Jake: We've known each other for ages. Before primary school, back when my mum was around.

    Cody: When your mum..?

    Jake: Was around, yeah. She left a few years ago. Since then, everythin' started going wrong for my family. It's like she held our family together, and now she's gone…

    Cody: Jake… I'm so sorry…

    Jake: What for? It's not your fault. You didn't make her leave. Anyway, that's enough about me. Let's focus on you.

    Cody: On me?

    Jake: No, on the invisible person next to you. Of course you. (Grinning) You only moved up here recently so no one really knows you, I reckon. So, tell me a bit about yourself.

    Cody: oh, um… like what?

    Jake: I dunno, anything. Favourite colour, food, band, your hobbies, that sorta stuff. Just about you.

    Cody: Okay… um… Well… (Pause, thinking) …My favourite colour's red… I like all different kinds of music but my favourite band is… Madina Lake, I think… Er… (Nervous laugh) This is really hard!

    Jake: (Laughs) Yeah, it can be pretty tough to talk about yourself. I do it by thinking what I put on my MySpace page.

    Cody: Oh, right… (Pause again) Well… I don't eat much, but I really like burgers… I like drawing and painting…

    Jake: See, I never would've been able to tell that. You're an inhibited child, aincha?

    Cody: Um…

    Jake: (Laughs) I'm not havin' a go at ya, don't worry. Is that why you took Drama? For confidence building?

    Cody: Er… (Clearly embarrassed)

    Jake: Thought it was. (Grinning still) Don't believe a word Sarah says, Drama really does build confidence. It's better for you than Sociology or whatever she took. Shame, really. She would've been good at Drama, I reckon.

    Cody: Would she?

    Jake: Yeah, 'cause she's really good at empathising with people. I can too, but only 'cause of my experience.

    Cody: Experience?

    Jake: Yeahuh. All the shit that people go through usually? I've been through it all once before. You get all these people who say that their lives are horrible and they hate the world and all that jazz, well, they're all a bunch of liars. I really have been through it all, and lemme tell ya, I'll be damned before I think the world hates me, 'cause I have the best friends anyone could ask for and they make everything worthwhile.

    Cody: Wow… That's really…

    Jake: Yeah, I know.

    Cody: Jake… when you said everything… have you ever been…


    Jake: Jumped? Yeah. A few times, actually. And something tells me you've been jumped more than once, too. Am I right?

    Cody: … Yeah.

    Jake: Thought so. And, y'know, just guessing here, but the first time you were attacked it was pretty traumatic.

    Cody: Yeah… it just… brought back a couple of… bad memories.

    Jake: Thought it might've. Hey, remember, we're always here for you to talk to. You're never alone, you don't have to keep it all to yourself. We'll share the load if you need us to, 'kay?

    Cody: Yeah… thanks, Jake.

    Jake: No problem. This is what friendship is about.

    (Cody laughs again)

    Cody: Sarah said that too.

    Jake: (Grinning) Peas in a pod, eh?

    Cody: You really are… (Smiling)

    Jake: Anyway, I'm gonna make a start on our Drama homework. Phone me if you need any help or owt, or someone to talk to, 'kay?

    Cody: Alright… Thanks, Jake.

    Jake: No problem. See ya tomorrow.

    Cody: See ya.

    (Jake hangs up. Cody stares at the phone for a moment.)

    (End scene)
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    Scene 8
    Cody, Sarah and Damien are outside the gym.

    Damien: So, yeah. You two can come round straight after school and help me set everything up. Mum brought a ton of food, so I've got it sort it all.

    Cody: Yeah, cool.

    Sarah: No problem. I'll arrange the food for you. D'you want it alphabetically, colour-wise or size-wise?

    Damien: Eh, up to you. (Grinning)

    Sarah: I'll decide when I see what you've got. (Smiling.) What time is it, by the way?

    Cody: (Checks his watch) Quarter to one.

    Sarah: Oh, I've gotta go, music lesson. See you two after school.

    (Exit: Sarah)

    Cody: Is she always that organised.

    Damien: Yeah, she's on top of everythin'. She always helps out when I'm organisin' parties. Last time, she got all the food arranged in a big flower. Looked bloody brilliant.

    Cody: Wow… wish I was that organised. My room looks like a bomb his it.

    Damien: Mine too. Tried to tidy it the other day. After an hour, it looked exactly the same, so I sacked it.

    Cody: (Laughs) Yeah, me too.

    (Richard approaches Cody and Damien)

    Richard: Eye not healed yet? (Smirking)

    (Cody steps so that Damien is between him and Richard)

    Damien: What do you want, Richard?

    Richard: Can't a guy just come an' say 'ello?

    Damien: A guy, sure. A miserable scumbag like you? 'Fraid not.

    Richard: Now is that any way to treat a friendly rival?

    Damien: Friendly? If you're a friend, I sure as hell don't wanna meet my enemies.

    Richard: Naw, I ain't that bad.

    Damien: You hurt my friends, you use them to get to me because you can't handle that I'm better than you, and you don't have the guts to do a single friggin' thing, face to face. Believe me, you are that bad.

    Richard: Nahh. I'm showin' concern for yer little friend there.

    (Cody steps away)

    Damien: Concern? You're mockin' him! You're the bastard that attacked him!

    Richard: Now, how would you know that? (Leans round and glares at Cody)

    Damien: (Stepping between the two again) Jake told me. You know Jake, doncha? Or did you forget just what you did to him?

    Richard: No, I haven't.

    Damien: No, I bet you haven't. And you have the balls to wonder why I don't bother wasting my breath on you.

    (Enter: Lucy)

    Lucy: Hey, Damien, heard you needed some help… What the hell is he doing here?

    Richard: 'Ello to you too, Lucy.

    Lucy: Save it, Richard. I'm not botherin' with you. You're not worth it.

    Damien: Cody, I want you to go to the common room, find Jake, Sarah and Nicola and stay with them. Right now.

    Cody: O-okay…

    (Exit: Cody)

    Lucy: So, Richard… Whatcha gonna do now? Someone's finally doin' to you what you do to everyone else. How's it feel?

    Richard: Oh, I feel just fine. There's no way you two can take me.

    Damien: Lucy, calm down. Richard. I'm sick and tired of you attacking my friends. What you did to Cody was wrong. What you did to Jake was sick. I want you to stop. Right now.

    Richard: And what'll you do if I don't?

    Lucy: What do you think we'll do?

    Damien: We'll do the only thing that you respond to.

    Richard: Oh yeah? And what's that then?

    Damien: I'll fucking murder you.

    (Richard snorts but edges away)

    Richard: Don't make me laugh, pretty boy. You couldn't hurt a fly.

    Damien: Try me.

    Richard: Well, I would, but I'm late for Rugby training. Some other time, pretty boy.

    (Exit: Richard)

    Lucy: He's the worst.

    Damien: He is. But that didn't do a single thing to 'im.

    Lucy: What d'you mean?

    Damien: I'm not thick. All that's done is maybe make him work harder to keep whatever the hell he's doing a secret.

    Lucy: Whatever he's doing?

    Damien: Me and Sarah were talking… Richard's not one of the smartest people ever but he's damn tricky. And he's good at plannin' stuff. He's up to something, count on it.

    Lucy: What d'you reckon it is?

    Damien: Dunno…

    (Exit: Damien and Lucy)
    (Enter: Jake and Nicola)
    (In the common room. Other students should be on stage, talking quietly)

    Jake: Looking forward to the party t'night?

    Nicola: Yeah, should be good. Everyone cool's gonna be there, music and booze. Can't get much better than that.

    Jake: Yeah, should be mint. Oh, did Dami tell you that we're stayin' over? Me, you, Sarah, Cody and Lucy.

    Nicola: Oh, cool. Mum wont mind, so I'm definitely in. You?

    Jake: Ha, like my family'd give a damn. I'm stayin'. Cody says he's definitely stayin' too.

    Nicola: Sarah'll probably stay. She'd be sortin' her bookshelf into alphabetical order otherwise, I think.

    Jake: (Laughs) Yeah, probably. I wonder where they all are, anyway?

    (Enter: Cody)

    Nicola: Hey Code.

    Jake: Cody, what's up?

    Cody: Uh… It's R-richard…

    Nicola: Richard?

    Jake: What's that git done now?

    Cody: Da-Damien and Lucy are t-talking to him right now.

    Jake: Git… What's he playin' at…

    Nicola: What's happened?

    (Everyone on stage is quiet)

    Jake: I'll explain tomorrow when things've died down a bit.

    Cody: Jake…

    Jake: Don't worry about it, Cody. Damien and Lucy can look after themselves.

    (Cody nods)

    (End Scene)

    Scene 9.
    Damien's house. Damien, Jake, Sarah, Cody, Nicola and Lucy are all present, rushing about the stage, preparing for the party.

    Damien: Sarah, how's the food looking?
    (Walks across stage with a stack of CDs)

    Sarah: Half-way through it, Damien. You have pretty boring food this time.
    (By a table, organising food)

    Damien: When you've finished, help Jake with the fairy lights.

    Cody: Damien, where'd you want the disco ball?
    (Cody goes to the side and gets something to stand on)

    Jake: Put it on the ceiling, Cody, he always has it there. Ladder's over at the side.
    (At the side, hanging lights)

    Lucy: Damien, where're the speakers?

    Damien: Look under the stairs, Lucy.
    (Lucy goes offstage)

    Nicola: Damien, your CD player's busted.

    Damien: Go look for my CD player, it's in my room.

    Nicola: Gotcha
    (Goes offstage)

    Cody: Dami, the disco ball's up. What did you tell me to do next?

    Damien: Help Jake with the fairy lights.
    (Damien takes a remote and pushes the buttons randomly)

    Jake: Cody, go get the other end and tie them above the TV.

    Cody: I'm on it.
    (Cody gets the other end and steps around Damien)

    Jake: Damien, are these the single colour or what?

    Damien: (Turning to look at Jake) Just white those. They flash better than the multicoloured ones though.

    (Cody takes a step back and walks into Damien. Both stagger)
    Cody: Oh, sorry Dami.

    Damien: No problem, no problem. Didja tie the lights up?

    Cody: Yep. It's all sorted over here. Do your main lights have a dimmer switch or what?

    (Lucy comes back on stage)
    Lucy: Damien, where'd you want these?

    Damien: Wait for Nicola to find my CD player.

    Nicola: (From offstage) Damien, your room's a tip! Where's your bloody CD player?

    Damien: Hold on Nicola, I'll have a look. Cody, check the cupboards in the dining room for the disco lights, Lucy, go help him.

    Lucy: Gotcha.

    (Cody and Lucy go offstage)

    Sarah: Finished! What d'you think?

    Jake: Very nice. A unicorn this time?

    Sarah: Well, I already did flowers. Need any help with those?

    Jake: No, I've got it. By the way, what d'you think-

    (Cody returns with the lights)

    Cody: (Shouts) Damien, where'd you want the lights?

    Damien: (From offstage) On top of the TV!

    (Cody puts the lights at the side of the stage, Sarah shoots Jake a knowing look. Lucy reappears with more lights)

    Lucy: This can go next to the disco ball. Cody?

    Cody: 'Kay. Pass it here.

    (Cody stands on whatever he was stood on earlier, possibly a block, and attaches the lights. Lights may be imaginary)

    (Damien and Nicola come back on stage)

    Nicola: Lucy, plug it in. We need loud tunes for tonight, I'm thinking. What've you brought, Dami?

    Damien: Bit of everythin'. Go look, they're over there. By the way, Sarah, how's the food looking.

    Sarah: It's finished. Am I alright to go bake something?

    Damien: Dunno, how long will it take?

    Sarah: The party's not for another four hours, Damien. Whatever I make, it won't take that long.

    Damien: Alright, go ahead. Cody, go help her.

    (Cody and Sarah go to the side of the stage and mime being in the kitchen. If possible, turn the lights off of them)

    Jake: What now, Dami?

    Damien: Could you put some CDs in the player and set it to random for me? And make them kinda varied. Not just your emo rubbish.

    Jake: Damn, foiled.
    (Jake starts sorting through the CDs)

    Nicola: I might go attack your room. You've got at least three of my CDs in there, and probably more of my random stuff you've nicked.

    Damien: Take Lucy with ya, she knows where everything goes in my room.

    Lucy: C'mon Nicky.

    (Nicola and Lucy go offstage. If possible, they should be on different sides of the stage)

    Jake: How do you have Madina Lake's album while I don't?

    Damien: Same way you have Eminem's, but I don't.

    Jake: Touché.

    Damien: By the way, can I borrow that?

    Jake: If I can ever find it. Don't remember where I put it. I'll have a look for it over the weekend.

    Damien: By the way, didja check if everyone can stay over?

    Jake: Yep, everyone's up for it.

    (Jake and Damien freeze. Nicola and Lucy talk from offstage)

    Lucy: I forgot just how messy that lad is.

    Nicola: How can he live in this room?

    Lucy: What's that?

    Nicola: I dunno, but I think it's alive.

    Lucy: Maybe if we poke it it'll leave.

    Nicola: I'm not touching it.

    Lucy: Does he have anything like a stick or somethin' like that?

    Nicola: I'd say use that but it looks like it's alive too.

    Lucy: It's like the mess is alive!

    Nicola: It probably is. Maybe he has some nuclear waste in here or something.

    Lucy: Ok, if it moves kick it or something, then shove it in his bed. He bloody well deserves that for having them in his room.

    Nicola: You can do that. I'm not touching anything that might be alive.

    (Sarah and Cody start talking again)

    Sarah: Enjoying yourself?

    Cody: Yeah… Actually making the party is pretty fun, isn't it?

    Sarah: It is until you try to keep track of time.

    Cody: Why's that?

    Sarah: Because it moves too quickly. You never seem to have enough time to sort everything before the party starts.

    Cody: Really? It's going well today though, isn't it?

    Sarah: It is. Never has done before. You must be good luck or something.

    (Cody laughs)

    Cody: Laws of balance and all that.

    Sarah: Laws of balance?

    Cody: Yeah. Basically, everything has to be balanced.

    Sarah: Like what?

    Cody: Well, for one good deed, another bad one has to go with it. For happiness, there's gotta be sadness. And good luck's gotta have bad luck with it.

    Sarah: You've had enough bad luck. It's about time it started looking up for you.

    Cody: Thanks, I think.

    Sarah: Pass me those eggs, will you?

    Cody: Sure thing. (Passes eggs) Pass the milk, please.

    Sarah: Here you go. (Passes milk) So, Cody, we don't know much about you, really. Tell me a bit about yourself.

    Cody: I… uh… like what?

    Sarah: I dunno, something no one knows.

    Cody: The only things no one knows are secrets…

    Sarah: Well, if you tell me one of your secrets, I'll tell you one of mine.

    Cody: Alright… but you can go first.

    Sarah: Well… alright… (Pause) When I was younger, we had a bird nest in our attic. We had a little flap for the birds to get in and out. I used to go up to the attic, and pretend I'd been kidnapped. I attached little notes to the birds' legs and waited for them to fly off. The birds never had the letters when they came back, so I still think someone found them and read them, but never wrote back.

    Cody: Wow…

    Sarah: It's a silly fantasy, but I still sometimes go up there to see if anyone replied. No one has, but you never know. Anyway, your turn. Tell me something no one knows.

    Cody: Um… well… I haven't really spoken about it since… It's a bit of a painful memory…

    (Sarah should slow down what she is doing, realising that she may be forcing something out of Cody that he does not want to share)

    Sarah: You don't have to tell me, if you don't want to.

    Cody: No, it's alright… It's just… Well, I liked someone a couple of years ago… And we kind of dated for a bit. It was all nice for a while, but gradually I started to… well, realise that… they were actually cheating on me with probably half of the school. Player, eh? In the end… they told me. It was going on for a year of me pretending. I couldn't stand seeing in at school any more. Then, about another year later, we moved, and I was glad that I didn't have to see them again.

    Sarah: Oh, Cody…
    (Sarah hugs Cody)

    Cody: Thanks Sarah… You're the only person I've told about that…

    Sarah: It's no problem, Cody. That's what friends are for, 'kay? You shouldn't ever have to feel like that.
    (Sarah releases Cody)

    Cody: Thanks… hey, pass the butter.

    Sarah: Here you go.
    (Sarah passes the butter)

    (Cody and Sarah start miming again, Damien and Jake start moving again)

    Jake: When're your parents getting back?

    Damien: Monday. So I've got the weekend to tidy everything up again.

    Jake: Well, if you don't mind renting a room for me, I'll gladly help out.

    Damien: No problem bud, as long as you realise that the second you start lazin' about I'm kickin' you out.

    Jake: You're a poet and we didn't know it. (Smirking) By the way, I've picked these CDs. How does the player work? Does it pick randomly from any of the CDs?

    Damien: Pretty much. It takes about three seconds to sort itself out though and actually play the next song.

    Jake: Damn technology. Making our life better at the cost of three seconds per song…

    Damien: Watchit, sarcasm boy, or you'll get uninvited.

    Jake: Like you could have a party without me (Smirking). It just wouldn't be the same, would it?

    Damien: 'Fraid to say it wouldn't. We wouldn't have anyone to laugh it.

    Jake: Aww, I love you too. (Offers a hug)

    Damien: Pshh. Rejected (Smirking).

    Jake: What's up, macho man? Too macho for a male-male hug?

    Damien: Ha, as if.

    Jake: Go on, prove me wrong. (Jake sticks his tongue out)

    (Damien hugs Jake briefly)

    Jake: Nyaa. Gay boy.

    Damien: I knew you'd do that. (Shakes his head but grins)

    (Damien and Jake freeze)

    (Nicola and Lucy speak from off stage)

    Nicola: It's not lookin' bad, is it?

    Lucy: Yeah, as soon as you get rid of all his rubbish and leftover food. He's a slob, Damien.

    Nicola: He makes up for it, though, dunt he?

    Lucy: If you want. Yeah, he does. He has a huge house and throws parties, and he's not about to feel us up in our sleep.

    Nicola: I love how the best compliment is "He's a party maniac and isn't likely to rape us."

    Lucy: Well, he's a nice guy, that goes without sayin', dunt it?

    Nicola: Yeah, it does. I'm glad he's thrown this party. Hold on, what's this?

    Lucy: Ew, put it down! That's his underwear!

    Nicola: Eww! That's underwear?!

    Lucy: I think so. It looks like his tastes.

    Nicola: (Pause) Leopard print is his taste?

    Lucy: Don't ask. Just… avoid anythin' made of cloth.

    Nicola: That's a good idea.

    (Sarah and Cody start moving again)

    Sarah: So, Cody, if you don't mind me asking, what was that person's name? Y'know, who you were talking about earlier?

    Cody: Oh, um… (pause for thought) Jo.

    Sarah: Jo? … (Pause) Nice name.

    Cody: Yeah, I guess.

    Sarah: Sorry, you probably don't want to hear me complimenting your ex.

    Cody: No, it's fine… S'in the past now…

    Sarah: (Pause) Hey, go ask Damien about his alcohol. I'll finish up here.

    Cody: Are you sure? I mean, we still have a bit of time.

    Sarah: Yeah, I'm sure, go on. I'll finish everything here.

    Cody: Okay, sure.

    (Sarah freezes, Cody goes offstage. If possible, he should walk around the outside of the stage and come back on stage on the other side, and approach Damien and Jake. If not, he should wait a few seconds, then come back on stage)

    Damien: Heya Cody. How're the cake stuffs coming along?

    Cody: Sarah's just finishing up now. She told me to come and ask about alcohol.

    Damien: Oh yeah, come on. It's all under the stairs. Come help me sort it all out.

    Cody: Sure thing.

    (Cody and Damien go offstage. Jake looks up, then approaches Sarah. Sarah should be washing dishes)

    Sarah: Oh, hi Jake. Could you check on the cake for me?

    Jake: Sure. How come you sent Cody to ask Dami about whatever? It's not like you.

    Sarah: Oh, I was nearly finished here and I remembered no one had sorted it out yet.

    Jake: I believe that about as much as I believe that pigs are secretly plotting to overthrow government with non-lethal weaponry.

    (Sarah laughs)

    Sarah: Well… I was talking to him. I'm not sure everything he told us about just generally being insecure is true, to be honest.

    Jake: Oh? How come?

    Sarah: I shouldn't tell you this, really… But I know you wont tell him I told you.

    Jake: Go on.

    Sarah: Well… he liked someone called Jo back in his old school. They went out for a bit, then had a really bad break-up. Jo cheated on Cody with half the school, Cody said, so it was a misplacement of trust. I think that's why Cody doesn't trust anyone any more.

    Jake: Oh, hell. That would explain a lot.

    Sarah: Yeah… I figured Damien'd take Cody to get the alcohol, I was just about to come get you. How's the cake, by the way?

    Jake: Cooked. Adding decoration? And… well, I dunno what to say about Cody. He knows we're not like that, right?

    Sarah: I hope he does. We'll have to show him, I guess. And no, no time left. People are meant to be arriving any minute now.

    Jake: I'll go put this on the table. Where'd you want it? And that Jo person…

    Sarah: Gender ambiguous name, yeah. And… Put it at the base of the mane.

    (A knock on the door)

    All: Let's get this party started.

    Scene 10
    Lights should be dimmed slightly, but not off.
    If possible, disco lights should be on.
    Everyone should be on stage apart from Lucy, Richard and accomplice
    Disco-music should be playing. It should be quiet enough for the actors to be able to be heard, but loud enough for them to have to shout over it
    Damien should be talking to Sarah, Nicola should be by the food table and Jake and Cody should be to the side and close to the front of the stage
    If the attention is not focused on them, everyone on stage should be dancing or miming socialising

    Popular #1: Great party, Damien!
    (Pats Damien in the back)

    Popular #2: Have you seen Nicky anywhere?

    Damien: She was getting food last time I saw her. Try over there somewhere.

    Popular #2: Thanks!
    (Populars #1 and #2 should walk over to the food)

    Sarah: This is going well, wouldn't you say?

    Damien: Best turnout yet, I reckon. Who brought booze, by the way?

    Sarah: Every other person, by the looks of it. We wont run out any time soon.
    (Sarah has a slight smirk on her face)

    Damien: That's good. Last time we ran out and everyone was bored until someone ran for some more.

    Sarah: It makes me wonder where everyone gets the alcohol from…

    Damien: Beats me, but I can't say I mind much. So long as we have a fair bit of it.

    Sarah: It's fine by me too. Especially since I just finished this bottle. Want another?

    Damien: Sure. Cheers, Sarah.

    Sarah: No problem.
    (Sarah moves over to the food table. Popular #2 leaves)

    Nicola: Sarah! Heya!

    Sarah: Hiya Nicky. Having a good time?

    Nicola: You bet! This party's a blast!

    Sarah: It's looking pretty good so far, isn't it?

    Nicola: Yeah, it is. I wonder where Louise got to…

    Sarah: Louise?

    Nicola: You all call her Popular Two. She disappeared a few seconds ago…

    Sarah: Well, she can't've got far. Have you seen Lucy?
    (Sarah gets two bottles from under the table)

    Nicola: Last time I saw her she was in th'kitchen. That was, like, twenty minutes ago though.

    Sarah: Alright, thanks.
    (Sarah goes back to Damien and gives him one of the bottles)

    Damien: Cheers, Sarah! How's Nicky?

    Sarah: Nicky-like. Wondering where Popular Two went.

    Damien: They found her then? By the way, did you find out where Lucy went?

    Sarah: Not sure. Nicky saw her in the kitchen twen'y minutes ago, but not since then.

    Damien: Ah well, she'll turn up sooner or later I reckon. Hold on, what song is this?

    Sarah: Sounds a bit like Lost Prophets…

    Damien: (Shouts) Dammit Jake! Not your bloody music again!

    (Sarah and Damien mime continuing talking)

    Jake: Havin' fun, Cody?

    Cody: Yeah, thanks.
    (Cody gulps from his bottle)

    Jake: Careful there, drink too quickly and you'll get drunk. The hangovers are murder, I'll tell ya that now.

    Cody: (Laughs) Alright. I'll keep that in mind.

    Jake: So, what d'ya think? We made this party. S'cool how it turned out, I think.

    Cody: Yeah, it's cool… Really nice. Are Dami's parties always like this?

    Jake: Kinda. None of his parties are exactly the same — different lights, food, layout, y'know, stuff like that. But generally, yeah they are. Dark and disco-y. Great fun.
    (Jake smiles)

    Cody: Cool. I haven't been to many parties… This is my first, actually…

    Jake: Ah… well, we'll have to make sure this party's the best one you go to, then.

    Cody: (Laughs) Alright then…

    (Jake gulps from his bottle)
    Jake: Be right back, gotta get another beer.

    Cody: Get me another, will ya?

    Jake: No problem.
    (Jake goes over to the food table. Sarah follows him)

    Sarah: So, how's it going?

    Jake: Mint, cheers. Just getting me and Cody more beer. This is his first party, y'know?

    Sarah: Really? He really was a sheltered child, wasn't he?

    Jake: I'll say. I get the feeling he's not as sheltered as we reckon he is, though.

    Sarah: Oh? What makes you think that?

    Jake: I dunno… just a feeling I have.

    Sarah: Alright then, I'll leave you to it. By the way, you haven't seen Lucy, have you?

    Jake: Err… She was in the dining room last time I saw her. It was a bit ago, though.

    Sarah: Alright, thanks.
    (Sarah returns to Damien, Jake returns to Cody and hands him one of the bottles)

    Cody: Thanks Jake.

    Jake: No problem. Just take it easy on the beer.

    Cody: I can handle it…

    Jake: I'm sure you can. Just don't push your limits, I reckon Dami doesn't want to be making sure you're okay when you're puking your guts up in his toilet.

    Cody: (Laughs) I know my limits, don't worry about me.

    Jake: Ooh, is Cody a bit of a rebel? Been sneaking alcohol when no one's looking?

    Cody: (Shrugs, grinning) Maybe just a little.

    Jake: Cody's a bad boy! Wonders never cease. What next? Will Damien actually fail at some kind of sport thing? Sarah get less than one hundred per cent on a test?

    (Cody laughs. Jake and Cody start miming talking.)

    Nicola: Still no sign of Louise?

    Popular #1: Haven't seen her. Everyone can tell me where she was, like, five, ten, fifteen minutes ago, but no one knows where she is now.

    Nicola: Well, I'm sure she's fine. She's probably off with some guy or somethin'. By the way, what was that she was sayin' about you and Sammy?

    Popular #1: Oh, well…

    Nicola: Sooo? Is it true?

    Popular #1 :Well… maybe… a little?

    Nicola: (Squeals excitedly) You should totally go for it!

    Popular #1: Really?

    Nicola: Definitely! He is totally your type!

    Popular #1: You really think so?

    Nicola: Yeah, totally! (Suddenly stops) Is that Lucy?

    (Lucy should walk on stage, look around, and then walk offstage again)

    Popular #1: I wonder who she's looking for…

    Nicola: So do I… C'mon, let's follow her!

    (Nicola and Popular #1 follow Lucy off stage)

    Sarah: That's odd…

    Damien: What is?

    Sarah: Lucy just came in, then left again. And now Nicola and Popular One are following her.

    Damien: Nothin' gets past you, does it?

    Sarah: Nope. I am an efficient drunk.

    Damien: Huh? Are you really drunk?

    Sarah: I'm well on my way, yeah.

    Damien: Ha! You lightweight!

    Sarah: (Laughs) Guilty.

    Damien: (Laughs) Is that how you're always so tidy? Are you always drunk or somethin'?

    Sarah: Naw. I'm just tidier when I am. My mum'd murder me if she ever caught me drinkin'.

    Damien: Your speech is down the tubes too. Is yer mum really strict or what?

    Sarah: Not really, she's the reason I'm so tidy though. Genetics or whatever. Not that I'm fussed, though.

    Damien: (Laughs) I wish my genetics said that. I wonder what Lucy and Nicky did to my room. Gonna go checkit, be right back.

    Sarah: Right-o, Dami.

    (Damien goes off stage, Sarah approaches Jake and Cody. Lucy comes on stage and walks past in the background, with Nicola and Popular #1 following)

    Jake: So we were there in Johnson's office, right, and Damien just went, "I'm sorry sir, but Aliens came and kidnapped me, saying that my homework was some kind of invasion plan." And Johnson went, "Alright Damien. Just go out to dinner."

    Cody: (Laughing) Did he really believe him?

    Jake: Naww, no way. He was just sick of us by then. We've never done homework for 'im, and he can't be bothered givin' us detentions.

    Cody: (Laughs again) Are you and Dami always like that?

    Jake: Pretty much yeah, none of the teachers can really be bothered with us anymore. Best deal, I reckon.

    Cody: Until you get your permanent records back. Or maybe yer recommendations for uni.

    Jake: Yeah, we're pretty much screwed when that comes.

    Sarah: Hey you two. Damien went checkin' on his room, Lucy's in and out and Nicola and Popular One are followin' her.

    Cody: Sarah? What happened to yer speech?

    Jake: When she's drunk, her sentence structure just vanishes. She sounds worse than we do normally. When she gets really drunk, she's completely incomprehensible.

    Sarah: Oh I do not. You lie, Jake.

    Cody: I bet he doesn't. Jake's an angel child. Always stayin' out of trouble.

    Jake: I like this kid. He's sarcastic. Sarcasm is a winning quality.

    Sarah: Sarcasm's the lowest form of wit, Jake.

    Jake: But the highest from of humour.
    (Jake grins)

    Cody: Do you two swap how you speak or something?

    Jake: Could do. Wouldn't surprise me at all.

    Sarah: Me neither. I'm gonna go get another drink. Want somethin'?

    Jake: Get us a coke and vodka, will ya?

    Cody: Yeah, same if you don't mind.

    Sarah: Two coke and vodkas. Gotcha. Be right back, then.

    (Sarah goes to the food table. Damien comes back on stage and goes to the food table.)

    Sarah: Hiya Dami. How's your room then?

    Damien: Looks like it would have been, until I found Seven and Eight in there.

    Sarah: Who're seven an' eight?

    Damien: Populars. Y'know, the blonde and brown haired girl and the only guy in their circle.

    Sarah: Oh yeah.

    Damien: Chucked 'em out of my room and told them to use the spare room instead.

    Sarah: Didn't find Lucy, didja? Or Nicky?

    Damien: Saw Nicky, why?

    Sarah: 'Cause Nicky's followin' Lucy, remember?

    Damien: Oh yeah. I'll keep an eye out for 'em.

    Sarah: Right-o. Anyway, gotta go give Lover-boy and his main interest their drinks. Be right back.

    Damien: 'Kay, gotcha. I'll wait here, shall I?

    Sarah: Right on.
    (Sarah goes to Jake and Cody and hands them their drinks)

    Jake: Cheers Sarah.

    Cody: Thanks. (Smiles)

    Sarah: By the way, Jake, can I have a word?

    Jake: Yeah, sure. I'll be back in a sec, Cody.

    (Sarah and Jake return to the food table)

    Damien: Hiya, Lover-boy. How's it goin' then?

    Jake: Sarah, what've you been tellin' him?

    Sarah: Not much. Just enough for him to know whatcha up to. Anyway, howzat going?

    Jake: He's openin' up a bit, gettin' more relaxed around me.

    (Popular #1 approaches Jake, Damien and Sarah)

    Popular #1: Have you guys seen Nicky?

    Damien: Wasn't she with you?

    Popular #1: She was, but I've lost her. You haven't seen her?

    Sarah: Sorry, no.

    (Lucy should walk across the stage, unnoticed by anyone. Nicola should follow a few seconds after. Popular #1 sees her. At the same time, Richard and his accomplice should come on stage)

    Popular #1: Oh, there she is. By the way, Damien, someone told me to tell you they saw Richard.

    Damien: What?

    Popular #1: Dunno. Someone just told me to tell you.

    Damien: Alright… Thanks.

    (Popular #1 follows Nicola off stage)

    Jake: Well that's not good. What's he doin' here?

    Sarah: Stirrin' trouble, no doubt.

    Damien: I'll keep an aye out for him. If he starts owt, I'm just drunk enough to smash his face in.

    Jake: While you're doin' that, I'm gonna get back to what I was doin'.

    (Jake returns to Cody)

    Sarah: I'll go scout 'im out and get everyone aware of 'im.

    Damien: I think I'm gonna have another beer. Keep me posted, Sarah.

    Sarah: Will do.
    (Sarah goes off stage)

    Jake: So you didn't get invited to many parties back where you came from?

    Cody: Nah… Not many friends, remember?

    Jake: Oh aye… You glad you moved up here then?

    Cody: Yeah… more happy than I can say.

    Jake: Oh yeah? How come?

    Cody: Bad break-up with this guy. Really badly wanted to move, actually.

    Jake: Ah, dude… I'm sorry.

    Cody: Nah, don't be. S'right, really. I'm more or less over it.

    Jake: That's cool… Well, yer up here now, whether you like us or not. (Grinning)

    Cody: Yeah, 'cause I'm so badly lookin' to move back down south again. (Grinning)

    Jake: Ah, I love a guy who can use sarcasm right. Sarah always has a go at me for it, but I think it's the best thing since sliced bread.

    Cody: Yeah, sarcasm's a cool thing. I'm gonna go get another drink, want me to get ya somethin'?

    Jake: Er… Yeah, get us a beer, will ya?

    Cody: No problem.

    (Cody goes to the food table and gets two beers from underneath the table)

    Damien: Hiya Cody.

    Cody: Oh, hey Damien. Havin' fun?

    Damien: Yeah, 'cept for a coupla problems. Turns out Richard's here.

    Cody: Oh… Well… um…

    Damien: Don't worry about it. He's a coward, he wont start owt in the middle of a party. Anyway, what d'ya think of Jake, then?

    Cody: Oh, well… He's really cool, I think… He's really nice and thoughtful…

    Damien: Alrighty then. Keep an aye out for Richard for me, will ya?

    Cody: Yeah, sure…
    (Cody returns to Jake and hands him the beer)

    Jake: Cheers, Code.

    Cody: No problem. Hey Jake… d'you wanna dance?

    Jake: (Smiles) Yeah, sure.

    (Jake and Cody dance. Sarah comes on stage and approaches Damien)

    Sarah: Well, everyone knows Richard's 'ere, but no one knows where. I dunno, he's like a ninja or somethin'.

    Damien: Sarah, sober up. It's weird hearing you talk like that.

    Sarah: You say that every time.

    Damien: S'cause it's true. (Smirks) So no one has any idea?

    Sarah: No one. Nearly everyone I've asked said they'd seen him, though.

    Damien: Well, whatever he's planning, he'll do it soon. Have you seen Lucy?

    Sarah: No, but I saw Nicky. She said she isn't following her any more, and she had some more important things to worry about.

    Damien: Huh, weird. When Nicky starts stalkin' someone she usually follows through to the end. Wonder what's so important.

    Sarah: I'm sure it's nothin' we'd be interested in. Lucy keeps vanishing too. Did you send out invites saying Ninja Party or something?

    Damien: Dunno, but if Richard appears I'm gonna go pirate on his ass.

    Sarah: (Laughs) I'd love to see that.

    Damien: Go find Richard for me, and you will. (Grinning)

    Sarah: Well everyone knows where we are. I told everyone to find us by the food table. (Sarah glances at the table) Looks like the Unicorn's ruined, though.

    Damien: Ah well. I'm sure you'll live (Grinning)

    Sarah: It wasn't as hard as that rose was last time. That was a nightmare to get looking perfect.

    Damien: I bet it was. How come you didn't take Art?

    Sarah: I can't draw to save my life. I'm okay at picturing stuff, but I just can't stick to a piece of drawing at all.

    Damien: You can't stick to a drawing but you can keep your room tidy permanently?

    Sarah: Walking contradiction. A girl has to have a few quirks in her life.

    Damien: You've been hanging around with Jake for too long. Speaking of, check'em.
    (Lucy and Popular #2 enter and stand at the front-left side of the stage, dancing)

    Sarah: (Glances to Jake and Cody) Took them long… hey, is that Lucy?

    Damien: Where?

    Sarah: (Points to Lucy) Over there, look!

    Damien: It is… is she with Popular Two?

    Sarah: She is! That's weird…

    Damien: I thought Lucy didn't like the populars?

    Sarah: That's what I thought. This is a very weird party, wouldn't you say?

    Damien: Damn right it is. Has Nicky shown up?

    (Popular #1 comes on stage and approaches Damien and Sarah)

    Damien: Hey Popular One.

    Popular #1: Hi Meathead. You haven't seen Nicky have you? Or Loui… Is that Louise? With Lucy?

    Sarah: Looks like it.

    Damien: I wouldn't go over there if I were you, though.

    Sarah: Lucy tends to hurt people who bother her. (Grinning)

    Popular #1: Oh, by the way, someone told me to tell you Richard was in the dining room.

    Damien: What? Dammit. What's he trying to pull?

    (Nicola and Richard enter and stand at the back of the stage. They should be dancing, Richard with his hands on Nicola's waist, Nicola should have her arms around Richard's neck)

    Sarah: I dunno… He'll probably pull it soon, though.

    Popular #1: Wait… Nicky?!

    Damien: Where?

    Popular #1: There! (Points to Nicola)

    Sarah: Is that Richard? What's he doing with Nicola?

    Damien: Has everyone just left their minds at home this party or somethin'? What the hell is going on?

    Sarah: Look!

    (The music should stop. All lights should go off and everyone apart from Damien, Jake, Cody, Sarah, Nicola, Richard, Lucy and Populars #1 and #2 should fall to the floor.
    One light should go on Damien, Sarah and Popular #1.
    The next light should go on Cody and Jake, who are frozen, kissing. Damien and Sarah should look at them for a few seconds.
    The next light should go on Lucy and Popular #2, who are also frozen, kissing. Damien and Sarah should look at them for a few seconds, Popular #1 should gasp.
    The last light should go on Nicola and Richard, who are also frozen, kissing. Damien and Sarah should both step away. All lights should go off again.
    Everyone should stand back up again, and the music should start playing again before the music starts playing again
    Jake, Cody, Lucy, Popular #2, Nicola and Richard should all still be frozen)

    Damien: That fucking bastard…

    Sarah: Since when did Lucy like girls?

    Popular #1: Nicky has better taste in guys than that.

    Damien: I'll murder him…

    Sarah: At least one good thing happened from all this.

    Popular #1: I never knew Louise was a lesbian…

    Damien: That's it.
    (Damien drops his glass)

    Sarah: Dami, calm down! Think before you do something rash!

    Damien: Sarah, that bastard's trying to snog one of my best friends!

    Sarah: Dami, I know! But just think before you act! You can't do anything while he's got a hold of her or he might hurt her! We need a distraction…

    Popular #1: Someone throw something at him!

    Sarah: Like what?

    Popular #1: I don't know, some food, a bottle, something to get his attention! (Looks around for a second, then picks up some food) Here, try this!

    Damien: My pleasure.
    (Damien takes the food and throws it at Richard and Nicola. Richard turns to face him, a smirk on his face)

    Damien: Sarah, step back.

    (Sarah and Popular #1 back off. Richard lets go of Nicola and walks over to Damien. Everyone on stage parts around these two, but Cody, Jake, Lucy and Popular #2 stay frozen
    The music stops.)

    Damien: What the fuck do you think you're doing?

    Richard: Just havin' a bit of fun, Dami-boy. Can't blame me for that, can ya?

    Damien: You can have as much fun as you want. Out of my house.

    Richard: Aww, but when I heard you were havin' a party, I just couldn't resist coming round.

    Damien: Stop it, Richard. Your innocent voice doesn't work on anyone. Get the fuck out of my house before I make you leave.

    Richard: Oh yeah? And how're you gonna do that?

    Damien: Like this.

    (Damien punches at Richard, hitting him in the side of his head. Richard staggers to the side.)

    Damien: Get out of my house now!

    Richard: What if I don't?

    (Richard punches at Damien. Damien blocks, but Richard punches with the other hand. Damien gasps, then knees Richard.
    Jake, Cody, Lucy and Popular #2 all unfreeze and move to the centre of the circle around Damien and Richard)

    Richard: Bastard.

    Damien: Says you. You're a miserable scumbag! Get out of my house and stay away from my friends!

    Richard: You can't tell me what to do!

    Damien: Wanna bet?

    (Damien punches Richard, Richard blocks and punches Damien again, knocking him to the floor. Lucy and Jake both run at Richard, grabbing either arm and holding him in place)

    Richard: Wha-gerroff me!

    Lucy: No chance mate.

    Jake: Finally gettin' what you deserve.

    Damien: See, this is the thing. I've got friends backin' me up. And you're kinda alone now, aincha?

    Richard: You call me the coward.

    Damien: I ain't afraid to finish what I started, though, am I?

    (Damien punches Richard in the stomach. Richard collapses in Jake's and Lucy's grip. Jake and Lucy let go and let him fall to the floor)

    Damien: Get out of my house.

    (Richard staggers to his feet and backs away from Damien)

    Richard: I won't forget this, bastard!

    (Richard runs off stage. There is a moment where everyone stands, silent.)

    Damien: … Alright everyone, you've seen enough. Go home, the party's over!

    (Nobody does anything for a few seconds. Then everyone apart from Damien, Jake, Cody, Sarah, Lucy and Nicola go offstage)

    (Lights down. End scene)
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